Broncos improve to 4-0 with late Brandon McManus field goal

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The Broncos pass rush caused problems for Teddy Bridgewater all day on Sunday, so it was fitting that it forced the turnover that allowed Denver to escape with a 23-20 win.

T.J. Ward stripped Bridgewater of the ball as the Vikings tried to rally back after Brandon McManus’s field goal put the Broncos ahead late in the fourth quarter. It was the seventh sack of the day for the Broncos defense and it gave them a win on a day when they blew a 10-point lead in the final 15 minutes.

Bridgewater completed 13-of-15 passes in the second half and Adrian Peterson went 48 yards for a touchdown on a fourth-and-one in the fourth quarter as the Vikings erased that Broncos lead to tie the game at 20 with 5:11 left to play. Peyton Manning completed a couple of passes to help the Broncos get in position for McManus’s third field goal of the day, but that wasn’t enough to make the day a great one for the Broncos quarterback.

Manning threw a pair of interceptions that the Vikings turned into 10 points and was 17-of-27 for 213 yards overall. Ronnie Hillman and C.J. Anderson combined for 146 yards on 22 carries, although almost half of them came on Hillman’s 72-yard touchdown run in the first half. It was another unimpressive offensive performance all things considered, but the Broncos remain undefeated thanks in large part to the defense that Wade Phillips has put together in his first year back in Denver.

Peterson’s big run was the only moment that he had a major impact on the game and Bridgewater’s hot run in the second half came at the price of many hits and constant pressure in the pocket. That he stood up to it well enough to bring the team back reflects well, but the early struggles were enough to send the Vikings to 2-2 on the year.

At some point, one would guess that the Broncos’ middling offensive production will catch up with them. At this point, though, they remain undefeated with a trip to Oakland and a chance to take firm control of the AFC West coming up next weekend.

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  1. Denver’s defense is the best defense in the league. Yes I said it. Peyton Manning and the offense with the exception of a couple of drives were limited by the Vikings defense and the Broncos defense stepped up again. Looking forward to the Patriots vs. Broncos matchup at Mile High and with any luck in the postseason as well.

  2. Leave it to the Vikings to draft the black version of Christian Ponder.

    No wonder that franchise drove Adrian Peterson insane. Run kids….run

  3. Peyton’s throwing the ball right to the Vikings and has a decimated O-line.

    First time Broncos have had over 100 yards rushing all year.

    And the Vikings’ still can’t beat a winning team.

    Too bad.

  4. After all the off season chatter about the vaunted Vikings, at the quarter mark of the season, they trail GB by 2 games.

    I’m not a math major but project that out to the end of the season and the Vikings will finish behind by 8 games.

  5. The stadium cleanup crew worked extra hard to make sure no leafs blew onto the field, so A.P. wasn’t tempted to shove them in anyone’s mouth.

  6. That ball just likes to come out of those small, child like, t-rex sized hands Teddy Ponder has.

  7. Did you really compare Teddy to Ponder? You’re clearly not watching the game. Bridgewater outplayed Peyton tonight. Soon as Norv Turner realize that SingleBack and I-Form is best offense for that team. They’ll pull these games off. Took him long enough to realize that today. Stephon Diggs that kid can ball. Wallace played well also. Norv needs to quit outsmarting himself. Vikings D is damn good also.

  8. Big time queenie fan here. Coach Zimmern says there’s a lot of football left. What he means is there’s a lot of losses left. What a disgraceful franchise. Meanwhile our big brother to the east stomped on the team that crushed us by 17. I’ve never been so embarrassed.

  9. Teddy Turnover comes through in the clutch, as always!

    But hey, at least he finally got his second TD of the year today! ELITE! Through 17 career games, Bridgewater has 16 TDs to 14 INTs. (Plus the lost fumbles, like today.) Elite!

  10. Even though the Vikes lost, they put the league on notice today, they are a team that can play with anyone, went to a tough place to play against a great d and a hostile crowd, never lost composure. Fear the VIKES

  11. The Vikings are who we thought they were, a pathetic franchise that should be forced to move to the CFL. What a bunch of losers.

  12. Blair Walsh and the offensive line lost the game for us,Stefon Diggs out played Charles Johnson and Thielen played well also.

