NFL morning after: The Cardinals are for real


It’s a little hard to remember now, given their ugly performance in the playoffs, but there was a time last season when the Cardinals looked like the best team in the NFL. Maybe they were. And maybe they are.

The Cardinals improved to 3-0 with a dominant win over the 49ers yesterday, and they look like real Super Bowl contenders. They’re the best team in the NFC right now.

They were the best team in the NFC last year, too, until Carson Palmer got hurt. They were 6-0 last year in games started by Palmer, and they were still a very good team even when second-stringer Drew Stanton went down: At the time they lost Stanton for the season, they were 11-3. It was only when the disaster that was third-string quarterback Ryan Lindley was forced upon the Cardinals that they lost their last two regular-season games and got blown out in the playoffs.

If they’d had Palmer healthy for all of last season, the Cardinals might very well have been in the Super Bowl, and if Palmer stays healthy for all of this season, they could be headed there again.

It’s really incredible how well the 35-year-old Palmer and the 32-year-old Larry Fitzgerald are playing in the Cardinals’ passing game. Yesterday Palmer completed 20 of 32 passes for 311 yards, while Fitzgerald had nine catches for 134 yards and two touchdowns. These old guys have found the fountain of youth.

But it goes well beyond Palmer and Fitzgerald. The Cardinals have three running backs who can make big plays with the ball in their hands in Chris Johnson, David Johnson and Andre Ellington. Michael Floyd, Jaron Brown and John Brown give the Cardinals one of the deepest receiver groups in the NFL. Darren Fells and Jermaine Gresham are a good pair of tight ends. Arizona’s defense was outstanding yesterday against Colin Kaepernick & Co.

And, of course, the Cardinals have Bruce Arians, who is simply a great head coach. Arians only has three seasons of experience as an NFL head coach and he’s already won the Coach of the Year award twice. He could make it three times in four seasons if the Cardinals keep playing the way they’ve been playing.

At 3-0 in a division where everyone else is 1-2, the Cardinals already have a nice cushion in the NFC West. They’ll stay on top in that division all year, just as long as Palmer is healthy.

Here are my other thoughts from Sunday in the NFL:

The NFL needs to improve its Sunday schedule. Yesterday the league gave us 10 kickoffs at 1 p.m. Eastern, and only three kickoffs at 4 p.m. That didn’t work out well at all. There was so much good football going on in the early window that it was impossible for anyone to follow all the games. And all three of the late games were blowouts, meaning that by the third quarter, fans had nothing interesting to watch. The league should never have 10 early games and three late games. Football should be spread out across the day. I’m looking forward to next weekend, when we get our first early-morning London kickoff of the season, followed by a more reasonable afternoon spread of seven early kickoffs and four late kickoffs. That’s the way it should be.

Darren Sproles shows no sign of slowing down. At 32, an age when most running backs are put out to pasture, Sproles just keeps going strong. Sproles had both a rushing touchdown and a punt return touchdown in Sunday’s win over the Jets, the second time in his career that he’s done that. Sproles and Gale Sayers are the only players since the 1920s with multiple games of both a punt return touchdown and a rushing touchdown. With 27 receiving touchdowns, 18 rushing touchdowns and six punt return touchdowns in his career, Sproles is the only player in NFL history with at least 25 receiving touchdowns, 15 rushing touchdowns and five punt return touchdowns.

A bad team will win the AFC South. I know that because there’s nothing but bad teams in the AFC South, where all four teams are 1-2. The Colts are the reigning champions, entered the season as the favorites and will likely end up on top of the division again this year, but let’s be honest: Indianapolis is not a good football team. Andrew Luck has regressed this year, the rest of the offense isn’t helping him out, and the defense is a mess. Colts coach Chuck Pagano is widely believed to be in jeopardy of losing his job at the end of the year, but General Manager Ryan Grigson should be in trouble, too. Since drafting Luck, Grigson has done nothing to build a good team around him. The Colts may be a playoff team, but that’s because they’re in a bad division, not because they’re a good team.

Appreciate Charles Woodson while he’s still here. Woodson, who had a game-clinching interception for the Raiders on Sunday in Cleveland, is the oldest player in the NFL other than quarterbacks, kickers and punters. Woodson, at age 38, is the oldest player to intercept a pass in an NFL game since 41-year-old Darrell Green intercepted one in 2001. Woodson can’t last forever, so while we can, let’s appreciate one of the greatest players in the history of the game.

