Steelers apparently not yet ready to admit mistake on Josh Scobee


All football teams make mistakes. The real question is what they do about those mistakes.

They can admit them and try to fix them, or they can double down, refusing to acknowledge the blunder and hoping that eventually the mistake will become something other than a mistake.

The Steelers sent a sixth-round pick to Jacksonville for kicker Josh Scobee, after kicker Garrett Hartley, the replacement for kicker Shaun Suisham and his torn ACL, suffered an injury. As noted by Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Scobee had a career success rate of 71.5 percent for kicks between 40 and 49 yards. With the Steelers, Scobee has made only three of seven from that distance.

They reportedly tried out kicker Kai Forbath on Friday, but apparently didn’t like what they saw enough to tell Scobee to scram. Or maybe they just aren’t ready to acknowledge that they wasted a sixth-round pick.

Regardless, Snoop Dogg thinks they should.

Get the f–k outta here Josh Scobee,” Snoop Dogg said on Instagram. “We need to get rid of that motherf–ker. He’s sorry as f–k. He was sorry in Jacksonville, he’s sorry with us. Get his ass out of here. Bye bye bitch. Sorry motherf–ker you.”

As Bouchette also notes, the Steelers likewise have sent a fifth-round pick to Philly for cornerback Brandon Boykin, who has been buried on the depth chart.

Some will say, “So what? Who have the Steelers ever found in rounds five or six?” Glad you asked.

Players picked by the Steelers in rounds five or six over the years include receiver Antonio Brown (2010), cornerback William Gay (2007), linebacker Clark Haggans (2000), running back Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala (1998), running back Barry Foster (1990), linebacker Hardy Nickerson (1987), linebacker Greg Lloyd (1987), guard Craig Wolfley (1980), tackle Tunch Ilkin (1980), defensive back Dwayne Woodruff (1979), quarterback Cliff Stoudt (1977), running back Jack Deloplaine (1976), center Mike Webster (1974), and defensive end Steve Furness (1972).

Of course, they don’t get lucky with a fifth- or sixth-round pick every year. They definitely won’t in 2016.

The only question moving forward is whether they will keep putting games at risk by sticking with a kicker who can’t make kicks when he needs to.

If Snoop Dogg has his way, they won’t.

75 responses to “Steelers apparently not yet ready to admit mistake on Josh Scobee

  1. I know Snoop Dog is a Steelers fan because I’ve read it here on PFT. I am not a Steelers fan. That being said, I don’t care what Snoop Dog thinks.

  2. Snoop is one classy guy from the sound of it. This is how we know America has serious issues; when we care about some pot smoking, foul mouthed, washed up “musician” thinks about anything…

  3. Nice language Dog!! And our youth look up to this clown!! Jeesh!! And people wonder why our society is so messed up!!! Pathetic!!

  4. Sounds to me like Snoopy Snoopy Doggy Dogg Dogg Snoop Doggy Dogg Snoop Snoopy Dogg Dogg Dogg takes football a little bit too seriously.

    And a guy in his 40s calling himself “Snoop Dogg” sounds ridiculous, BTW.

  5. Just imagine how funny it would be if Snoop Dogg was allowed to do non-censored play-by-play commentary on a Steelers Game…?

  6. The Jags got a 6th rounder for Gabbert and a 6th rounder for Scobee. If the GM were as good at picking players in rounds 1-3 as he is at fleecing other GM’s for 6th round picks, Jacksonville would be a powerhouse.

  7. A lack of a killer instinct on that team lost that game. You have the best running back in the AFC, use him as a decoy and run a bootleg or two with Vick.

  8. The Steelers only erred in jumping the gun, panicking, and giving Jacksonville that pick when they were all but certain to cut Scobee anyways.

    Oh, and Mike Tomlin couldn’t manage a clock if he tried. If Vick snaps the ball with 1 second on the play clock, instead of it being 2:04 when Bell gets the first down, it would have been at the 2 minute warning. They run on first down, BAL calls their final TO. They then run 2 more times, there is 15 seconds on the clock when Scobee misses that 41 yarder, and Baltimore’s toast.

    Yes I agree, an NFL kicker needs to be FAR better than 3-7 from 40-49 yards. But it’s a little much to stick all the blame on him.

  9. Um. Not correct. The reports are that they will work out forbath and audition kickers this weekend. Did not on Friday. Sloppy reporting

  10. Snoop had 2 good songs over 20 years ago. I mean he is probably right about everything he said about Scobee, but he is a bigger failure in every way than Scobee.

  11. Funny how everyone focuses on the missed kicks and completely ignores the fact the Ravens passed on kicking a FG at least twice In the game because Harbaugh is an idiot.