  13. Very encouraged by the Vikings performance. Aside from Walsh’s shank. The Broncos defense is no joke, and neither is the Vikings. These guys can compete with anyone in the league. Great game all around.

  14. This Denver Defense is awesome! One of the best D’s I’ve seen including the Seattle D from last year. And I’m not a Broncos fan.

    If Peyton can’t win a SB with this team, this is ridiculous.

  15. Look at all the Packer fans in a Vikings thread again. They win their game today yet hang out here.

    Yes, we lost the game but we made the game competitive, not the blowout some predicted.

    No, we have not won a game against a team with a winning record yet, but then again, neither has GB.

    I like the Vikings chances of a surprise wild card this year.

  16. People seem to forget that Bridgewater was the best QB in Denver today in his 16th career start. Cant wait for January and beyond.

  17. Bronco Fan here.

    I have visions of Peyton Manning swinging wildly with a cane, smacking younglings on the way to the Super Bowl.

  18. Strong defensive game from the BEST defense in the NFL (Broncos) but Vikes played well all game and will most likely still go .500. O yea, and lets not forget the Broncos get another stud on the defensive side in Derek Wolfe. Patriots vs. Broncos will be a hell of a game.

  19. No dog in this fight but certainly learned a few things. A year ago Denver would have won this in a 14 point yawner and 2 years ago it would have been a 30 point beat down, today they barely escaped. The Vikes may not be quite there yet but they are getting there. That Denver defense carried the team today, they are legit and a little scary. Manning and the offense were pedestrian at best and the INT’s were ugly ones. If Denver gets to the AFCCG it will be because the defense carried them and the playoff schedule favored them

  20. This one gave me a heart attack. I didn’t expect the Vikings to be this tough- I mean, not that they’re a bad team, but I figured the defense would make Bridgewater’s life miserable, force them to rely on Peterson, and that would be that. Instead, we needed a big turnover to sneak away. I’ll take it, but this was a scary one.

    I don’t think they’ll be a playoff team this year, but if I’m the Packers I’m starting to worry about the Vikings improvements- in a couple of years they might be ready to win that division again.

  21. Vikes played well today, against a good Denver team that rarely loses at home. Nothing to hang their head about there. The moronic negative comments about Teddy are, obviously, from people who either didn’t see the game or have no clue about football. He was under constant pressure all game and they still had a chance to win the game at the end, If only Blair hadn’t missed that chip shot FG early in the game. I’m much more worried about him than Teddy. 2-2 at this point is about what I expected. They are a good team and as long as they can stay relatively healthy, they’ll have a shot at a playoff game this year.

    Good game Broncos!

  22. Vikings “D” was beaten by a 39-year old noodle-armed QB who threw INT’s right into defender’s hands twice.

    Broncos hadn’t rushed for more than 71 yards in a game until today. Today, they had 144 yards. Great job Vikings!

    Amazing that young Teddy, in his second season, isn’t any better than a washed up 39 year old QB, who can still get the ball down the field better than Teddy.

    Way to bring your team back to a win, Teddy. Might help if you hold onto the ball next time.

  23. We heard all week how “old man Manning” was going to take a beating from a “vaunted Zimmer defense.”

    Now we’ll hear all kinds of whining and crying.

    Some things never change.

  24. All this talking up of Teddy – dude averages LESS than one TD per start.

    Sorry but in a game where you LOSE and you average less than a TD per start – you did NOT outplay anyone.

  25. I’m a diehard Vikings fan. I don’t get to see many games because I live in DC. Bridgewater sucks. The Vikings are definitely a better team, but I just don’t see the Vikings in the playoffs.

    As far as the Vikings can’t beat a winning team, GB hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record either. Chi, Sea, KC and SF.

  26. You cheese for brains trolling here, you have miserable one dimensional lives. We have more to live for, as you get hammered and forget the sinks are indeed NOT urinals. #lawlwayss

  27. Curious that the Broncos stopped blitzing. Even more curious the Vikings didn’t call any roll outs or pitch outs or screen passes in the first half.

  28. Denver D bails out Denver O… every week.

    10 pts given away by O INTs…

    Horrendous running game blocking schemes…

    D comes up big AGAIN!

