Saints restructure Drew Brees deal, push more cap hit to future


This is a desperate season for the Saints, making it inconvenient for them to be off to an 0-3 start.

But they’ve added to their 2016 salary cap issues with their latest bid to create some short-term room.

According to Field Yates of ESPN, the Saints turned $5.2 million of Brees’ base salary into a signing bonus, which created $2.6 million in cap space now. That pushes his 2016 cap value to $30 million.

Coupled with the continued hits from the Junior Galette deal and others (over $12 million in dead money next year), and the Saints are on the verge of a significant financial situation.

Of course, the cap could push to $160 million next year, up from the $143 million and change this year. But that’s still more than a quarter of it tied up in two guys, one of whom isn’t on the roster.

29 responses to “Saints restructure Drew Brees deal, push more cap hit to future

  1. If you can avoid pushing money into future years why wouldn’t you? You just slowly start to create constant cap hell for yourself like what the Cowboys have had to deal with for years.

    Obviously they have their reasons you just have to wonder if they’re too willing to sacrifice the long-run for the short one.

  2. Just horrible cap management. Had many Saints fans telling me on Twitter this offseason that the Saints were going to be a surprise SB contender and that Drew Brees was a better overall QB than Aaron Rodgers even though he plays in a dome in the NFC South. Big Gulps hey guys, welp see ya later!

  3. Yeah, he’ll be back next year Saint fans, lol. On another note, that’s going to be a mess for whoever takes over for Payton after he’s gone next year with Brees.

  4. Saints restructure Drew Brees deal, push more cap hit to future
    Got to do what you have to do..

  5. The bad news is, this puts them $4.1 million in the red for 2016…watch for major flushing after this season ends.

  6. Dear Saints fans. Your team is not creating cap space to sign some great free agent. There are not any great free agents available, only bums that other teams did not want.

    Your team will be blown up next year, maybe this year depending on record. Brees is all but gone. a 36 year old injured QB who has a $30 MILLION cap hit??? say bye bye.

  7. I thought unused cap space could be utilized in future seasons, no ? Shouldn’t that lessen the impact next year while giving them space in case they had to make a move this season ?

  8. I can guarantee you that Marcus Colston, Jahri Evans, Zach Streif, Brandon Browner, Jarius Bryd and maybe Drew Brees will all be gone next year. That’s a ton of money right there. Somebody needs to remind Browner and Byrd that they were acquired to play. Not to retire.
    I’ve never seen a NFL team screw up the draft AND free agency so bad.
    It’s also time for the Payton- Loomis team to go.

  9. This situation is on management. They let this get totally out of control. The Saints would be so lucky to win 3 games this year…I would start right now cleaning house starting with Rob Ryan. Then start cutting salaries & those who don’t take a cut ship them off.

  10. I understand they are 400k over the cap but why push money to 2016 from by FAR the most expensive player on the team. This season is toast and more than likely the team would have to go 10-3 the rest of the year to even have a shot at the playoffs.

  11. mataug says:
    Sep 30, 2015 9:42 AM
    I thought unused cap space could be utilized in future seasons, no ? Shouldn’t that lessen the impact next year while giving them space in case they had to make a move this season ?

    Unused space does carry over but in this instance they did the opposite of what you are thinking. They effectively ‘borrowed’ some of next year’s space, depending on next year’s moves.

    I can’t understand the Brees hate. The man put that team on the map after decades of being the Aints. Plenty of teams end up in cap trouble with nothing to show for it, at least Brees brought home the bacon and nothing can take that away. I never begrudge a player maximizing his pay and usually the greats will make adjustments when the team needs it. Years from now we will be telling our grandchildren about the great QB’s we got to watch and he will be on that list.

  12. Mickey Loomis is horrible at managing the finances. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Sean Payton leave after season, whether forced or by mutual agreement. If Drew Brees is ineffective and they are in the running for the first pick in the 2016 draft, he might go with them if Tom Branson decides to completely clear house.

  13. aints fans: wasn’t it not long ago you were singing “in Loomis we trust”…whenever comments were made about the Aint’s cap situation…how did that work out?

  14. How is Brees greedy? The Saints had never even asked him about taking a pay cut in the past, and the only reason it looks bad now is because of the back loaded deal. In a day and age where QB’s like Kaepernick and Dalton get $20m, I dont think it looks too bad in comparison. Im sure Loomis has an idea on what he wants to do with Brees next year, I dont think he or any other GM in the NFL would blindly make a move like this.

  15. Brees is greedy because he demanded such a ridiculous contract on the downside of his career. The fact that he didn’t strike a huge deal when he came into the league with San Diego isn’t the Saints’ fault. Yet the team has to deal with the consequences on the back end. It’s going to hamper this team for years to come.

  16. I’m a Brees fan – but between and Flacco they’re each looking at $30 million cap hits next season and that’s going to impact the ability to field a full quality team – no bueno!

    Break that down in millions per win for 2015 and you get…

    Hey – what’s 0 divided into $60 million?

  17. For all you that think your smarter than our GM let me explain something to you . Yes the Saints are kicking the can down the road to that first year without Brees in a few years when our rookie Grayson will take over the helm . Then with virtually no money going toward our QB Grayson we will be able to eat these kick the can down the road contracts . Saints will be fine were are going through a transition period with injuries and numerous new players and rookies . The Saints will be back on top sooner than later …BELIEVE DAT

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