Source: Ed Hochuli denies telling Cam Newton he “wasn’t old enough”


If Ed Hochuli told Cam Newton he wasn’t old enough to get a call, it was an unnecessary and patronizing response to a quarterback who thought he took a late hit out of bounds.

But Hochuli says he didn’t say it.

According to a league source, Hochuli denied telling Newton he “wasn’t old enough” to get a call in today’s win over the Saints.

You can debate amongst yourselves who you believe in a game of “he said/he said” between the Panthers quarterback and the league’s most visible official.

But as for the league’s official response, they said the age of the quarterback would not come into play.

“The officials make decisions based upon the play on the field, and no other factors,” league spokesman Michael Signora said. “On the play in question, there is no roughing the passer because the quarterback is out of the pocket and a runner, and no unnecessary roughness because the contact is not late.”

Newton admitted the hit was borderline, but he has every right to ask for a clarification.

26 responses to “Source: Ed Hochuli denies telling Cam Newton he “wasn’t old enough”

  1. with the number of microphones surrounding a field, hard to believe one of them didn’t pick something up during this possible conversation.

  2. Week #3 – NFL Referee Ineptitude Power Rankings

    5. Dean Blandino
    4. Jeff Triplette
    3. Jerome Bogar
    2. Any 2013 replacement referee
    1. Ed Hochuli

  3. Depends on what QB you are talking about! There are separate rules for whiner Brady and for Manning. They should play MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’ when those two play!

  4. With all the open microphones in an NFL game, I bet there’s audio that either caught it being said or caught it not being said.

  5. He obviously said it; it doesn’t benefit Newton to lie about something like that.

    By the way they were judging the game, it was obvious they were favoring the Saints as well. Hochuli’s comment was just the icing.

    -Colts fan

  6. Here is the biggest problem… “the league’s most visible official”

    Refs should not be visible…we should know none of there names. Period.

    The amount of penalties are getting out of control…I’m going to wager no one on this site watches games to sees the refs.

    NFL is on a very slippery slope.

  7. Not a carolina fan, steelers fan here….love how they took greg olsens td away on an offensive pick play…i mean that play is 15% of a tom brady peyton manning offense….respect both of them but there is clearly different rules for different teams. ..

  8. Wow, NFL drops the ball again.

    If Hochuli said what he claims he said, why would Cam react the way he did? It makes no sense, why would Cam Newton lie?

  9. The hit on the runner was not late and so no foul occurred. That didn’t stop Cam Newton from playing possum on the ground for several long seconds and then jumping up in a huff when Hochuli chose to ignore his antics. What a drama queen!

  10. Cam would gain absolutely nothing by making this up.

    Most of the planet still hates him because he stole a laptop 7 years ago and will never accept that he has changed and matured. Those that live in this area know how much community service he does, and CAM is the one that started the practice of giving touchdown footballs to kids in the stands. Try to put away the Cam Derangement Syndrome and look at what he’s doing in 2015, not staying stuck on what he did wrong in 2008.

    He was trying to work the ref, just like every other player on every team on every level of football. I’m not saying he should have gotten the call; it did appear he was still in bounds. But McCown got a call on a play just like it earlier.

    The argument that he was a runner is bogus. He was still looking to throw, just like the anointed Tom & Peyton do.

    Now, what Cam desperately needs is a wife, or at least a full-time fashion consultant. He wears too much stuff that gets him on “C’mon Man.”

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