Report: Panthers trade for veteran pass-rusher Jared Allen

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The Panthers have been running short on defensive ends since Greg Hardy went on the commissioner’s exempt list a game into last season.

And when Charles Johnson got hurt, they clearly felt the need to make a big move.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the Panthers have acquired veteran pass-rusher Jared Allen from the Bears via trade.

Allen makes sense for the Panthers for a number of reasons, as they need an established pass-rush presence at end, with or without Johnson in the lineup. But it also ends an awkward transition to a 3-4 scheme for Allen, as he was the ultimate old dog learning a new trick.

The 33-year-old Allen is ninth on the all-time sack list with 134.0, but hadn’t played in a 3-4 prior to this season. This gives him a chance to play with a contender, and gives the Bears needed currency with which to build for the future.

77 responses to “Report: Panthers trade for veteran pass-rusher Jared Allen

  1. Assuming the compensation was relatively minor, this was a GREAT move. Our DL has been missing that edge since we lost Hardy. Hopefully Allen’s got a little left in the tank.

  2. Great move for Jared Allen and for the Panthers. He’s an awesome competitor and gets it his all. Hate playing against him as a Packers fan.

  3. Great move by the Bears getting rid of an unproductive over priced locker room cancer from the prior regime. With the draft pick swindled from the Panthers the Bears can get a productive player for the new regime.

  4. Good for Jared. Now he plays for a team that can compete. The bears should have traded Cutler to ANYBODY willing to give ANYTHING.

  5. jeremycrowhurst says:
    Sep 28, 2015 4:42 PM
    Wow. Has any team in the past made such a clear statement that they’re going for the first overall pick in next year’s draft?


    I’m fairly certain the Colts win that award when they shut down Peyton for a year so they could get Luck.

  6. I can’t believe how bad the Bears are. They need to start from scratch, and I am not sure Fox is the guy to do that. They will be at the bottom of the league for years to come unless drastic changes take place.

  7. Good move by the Panthers. Jared Allen has been wasted in Chicagoland.

    Giving Allen something to play for could be dangerous to the health of various QBs.

  8. If the Panthers need a guy to run directly into a blocker, make no effort to disengage from said blocker and then repeat 50-60 times per game, they’ve found their guy.

  9. Peppers was done and now look. Allen looked done last year and first 3 games this year but don’t be surprised if it turns out otherwise.

  10. JA missed his shot at a title when he chose the Bear$ over the Hawks last year. While NC will compete, they’re still a long shot at the big dance. Both teams win in this trade.

  11. Great move for the Bears. He is done! He needs to play on carpet, too even have a chance at getting a sack.

  12. He never really seemed to fit in in Chicago. He’s had a great career overall, but seemed to disappear for long stretches of time even in his prime. I know some Chief and viking fans thought he was the greatest thing in the world, but to me, he never really seemed to live up to the hype.

  13. In three games in the new d he looks lost has made exactly one play 0 sacks and very few pressures. Did not play well last year save the salary cap space.

  14. Allen might be OK, but Panthers got the wrong guy. Should’ve traded for Young. He had 10 sacks last season in that 4-3. He’s relatively cheap and young too.

    Cowboys, Bucs, need a 4-3 DE who racked up 10 sacks last year?

    We can throw in Vereen and Fuller for a bag of chips.

  15. We Viking fans loved Jared Allen when he was on our team. He was wasted in Chicago, where they obviously didn’t know how to use his particular talents. I wish him nothing but the best in Carolina. I’m glad he has a chance to be on a decent team again. Allen is a class act, a good guy, and still has something left in the tank. I think he’ll be a help to Carolina. Good luck to him.

  16. Lol, it’s a good move for the Bears. Clearly going nowhere, may as well get something for a 40yr old pass rusher who can’t pass rush anymore. However, now Forte is the only player on that team who has any passion for winning and the game itself. Bears are in trouble.

  17. Nice move by both the Bears and Panthers. I was actually hoping the Giants would make a move similar to this. We need a pass rusher bad. Low cost with potential high reward.

  18. Thank you God, from this Bears fan. This was a terrible signing from the start, as Allen looks like just another guy out there, and has looked like it for the last couple of years. Hopefully this means Carolina takes most if not all of Allen’s salary off the Bears’ books.
    Good luck to Allen out there in Carolina, maybe it’s a better situation for him, but in Chicago he is old, expensive, & pointless.

  19. Jax4 says:
    Sep 28, 2015 4:48 PM
    Traded for??????


    Thank you b/c we’re missing some info here!

