Packers place Quarless on IR/designated for return

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The Packers have placed tight end Andrew Quarless on injured-reserve/designated for return after he suffered a knee injury in last Monday night’s win over the Chiefs.

The team has called the injury an MCL sprain. With the IR/return designation, Quarless can return to practice after six weeks and to game action after eight weeks.

Quarless, 26, had his only two receptions of the season vs. the Chiefs before suffering the injury, but the Packers using their lone IR/return spot on him says the team feels he’s a valuable contributor who can recover and help the team in December and beyond.

Quarless caught 53 passes, five for touchdowns, over the past two seasons.

9 responses to “Packers place Quarless on IR/designated for return

  1. I still don’t know what the big attraction the Packers have with this guy? Not only is he a below average TE on a team that needs a big TE presence , not they wasted their only IRDTR desgination on the guy…move on already Thompson!!

  2. This organization just wasted it’s one and only IR designated to return for a guy who might be suspended when he’s available to return? This is more wasteful than the timeout (mis)management the last two games.

    I guess it’s true we haven’t won a SB without Quarless under TT’s reign. Ugh.

  3. I’m slightly surprised by the “designated for return” part. I know the Pack likes to keep guys they’ve developed but Richard Rodgers seems to have locked down the starting spot. I don’t know that Quarless will even be here beyond this year. Hopefully they won’t end up needing this one and only spot for someone more important to the team.

  4. I agree Richard Rodgers is a big pass catcher… but for whatever reason Quarles almost always seems to get starts finleybwould get hurt started a bunch last season so they just want to keep it open even though I feel Rodgers is a better overall TE Quarles seems to be more of a receiver

  5. It makes sense in this case. It’s likely he can plan in 8 weeks so why shut him down for the whole year if you don’t have to. Green Bay has Guion coming off the Suspension list this week, so this allows them to add Guion without having to release a player. The Packers believe they can get through the next eight weeks with only one TE (Rodgers). If something changes in the next 8 weeks, they signed a TE to the practice squad who will be added to the active roster if needed.

    The only way this is a bad move is if they have a key contributor suffer a moderately severe injury in the next 8 weeks. Anything later than that would make that player’s placement on the Designated for Return list useless. Even if they do, they can maintain that player on the active roster like they are currently doing with Bulaga. Each team has 7 inactive players for each game anyway, and the Packers have some slack they could cut if needed (one of the two FBs), but don’t see a need to do that just yet.

  6. Quarless is Green Bay’s best blocking TE. They only have 3 TEs including Q on the roster and 1 of them is a rookie who isn’t game day ready yet.

    It makes sense that they’d designate Q to return. They have more options on offense do more on offense when he’s healthy; especially when they need a good blocking TE.

  7. Obviously you guys haven’t watched any packers games.. Or just don’t understand football beyond fantasy. Stop looking at stats and fantasy scores. Quarless is one of the best blockers on the team. I think it was a fine move by an organization and coaching staff that knows a lot more than you do.

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