It’s time for Johnny Football. Browns coach Mike Pettine is adamant that Josh McCown is his starter. Pettine should reconsider. Johnny Manziel has played well enough this season that the Browns should take a longer look at him, if for no other reason than to see what they have. The Browns aren’t going anywhere with McCown. They should let Manziel try to get them going.

Lose DeMarco Murray, get better. It’s hard to believe you can lose the reigning Offensive Player of the Year and watch your offense get better, but that’s exactly what happened, both in Dallas and in Philadelphia. The Cowboys’ offense has been just fine this year without Murray (their defense was another story in yesterday’s loss to the Falcons), and the Eagles’ offense turned in its best effort of the season yesterday while Murray sat out with an injured hamstring. In today’s NFL offenses, running backs are so interchangeable that even the NFL’s leading rusher can leave a team without his team missing him.

The Patriots love to run up the score. New England hung 51 points on Jacksonville yesterday, and coach Bill Belichick left Tom Brady in the game, throwing passes, deep into the fourth quarter. It’s odd that Belichick is willing to risk an injury to Brady like that, but that’s the way Belichick has done it for years: Since 2007, the Patriots have scored more than 50 points in a game eight times, by far the most of any team in the league. The Patriots look like the best team in the NFL right now. But they’d have a tough game against the Cardinals.

110 responses to “NFL morning after: The Cardinals are for real

  1. No no — it’s the Vikings who are the best team in the NFL. I’m sure we’ll hear that today. It’s the Stockholm Syndrome in action.

  2. Pats fan, but really impressed with Palmer so far. It’s easy to forget how good the guy is, because he’s been on some really lousy teams.

    A Brady-Palmer shoot-out Super Bowl would be fun to watch.

  3. Good, run it up on everyone!
    I’m sick so of the soccer mom mentality, “win with class”
    “Let’s give everyone a trophy” soft stance.

    And how many running plays did they have in the 4th?

  4. Interesting you call out the Pats for running up the score but doing nothing but gush over the cardinals for ‘winning big’

    LOL. Who’s your daddy?

  5. Yes the Cards were good last season until they lost 2 quarterbacks. No team survives that.

    And yes, it could happen again. Palmer still gets hit a lot.

    As a neutral, I do enjoy watching them right now though.

    Agree about the schedule imbalance. And I can’t imagine there aren’t teams who wouldn’t mind swapping some early games.

  6. “The Patriots love to run up the score.”

    In all fairness, while Brady played every drive, they did take out a lot of starters and gave bench guys a lot of time on the field. At times, they had what amounted to a pre-season roster on the field.

  7. The Patriots have a very good offense and they are even leaving points on the field which is scary. Their defense is just ok so far. More opportunistic. Hard to say how it will look in a tight game as Belichick has had the luxury of big leads.

  8. It’s not how good your opponent is, it’s how your execute. Cards are for real.

    Before MNF Green Bay’s opponents are 1-5. KC makes it 2-6. Either way, no win by the Pack has been convincing or more than 8 pts (at Chicago).

    Again, Cards look for real.

  9. Before everyone jumps on that Cards bandwagon-remember it was the 49’ers that they beat. Remember the 49’ers? The team that everyone knew was going to be horrid after the worst offseason in recent memory?

    That being said, I believe the Cards are a good team and Arians is hands down one of the best in the business, but lets not crown them yet.

  10. don2074978 says:
    Sep 28, 2015 6:58 AM
    Card fan here… yes we are 3-0 but we haven’t beaten anyone yet. Are opponents so far are a combined 1-8

    Non Card’s fan here. The Cards contributed heavily to 3 of those 8 losses for those teams. They’re a great team and have been for awhile now. So maybe you shouldn’t be so skeptical?

  11. When the Pats stomp a mud-hole in Indy all will be well. Funny how the Colts and Ravens are struggling.
    I never used to like reveling in others demise but somehow I just cant help it. Serves em right.

  12. Gronk was out the last quarter and all Brady did was hand off and throw short quick passes.
    I think against the Bills the Pats tried to run up the score with some 4th down bombs and failed, against the Jags they tried to kill the clock with a long,long 4th quarter drive and succeeded.