  20. Okay. Trade Cutler for a 3rd to the Texans. Trade Forte for a second to the Dolphins, crap the bed the rest of the year and rebuild through the draft and FA. Got to go Raiders route to get this thing straight. Bears are going to get a good look at the blueprint next sunday.

  21. He was a completely useless for the Bears in the 3-4, and was close to useless the first half of last year in the 4-3. On one hand, he might have had zero motivation playing for such an awful unit. On the other, he contributed almost nothing towards making that unit better. I’m happy that we got anything back and got him off the books. Terrible signing. And the march towards the top pick in next year’s draft continues—hopefully we don’t completely botch it, but I’m not real confident with our history and how the current GMs first offseason has looked.

  22. “Wow. Has any team in the past made such a clear statement that they’re going for the first overall pick in next year’s draft?”

    Based on this trade? He’s not exactly close to his prime.

    How about they’re just terrible.

  23. First order of business: perform a cleansing at Halas Hall of exorcism-like proportions to eradicate any memory of him in a bears uniform. Second order of business: STOP calling him an “Outside Linebacker!” He never was, is or will be an OLB. He’s a 4-3 DE.

    Gawd I am SO sick of watching him stand straight up and take a few S-L-O-W steps forward. Thank God I never have see that again. He was awful.

  24. Salvaging anything in trade sure beats cutting the worthless bad attitude guy. The Panthers are going to look foolish for wasting a pick on a slow small old player.

  25. I was a Huge Jared Allen fan when he played for my Chiefs. Iw as watching him yesterday playing for the Bears thinking, “What happened to Jared Allen”?

  26. Minnesota fans will claim that he played well in his years there but a good percentage of his sacks came against back up tackles and in scrub situations. Look no further than his playoff games and you will see he disappeared in the big spot, much like the rest of the team, otherwise known as “The Viking Way”

  27. gets the change to “play for a contender”…hahaha classic, their head and shoulders better than the bears right now but their not contending for anything other than a playoff spot, lets be serious

  28. FANTASTIC MOVE! For both teams! Bears need to unload and build for future and Carolina needs an instant upgrade. This guy has more left in the tank than people believe and he deserves a shot at continued success. Right on! Football!!

  29. Now the 5x Pro Bowler Jared Allen has a home with a real contender. Just think of the game-day bets between Allen and Luke Kuechly that will go on now per number of sacks each Sunday. Fabulous signing, Cam-rolina!

  30. He’s only a situational guy at best.

    Per Pro Football Focus, even though he’s played 104 snaps in 3 games, he’s tied for 2nd in the NFL in quarterback hits.

    Other pass rushers with the same number:
    Cliff Avril, Pernell McPhee, O’Brien Schoefield, and Everson Griffen. That’s good company and what’s evidentiary about his pass rush skills.

  31. jeremycrowhurst says:
    Wow. Has any team in the past made such a clear statement that they’re going for the first overall pick in next year’s draft?

    Suck for Luck was pretty clear right out of the gate.

    The smarter move for the Bears would have been not paying Allen that $11.5M roster bonus this year, ouch

  32. honkeyt says:
    Sep 28, 2015 4:57 PM
    Okay. Trade Cutler for a 3rd to the Texans. Trade Forte for a second to the Dolphins, crap the bed the rest of the year and rebuild through the draft and FA. Got to go Raiders route to get this thing straight. Bears are going to get a good look at the blueprint next sunday.


    Yet another Couch GM strikes again! Cutler for a 3rd, old man Forte for a 2nd??

    Serious question Honkey, what color is the sky in your world?

  33. The Bears screwed up by bringing him in on that contract in the first place. Considering the fact that Allen did absolutely nothing while on that overinflated contract, even if the Bears got nothing in trade it was a great deal for them.

  34. Good for Allen, the Bears and the Panthers. He never was a 3-4 guy and likely is only effective as a situational pass rusher in a 4-3 scheme. If that’s the way the Panthers use him, they might get something out of him.

    Also great to see that even former Vikings players remain in the thoughts of Packer fans everywhere, as now they can’t even keep from mentioning the Vikes in a Bear/Panthers article.

  35. Great guy and class act for sure, but he was declining big time when he left the Vikings. Hard to imagine he has much left in the tank.

    But for veteran leadership, the Panthers couldn’t get much better!

  36. Chicago became a horrible match for him once they went to a 3-4. They’re clearly going nowhere this season, may as well suck for less payroll and pick up a late-rounder.

