Tomsula, Kaepernick are “on to Green Bay”


The Patriots currently reside not only in the head of Bills coach Rex Ryan, but also in the brains of pretty much everyone else in the NFL. From citing the “do your job” mantra (that was actually a Parcells thing, with a word starting with an “F” between “your” and “job”) to the “on to Cincinnati” catch phrase from a year ago at this time, a copycat league has adopted two of New England’s best moves.

The 49ers borrowed the latter phrase on Wednesday as they tried to put Sunday’s 47-7 disaster in Arizona behind them.

“They have every right to have their comments and their scouting reports and all those things,” coach Jim Tomsula told reporters on Wednesday about remarks from players like Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu regarding the predictability of San Francisco’s passing attack. “Hats off to them, they did a wonderful job. And, we’re going to, we’re not going to really focus on the Cardinals, we’re working on ourselves and the Green Bay Packers.”

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick said the same thing when asked about the Arizona game.

“Right now we’re moving on to Green Bay,” Kaepernick told reporters. “We’re making sure we’re focused and ready for them.”

Did he study the film of the Cardinals game?

“I watched it Sunday, Monday,” Kaepernick said. “Looking to see what I can do better, help this team win. After I looked at it Monday, I moved onto Green Bay.”

Tomsula was at least a little willing to talk more about what went wrong against the Cardinals, from the perspective of discussing how the 49ers have tried to turn the page and move on to Green Bay.

“That was a bad game when we talk about our passing game right there,” Tomsula said. “I look at it comprehensively, collectively. I don’t have, one of my concerns right now is not that our quarterback or our confidence level in those areas is going to go down the tubes. I don’t have that. Today, as I stand here and look at you, don’t have that concern. Yesterday, yeah, there was people upset and there is frustration. What do you want me to tell you, there is no frustration? I’m not going to lie to anybody. You walk through the door, I’m frustrated, you’re frustrated, everybody’s frustrated. It’s where you go with it. Some people have the ability to spend all week being frustrated or get into Wednesday being frustrated. The bottom line is the guys in this building don’t have that luxury. They’ve got an hour-and-a-half. They’ve got Monday and an hour-and-a-half on Tuesday and that all better be in the right place or one game leads into two games leads into three games leads into four games. So, the luxury in this building of being frustrated or not being able to, that’s what’s got to happen. And that’s what I feel like happened yesterday in a very good way. Coming in, not a good vibe, not feeling great. I mean, gosh almighty man. Walking out of the building, I like it. And to the next game. Through us, looking at it. And I don’t want clichés and I’m not looking for all that stuff. Own it, fix it, move on. We don’t need that on a billboard. That’s not what I’m talking about. But, you’ve got to own it and you work through it and now you’ve got to get to the next game. You don’t have the luxury, you just don’t. And if you try to do that, then the same mistake. It’s like getting to the next play. The same mistake hurts you twice.”

Tomsula also admitted that, after quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s pair of pick-sixes, Tomsula decided to focus on the running game for a while.

“If you were in basketball, you would have called a timeout,” Tomsula said. “Really, that’s the easiest and honest way I can say it. Boom. I’m looking at it, it’s nine minutes [left in the first quarter], where were we? We had nine minutes left in the first quarter, right? Wasn’t that it? OK, we’re down two scores. Here we go guys, we’ve got time. Let’s run the ball. Let’s get going.”

For now, they’re going on to Green Bay. Which really isn’t a good thing for the 49ers, because the Packers are keenly aware of losing twice to San Francisco in 2012 and twice again in 2013.

Which means that it’s only a matter of time before the 49ers start saying they’re on to New York and the Giants in Week Five.

71 responses to “Tomsula, Kaepernick are “on to Green Bay”

  1. I know there’s that “that’s why they play the games thing” … but you’d have to give me some amazing odds to bet on the Niners to win in this one.

  2. Realistically we have no shot to win against Green Bay. Any given Sunday etc. but man I can’t see how it happens given the way we’ve been defeated these last two games.