    How about all the other teams with 20+ point leads and starting quarter backs that played as much or more than Brady? Is it really true that only the Patriots matter? because that’s pretty flattering.

  13. Belichik trying to erase the stink from yet another cheating scandal through the diversionary tactic of running up the score. He’s a master of setting a fire to get your attention away from the fire he had set previously.

  14. I cant wait for the day to get rolling today and hear about everyone complaining about Brady and Co . running up the score. I’m not a Pats fan but let these dudes play

  15. “The Patriots love to run up the score. New England hung 51 points on Jacksonville yesterday, and coach Bill Belichick left Tom Brady in the game, throwing passes, deep into the fourth quarter. It’s odd that Belichick is willing to risk an injury to Brady like that, but that’s the way Belichick has done it for years: Since 2007, the Patriots have scored more than 50 points in a game eight times, by far the most of any team in the league. The Patriots look like the best team in the NFL right now. But they’d have a tough game against the Cardinals.”

    How many minutes did Carson Palmer play yesterday? The Patriots have thrown on nearly 75% of their snaps, and yet ran the ball over and over and over and over in the 4th quarter… And they are still being criticized

  16. Browns fan here… I disagree about playing Manziel, right now. I’m afraid Brady would look like crap playing for this team right now. We have zero weapons. The Raiders add two credible WR’s and BOOM, instant offense. Take note, Cleveland!

  17. I agree with most of the comments except the Johnny F one. The Browns aren’t going anywhere with OR without Manziel playing. They’re doing the right thing letting the kid learn without risking his entire career out there on an awful team. Great quarterbacks develop better without being thrown to the wolves before they’re ready.

  18. Just curious: Why does Pro Football Talk call it running up the score when Tom Brady is on the field for a 10-minute fourth quarter drive that ends with a running play to make it 51-10, but doesn’t call it running up the score when Carson Palmer is on the field for an 8-minute fourth quarter drive that ends with a touchdown pass to make it 47-7. Sort of a double standard, don’t you think?

  19. “The Colts are the reigning champions…” of what? Do you mean the Colts are the reigning AFC South division winner? When did the division winner start being referred to as “Champion?”

  20. Let’s wait til Arizona plays a team with a winning record before making the call, but so far they do look good.

  21. Cards are the real deal. Yeah..Haven’t played anyone. But they are good. Pats fan here..right now..nobody even makes it a game. I see a Pats vs Cards or GB in the Bowl

  22. Patriots win 51-17
    Cardinals win 47-7
    Bills win 41-14

    But NE is the team that “runs it up” how many running plays did the Patriots have in the 4th Q?

    The Bills also scored 14 in the 4th. But they didn’t run up the score?

  23. “I’m looking forward to next weekend, when we get our first early-morning London kickoff of the season”

    I’m certainly not looking forward to watching the Dolphins get embarrassed on national television. At least I’ve got the Blue Jays!

  24. Wait, we’re giving the Cowboys praise now even when they got stomped by the Falcons? Haha, did Jerry pay you to write this or something?

  25. Whew. First Monday article I read and, thankfully, it has a mention of the Patriots “running up the score” against another team of paid professionals. Glad we got that out of the way. This must be what it feels like when a baseball player extends a 25 game hit streak in his first at bat of the game.

  26. Love that the Pats are the only one running up the score in a day of blowouts.

    Oh, and I think the Cards are absolutely for real. Competition may be what it has been, but look at what most of the rest of the NFL has done against middling competition. Lots of fraud teams. Cards, Pats, Packers, and maybe the Bengals (though they always play well until January), are the teams which look like they are complete.

    But it is only September. Plenty will change by Week 17.

  27. As to the Pats running up the score…

    I seem to remember all the way back to, well, last week, where right up until 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter, people would be saying the same thing. Then bad stuff happened, and next thing you know it’s a one score game.

    Do I think the Jags could have done the same thing? No, but that doesn’t mean you just decide to tone it down because you’re up by a lot. Especially if it’s looking like this might happen a few more times this season. You don’t want your starters to get used to taking your foot off the gas late in the game (like they did in Buffalo). That can definitely harm you come late season and the playoffs.

