Browns not rethinking Manziel over McCown


NFL head coaches rarely give one-word answers to questions. Other than Bill Belichick.

On Monday, Browns coach Mike Pettine gave multi-word answers to every question he was asked but one: Is he considering going back to Johnny Manziel at quarterback?


And that’s that.

Or is that that? TMZ cites three unnamed Browns players who want Manziel over McCown. With specific quotes from the players. Which means that three different Browns players have supplied quotes to TMZ, according to TMZ.

Whether some Browns players actually want Manziel over McCown is one thing. Whether they’d talk off the record to TMZ is another. Whether Pettine actually will do anything about it is what matters.

It’s easy to say the Browns could have beaten the Raiders with Manziel, since there’s no way to disprove it. The problem for the Browns is that the memory of Manziel beating the Titans will get stronger and stronger if the losses pile up with McCown at quarterback.

For now, the Browns coaching staff believes McCown gives them the best chance to win. And perhaps it will stay that way, at least until the suspension of G.M. Ray Farmer ends and he can resume texting directives to the sidelines during games.

38 responses to “Browns not rethinking Manziel over McCown

  1. Browns not rethinking Manziel over McClown: of course not…who cares what the fans or players want…the Christmas you get is the Christmas you deserve, Pettine…

  2. The top 5 paid offensive line needs to starts producing. Won’t matter who starting QB is if they can’t run considering WRs they have.

  3. Mike Pettine really should learn from Rex Ryan’s mistake. RR hardheadedly stuck with Sanchez, despite the obvious “suckiness”, and it cost him his job. RR was just lucky that someone else hired him, but Mike Pettine might not be so lucky.

    Manziel may not be the answer, but it is clear that McCown stinks.

  4. You almost have to feel for Browns fans. Pettine is to worried about trying to save face. The way McCown is going he wont make it through another game at the rate hes going. But as an outsider you have to see what Johnny gives you. You did spend a first round pick on the guy.

  5. The Browns need to remove Farmer n Pettine. They both suck at their jobs. Yeah because next draft they will be saying we still dont know what we have in Johnny. Typical incompetent Browns.

    You arent going to the playoffs with either, you may as well start Johnny to see exactly what you have.

  6. Unless JFF plays defense and can tackle, keep McCown. McCown was off in the first half but helped the team fight back. The defense was lacking the whole game. I was at the first game in ’99 when the steelers beat the browns 43-0. There were chants for Couch during that game. Couch never had the career we wanted him to have. Why rush JFF? Do people remember the Bengal game last year? He was horrible. Bring him along slowly. Let him be the guy when he’s ready. He showed poise during the Titan game but still fumbled twice. The Browns’ problems run deeper than the qb.

  7. If this concerned anyone beside McCown, I wouldn’t say this. But if they aren’t “rethinking” Johnny over McCown, they aren’t thinking at all.

  8. “the Browns coaching staff believes McCown gives them the best chance to win.”

    So now we define “winning” as angling for the number one draft pick three games into the season?

    And that, my friends, is why Cleveland is Cleveland.

  9. I don’t like or dislike the browns (like most football fans, don’t usually bother spending any time thinking about them at all) I thought it was hilarious they drafted Johnny for a number of reasons, both on an off the field but I have come to the conclusion that Mike Pettine is clearly one of the most stupid Head Coaches in football. There are some pretty bad ones so I’m not sure he is the absolute worst, but if he isn’t, he is pretty close.

    I can’t even imagine what it has been like to be a fan of a team like the browns all these years.

  10. I guess I’m glad he left Buffalo……….I just don’t understand why he/they would not start Manziel over McCown………..makes zero sense. He will be fired at the end of the year and will never be a head coach again, he will be looking for work as a defense coordinator only. Just stupid not to put in Manziel.

  11. I just don’t believe the incompetence that is “Browns Management”, if they truly want to know what they have in Johnny then start him! In the very worst case they could always “rebench him” however if he performs then keep him the starter OR enhance his trade value !! Leave it “status quo” then all they end up doing is continuing to “drive the clown car” which is Brown’s Management.

