Steelers change kickers: Josh Scobee out, Chris Boswell in

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After two missed field goals in the fourth quarter led to an overtime loss on Thursday night, the Steelers are making a change at kicker.

Chris Boswell tried out for the Steelers and will sign, Adam Caplan of ESPN reports. That means Josh Scobee, who has gone just 3-for-7 on field goals beyond 40 yards this season, is on the way out.

The Steelers have had a tough time finding a kicker who can last this year. Kickers Shaun Suisham and Garrett Hartley are both on injured reserve.

After going undrafted out of Rice last year, Boswell spent time under contract to both the Texans and Giants but has never played in a regular-season game. The Steelers have to hope he’s ready to go, and to kick well. Or at least kick better than Scobee.

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  1. Nothing against this guy, I don’t know anything about him, but I wanted them to sign Jay Feely.

  2. Thank goodness… He reminded me of the days Kordell played… every drop back felt like he was about to throw a INT… and every kick Scobee made felt like a miss… Needed the new blood.. screw the 7th round pick!

  3. The Steelers are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. No more playoff wins as long as Small Ben in Big Games is the quarterback and Honest Mike “Twelfth Man” Tomlin is the head coach.

  4. .
    He won’t be out of a job for long. He’s been reliable for a long time. Somebody will give him a tryout.

  5. It’ll be funny if he doesn’t kick better.

    But again… what good is any kicker if the coach is too scared to let him kick?

    Going 2 for 4 (with the two misses being in the high 40’s) does not warrant a coach into being scared to kick two field goals to possibly win and walk off win the game.

  6. …and let’s not forget, they weren’t bad misses.

    Instead he gives it to the backup QB, without Bell on the field, to throw the ball on 4th down. Brilliant!

  7. dangerbird28 says:
    Oct 3, 2015 1:18 PM
    i was hoping for a Jeff Reed comeback. guess he hasn’t sobered up yet


    By the time he sobers up kickers will have been eliminated from the NFL.

  8. baltimorons says:
    Oct 3, 2015 1:21 PM

    Best team in the NFL. Worst string of bad luck.
    Decent QB, good receiver, good RB. Every other part of the team is below average, with the biggest weakness being the coaching staff.

    The “best team in the NFL” is about to make it 5 years without a single playoff win.

  9. Heinz Field is brutal for kickers. But you can’t miss FGs like that. But what really stings about that is the Steelers.traded a lick for the guy.

  10. When are they gonna can Mike Tomlin for attempting a field goal to run up the score instead of just punting with 30 seconds on the clock and zero timeouts for the Ravens?

  11. A collection of talent comes along only so often. This talented team needs to be prepared and its not and that’s the coaches’ responsibility.

  12. I think this is Tomlin’s fault as much as it is as Scobee’s. I’m sorry, but Tomlin’s success was only because he had Cowher’s team, primarily with the defense. He’s not a good coach.

  13. Not getting why you go and sign an unproven nobody, with a playoff caliber team, on a field thats not easy to kick on. Feely should have been signed

  14. Steeler fans, I feel your pain. Last year the Lions had issues with kickers, went through a few of them, and even lost 2 games because of them. It’s frustrating.

    All you can do is keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

  15. Not only did the sixth round pick only bring a kicker for four games, but the Steelers (according to Over the Cap) fully guaranteed Josh Scobee’s $2,500,000 (re-negotiated) contract, which is now dead money.


  16. Sure he missed two attempts, but c’mon man, they were 40 yards plus. The odds of 40 yards plus FGs are not that good in the first place, and they’re not something a team should rely on as a game plan. If you fired your QB for throwing two incompletions, or two interceptions in a game, players like Favre would be long forgotten instead of awaiting their gold jackets in Canton.

  17. I think the most shocking thing is that after the Steelers game this Scobee guy was allowed to return to the team dressing room , His stuff should have been pack waiting for him outside of the lockeroom.

  18. Didn’t they also waste a pick to acquire him as well. They wasted a pick on him as well as a pick on Brandon Boykin who has only played 2 plays this season.

  19. carloswlassiter says:
    Oct 3, 2015 1:36 PM

    Decent QB, good receiver, good RB. Every other part of the team is below average, with the biggest weakness being the coaching staff.

    The “best team in the NFL” is about to make it 5 years without a single playoff win.

    Great QB who outgained Brady week one, best WR and best RB in the league. Gimmee a break. Both better than anything New England has, that’s for sure.

    Why don’t you go back to being the self-declared watchdogs of cheating and make up more phony cell phone accusations, after six months of whining about “witch hunts”?

  20. Physical mistakes happen, it’s the mental mistakes-like ignoring one of the best runners in the NFL TWICE on 4th and short in an important divisional game- that should get you fired.

  21. “Great QB who out gained Brady week 1″… the lack of intelligence displayed with this argument is par for the course coming from a Steeler fan. How about that hideous jump ball INT or Ben’s 1/1 TD/INT ratio vs. Brady’s 4/0 ?