    I’d much rather the team keep pressing rather than get used to the idea that the 4th quarter is cool down time because in the playoffs, you think like that and you’re done.

  28. Pats rushed the ball more than usual. Blount had 3 rushing TDs. I don’t get the “running up the score” whining. Are teams supposed to just give up for 2 quarters so feelings don’t get hurt?

  29. You mean the team that won 10 games 2 years ago, that made the playoffs last year despite playing a 3rd string QB for about half the season, and only got better this offseason? That is who people are questioning if they are real or not?

    The Cardinals are plenty real, they will win the NFC West this season, and be a force in the playoffs if they stay relatively healthy.

    – a Packers fan

  30. Actually, it’s more like Kaepernick is just a mediocre QB who has been exposed as a one-trick Pony. The 49er equivalent of RGIII.

    Of the 12 quarter’s he’s played:

    9 have an 80ish (mediocre) QB rating.
    2 were a complete disaster (Arizona)
    1 came against a soft Steeler zone.

    Add in his last 8-games in 2014 were a 76.0 QB rating, you can see the 49ers have serious problems at QB. And no amount of QB camp is going to fix Captain Woodenhead.

    Fact is, good QBs are rare and Kaepernick isn’t one of them. Heck, he’s not even playing as well as the very-average game-manager Smith who was, according to many fans, the Devil Incarnate keeping St. Kaepernick (the golden one) on the bench when he was the 49er QB…

  31. For those of you that think Belichick ran the score up; you’re right! Eff you, follow pee-wee football and get use to it, because we don’t care what you think. It’s personal.

  32. You can give it a rest now – there were other QB’s (including Palmer) playing late into the 4th quarter in blowouts wins – are you going to call them out too?

  33. The Cards are the best team in the NFL and they haven’t played a single playoff team yet???

    OK PFT!!!

    Forget about the Pack & Pats who have played good teams.

    We will see how long Carson Palmer lasts and/or plays at this level cause he always crashes.

  34. Pump the breaks on Arizona. Sure…3-0 is perfect…but the quality of their competition must be examined. The Cardinals opponents are a combined 1-8 this year (1-5 when not playing Arizona) and have given up 131 more points than scored.

  35. Arizona vs. Green Bay in NFC Championship. Right now, I would have to give the edge to AZ.

    But it is still early.

    Vikings fan.

    P.S. Great Job PFT forum Mods. I don’t tell you that enough.

  36. As for the Pats running up the score.
    When they win buy 3 points they say TB is
    Washed up, then when the score more than 40 points they are running up the score.
    You can not worry about injuries. The back up could be injured also. This is the NFL they do not have a slaughter rule. Keep them in the game. Sit them out just before the post season. Go Pats.

  37. Not just beaten lesser teams, put the hurt in them. The way a good team should. Tough games are ahead and there’s no reason to think they can’t handle their business.

    Does anyone seriously think seattle could have hung 47 on anyone! The division is clearly in the Cardinals’ control.

  38. The Patriots scored every time they had the ball except for the final knee down. So should they start the knee down process at the start of the fourth quarter or maybe the crybaby writers can assign them a point total restriction or we could institute a Little League mercy rule. They used almost every player through out the entire game. It’s the NFL and teams are paid to score. I notice there is no mention of the Cards doing the same.

  39. C’mon man. Just because they pack hasn’t played yet this week doesn’t mean NE and AZ are the best now….

  40. The Cardinals should get credit for beating a bad team and smashing two other bad teams. A little early to call them elite.

    As for the lumping of early games, there’s a simple reason for the NFL putting so few games in the late window: Money. Less late games means one game going to more markets, which means a higher rating for the window and thus more money they can charge advertisers.

    Not saying it’s good for the viewer, and it’s not right. But it’s not changing any time soon.

  41. Once again, we see the sheer folly of an 8 division format. A bad division (the AFC North) is going to send a losing team into the playoffs. What a joke.

    4 divisions, 8 teams in each division, problem solved. The best 12 teams will actually make the playoffs every year.

  42. Brady got valuable real game reps with 2nd, 3rd and 4th string receivers. The team is getting their heads into play all 60 minutes mode which they did not ghe first 2 weeks. Good thing Belichick is the coach and not some media person

  43. The Cardinals beat up on three really bad teams.

    They might be for real, but it’s too early to really say until they start playing tougher competition.

