Seahawks sluggish near goal line against Bears


The Seahawks acquired tight end Jimmy Graham in part to give quarterback Russell Wilson a big, reliable target near the end zone. And while Wilson and Graham connected on plenty of occasions against the Bears, a series of plays inside the Chicago five conjured memories of the failure to score a touchdown with the Super Bowl on the line.

With a first and goal from the Chicago three and a 3-0 lead late in the first half, the Seahawks opted for three throws, no runs. And the Seahawks didn’t gain a yard.

On first down, Wilson was rushed from behind and threw it away. On the second, he got single coverage against Graham but simply couldn’t put the ball in a spot where Graham could win the jump ball. On third down, Wilson misfired in an effort to connect with receiver Chris Matthews.

All three passes went to the left. That fateful throw against the Patriots went to the right.

While the Seahawks churned up 371 yards of total offense against the Bears, they seemed sluggish throughout much of the game, scoring only one offensive touchdown on 10 drives. Against the Rams, the Seahawks were inside the St. Louis 20 four times and scored only one touchdown. Against Chicago, they scored no touchdowns in two trips to the red zone.

At some point, they’ll need to find a way to turn more of those red zone trips into touchdowns or they’ll have a hard time forcing the road to Santa Clara through Seattle.

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  1. There was a battle against the clock in that sequence. The third down pass came with 5 seconds, so you couldn’t develop a play, it was more a replay of the first half of SB49 to Matthews (when “take the 3” was trending on twitter but taking the risk paid off for Carroll), but better defended by the Bears CB. They were 2-2 in red zone vs GB, but 2 trips won’t do it facing Rodgers.

  2. Interestingly, if you go back 1 year, you’ll find pretty much the same issues with the Seahawks as they slopped their way to a 3-3 record. The complaints were the same then as they are today… Bad Offensive Line, Bad inside the 20 and totally predictable play calling. All they did from that point is make it to the SB. Time will tell for this year.

  3. Seriously they won 26-0. Do people not understand how hard it is to shut out another team in the NFL? Can’t understand why so much hate for the Seahawks after last Sunday and I’m not even a fan of theirs.

  4. JS and PC’s insistance on giving Cable inferior O-Line talent is a huge part of the problem. They can’t be trusted to block well enough to open holes in short yardage and they can’t pass protect. Wilson has been off all three games. He misses open recievers, has poor ball placement, won’t pull the trigger to hit open receivers, and seems afraid to try to put the ball into anything but giant windows. Not sure if he doesn’t trust himself or his receivers, but he is not the same as last year.

  5. Seattle is about to learn how difficult it is to stay successful long-term in today’s NFL. A lot of people (especially the trolls) predicted their complete demise once they had to pay Wilson, and there is surely some validity to that, but paying Wilson doesn’t mean they have to fall completely apart.

    Green Bay pays Rodgers, New England pays Brady, the Colts paid Manning, etc., so it can be done… it’s just much more difficult.

  6. Two words: Darrell Bevell. I fully admit it is execution at times like Wilson needing to make those two throws but the play calling has no rhythm or fluidity. For 3 years I have said its like he picks play by throwing darts rather than exploiting mismatches.

    Good thing is the offensive line does look better in pass blocking. Most Hawk fans know it has taken into 3 or 4 weeks the last 3 seasons for them to start playing decent together. Tom Cable need to stay out of the draft room. Go Hawks!

  7. Mike, do you think you could give them a while to get that stuff worked out? Or do you think because they are still trying to get it figured out in week three, they probably never will be able do do it?

  8. As a Seahawks fan I hate it, but the facts are the facts. We traded for Jimmy Graham and still can’t function in the red zone. For all practical purposes, there is no offensive line. When you can’t run block, you end up throwing it unsuccessfully three times in the red zone for absolutely no yards.

    I still believe we will make a deep playoff run–in spite of the offensive line and not because of it–and because we will, Carroll and Schneider will once again feel free to say, “Oh we don’t really need to draft an offensive lineman.”

  9. Lockette from the superbowl dropped a TD on the 3 or 4 yard line against the bears.. They convert their like the Sb and this discussion is mute. He flat out dropped a perfect pass blame him.

    On the other note Bevell has worn out his welcome bc of the Sb decision to pass to Lockette and more specifically the type of pass play it was he should expect some criticism on short down and distances.

    Truth is a pass in the Sb was NOT a bad call but the pass should have been to the back of the end zone or sides and ideally should have been a rollout play to give rw and opportunity to keep and run.

    This season Bevell has been embarrassing with his lack of creativity and down field passing play calls. Very very very simple routes to defend no pick routes or pickm routes that require the defender to pick one or another.

    Bevell lacks creativity and rw disguises it with his feet. Also doesn’t help that Seattles OLINE is the worst in all the NFL. Even the bears who have the worst dline in football were pushing Seattles Oline around and gave up like 4-5 sacks to a team that had ZERO SACKS Before the game.

