Jets to honor Emerson Boozer, Matt Snell

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Emerson Boozer and Matt Snell were the Jets’ 1-2 punch at running back for their Super Bowl III championship, and the Jets have announced that both men will be added to the team’s Ring of Honor together in a ceremony at halftime of the team’s November 29 game against the Dolphins.

There’s little doubt that Boozer and Snell are worthy of recognition in Jets franchise history, but it was a little surprising to see the news that Snell will be honored because Snell has long been at odds with the Jets. Just a couple weeks ago, Snell confirmed to the New York Post that he still holds a grudge that has lasted for more than 40 years, apparently because he believes the Jets mistreated him when he retired in 1972. When told that Jets fans would love to see him in the Ring of Honor, Snell replied, “I’m not interested in being honored.”

However, PFT has been told that the Jets are hopeful that Snell will attend the Ring of Honor ceremony. If Snell chooses not to participate, the Jets will honor him in his absence. The team thinks Snell is an important enough figure in franchise history that he needs to be included in the Ring of Honor, even if he would rather sit it out.

That’s the right call: Although Super Bowl III will always be remembered primarily for Joe Namath’s guaranteed victory, Snell ran 30 times for 121 yards and scored the Jets’ only touchdown and easily could have been chosen as MVP over Namath in that game. The Jets wouldn’t have a Lombardi Trophy if not for Snell, and he belongs in their Ring of Honor no matter what has transpired over the last four decades.

For his part, Boozer says he’s excited to be honored alongside Snell.

“It’s a great feeling,” Boozer said in a statement released by the Jets. “It’s an anticipation, something that I hoped would occur, not so much this year but in my lifetime. I don’t know whether we were Butch and Sundance, but we were a pretty tough duo.”

It would be nice for Jets fans to see that duo together one more time in November.

22 responses to “Jets to honor Emerson Boozer, Matt Snell

  1. Snell not just “easily could have been chosen as MVP over Namath in that game” he absolutely should have been. Namath was a pedestrian 17/29 It was Snell and the D that won that game

  2. I’m shocked about Snell. I’m 37, an Eagles fan and Matt Snell is the only other player I know of on the Jets during Namath’s career. I recall (unsure if correctly) that Snell was a bit different at the time, that he was much more versatile than most backs of his era.

  3. A ring of what? With all do respect I thought these guys passed away along time ago! As far a ring? make it 3 rings bc the j e t s are, & always will be a bunch of clowns & most of there fans will have to google these 2 guys! Also 75 percent of there current fan base weren’t even born when they played!

  4. I can see being upset, but is anyone who was associated with his departure still alive, much less still with the team?

  5. I believe you meant to say that most Jets fans will be happy to see what this duo looks like as 98% of Jets fans were not alive the last time the Jets won/ or appeared in a Super Bowl 46 years ago.

  6. So one of the greatest stars in jets history wants nothing to do with the jets….what better sums up the nfl’s perennial circus know as the New York Jests.

  7. Boozer…………should of been MVP of the Super Bowl Namath made his winning prediction in. Namath did nothing that game. Most overrated QB in the Hall of Fame and should be there. More INT’s than TD’s……..only QB in the Hall to have this stat. If not for Boozer, Namath wouldn’t of won that Super Bowl.

  8. Emerson Boozer had a high school teammate named
    Clarence Clemons, who ended up as Bruce Springsteen’s sax man.

    He passed a couple years ago. RIP.

  9. I am speaking as a longtime Bills fan.( 50 + yrs)

    Matt Snell was a beast, and certainly deserves this honor. I am old enough to remember him . For those who are knocking. Joe Namath, the game, particularly AFL football was different. Throwing ” the bomb” was very common and very exciting. Long passes are intercepted more then short passes, and dbs had more contact with receivers then they do now. There was also no replay. If a receiver ” slipped ” the ball was intercepted.
    Dlinemen could and did smack qbs around.
    Teams would often throw a bomb right before halftime. If you connected, great. If it got intercepted, it was the same as a punt.
    Teams were not as concerned about QB ratings. They were more concerned about WL & Ties, ( there was no overtime )Just as with history, you have to view someone in the time they played. Namath was very good.

  10. Wow. Only the Jets would wait 46 years to honor the ONLY shining moment in their entire history and one of the guys decides he doesn’t want to be associated with the team. It is just… ……..sad.

  11. It’s fascinating to me that young people today have much easier access to study past football history (Youtube, Google, computers, videos, etc.) but they all act like the world didn’t begin until they were born, and wear their ignorance of past football stars like a badge…” Well, I never heard of the guy”…”He was before my time, so he must not have been that good”. I used to read books to learn about the Don Hutsons and Bronko Nagurskys and Marion Motleys. People under 40 today thumb their noses at history, yet they think they know more about it than anyone else.

  12. Long time Raiders fan. I used to watch Snell and Boozer, along with Maynard, George Sauer and Joe Willy tear up our defense at times. We old AFL fans were ALL proud of the Jets for winning SB3 even though it almost was the Silver and Black in that game.
    You younger Jets fans should get to know your teams history.
    Glad to see these guys being honored. Sure beats seeing lowlifes like Sapp getting props.

  13. I was only 12 years old in 1969 and I barely knew football back then. Living in Boston the Pats were always awful then but Broadway Joe was the best pure passer I have ever seen. Then OJ running thru the Pats defense. Thank God we finally have BB and Tom Brady.

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