  44. Not sure if the author is really a football fan or just does not have a grasp of today’s NFL. Today’s NFL makes rules to handcuff the defense, so that offense’s score more points.

    As far as running up the score, the Pats played with 1 hand tied behind their back for the fourth quarter as skill position starters (other then Brady) were rested and they ran the ball heavily. I cannot see how that can be construed as running up the score. Believe it or not the other team is supposed to try to stop you even when you are not trying as hard.

  45. Bills and Cardinals win in blowouts with starters in late in the game = great team win, big win! these guys are for real!

    Pats blowout the Jags, possess the ball for 2/3 of the second half, run the ball 20 times = wahhhhhhh, running up the score, I hope Brady gets injured!, wahhhhhhhh, I hope somebody late hits Brady’s kneee! wahhhhhh, running up the score! wahhhhh.

  46. I’m not a Green Bay fan, but – it’s a complete joke that they’re given no credit for being one of the best. They are most certainly capable of beating the Pats and the Cards.

    Sure the Cards are good- I believe they are too- but calling them the best team in the NFC is a stretch when you consider they’ve thus far beat up on the Bears, Saints and 9ers.

    Their second half schedule consists of Bengals, Vikings, Eagles, Packers & Seahawks x2. Lets see how they do with that stretch before we dub them “best in the NFC”.

  47. Cards left Palmer in too – and he was still throwing late in the game – and he’s coming off the ACL surgery. These guys make a lot of money, let them play I say.

  48. This isn’t Little League where you have a 10-run rule and end the game if a team has too big of a lead. People are paying a lot of money to watch players put out their best for 60 minutes. If the losing team is putting out a poor product for their consumers, they deserve to be exposed.

  49. jimmysee says:
    Sep 28, 2015 6:58 AM
    No no — it’s the Vikings who are the best team in the NFL. I’m sure we’ll hear that today. It’s the Stockholm Syndrome in action.

    and you say its green bay? the combined wins of teams theyve played is 1-5

  50. alfredogarciashead says:
    Sep 28, 2015 7:48 AM
    Belichik trying to erase the stink from yet another cheating scandal through the diversionary tactic of running up the score. He’s a master of setting a fire to get your attention away from the fire he had set previously.
    Just perhaps Belichick, Brady and team want to emphaize the fact that they don’t need to cheat to win. All eyes are on them every second looking for how they must be cheating because nobody could be this good for this long.

  51. Cards were favored by 6.5 the past 2 games, and won by 25 and 40. First game, favored by 2, won by 11. You non-believers out there are leaving money on the table. If they were pretenders, they’d be squeaking by in games like these, perhaps not even covering. But they’re blowing the number out by orders of magnitude. Lay down a few dimes before the wise guys start setting lines that actually give the other team a chance to cover.

  52. To everyone who says “pump the brakes on the cards” because they haven’t played anyone yet… Do you even watch football? Or just ESPN with their east coast bias? It’s not like the cards came out of nowhere this year! They have been good for last 3 years. 2013 they missed playoffs with a 10-6 record and beat Seattle on the road. First team to do that in a long time. Last year they were 11-3 before Stanton got hurt. Do you realize that Palmer is 16-2 in his last 18 starts?? “But they haven’t beat anyone yet”. Lol

  53. Running up the score?! It’s sad that I should have to mention this to a member of the media, but NE has a massive chip on their shoulder and they want nothing more than to show the world how angry they are and instill fear in their enemies (which is the rest of the NFL world). Nothing accomplishes that more that stomping a bleating sheep like Jacksonville. To assert that at anytime an injury could occur during that game is laughable. I suppose the kicker could strain his leg kick all those 33 yrd extra points. By the way, I am NOT a NE fan.

  54. @Everyone thinking I’m dogging my team.

    I’m very pleased with the results so far just thought it important to point out that none of the teams beaten so far are playoff caliber

  55. There is no such thing as running up the score in the NFL. Stop the other team or get scored on. It’s that simple. Of course, if you leave your star QB on the field in in garbage time and the other team is mad they are getting blown out then someone might take a shot at him.