    The Faithfuls’ name is gonna be put to the test this season.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  3. York and Baalke should be ashamed of themselves for putting Tomsula in this position. He genuinely seems like a good guy, but he’s going to get shredded in the media as this team crashes and burns over the rest of the season.

    Kapernick spends too much time showing off his muscles on magazine covers. This guy had a former NFL QB as his head coach, and then supposedly spent all offseason working with former Superbowl QB champ Kurt Warner…

    ..and this is what he has to show for it?

  4. The 9ers are toast if GB brings a 75% effort. Where is all the talk about Kaepernick being the future of the QB position? He is horrible when the team needs to score points. He is good when he only needs to be counted on for a couple scores.

  5. Teams often get dangerous after getting embarrassed. This could be a trap game for Green Bay if the 49ers take it personally.

  6. Packers secondary is the achiles heel of this team. Would not be surprised to see Kaperdink resurect his career with big numbers against these guys.
    He may run 10 or 12 times too to rub it in and expose the lack of speed on the outside.
    I got the niners big over the over rated packers.

  7. Jokes aside, he gave an honest answer. I would rather have a D-bag winner like Harbaugh or Belichick than an honest guy on a losing team, but this seemed to be what the media wanted.

  8. Packers secondary is the achiles heel of this team.

    The Green Bay secondary has been very good. In fact, they’re 6th in the NFL in opponent passer rating. Most of the yardage you see them give up is in garbage time.

  9. I do not think the Packers are taking this game lightly.

    McCarthy used to be a ‘Niner assistant coach.

    The ‘Niners have manhandled the Pack in recent history.

    Like the Seahawks game, it’s time for Green Bay to recover some self-respect.

  10. “Tomsula, Kaepernick are on to Green Bay”

    Where they will get handed their heads.
    SF is no longer a hot mess, just a mess

  11. I feel bad for this coach. He is in over is head and I think the owner/GM knew that he would be the perfect fall guy… IDK if that is actually true but it sure seems that way…

  12. Tomsula playing word salad with friends. I read that twice and still can’t make sense of it

    I’ll have to wait for Balke’s daughter to tweet an update I guess

  13. Just like the Seattle game, im not convinced GB can beat the Niners until they actually beat them with Kaepernick at QB.

    If GB plays Clay at ILB instead of on the edge at OLB they will be in much better position to stop Kap from running wild.

    I look forward a good battle, may the best team win.

  14. Worse than expected? Where you were reading your expectations?

    Lastly. Relax. We’re 180 minutes into the season with a brand new coaching staff and super young defense with crazy hard match-ups.


    On to a 1-3 record.
    This team is a lot worse than expected and will be lucky to win a game again this year.

  15. Totally need to concentrate on losing to Green Bay. Particularly on the ways our infantile passing game will be exposed.
    We totally need a dumb secondary against our kindergarten passing game.
    That’s what he meant…

  16. I think it makes sense to let go and look ahead to rebounding. Especially if you had your lunch handed to you last Sunday. This week Green Bay is going dining in San Francisco and having the 49er’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  17. San Fran only needs to run kaepernick a few times to put green bay on their heels. The green bay defense will fold like a cheap suit. Bank on it.

  18. Well, I for one, am not taking SF lightly.
    Did you see how badly they manhandled that great Minnesots Vikings team in week 1?

    skoLOL! I’m sorry. I tried to get through this with a straight face.

  19. The best way Kaepernick can help this team is to move on to Green Bay… literally. He can maybe get a job at the local Hardee’s.

  20. Countless coaches for decades have evaded questions after a loss by saying “we’re moving on to [next week.]”

    But as soon as Bellichick says it a few times, it becomes his invention?

    Please. Stop.

  21. For the guy who has the 9’ers to lose 99.9% of the time:

    You’re right.

    Can I put a c-note down with you at 1000-1 please? Or perhaps a little more, hmmmmm?

  22. Upset special of the weekend. Packers on a short week, everyone counting the 49ers out. I’m taking the Niners in a win that ultimately won’t mean much. Packers still headed to the playoffs, Niners still headed for a top 10 draft pick. This Sunday though, the Niners find a strange way to fell Rodgers once again.

