Todd Gurley’s Rams debut contains no highlights


It’s a good thing the Rams have preached patience with running back Todd Gurley.

Because his professional debut gave little indication that he’s 100 percent recovered from his injury, or close to his pre-injury form.

The No. 10 overall pick in this year’s draft made his NFL debut yesterday, but had just 9 yards on six carries, with one 5-yard reception in their loss to the Steelers.

It felt great to be out there, man,” Gurley said, via Joe Lyons of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Definitely would’ve liked to get the win, but we’ll execute off that and try to bounce back next week. It was my first game; I’m just trying to get into the groove of things. Looking forward to tomorrow, to look at the film, to see what we did wrong and start working to be better next week.”

The Rams have kept the training wheels on Gurley throughout the offseason and preseason, after he tore his ACL last November during his final season at Georgia.

“I feel like I still have the explosiveness,” Gurley said. “Definitely didn’t get to show it today, but like I said, we’ll pick back up on things and try to get it rolling next week.”

The Rams weren’t able to get much of anything going offensively, failing to get to the end zone against a Steelers defense that has made some strides. But they’re hoping that as he gets his legs back underneath him, that they get more out of Gurley.

15 responses to “Todd Gurley’s Rams debut contains no highlights

  1. LMAO….he is not playing against those PATHETIC SEC defenses anymore…..BUST!!!

    I hear he was seen hanging out with Trent Richardson…….

  2. He had surgery in November and he’s already back on the field? smh

    What’s the rush. No way he’s healed yet.

    The Rams should have given him the time to rehab and heal completely and resisted the temptation to hurry him back.

    That’s exactly what the Giants did with Odell Beckham. What’s an extra month or two in the grand scheme of things.

  3. A rookies in his first game back from surgery and some people are screaming “bust”? smh

    Seriously, get a life. He has probably already accomplished more in life than the goofs making these comments.

  4. It’s a little early to break out the “bust” card. He still has to get his NFL legs under him. At least give the guy six games.

  5. His pre-injury form was in college. We’ve never seen his NFL form. I know Trent Richardson’s college form looked good. Actually looked great.

  6. Jeff Fisher spent the 10th pick in the draft on an RB with a torn ACL. How does this guy stay in the NFL?

    The Rams will suck as long as he’s in charge. Book it.

    Now to get him off the competition committee forever.

  7. The Rams are one of several teams that are one good QB from being a dominant team.
    You want to hire a top GM, get one that realizes your first major concern is finding a top notch QB and build around that guy.
    Foles is the weak link on this team. The running game will not be respected with Gurley or whomever when you have a guy who can’t pass. There is no fear of him beating you and you plan you D around that fact, stopping the run.
    The Rams have serious talent too being wasted because along the building process they passed on some good QB talent.

  8. Rams took all those picks from the Redskins and are still garbage.

    Hope the fans in LA have a new coach and new front office because even they don’t deserve this kind of rank incompetence.

    Give me multiple top ten picks in the 1st and 2nd round every year — I’ll throw darts at the draft board and get better results than these fools.

  9. Were you expecting him to come out in his first live action since the injury, at a new and much more difficult level of the game where he has 0 game experience, and beastmode all over the Steelers defense with a whole 6 carries?

    That is either insanely high expectations for a rookie coming off a major injury or insanely low esteem for the Steelers defense.

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