    Last year against Buffalo in the meaningless final game it was happening and Belichick finally took Brady out. That is my one complaint as a Patriots fan. It’s ok for Brady to sit some times if the lead get’s stupid. Sit Gronk and Brady and Edelman. I get some key players have to play, but Brady doesn’t.

  56. Still throwing down field? No, he was not. He had all the backup skill position players in and they were in there to get reps w/the first team QB because they will be needed in the event of injury.

    Grow up.

  57. Why did Belichick sit Gronk for the whole preseason? I am sure it was to avoid injury. So he does believe that certain players should be protected when playing is unnecessary. When the score gets out of hand like that you put the second string in. Not to avoid running up the score, which is just fine, but to avoid injuries.

  58. I’m glad those fraud Colts won. I want them going into week 6 with a glimmer of hope so that the Patriots can tear them limb from limb and crush that hope. I will admit that Colts fans are (for the most part) a respectable and likable group. But that organization is the most detestable assembly of cowards in the history of the league. They deserve what’s coming… that crybaby Tomlin and his band of chickenbleeps got their karma payback yesterday…

  59. I dislike the Pats just as much as the next guy but running up the score? This is the NFL. They aren’t a college powerhouse playing Eastern Mississippi State Tech and up 70-0 at halftime. Did you see how quickly a large 4th quarter lead disappeared last week against the Bills? They took the air out of the ball for the entire 4th quarter this week, and it paid off.

  60. Belichick did pull the first team yesterday early in the 4th quarter. They were mostly running the ball in the 4th quarter. They scored two minutes into the 4th quarter after a Jacksonville fake punt put the ball at the Jaguars 25 ard line. The second TD was a 17 play 58-yard drive of mostly running the ball. It’s hard NOT to score 51 when you are never forced to punt and the opponent tries fake punts deep in their own territory. This was nothing like the embarrassment they put up on Joe Gibbs eight years ago.

  61. Best way to fix TV times and too many games at 1pm issue, is to automatically make any game which involves a west coast team going to east coast a 415ET game. Biggest advantage/disadvantage in the game. This would solve multiple issues.

  62. Somebody wrote:

    “The Cardinals should get credit for beating a bad team and smashing two other bad teams. A little early to call them elite.”

    This just in … the Cardinals officially became elite two years ago. They have been beating and sometimes smashing good teams routinely since then.

    If not for a bizzarre quarterback injury situation late last year, it could have been THEM playing the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

    IMO, the Patriots, Packers and Cardinals (no particular order) are clearly the top three teams in the league at this point.

    – Patriots fan.

  63. alfredogarciashead says:
    Sep 28, 2015 7:48 AM
    Belichik trying to erase the stink from yet another cheating scandal through the diversionary tactic of running up the score. He’s a master of setting a fire to get your attention away from the fire he had set previously.


    LOL! BB and the Pats are going to set fire to Lucas Oil stadium in a few weeks and do terrible unspeakable things to the Colts. After the Pats hang 60 on the Colts I fully expect BB to look up to the Colts box and give the finger to Cryan Grigson and that drunken fool Jim Irsay.

  64. “Why did Belichick sit Gronk for the whole preseason? I am sure it was to avoid injury. So he does believe that certain players should be protected when playing is unnecessary.”


    I understand your point and mostly agree. But there’s also a big difference between a quarterback who is going to manage quick throws and not take any unnecessary big hits … and a superstar tight end that everybody is trying to kick the snot out of.

    But even with that being said, I definitely think Brady should have been pulled for that final drive. On one play, Brady was sacked and had three or four defensive linemen stacked on top of him. Completely unnecessary for him to be in there.

  65. I love this Cards team. I do… Palmer is playing awesomne

    The Dolphins are HOOOORIBLE.

    I feel for the Steeler faithful… Karma’s a bitch

    I hope Cincy is for real, Andy Dalton’s break out season???

    I am thrilled the Ravens are in the tank.

    I hate bye weeks

    I have no idea who will win the NFC east… I am rooting for the Giants

    Give Bill O’Brien a real Quarterback!!

    I don’t hate Indy… but man I love it when they loose.

    Arizona, Green Bay and Seattle could end in the super bowl… just don’t know which one.

