Steelers schedule kicker tryouts after Josh Scobee meltdown

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Steelers kicker Josh Scobee said he has to move on after missing two field goals in the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s loss, but he may also have to move out.

The Steelers are trying out kickers, and reports that former Washington kicker Kai Forbath will try out in Pittsburgh. Forbath is the only kicker who has been identified by name as a candidate for the Steelers job, but they’ll surely be considering others.

Forbath had been in Washington since 2012 but was cut after missing a field goal in Week One this year.

Whether it’s Forbath or someone else, the Steelers have to get better at kicker, a position that has been a huge need since Shaun Suisham was hurt in the preseason. In the last three years, Suisham was 30-for-30 on field goal attempts of 40 to 49 yards. So far this season, Scobee is 3-for-7 from 40 to 49 yards. The Steelers can’t afford to let that go on much longer.

48 responses to “Steelers schedule kicker tryouts after Josh Scobee meltdown

  1. Scobee’s final kick before he departs the Steelers should be to kick Tomlin in the buttocks hard enough to see if he’ll clear the door of his office.

  2. It was the headsets, the headsets were distracting him, I bet Ben was pulling him from his fantasy team on the phone! Tomlin should have stepped on the field and tripped the ref so he couldn’t see the kick go outside the uprights!!!! Steelers are cheats # phonegate # pats are in ur head

  3. hey listen up steelers and all other teams who will be looking for kickers in the near future…..THERES A REASON THESE KICKERS ARE WALKING THE STREETS WITH WE REGULAR CIVILIANS, THEIR NOT VERY GOOD!!!!!!

    at this point i suppose the steelers are trying to find the best of the worse

  4. Wow. So the guy makes two field goals of good length, and then misses two field goals of good length by not that much with wind likely being the contributing factor (along with the kicker not adjusting for it) of those two field goals being missed.

    2 of 4 on long field goals isn’t a meltdown. It’s not a good day… just sort of a bad day. It’s not like he went 0 for 4.

    They should be looking for a new coach, as Tomlin crapped the bed far more then anything the kicker did.

    They had two shots to win the game by taking a long field goal. Not super long, about a 50 yarder. The kicker has plenty of leg to kick it, but the coach decided not to go for the win BOTH times.

    Now, if he missed THOSE two field goals and went 2 for 6, and with all four misses at the end… THAT would be a meltdown.

    Instead we had the coach who wouldn’t trust the kicker twice, who then instead ran some really dumb plays… asking Vick to throw the ball on 4th and 1… and it was a bit downfield? Dumb call.

    Scobee isn’t the problem, but he may be Tomlin’s scapegoat. Tomlin lost the game with his coaching idiocy. Lots of kickers barely miss two long field goals in a game… but only Tomlin is idiot enough to not go for the win when it’s within his grasp… TWICE.

    While the Steelers have lost two kickers, Tomlin hasn’t trusted his kickers the whole year. Nevertheless you play to win the game, and Tomlin didn’t.

  5. All you steeler fans that still support tomlin are totally delusional after all he has pulled, done, not won, and play calling over the years absolutely garage of a coach. Guess all that steel has made you all so thick headed and dense you cant see reality.

  6. They may have to choke a bit while doing this but I’d give a call to Jeff Reed. He knows the stadium kicking conditions and was fairly accurate.

  7. Shaun Suisham was a much bigger loss for the Steelers than anyone imagined at the time he tore his ACL. Heinz Field is the most difficult stadium to attempt field goals in the NFL and they had a guy who never misses from between 40-50 yards.

  8. Wouldn’t need to change kickers if Steelers has the guts to do what is needed… FIRE TODD HALEY. He is the most inept play caller in history of football. He doesn’t understand the game. He doesn’t use his talent properly. Runs on 2nd and long all the time(which is dumb). Never uses anything with imagination. He can’t manage time. He looks clueless as well, and has never won anything. He has a job because his dad worked for the Steelers for 30+ years and is considered a legend. Todd Haley loses more games with his idiotic play calling then all other play callers in all levels of football combined. He is the single reason the Steelers won’t win a playoff game this year. Steeler fans and media defend him like is the Pope. He is worthless. He has no creativity, and is basically a turd. Turd Haley…. play caller… bad play caller.

  9. >> Scobee is 3-for-7 from 40 to 49 yards

    When has a missed field goal made a difference?
    The Steelers should give Scobee another chance.

    – signed “the rest of the AFC North”

  10. sorry but it wasnt scobee who melted down it. it was tomlin..
    why dont any of the football “geniuses” ever mention that when a team forsakes a fg try to go on 4 th down.. they still have to move the ball even if they gain the 1st.. or its try a similar length fg..

  11. The steelers did very well last night while our deffence suck they sure did an awesome job that’s how we should play whole season but with out our starters in Ben, Shaun, shazier, cortez and Steve Mclendon was a great game against rivals but our kicker situation is what got us deep down in the hole misses before the season started 2 missed FGS against the ravens and 1 back against the Patriots from the 30 and 50 yards by scobbie we outta be a shame of ourselves for signing a kicker especially from a worst team Jaguars even though I’m not that upset we lost to the ravens but their is no way we should have lost to a winnless ravens just by scobbie FGs in OT but for now working out kickers is a great idea

  12. He missed some fg’s in the hardest stadium for ft kicking. “Meltdown” is hardly an accurate descriptor for this situation. I mean, was he on the sidelines throwing a tantrum? That’s a meltdown.

  13. Forbath was an accurate kicker for the Redskins (24 for 27 in 2014) but he does not get touchbacks; can Jordan Berry kick-off?

  14. Forbath has no leg and gets very few touchbacks. 2-4 from 50+ in his career. If they sign him, they better keep Scobee for kickoffs!!

  15. I thought Bell was supposed to destroy the Ravens. You don’t need Big Ben to hand the ball off. What happened? Wasn’t that the reason the Steelers got clown stomped in the playoffs? What’s the excuse this time? A kicker? Come on!

  16. How soon people forget. Yea he stunk last night, but that’s one of the toughest stadiums for kickers. It took Jeff Reed a lot more than just warm ups to grow accustomed to that place. He had a rough beginning to his career there and missed many FG’s.

  17. You all are dumb, yes let’s fire tomlin, whose never had a losing season, two super bowl appearances, one super bowl win, everyone loves playing for the guy, but yeah let’s fire him and hurdle why we are at it since their GREAT success is put down. COME ON GUYS! 95% of teams would commit heinous acts to have them as their coaches.

  18. How are there not 32 men on the planet that can’t drill 50 yard FG’s at 90% clip?

    As the weather get bad these extra points are going to decide a lot of games.

  19. I’m a 68 year old Vietnam Vet with an artificial right knee and hip and could have come closer than Scobee did.Tomlin said that game didn’t define who they were but it certainly defined who he is, and that’s still a coach that knows how to lose in the 4th quarter but not win.I hope I live long enough to see him leave the Steelers. He’s the most over rated coach in the NFL and lucky he’s black because his owners are the ones that implemented the Rooney Rule.Being a fan can be a painful thing.I wish the season was only 4 weeks long , lol.

  20. dagrizzman says:
    Oct 2, 2015 8:32 PM
    I’m a 68 year old Vietnam Vet with an artificial right knee and hip and could have come closer than Scobee did.

    You couldn’t hit the side of a barn from 20 yds out…Quit yer lyin’…

  21. ….has anyone noticed that teams will keep a kicker who can boom the ball into the endzone but is only average at making field goals?…how bout you coach up your kickoff team and get a kicker who is a sniper ob FGs?…….seems like its rare to have a kicker who can do BOTH.

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