Von Miller fined $11,567 for celebratory pelvic thrusts


Broncos linebacker Von Miller avoided a fine after being penalized for roughing the passer against the Lions last Sunday night, but he did hear from the league this week.

The NFL has confirmed that Miller was fined $11,567 for unsportsmanlike conduct due to the moves he showed off after the Broncos dropped Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford during the 24-12 victory. Miller performed a couple of pelvic thrusts that will be familiar to fans of Key and Peele (or, for those of an older vintage, reminiscent of Ravishing Rick Rude).

The league also confirmed that wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was not fined after receiving a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Thomas beat out Darius Slay for a ball that turned into a 45-yard touchdown catch and drew the flag after backpedaling into the end zone.

Mike Klis of KUSA reports that defensive tackle Sylvester Williams has been fined $8,671 after being penalized for unnecessary roughness for a hit on Stafford.

48 responses to “Von Miller fined $11,567 for celebratory pelvic thrusts

  1. Michael Bennett has been doing that dance at least since being a Seahawk. His sacks are known as “Sackual Healing”. Just look at one of the many many gifs. I don’t know why Miller was fined when Bennett did it in the Super Bowl two years in a row. It’s dumb that he was fined anyways.

  2. I struggle with the whole ‘celebratory’ attitude.

    Fist pump, chest bump, … but some guys just act like clowns after a good play.

    That said… I wonder how pelvic thrusts can draw a flag and fine… but jumping into the stands after a touchdown does not?

    Lombardi should be fined for an ‘Unsportsmanlike Offense’ thats almost getting Stafford killed.

  3. therealtrenches says:
    Oct 2, 2015 5:34 PM
    Hey is this the part where everybody says things like “No Fun League?”

    Watching a man thrust his pelvis at mostly other men is fun for you?

  4. Seattle player Baldwin acting like he was pooping after catching a pass in the super bowl was pretty offensive. How much was that fine?

  5. What gets me is the guys who celebrate when their team is getting throttled (ala Jamaal Charles last Monday night).

  6. Dirtiest team in the league, by a long way.

    They’ve always been cheaters with the chop blocks and greased jerseys, but now they just cheap shot everyone.

  7. I was stumped when a flag was thrown for backpedaling into the end zone. He didn’t wave the ball at anyone or show anyone up so why the flag? Does no fine mean it really wasn’t a penalty?

  8. “How does the NFL come up wuth these oddball amounts for fines?”

    Believe they are based on percentages of the player’s weekly paycheck.

    For example I know there is a percentage they cannot exceed and players often win appeals to reduce their fines based on that though I can’t remember what the exact max per cent is.

    Which also demonstrates another aspect of the league feeling it can do what they want. The max amount of fines for a given player is defined yet the league frequently tries to fine players more than that max amount.

  9. Anyone remember moron Shaun Merriman’s sack dance when he was with the Chargers ?

    Had about 20 pelvic thrusts in the space of 3 or 4 seconds. Maybe it was because he looked more like he was having convulsions than anything else the league never fined him for that.

  10. This many reaponses and not one of them mentions Hingle McCringleberry? Ridiculous. GOAT

  11. You bring your knees in tiiiiight.

    But it’s the celebratory pelvic thrusts.

    They really drive you insay-ay-yane.


    Let’s do the Time Warp agaaaaaaaain.

    I see nothing wrong with this celebration.

  12. It’s vulgar, but since vulgar is a mainstay in social media no one really seems to care anymore.

    There’s no more manners, just people acting out every little impulse, rudely and crassly.

    I am glad the league bothered to do something about it and fine Miller — wish they would be consistent about it, too.

  13. Bennett has done the Rick Rude for a while now without infraction. However, Miller did the McCringleberry – which involves pumping – thus the fine.

  14. thehighhat says:
    Oct 2, 2015 6:26 PM
    Meanwhile Aldone Smith still has yet to be suspended for his 5th or 6th run in with the law. Goodell rules


    The high hat hides your pointy head. You are an ignorant fool. Dont breed.

  15. Von Miller will never transcend the label of “punk”. He somehow escaped a full year suspension for scamming the system when he was caught red handed swapping urine in a drug test scam, but rather than try to let his better angels, if any there are, rule his behavior on the field, he subjects NFL fans to this.

  16. fetts81 says:
    Oct 3, 2015 3:35 AM

    Won’t see this from a pats player.

    Guess what, when you’re cheating on an institutional level, you don’t want to attract attention.


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