Brock Vereen lands on Minnesota’s practice squad


Brock Vereen is returning to Minnesota. Sort of.

The 2014 fourth-round pick, who played college football at the University of Minnesota, has signed with the Vikings’ practice squad after being waived by the Bears.

Vereen appeared in 16 games last season with four starts. Unclaimed on waivers, he became a free agent.

As a member of the Minnesota practice squad, he can sign with any other team’s active roster. The fact that no one pounced on him via the waiver wire becomes yet another embarrassment for the Phil Emery regime in Chicago.

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  1. I don’t know what happened to Brock. He started some games last year and was doing pretty well, but apparently that didn’t continue very long. The Vikings have familiarity with him and need some help at safety, so maybe a change of scenery and a different defense will do him some good.

  2. Did they put him on the 53-man practice squad that the vikings trot onto the field every week? What did this kid do in his life that he gets punished by going from one dumpster fire to another?

  3. The Bears thought they stole him in the 4th round, then they coached him into a cuttable player. He’s got some wheels, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the Vikings 53 man roster in a couple weeks. Blanton/Sendejo are the weak link in the Vikes D.

  4. Drafting a player some experts had as high as the bottom of the 2nd round in the 4th isn’t an embarrassment. Not being able to get the most out of his talents and then giving up on him after a season and a bit is the embarrassing thing.

    I’m happy the Vikings were able to pick him up on their Practice Squad. That should give him a couple of weeks to get his head into the playbook, and then put himself in a solid position to be promoted to the 53 man roster.

  5. subset99 says:
    Oct 1, 2015 12:03 PM
    Is he related to Shane Vereen? You don’t hear that last name very often.


  6. The Bears are changing but I didn’t realize the extent of the damage.

    0-3 is not that bad when you have played the Packers, Seahawks, and Cardinals. The schedule can only get easier.

  7. He got replaced in the starting lineup by a 5th round rookie they drafted this year…who’s started since training camp. Top it off he couldn’t contribute on ST. He had his chances.

  8. subset99 says:
    Oct 1, 2015 12:03 PM
    Is he related to Shane Vereen? You don’t hear that last name very often.

    Yes, Shane is his older brother.

  9. It is a low risk move with potential upside. Besides I have seem him successfully defend multiple 2 point conversion passes that were thrown up for grabs so he has that going for him as well.

  10. good for him, he gets to learn from the best.

    where as he’d be an instant starter in that pathetic hopeless and talentless packer secondary.

  11. Vike fans, lemme dispel any hope.


    And Bears fans know a lil about safeties sucking.

    He’s totally clueless, can’t cover, takes bad angles, and can’t even play specials (he was the one responsible for the Lockette returned TD).

    There’s a reason no one claimed him off waivers.

  12. It’s too bad he played so poorly for the Bears, as when he played at the U he was both a sure tackler and an effective DB. He must not have been able to repeat that in the pro game, and if he stinks on special teams, he has no chance to move up from the practice squad. Pretty low risk move for the Vikes given that the Texans signed Peters off the practice squad and a spot was open.

  13. Funny, I called this as soon as he got cut. He was already on the bubble with Fox but the Seahawks game sealed his doom. He had two big blunders in the Seahawks, blowing an assignment on the KO return that went for 6 and then failing to cover/tackle Jimmy Graham on a TD rec.

    That said, I think a lot of people who watched him in college are surprised he has struggled at the next level. Donatell is one of the better DB coaches in the league so if he thinks there’s no meat on the bone with Vereen I won’t second guess, but I’ve gotta think with a change of scenery he may still have a chance. Might even pick off Jay Cutler a time or two as a Vikings before it’s all said and done.

  14. “Funny why the traditionally horrible packers defense didn’t take a look? then again turd bay is dead last in defense again!”

    Lying again I see… Packers defense is ranked better than Minnesota’s in every category but one. And like usual the Packers give up yards in the garbage time of the game after the win is well at hand. That says volumes about the paper tiger defense that Minny trots out on the field. Last… We held Lynch and Charles to under 60 yards rushing… good luck trying to match those numbers in the coming weeks, oh, and we won the games.

  15. Much like Jared Allen and Bostic, Vereen is another turd that Chicago has purged down the toilet. I’m already liking the Ryan Pace regime for casting these guys off sooner than later. Next up: Shae McClellin.

  16. This might be the one time in NFL history where a player signs with the Vikings and its considered an upgrade. That’s not a statement on the Vikings, it just shows how bad the Bears are this year.

    Either way, his days drawing a NFL paycheck are limited.

  17. Zimmer has a knack for taking guys who other teams have given up on and turning them around. He couldn’t be in a better spot career-wise than in MN learning from Zimmer and Jerry Gray. I think Zimmer is losing patients with Blanton, Sanedejo and Exum of which none have separated themselves as an NFL starter.

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