    While the Steelers missed opportunities, the Ravens also tried their best to give the game away.

    It wasn’t as clear as “just get a better kicker.” The Steelers also have defense To worry about. That Bell TD was a broken play with a huge holding penalty not called right at the initial point of Attack where Bell first decided to cut all the way back across the field. A blocker literally grabbed a Defender around the neck and held on for his life.

  12. This has less to do with them being unwilling to admit a mistake and much more to a severe lack of competent and qualified kickers.

    Do you think there is some kind of kicker congregation that exists on a tucked-away excluded island where all the ready-made kickers are roaming in pure kicker bliss and perfection and it’s nothing more than a matter of getting there, picking your favorite, and heading home?

    They’re most likely going to be forced to stick with him because there aren’t any other better or viable options. All the legitimate options are kicking for other NFL teams.

  13. It’s probably pretty slim pickings right now for any team looking for a field goal kicker. It’s ridiculous to think the braintrust in Pittsburgh is saying “ya know, we should really dump Scobie, but then we would really look bad for giving up that sixth rounder for him”. If they had a better option, they would dump Scobie in a second. That game they lost Thursday night was a lot bigger than losing a sixth round draft pick.

  14. Snoop Dog is putting out the music our youth is listening to. And tell me again why these young people are always in trouble?

  15. Scobee was clutch in Jacksonville (the few times he was given the chance to win the game). He might be too old now, but I tend to think he will bounce back this season. I’d keep him.

  16. I wouldn’t hold your breath, Trip Tomlin still thinks BB messed with his sideline communications and he insists he had 3 guys covering Gronk.

  17. Actually, Snoop, Scobee was one of the NFL’s best kickers as a Jag. (And it’s difficult for me to say anything kind about ANY Jag.)

    – Titans Fan

  18. It’s not about admitting their mistake, it’s about the lack of quality upgrade on the market right now.

    All of the guys available right now are out of a job for a reason. You don’t have six Lombardi’s in your trophy case by making personnel decisions based on the cries from the fans and the media. They’ll make a change when there’s a better option available.

  19. There is no difference between 6th-7th round picks and undrafted free agents. So im not gonna criticize a team (or write a whole column about it) for acting like trading a 6th round pick was a mistake that will have ramifications on the franchise for years to come.

  20. The Steelers have two choices. sign a better kicker or keep working constructively with the one they have. Tough spot, but pretty simple.

    You can’t cut Scobee if there isn’t another guy.

    When you loose two to injury and you’re on your third choice, you have to pretty lucky to get a good one. you can’t wish your way out of it.

  21. Snoop. Stick to rap buddy, that’s an embarrassing rant online man.

    Josh has clearly disappointed thus far but he was a good kicker for JAX for a long time.

    Also, show the Steelers a better option and maybe they will make the switch but clearly they haven’t found that person yet.

    I blame the offensive play calling and the ability to close out on defense for the loss, not all on josh.

  22. They will never admit mistakes! They’ve been making them for years since the hiring of Tomlin! Somehow this once great and proud franchise has morphed into a joke! Thanks Tomlin for your arrogance and poor leadership! You are like the Obama of the nfl! And the rooneys were the dumb white vote that got you elected! Thanks rooneys and dumb white folks!

  23. Get the bar of soap and wash out Snoop’s mouth. His mother would be appalled at the language!.

  24. It is a tough situation when you are on your third kicker and the season is underway. Not much other talent is available. If the Steelers can’t find anyone better, then Scobee has to stay and correct his mistakes. You can’t worry about what you gave up, that is water over the bridge.

    But when Scobee misses the next field goal, it will be a brutal situation, and understandably so. Amazing the huge impact of losing Suisham has already had this season and it’s still early.

  25. The Steeler organization has made more than their share of bad personnel decisions over the last several years, often compounded by injuries and suspensions involving many of the players they have drafted or otherwise acquired.
    If they keep Scobee for the time being, it would seem to be because it would be a bitter pill to admit that they wasted another draft pick, and would also have to pay him off. However, it’s a decision that needs to be made.
    Not sure why they would have chosen to trade for a kicker that was so inefficient between 40-49 yds, and if you believe the sports-blab shows, has always had trouble kicking on grass?
    Likwise, trading a 5th round pick for Boykin, who had a good reputation, and then burying him on the depth chart, would seem to show some disconnect between the front office and the coaching staff.

  26. Steelers let Gay leave to go to Arizona, then re-signed him as a FA a year later after the Cardinals released him when he stunk up the place.