  12. Browns not rethinking Manziel over McCown…


    The above statement implies that anyone connected to the Factory of Sadness is capable of rational thought.

    Obviously, that is not the case here considering the Browns are the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL since their rebirth in 1999.

    Considering that there have been a number of truly horrible teams in that time span that illustrates just how mind numbingly awful the management of the Browns has been.

  13. Not a Cleveland fan so I don’t have any skin in the game, but this is lunacy. I will keep saying this until I’m blue in the face– Manziel may not be the future, but you won’t know until you play him. Going into the 2016 draft and not knowing if he’s The Guy is a recipe for failure. Either he’s your QB going forward or you need to draft someone. Pettine’s making a huge mistake by hitching his wagon to McCown in an attempt to win an extra game or two this season.

  14. Pettine needs to lose some of his ego and try to put together a winning team. So what if McClown is the respectable vet, Team first guy. HE CANT PLAY! So what if you didnt want Bowe but Farmer got him anyways. Obviously your WRs SUCK, WHY NOT GIVE HIM A SHOT TO EARN ALL THAT GUARANTEED MONEY!

    Go ahead, be stubborn, and McClown will lead you to the first overall pick, but you won’t be around to enjoy using that pick, will you…


  15. Not a Cleveland fan (or a Manziel fan)but I really feel bad for the Browns fans. If you truly want to win you at some point need to roll the dice and see what Manziel brings.

    I have to wonder what gives with not playing the guy? Does the coaching staff not believe in the guy behind the scenes? or is it their way of giving management the finger because they never wanted him? or is Manziel a turd who won’t go along with the system?

    Something is up on the assembly line for the factory of sadness.

  16. Let me see if i got this right Pettine n Farmer:

    You want to win games by running the ball and stopping the run, and Pettine you think you can win without a #1 WR. Hmm interesting. Do you also think you dont need playmakers to win games?

    Let me recap Sunday for you morons:

    You couldnt run the ball v the Raiders. No holes for Crowell who had a whopping 36 yds rushing, and I believe he got 12 on 1 play on a sweep.

    You couldnt stop the run vs the Raiders as they ran all over you all game and torched your sorry CB haden with a rookie WR, who oh by the way is a playmaker, yet you bench 1 of your 2 playmakers on the team. You 2 are clueless


  17. NFL head coaches rarely give one-word answers to questions. Other than Bill Belichick.


    That’s because other head coaches don’t have anything to hide.

  18. pettine wants to keep his job and that’s too bad because if the browns wait until they are out of contention while (playing the guy most likely to help them win in mc cown) then by the time they throw johnny back in there it will effectively be garbage time and neither the fans or the staff will be able to really learn what he can do!! it’s like the team that falls behind by 31 gets 2 late scores and the stats do not look so bad!! problem is when it counted they were behind by 31 same theory applies here game 14 15 16 and 17 most likely will mean little to the browns chances and to that point it they may not be important to the opponents lets see them throw johnny back in there or trade him away he probably sucks but why not prove that against competition that is to this point still trying!!

  19. Pettine is a freaking idiot. He’s a defense coach, that can’t even teach his defense to tackle. Pretty easy to build a game plan to beat the Brouns, run the football because not one single player on that defense will hit anybody. Dead last in the league stopping the run.

  20. Pettine is easily one of my favorite coaches in the NFL because he know..coaches.

    Remember when the 49ers front office thought they were smarter than Harbaugh? How’s that going for them?

    Fact is the Browns passing game is the only consistent thing they have right now because they’re receivers and tight end no ones ever heard of are really really good and the better QB is the one playing (McCowns numbers in one game vs Oakland surpassed nearly every stat Manziel had playing vs Jets and Titans).

    Thanks the the Manziel media McCown throws for nearly 400 yards two TD’s and nearly one of the biggest comebacks in NFL history in a loss and he’s terrible, Manziel completes 2 passes a quarter and he’s the greatest QB since Joe Montana. This is what happens when you get your football knowledge from sportscenter and not actually watching the game.

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