Ravens call Steve Smith “week-to-week” with a back injury

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In response to a report that Ravens receiver Steve Smith has four broken bones in his back and another report that those four broken bones are ribs, the Ravens have provided information beyond the confines of their weekly injury reporting obligations.

“While the Ravens do not give specifics about injuries out of respect to the men on our team and HIPAA laws, we want to dispel rumors and stories currently being reported about Steve Smith Sr.’s injury,” Ravens spokesman Kevin Byrne said in a statement. “He does have a back injury. It is not a surgical issue. His status is currently week-to-week.”

It’s unclear why the Ravens opted to say anything about Smith’s situation; uncertainty and misinformation only keeps opponents guessing. The Ravens had no obligation to disclose any information about Smith until Wednesday, and the only requirement at that point would have been to say whether and to what extent he practices, with a label applied to his injured body part.

The reference to HIPAA seems a bit unusual; the entire injury-reporting function necessarily violates the privacy rights of players. Of course, some players welcome the disclosure of information about their injuries, since it can provide an explanation for poor performance. With some teams, the no-comment mandate given to players by the coaching staff creates tension, if players are being criticized for poor performance without anyone knowing that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weakened.

With Smith, the spirit is always willing. Any injury that would be bad enough to keep him off the field in his final NFL season must be pretty bad. Otherwise, he’d ice up and suit up and then proceed to mess someone up.

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  1. The team statement says he has a back injury, it’s non-surgical & he is week-to-week. Cracked ribs are non-surgical, so they haven’t exactly denied the report. They called Breshad Perriman day to day, and two months later…

  2. Steve Smith is one of those guys that you hate when he’s not on your team but love him when he is. Dude is awesome, stats prove it, and he scares defenses…like literally…like he has rabies.

    I love the guy.

  3. Big mouth punk? Guy is a footballer and a very good one. He’s been a nightmare for defensive coordinators his entire career. So what – he talks a lot of smack. I wish more players showed their true colors as opposed to the “PC bro” shenanigans that come out of every other player.

    Man up and give the guy his due. He’s ruined one or many of your Sunday’s – we get it.

    Heal up soon Smitty – we need every bit of you moving forward.

  4. HIPAA??? Just when you thought you’d heard it all. The only way this could be stranger is if Harbaugh were complaining about HIPAA restrictions, lol. Leave it to Baltimore

  5. kevo95 says:
    Oct 3, 2015 11:47 AM

    Big mouth punk sit down son


    Pretty sure he’d whoop you, keyboard warrior.

  6. Kevin Byrne has zero credibility. He lied about the Cam Cameron firing. He lied about the Gary Kubiak hiring & he lied about the Rice situation. Can’t believe anything this corporate mouthpiece says. He’s a lying PR hack

  7. Cracked or broken ribs in the lower back could keep him out for at least two months due to the sensitivity of the injury. You cannot wear a cast, only a wrap and unless you want to load up on painkillers the first two weeks reduce mobility to almost nothing. Did it skiing at about the same age as this player but refused to use the barbs.

  8. Ravens are getting a tremendous amount of blow back about injuries from local fans and local media called them out last week regarding the Perriman injury so it makes sense they would release the Smith info so quickly after saying Perriman was fine the day before he had knee surgery.

  9. Agree with the “hate him or love him” mantra. I hate him, but id love to have him in black and orange any day. Heal up man, footballs better with you playing.

  10. I admire his heart and grit. Just wish he had a sock permanently inserted in his yap. Wish Jermaine Wiggins dropped him in the tunnel last year.

  11. It’s not hard to see why some people don’t like him, especially fans of other AFC North teams, but how can you not admire his toughness and perseverance? We all thought he was washed up when Carolina released him (maybe he asked for release). In 20 games since he’s had 108 catches for 1,438 yards and 8 TDs.

  12. Nice guys finish last… except during the 2015 NFL season.

    Enjoy flacco, baltimore.

  13. As a Steelers fan, I will say that on the football field, Steve Smith is the worst kind of trash-talking punk, but I also have to give him begrudging respect. Anyone would want him on their team, except for maybe the Patriots who just don’t need to deal with that kind of garbage.

  14. I have to credit the Ravens running game with single-handedly carrying Joe “one of the worst QBR performances in history” Flacco and once again saving him from some well-deserved post-game roasting. Jacoby Jones would be proud. This is how you make the big money — get others to cover for you, carry the load and clean up.

  15. Must be raining in Cheaties land with all the Pat’s trolls posting. They were less annoying when they whined about deflate gate. Now they are little terriers yelling look at me look at me….pathetic.

  16. Steve Smth is one of the hardest playing players in the league. He brings it really hard every time.and that’s why we watch. That game everyone was bringing it really hard and Steve got destroyed by a pair of Steelers, boy was he hammered. Never came back for game.

  17. maybe he should retire like he said obviously the NFL is too tough for him
    scared to get tackle
    he don’t want No steelers to tackle him with the ball cause it would make it easy for him to score with no one chasing him down the field
    always wants to start fights with the steelers every time he played for No reason
    part of the reasons why NFL is the way it is now

  18. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Oct 3, 2015 3:23 PM
    I have to credit the Ravens running game with single-handedly carrying Joe “one of the worst QBR performances in history” Flacco and once again saving him from some well-deserved post-game roasting. Jacoby Jones would be proud. This is how you make the big money — get others to cover for you, carry the load and clean up.

    Dude, does Flacco owe you money or something? You are very one dimensional.

  19. wow… a “back injury” every report out there says he has broken ribbs, slightly more than a back injury.

    It was reported he had 4 bones broken in his back…… How the crap do you think this would better than broken ribs? How old are you

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