    I’m a Vikings fan, and while I loved watching him play in Minnesota (and whoever said up above that he never “lived up to the hype” clearly wasn’t paying attention for about a 4-year stretch), I really wanted them to trade him 2 seasons ago when they were clearly going to be picking in the top 10 and had no intention of re-signing him. Even if they only could have got a 4th or 5th rounder from somebody for the 12 game rental, it would have had the benefit of giving Griffen more consistent snaps if nothing else. Allen would have been the difference between 6-10 and 5-11 at the MOST.

  37. iowahbr says:
    Sep 28, 2015 4:49 PM
    Peppers was done and now look. Allen looked done last year and first 3 games this year but don’t be surprised if it turns out otherwise.
    Ironic that Julius was let go by the Panthers for nothing. Bad management decision.

    As for Jared, I’m not so sure, based on his age, recent ineffectiveness and the GM making the trade. Like someone pointed out, Willie Young, returning to NC, might have made more sense.

  38. Smart move for both sides. The Bears didn’t get much out of the deal, but something is better than nothing. They are playing for the future and need to focus on their younger players and stockpiling draft picks. Meanwhile, only time will tell whether Allen has any gas left in the tank, but I do believe he’s an upgrade for Carolina and he seemed like he was a really good locker room guy in Minnesota.

  39. Good move for the Panthers. With the Bears already paying the $11.5 million roster bonus, the Panthers only owe Allen around $900,000 for the rest of the season. Not much money and a late round draft pick, sounds good to me.

  40. I think he is a high motor guy who went for the best deal he could get, and ended up on a bad team. As far as he and Peppers I want the guy who is trying. Let us see where this leads.

  41. Wait, wait, wait a minute I’m just getting confirmation………………… Greg Olsen just caught another TD pass on our awful, pathetic, terrible, sad excuse for a defense……….

  42. He did look out of place in the 3-4. As a Packer fan it reminded me of the ill fated attempt to play Aaron Kampman standing up.

    He may be on the decline, but he always plays to the whistle and should still be effective this year with a team that uses him correctly.

  43. The Bears paid Allen an $11.5 million roster bonus, got three sub-par performances and traded him away for a bag of footballs or something.

    I give you Da New Bears, everyone.

  44. Where was Tampa Bay on Jared Allen?

    If the Buccaneers fail to have a single player reach 10+ sacks in 2015, it will mark 10 years since they last had a player get 10+ sacks.

    Enter, Simeon Rice 2005

    It’s truly pathetic to see Lovie Smith at a 3-16 mark with the Bucs, and they did nothing to trade for Jared Allen. The Bucs have no problem trading and paying Logan Mankins $7 million dollars annually.

    Coach Greg Schiano is still under contract with the Bucs, they should beg for him back.

  45. To go from an 0-3 NFC North team to a 3-0 NFC South team. Jared Allen must be the happiest guy in the league today.

  46. This was a good trade. I loved jareds leadership and I think he still has something left in the tank if he doesn’t have to be the star of the defense. That’s what he’ll be in Carolina and I think he will be able to play that role well. I enjoyed having him in Chicago even tho his numbers were down u could see he still had the passion and if he didn’t have to be the star he would’ve been a great place. Overpaid? Yes. Useless? No. I think some of u bear fans are being too hard on him. He did nothing but bring it from whistle to whistle, from play to play and from game to game. Good luck to u Jared

  47. An easy 14 million for an over the hill DE. More fallout from the McCaskey / Ted Phillips love affair that enabled Phil Emery to set this franchise back 5 years! The “fox” is still in the henhouse & his name isn’t John..

  48. A good lockeroom guy and occasionally can rev it up and get after the QB . I thought the Vikings did well getting rid of Allen when they did but the Bears just weren’t the right fit . JA would be a good third down and long yardage specialist for the Panthers he is brutal against the run but can still pressure the QB.

  49. Great move by the Panthers. Increased their pass rush for very cheap. And Im sure Allen is happy, getting off a franchise that is imploding and he gets to go back to what he plays best at.

  50. That’s why I’m so angry. Here we are at 0-3 with a big reason is we have absolutely no pass rush and we just sit back and watch our rival who is 3-0 swoop in a get a solid player in Allen. What’s next ? We release Jarius Byrd then he signs with Atlanta and records 9 picks this year ??? I’m a truly disappointed Saints fan we deserve to finish 4th in the South. PATHETIC……..

  51. Always loved Jared and miss him on the Vikings. No matter his age, still one of the great pass rushers. Glad he’s going to a winning team.

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