Chuck Pagano: As big a win as I’ve ever been a part of


The Colts finally got their first win of the 2015 season on Sunday afternoon, but it didn’t come easy.

Indianapolis blew a 14-0 lead and trailed by 13 points heading into the fourth quarter before Andrew Luck threw two touchdown passes to put them in the lead and the defense held on a late two-point try by the Titans to seal a 35-33 victory. It wasn’t the kind of overwhelming win the the Colts needed to erase all of the bad feelings generated in the first two weeks of the season, but it was enough to satisfy coach Chuck Pagano.

Pagano was emotional in the locker room after the game and got choked up while telling the team how proud of them he was for the way they fought back in the final 15 minutes of the game.

“This is bigger than a football game,” Pagano said. “This is about life and learning lessons about life. You can do anything that you want to do. Anything. You have faith and you have family and you have belief in one another. You have grit and intestinal fortitude and resolve. You got it, kid. Every one of you guys. Big time. That’s as big a win I’ve ever been a part of in my life. I’ll cherish that one for the rest of my life.”

Before Sunday’s game, there was another report regarding Pagano’s doubts about coming back to the Colts in 2016 due to his lack of a contract for 2016 and his reported issues working with General Manager Ryan Grigson. Throw in two losses to open the year and the roller coaster that the Colts rode on Sunday and it’s not surprising that emotions bubbled over after the final whistle.

32 responses to “Chuck Pagano: As big a win as I’ve ever been a part of

  1. What a joke. Since when is beating the Titans a “big win”

    They barely came back and beat a bottom tier team.

  2. Pigano said….”the Patriot’s footballs all feel fine to me, nothing wrong with them, I didn’t know about anything, I didn’t report anything.”

    Loser AND a liar.

  3. “That’s as big a win I’ve ever been a part of in my life.”

    Hard to believe coming from an AFCCG participant, lol

  4. The pats are coming. When they are done with the colts they will bury them under so much ruble it will take years for the franchise to dig itself out from under. In the meantime enjoy your skin of your teeth victory against the hapless Titans.

  5. If he believes the Colts were in crisis win now mode week 3 when they play in the easiest division in sports over the last 10+ years he’s crazy.

    Also they came out and laid and egg but pulled it out so if it was that important of a game they basically failed bc they won late not bc they played well..

    All bad for Pagano.

  6. You can’t say those players don’t love him. They could have just laid down and accepted it because everything was going wrong for them with the ball on the 1-yard line. Bad Luck needs to stop showing up to straighten this out though.

  7. Dorsett is going to cause some sleepless nights for defensive coordinators. It looked like he got shot out of a cannon on that TD. I see why they took him in the first round. Gore looks like Gore. The two rookie defensive linemen, Anderson and Parry, continue to have good games. This team will be peaking in December.

  8. “Jags win next week.”

    They will I think. They played hard until the end today against the Pats and you had what, 6 or 7 starters out injured ?

    Jags have some good young players and I can see them becoming a pretty good team in another year or two.

  9. Chuck, it’s just a game and it will always be just a game. It’s not bigger than life. For a man who survived cancer, I’m shocked and disappointed to hear him say such a thing.

  10. I think you all aren’t reading between the lines. Chuck has been under a ton of pressure here bc of the constant speculation about his rift with Grigson. Add in the preseason “Super Bowl” picks by media and starting 0-2, and it was win or bust today. Another thing, Pagano doesn’t even have control over who his coaches are….Grigson does. Which is horse crap. He may not be the best coach in the league but he is a solid leader of men. He just needs better coaching support, and a GM that will give him an offensive line.

  11. Look at all the obsessed Pats fans.

    You guys really always make me laugh.

    I love the jokes about banner hanging.

    How’s that 16-0 banner holding up?

  12. exactly what would leave them under so much rubble if the pats destroy them this year? As a Colt’s fan…..losing to the Pat’s sucks, but happens every year lately….who cares, it’s just one of 16…..

  13. He was emotional because he knows he would have been fired if they had lost again. He’s on thin ice. That said, I think the team had a turning point and they’re going to play better going forward. I think the reality that their coach and their season was hanging by a thread woke them up.

  14. Even after that ‘big win’, anyone can see this team is a complete mess. What in the world is going to happen when TB12 & company come in here in a couple weeks??????


  15. But on the bright side no one from the Pats murdeed anyone, as far as we know and the patsies didnt get caught cheating this week. And the owner stil has his barbie doll following him around and when will the investigation into Kraft and the murder of his wife be out? Total cover up

  16. “How’s that 16-0 banner holding up?”

    They actually took it down, but given the uniqueness of the achievement a lot better than a participation banner would’ve. Thanks for playing!!

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