  22. The “best team in the NFL” is about to make it 5 years without a single playoff win.

    That maybe true. But the biggest cheaters are going on 15 years of cheating or the appearance of cheating… I can live with my team and not be embarrassed…..sad you can’t say the same….

  23. Would it be ironic if Scobee gets picked up by an another AFC team and then kicks the game winning field go eliminated the Steelers from the playoffs? That would mean the Steelers would have given up a 6th round pick and paid a guy 2 million bucks to the guy that eliminated them from the playoffs. lol

  24. I am not one to defend NFL players but Josh Scobee is a terrific guy and is undeserving of the invective directed toward him.

    If anyone is at least equally culpable, it is Coach Tomlin. As said above, he inherited Coach Cowher’s team and won with it but it is now on him. Also said was that he should have A) punted and trusted his defense and B) given it to Bell twice. Both true and considerably more impactful than his kicker missing a 49 yarder into the open end of the stadium.

    Steelers fired the wrong guy.

  25. jmc8888 says:
    Oct 3, 2015 1:29 PM

    Going 2 for 4 (with the two misses being in the high 40’s) does not warrant a coach into being scared to kick two field goals to possibly win and walk off win the game.

    The second one was from 41 – hardly high 40s. In New England he missed from 44 and 46. Suisham has made 40 in a row from the 40s. Scobee had a great career kicking in sunny Florida with no pressure but folder like a cheap tent kicking for a team which has playoff aspirations.

  26. Steelers are throwing away draft picks and cap space like some poor slob at a Vegas gaming table who has already lost his house, wife, and kids. Face it, you can’t fight the curse. 0 playoffs wins since 2011. LOL.

  27. Steelers have the worst field surface in the league . They play high school games and college games on that field. No wonder the grass can’t repair itself. Go to field turf especially if your going to have all that traffic on there.

    Make one end zone for Pitt and one for the steelers.

  28. The whole ” Tomlin inherited Cowhers team” is as pathetic as the attempted jokes of these posters …
    there’s only 32 jobs in the NFL and Tomlin has one of them ; he’s more capable of doing this job then any of you numb skulls.

  29. I’m embarrassed for steeler fans that blame their failures and the Patriots success on cheating. Tomlin blaming the headset is par for the course in that excuse making, crybaby environment. Beat the Pats on the field. Someday. You won’t see them again this year.

  30. Some points that need made after reading comments on this story:
    1. Scobee could be the nicest dude on Earth but his job is/was to make FG’s. He missed 6 crucial points in an AFC North game which are all usually decided by FG’s. Anyone who doesn’t know that needs to stop commenting so much on blogs and pay more attention football. He deserved to be cut. Glad he’s gone.
    2. It amazes me how many people who are fans of other teams are so worried about Tomlin and his abilities. You may want to worry about your own situations. Ravens fans especially should realize that they were one missed FG away from being 0-4. Maybe you should stop worrying about Tomlin and spew some of your mouth breathing venom at your own coach.
    3. To all the football/Steelers fans that seem to want to lionize Cowher, you need to remember there were MANY seasons where people were calling for his head too. Cowher only won one Super Bowl. Tomlin has made his fair share of boneheaded decisions, but the Steelers aren’t going to cut and run on him. They didn’t do that to Knoll or Cowher when they were struggling. Why would they do that to Tomlin right now. Please just shut the H up. TRUE Steelers fans know this all will pass.

  31. Is it me or are a number of NFL franchises with older owners getting desperate to get back to the super bowl? No teams have a better record of winning in the modern era than the Steelers and the Cowboys but both owners have gone out of their way to praise Goodell’s methods that are evil at best.

    Kraft, Belichick and Brady are the holy trinity of football and the whole league seems to be on a mission to kneecap their chances of winning another super bowl.

    Compare them to (1) Rooney, Tomlin and Ben; (2) Jones, Garrett and Romo; (3) Allen, Carroll and Wilson; (4) Bowlen, Kubiak and Manning; and (5) Bidwell, Arians and Palmer and they are clearly superior.

  32. OMG, this is incredibly enjoyable, watching the Steeler fans implode and defend their coach.

    Maybe they should move to London, lol.

  33. Kickers make 55% of field goals from 50-55 yards these days. Look it up. At Heinz Field that # if 29%. Look it up. With the field conditions there in the wind it is not an easy place to kick plain and simple I understand Tomlin’s decision . But in the real world results matter it is what it is

  34. The Steelers are going to be the first NFL minor league team, after they get demoted for their poor performance in 2015. Pitiful

  35. I know he was probably still upset over the Ravens loss in the playoffs, but did Tomlin watch the superbowl?

    If he did, why did he keep throwing the ball when Bell was eating up 8 yards of field at a time?! RUN the ball!!!

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