    The Patriots did not run up the score… they had the B team in the entire 4th quarter, They could have hung 70pts on the jags…

  66. The Cards are a good team but they have a huge weakness. They are old. Very old. Every team, in recent times, with this kind of make up never survives when the temperature drops and the injuries start to pile up. I would wager 10 or so good wins till the wheels come off and they lose the vast majority of their late games.

  67. Remember 4 years ago when the Cards were 5-11 and the Raiders were 4-12. The Cards hired Adrians and Reggie hired Allen as the Raiders HC and traded Palmer to the Cards for nothing.
    Raiders have still not won 5 games in any season under Reggie which proves wins start with a good GM & Coach.

  68. “The Bills also scored 14 in the 4th. But they didn’t run up the score?”


    The first was a long pass TD on the first play of the 4th after the Dolphins managed to score and pull it within 3 scores. That is putting a team away after they start trying to come back. Much like the pats did against the Bills last week. When we scored 19 4th quarter points on the Pats, they are allowed to try and score more. Thats securing the win.

    The other was a run play out of the basic I, right up the middle in an attempt to burn clock. Its not the Bills fault if the Dolphins cant stop the backup HB from running for a 41 yard TD on the most basic run play known to the NFL. If you paid attention to that game, the Bills had pulled their starting QB at that point and were running their backups on both sides of the ball.

    Dont group us with NE.

  69. Since 2007, the Patriots have been the most closely watched and scrutinized team in the NFL. No team in the league has less opportunities to get away with cheating than the Patriots.

    And under those conditions, with that added pressure, they continue to dominate.

    This is your creation, Roger Goodell. Had you left them alone, they might have gone soft with their success. But you continue to give them reasons to play angry.

  70. Can you imagine if the Jets were doing what the Cardinals have been doing the last two years? Oh man ESPN would be 24/7 Jets talk. It’s so nauseating to watch ESPN if you aren’t a Jets, Cowboys, Eagles, or Redskins fan. All morning, all they could talk about is the boring and terrible Jets/eagles game.

  71. I will never criticize at team for winning a game by too many points… Ever.

    Both sides understand the game consists of 60 minutes of football. Leads leak away in many games weekly in the NFL, the Giants are a perfect example of that this year.

    Arians says he’s going full throttle for 60 minutes no matter what! He said that’s how the game is played and he would do that even if he was coaching a high school or junior high game.

    The Arizona Cardinals are putting up 42 points per game this year even though 2 of their offensive starters are injured and not playing. When Ellington and Iupati return they may add a few 50 burgers and I say let it happen.

    The Cards are on a good roll right now but let’s wait until December and January and see how healthy we are. The dream ended last year because of injury.😂

  72. Cardinals are off to a great start and early Division lead…again.

    People are saying the Cards haven’t beaten “anyone” yet because the Cards haven’t beaten “anyone” yet.

    Seahawks are starting slow and offense looks sluggish…again.

    The Cards will have their first real chance to prove something Week 10 on SNF at Century Link against the reigning NFC/NFCW Champions. Until then, it’s just a bunch of chirping from all sides. If both teams can stay healthy until then, it will be a great prime time showdown.

    Go Hawks!

  73. Re: Running up the score-

    Screw you. It’s a payback for the last 8 months when dopey owners, Jim Kelly, and any other ex player dying to get on the radio or television piled on with ZERO facts. So, tough luck. Go cry in a corner, the Patriots put up with your crap for 8 straight months and said nothing. Now they will do their talking on the field.

    Take it, chumps. Should have kept your yaps shut.

  74. Running up the score? I thought the whole point of the game was to score points and prevent your opponent from doing the same. Best way to do that is keep scoring yourself so they CAN’T come back on you no matter what. Don’t Take Your Foot Off The Gas! You play the WHOLE game not part of it, and you do that all season long, so if and when you DO get to the playoffs you have that winning, playing full time mindset beat into your brain and body.

    I just wish my Lions would get into that kind of groove.

  75. Waaah, running up the score, waaah. These are professionals, so stop it. If Alabama is playing North Dakota Southern and the score gets to 73-3 in the third quarter, OK stand down.

  76. bkostela says:

    “They took the air out of the ball for the entire 4th quarter this week, and it paid off.”


    They’ve actually been taking the air out of the ball for all 4 quarters for about 14 years now, and it has paid off

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