  27. “Get the f–k outta here Josh Scobee,” Snoop Dogg said on Instagram. “We need to get rid of that motherf–ker. He’s sorry as f–k. He was sorry in Jacksonville, he’s sorry with us. Get his ass out of here. Bye bye bitch. Sorry motherf–ker you.”

    And this is who young black kids look up to nowadays.

  28. Denial is the first stage. Apparently most of us missed the memo where they added the Snoop stage

  29. . It amazes me that other teams can find talent & give a rookie kicker a shot but the Steelers can’t….miami…chargers…saints…broncos…….browns…redskins …bucs and of course the jags… Last year it was the Chiefs…Eagles. Maybe the steelers need better scouts

  30. I am not sure who this snoop dog is but why would you ever publish a comment like his. Do you really think using to “f” word and “mf” is OK? Any person who uses language like that is either starved for attention or is totally lacking in social graces. Not someone I would want around my children or myself.

  31. Again it wasn’t Scobee who decided not to kick a field goal to win twice, it was coach Tomlin.

    They should be trying out new coaches right now more then new kickers.

    But in a sense I hope they do get rid of Scobee, because he’s better then anyone else they could pick up.

    So the real mistake would be letting go of a superior kicker you paid a 6th round pick for a lesser one off the street simply because coach Tomlin is a moron with no faith in his players to win a game… except when throwing with your backup QB without your lead RB for disguise purposes in on a 4th and 1 or 2.

    The sad thing is that by trying someone out that’s exactly what they were trying to do…

  32. All this coming from this Snoop Dawg mofo who changed his name to…..what was it?? Snoop Lion.

    Hahahahahahah….that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.

  33. The funny thing is Snoop Dog has a rep as a gangsta but is he in football shape? I’ll bet anyone a steak dinner Scobee could beat his A$$ in a minute. Probably mot of the kickers in the league could. I can’t believe that big, goofy idiot is still relevant now-a-days. It goes to show you how society has fallen. Idiocracy in full effect.

  34. Snoop just telling it like it is. To lose to an inferior team like the ravens hurts. We need Ben.back and a new kicker. That would make us playoff bound. Don’t want to bring out the haters.

  35. Are the Steelers ready to admit they made a mistake on Vick? That should be the headline.

    How does Tomlin justify the 0 for 4th downs with Vick as QB/RB? Scobee’s kicks appeared to be closer to being good than any of Vick’s passes being caught. Tomlin should be checking his eyesight and memory. Plus, I don’t recall Scobee killing dogs.

  36. As a Ravens fan I’d just like to say that Josh Scobee is doing a fine job, he was a great acquisition by the Steelers and they should continue to give him every chance to kick.

  37. There are a lot of things that the Steelers won’t admit … camera phones on the sidelines, for instance.

  38. IF Tomlin would have given the go on either of the 4th quarter opportunities the problem would have been resolved. If he hit then no questions. If he missed then everyone would be on board with finding another replacement as he had the opportunity to win and missed again. Debate over and Tomlin would have nobody second guessing him.

  39. There has been much speculation as to why Boykin is rotting on the bench. Some speculate that it’s to limit the compensation they must give to the Eagles for him. He was drafted for a conditional 5th round draft pick, which could escalate to a 4th rounder if he sees a certain amount of playing time. While this could seem foolhardy given who is actually playing, it would seem to be in accordance with the Rooney way, which often means that defensive rookies and newbies sit for a while because the Steelers consider their 3-4 defense too complicated for comprehension by most mortals. Also, as we have seen, several of the Steeler coaches are complete morons.

  40. In the NE game Scobee missed 2 FGs to the right. In the Ravens game he missed 2 FGs to the left.

    Back in the day he was drafted Mr. Irrelevant. Overall a pretty good career considering. But now he has become Mr. Inconsistent.

  41. Poop Dog has always been known for his sensitivity and class. He’s still in there giving his all for the betterment of humanity – through a cloud of smoke and a mind that was never all that sharpo to begin with. Whoever said he’s telling it like it is must share his dealer.

    What a waste of skin.

  42. Hmmm 0-4 on fourth down? Tomlin maybe you should just let Vick stick to doing what he knows best and let him take care of both Snoop Dog and Scoobie-Doo. At least then he’d be good for converting something.

  43. Steelers don’t like admitting mistakes? I guess that’s with Landry Jones and Dri Archer are still on the roster.

  44. Snoop has sold over 35 million records worldwide, and has a current net worth of $135 million. His son accepted a football scholarship to UCLA earlier in 2015, but withdrew his verbal commitment. He also finances 100 percent of several inner-city youth football leagues throughout various cities. Yeah, sounds like a total loser.

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