NFL defends replay review of apparent punt muff

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In the first half of Sunday’s game between the Bears and Seahawks, a Chicago punt appeared to touch the leg of a Seahawks player, which would have made it a live ball, recovered by the Bears.

The ruling on the field was that the ball hadn’t been touched. The Bears challenged via replay.

The replay showed a clear change of direction as the ball passed by the leg of the Seahawks player. While the video doesn’t show the ball strike the player’s leg, the ball moves as it passes the leg. Surprisingly, the decision was upheld.

NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino (pictured) told CBS rules analyst Mike Carey that the ruling wasn’t overturned because there was no clear evidence of the ball touching the Seattle player’s leg.

The next question is whether Bears coach John Fox will have anything to say about the ruling; teams were warned this week not to publicly or privately criticize officiating. Several coaches have done it this year, but none have been fined.

27 responses to “NFL defends replay review of apparent punt muff

  1. John Fox might not have anything to say but SeaChicken fans will have plenty to say. They’ll prattle on about all the calls that have gone against them and it’s about time they got a call going their way. And the rest of us will throw up in our mouths a little bit.

  2. With all the open microphones in an NFL game, I bet there’s audio that either caught it being said or caught it not being said.

  3. You know the NFL can’t let the Seahawks start out 0-3. That would severely effect tv ratings.
    It was obviously the ball hit the leg of the Seattle player.

  4. This is hardly Fox’s first rodeo. It is hard to believe he will have anything to say about a replay on a flukey play after his team took a curb stomping.

  5. Dean Blandino is a joke, anyone with a working set of eyes could tell the ball hit the Seattle players ankle and changed direction. The league loses more and more integrity every Sunday, whatever integrity they have left.

  6. Not a fan of either team, but that was the biggest miss of a call by the refs I’ve seen in a long time. No matter what these horrible refs seem to come up with, nothing makes them get any better. The moron Blandino can watch the play right in front of him just like we all did. There was obvious contact by Seattle and should have been Chicago ball in the red zone. NFL REFS ARE FREAKING TERRIBKE. BLANDINO IS THE WORST OF THE WORST.

  7. Why even have replay if you’re not going to use it to get the call right……or do replays allow for more commercials/revenue?

  8. It by no means determined the outcome of the game, but to say there was no clear evidence of the ball touching the Seattle player’s leg is moronic at best. It’s idiots like this who have clear evidence, but “it’s just not enough” is why O.J. didn’t get convicted of murder. Dear NFL, Please send my fine to me as in invoice via email. Thanks.

  9. That was a horrendous call. Wouldn’t have made much difference but Blandino embarrassed himself by saying there was no evidence. Terrible call

  10. the ball “more than likely” touched the player. that is, after all, the NFL’s standard of proof these days.

  11. The scab refs from the lockout were better. There’s multiple calls every week that are just plain wrong. Many of them LITERALLY decide game outcomes. The past few weeks have been as worse as it’s ever been. Just fire all of them. Screw their union. Fire all of them.

  12. I thought it was clear the ball changed flight. Only logical thing to cause that was it had to touch something. The side of the calf was the only thing nearby. I could not see from video any clear contact, but the flight change tells us that it had to touch. Not the first mistake by replay it his season, but sure was critical for Bears.

    Glad Hawks got the win and woke up in second half.

  13. Considering everything the Bears had going against them already; on the road at Century Link, back-up QB, light at wide out etc., this one call should not have been the game breaker.

    That said, it was a horrible call. And once again, the league has either complicated or created a situation that paints them in a bad light.

    I agree that the replay provided on tv did not clearly show contact with the, “player” but an adolescent understanding of physics and just a smidgen of common sense should have made it clear, “something” changed the ball’s direction. The two options for the, “something” would be the Seahawks player or the turf.

    As I saw it, the ball’s travel changed before hitting the turf. Easy call… Bears’ ball.

  14. Same exact play cost the niners a trip to super bowl in 2011 but they reviewed it and determined the ball did indeed touch Kyle Williams on the punt return. It’s too bad the NFL still can’t these things right despite having all the technical resources available. It’s unbelievable.

  15. I want start off by saying im a long time seahawk fan like back when Bo Jackson ran over Brian Bozworth those days still am and always will be. That being said the refs got that call wrong wrong wrong. I was there at the game it hit his leg as clear as day and then on the jumbo tron you see it so how they missed that call is beyond me. Should have been bears ball. It pisses me off when refs miss calls specially on replays even if its in our favor i like to win straight up not tainted. NFL YOU GOT THAT CALL WRONG

  16. So many idiots on here didnt understand when I said NFL just makes excuses and Blandino will never admit any wrrong doing. This is another good example, glad it helped the Hawks rather than hurt them like 1st two games.

  17. Why is this surprising? The NFL is weak on science and evidence. First it was a lack of understanding of the Ideal Gas Law, and now, apparently, Newton’s First Law of Motion …

  18. You gotta love the NFL’s policy of, Do as I say, NOT as I do.
    To warn a Head Coach not to complain about something so OBVIOUS???

    What is a catch?, That has me banging my head. The whole time I have been watching Football, over 50 years, It is a Touchdown IF ANY
    part of a Football goes past the Goal line Touchdown, play dead PERIOD! now if they drop or fumble in the end zone or catch the ball put 2 feet down then the ball comes out when he hits the ground it’s incomplete!!!! What happened to “The ground cant cause a fumble”?…….They are trying to be too much to please everybody!
    And now AARGH!

    It isn’t running into the Kicker IF he lands on two Feet???

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