  10. nhpats- no Seattle didn’t break the bank they paid Wilson what qbs get paid and if RW was in a better offensive system it would be clear that he’s an elite qb. In Seattles system they want balance and thus DONT SHOWCASE HIS SKILLS.. If RW was on the Eagles he would win league MVP.

  11. realnflfacts- Seattle was more dominant than the score suggests beast mode one of the best 2-3 rbs did NOT play and the bears decided to run 3 te sets and pound the ball and thus wasted a ton of time other teams would not.

    The bears game plan was to not get blown out they made zero effort to win just wanted to hurry up and get the game over. Hard to score when the other team is playing games and your own team is missing it’s best offensive player. Lol

    You guys will spin anything if you watched the game it out of hand in every way except the score. At no point were the bears even contending. We have a stupid OC HALF THE TIME but cmon they ran 3 te sets and extra linemen and still couldn’t run..

  12. bassplucker says:
    Sep 30, 2015 9:31 PM
    Seriously they won 26-0. Do people not understand how hard it is to shut out another team in the NFL? Can’t understand why so much hate for the Seahawks after last Sunday and I’m not even a fan of theirs.


    Yes. But this article is about the Seahawks offensive ineptitude against a bad Bears defense. Not about a good Seahawks defense against a bad Bears offense.

  13. They did NOT overpay for Wilson, compared to other ongoing salaries for Top 10 QB’s. He actually dropped his price 5 million a year to sign for the ‘offer on the table’ when he awoke from the offseason and started reading the blogs about himself.

    Above everything else, Russell wants and needs to be loved and he couldn’t take the hate from the fans. He is a tremendous personality who has aspirations far beyond football.

  14. Seahawks sluggish near goal line against Bears

    Perhaps it was because my Bears were sluggish around, say, their own 45 yard line??

  15. There are a lot of good football teams in the NFL. There are three or four that are excellent football teams. Seattle can’t continue to lose in St. Louis and play Chicago at home like they did.
    26-0? I’ll take it every Sunday. But it should have been closer to 40-0.
    RW can’t be under that kind of pressure the entire year.
    Can’t wait until late in the game to open up the play book.
    Can’t keep settling for three in the red zone. Heck, they’re more likely to score a touchdown from the 25 or 30.
    Defense … again, 26-0 … but it does not look like the D from ’13 or ’14. Too many missed tackles, blown coverage assignments, missed alignments.
    Fellas got a lot of work to do.

  16. The Seahwks destroyed the Bears. Wilson played it smart. Why should he chance throwing an interceotion when the Seahawks were winning. Just like he is not so bold runnng anymore. He does not want to risk injury to gain a few yards more.

  17. At least Seattle made it to 2 Superbowls in a row.
    THE ALL TIME CHOKE JOB BELONGS TO GREEN BAY. Check out Arron the MVPs stats for that game if you want to laugh. I bet Green Bay had them deleted from the internet

  18. Here they are in case you cant find them.
    Arron Rodgers NFC Champ game stats.
    178 YDS 1 TD 2 INT 64 RATING 8 – 3 & OUT.
    COULNDT SCORE A TD ON 8 TRIES INSIDE OF THE 2 YD LINE. MISSED WIDE OPEN JORDY FOR A TD. AND TRIPPED OVER HIS OWN FOOT ONCE TOO. Also threw his teamates and HC under the bus while whining about play calling and effort after the game.

  19. Its not rocket science here people…you traded for one of the top tight ends in the game……now dont forget you can actually use him in a 60 minute game formatt…that is allowed….Pete Carroll baffles me , regardless of the goal line call in the Super Bowl , he did stuff like this in New England when he was given a team from Parcells that had Bledsoe , Martin , Ben Coates, Bruschi , Law, Milloy , Sam Gash , Ted Johnson , Adam V……..he blew the thing up 15 games in ….good luck Seattle fans….

  20. BEVELL calls the plays(unfortnately he still has a job with Hawks) not Carroll…

    Carroll creates a game plan along with Bevell and agrees with and likes the way he is calling the game. He is on the headset and has input as the plays are being called.

    If you guys had been Seahawks fans back in the 1980s when Chuck Knox was the coach, you would recognize the game plan. Chuck Knox and Pete Carroll are really very similar when it comes to offensive philosophy. Play conservatively and don’t give the game away early. Begin to open things up as the game goes on and your field position improves and you get a better feel for what the other team is trying to do. Go to the whip in the 2nd half and bury them if you can.

    That team back then had some good players but Pete just has better overall team talent and a better QB than old Chuck ever had.

  21. A)Wilson is a very good QB getting better every week.
    B)The pass in SB was horrible, the ball should’ve been thrown at the knees to dive into it and roll in the end zone.
    C)I trust Cable and O-linemen are the toughest position to play, things will get better.
    D)Rams front 4 is the best in football, on the road with a silent snap count. Good luck to anyone, let alone a new group put together.
    E)ComPete is a class act, he believes in Bevel and so should we.
    F)Will Dangerous renegotiate his contract to free up cap space? Peyton did, Tom did! We must resign Okung!

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