  23. Kap certainly knows how to shred the Packers D. If I remember correctly, he has made Clay lose his jockstrap a few times.

  24. Ever since drafting Alex Smith instead of Aaron Rogers, the Niners are a team of destiny. Tomsula and Kaepernick are playing out the last chapter in this story.

  25. Okay guys, I get it. Kaep threw 2 really bad pick 6’s back to back, and a few more after we got into catch up mode. But keep in mind, this was 1 game. We are 1-2. The season is not over. Before the Cardinals game, Kaepernick had not thrown an INT all year. True fans keep the faith until mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, go niners!

  26. This should be a good revenge game for us. I like San Fran, I’d do well there. I’d like to go to Mr. Rodgers’ neighborhood. We’ll win this one.

  27. I love coach T.
    I love my Niners.
    I hate the position that lil’ York & Balke has put them both in.

    It’s not a lost season, but it’s gonna be a long one Faithfuls.

  28. Seems like the Pats are in the media’s heads as much as the players’ minds. Buy shares in microtransmitters and tinfoil!

    But I take issue with the idea that Parcells started the Do Your Job “mantra”. For a start, it’s something Al Davis used to say – and said to Parcells, according to Parcells. And secondly, when Davis and Parcells said it, they used variations and f-bombs, anger or shouting, and all about accountability or admonishing players. For Belichick it’s different – it’s said in a level way, about the system and the complicated schemes, to the otherwise often average players who have been fitted into it to maximize their skills. For it all to work he wants to constantly focus players on just doing the role they’ve been given and let him worry about the bigger picture. So it’s a true mantra with a deeper meaning.

  29. Hey Kap……

    If you read this, here’s some advice for you. When Sharon has the ball. Pay very close attention. You have the arm strength, and mobility to be real good. Real good. Problem is, it’s not upstairs yet. And you’ve probably spent way to much time working on your brand recognition, posing for pics, and trying to show off. But watch Sharon real close. Because that’s what the best in the league does. Uses his mobility, rolls out, moves in the pocket. Uses his mobility to extend the play, and makes defenses pay. A lot of people don’t like the packers, or their fans. Especially some of them on here, who have no knowledge of football at all. Just come on here to see themselves type. But, GB has the best in the business behind center. You can learn a lot from him, as you watch him rip apart your defense. That’s if your head isn’t to far up in the clouds because you think your so great.

    FF players… Here’s some advice… DONT START THE 9R’S D THIS WEEK!

  30. We are on to the #1 pick in the 2016 draft.

    I knew this was coming when everyone abandoned ship.

  31. ***….Tomsula was just informed that the game is actually being played in Santa Clara and appears he will miss the first half due to being “on to Green Bay”…..**** Story still developing.

  32. braceyourselffor12 says:
    Sep 30, 2015 7:19 PM
    Realistically we have no shot to win against Green Bay. Any given Sunday etc. but man I can’t see how it happens given the way we’ve been defeated these last two games.

    The Faithfuls’ name is gonna be put to the test this season.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

    The “faithfuls” name was put to the test last season and failed miserably. You guys bailed by mid season and didn’t make a peep until RW’s pick in the SB. I’m already starting to see a major increase in black and silver jerseys around the bay it’s starting to feel like the 2000’s again with zero 9er fans and a handful of Raider fans. Maybe it’s time to stop pretending you’re into football and focus your energy on pretending you’re longtime baseball/basketball fans

  33. JeffreyDahmerWisconsinsFavoriteSon says: Oct 1, 2015 12:41 AM

    This should be a good revenge game for us. I like San Fran, I’d do well there. I’d like to go to Mr. Rodgers’ neighborhood. We’ll win this one.

    wont be in mr Rodgers neighborhood, it in SF. wont matter though GB 31 SF 20

  34. bordner says:
    Sep 30, 2015 9:39 PM
    The best way Kaepernick can help this team is to move on to Green Bay… literally. He can maybe get a job at the local Hardee’s.
    Lol. . . Kaepernick would most certainly pick Alcatrez over Green Bay.

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