    Peyton and CO owe that D much more than a steak dinner!!

  29. teal379
    Oct 4, 2015, 7:08 PM CDT
    All this talking up of Teddy – dude averages LESS than one TD per start.

    Sorry but in a game where you LOSE and you average less than a TD per start – you did NOT outplay anyone.
    Teddy outplayed Peyton today. It’s not even an argument.

  30. Did you see a couple of those close-ups of Bridgewater’s gloves? There was 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of extra material at the fingertips. Reminded me of my daughter playing with the princess gloves of her older sister – her tiny little hands in the bigger gloves.

    Boy we used to laugh at that…….

  31. Tip of the cap to he Broncos D. The fumble at the end will overshadow some big throws TB made and some great plays even though he was under duress the whole game. Can’t complain much about the Vikings defense either. TB will learn and get better, could have stole one on the road but Denver came up big, 2-2 not the end of the world.

  32. Manning is washed up so teddy apologists need to quit claiming teddy outplayed him big whoop lots of quarterbacks will this year. The Broncos are 4-0 because of their defense, not manning. He is a shell of his former self and everybody knows it including Peyton. That being said the vikes are an improved team. They need their running game to be clicking on all cylinders though to win games like this. It will be AP and the defense playing HUGE, and teddy being a game manager ie no turnovers if they want a shot against the packers or other quality teams.

  33. Old man Peyton did his best to throw away the game with his cap gun of an arm, but Tiny Hands Teddy choked and fumbled it right back to the Donks. Verrry impressive Viking fans.

    The perennial offseason champions muddle along at .500 while the Packers are in their rightful place – alone at the top of the division.

  34. Hats off to the Vikings; very tough defense. QB played with some heart–and that guy was under a lot of pressure.

  35. The Vikings had a shot to win in a place where Broncos never lose. Anyone who says the Vikings suck, or Teddy is a mental moron.Vikings showed great grit on the road, vastly improving team!

  36. Not expecting the playoffs this year, but the Vikings are at least entertaining to watch on a Sunday afternoon.

  37. I have to say, I don’t understand why Kyle Rudolph continues to be as invisible as cordarelle patterson in this offense. I was expecting turner to turn this guy into an Antonio gates, but wow, was I wrong

  38. Please, stop comparing Bridgewater to Ponder. It’s like night and day. You just emphasize the fact that you haven’t a clue. There’s reason why Ponder doesn’t have a job right now and will likely never see an NFL field again.

    Give it up to Denver for that monster defense. AP was almost totally shutdown (outside of his open-hole TD), and Bridgewater was on the run the entire day. That said, Teddy still fought and fought while constantly getting knocked on the turf time and time again.

    Also, Minnesota defense wasn’t too shabby ether. That Barr interception was huge. But, man, those flags from Rhodes just took us a step backwards.

    Tough game today. Vikings showed fight, but they came up short. Teddy’s the real deal.. so is Diggs.

    Let’s all be honest — we all knew the Vikings would probably be about 2-2 at the bye.

  39. I think the Vikings are going to be a good team, and just made young mistakes against a great Denver defense today.

  40. I couldn’t help but notice that the Packers were playing at the same time as the Vikings today, which means the only part of the game that these Packer trolls saw was the very end. I give a lot of credit to Teddy for hanging in there against that rush and bringing the team back to tie it when it looked like they could get blown out. Every time he dropped back to pass it looked like a jailbreak as guys in orange suits were all over him before he could even get the ball in his hands.

    If Walsh could learn how to make a field goal, that game would look a lot different.

    I can’t wait for Green Bay to play that defense.

  41. Vikings desperately need to find a right tackle. Clemmings was never meant to start this year. He was drafted as a project, and now he is an NFL starter at right tackle. He has been eaten alive by more than one D lineman this year.

    Other than that, this team is competitive. Not great. Not anyone I am going to brag up, but competitive.

    And the Ponder comparisons are ignorant. Ponder was unable to play the NFL game. Bridgewater doesn’t do well when his line allows him to get sacked 7 times (would have been 9 but Teddy spun out of a couple).

  42. A hard fought game that came down to the wire, the Vikings will get more respect, and are the best 2-2 team in the League. I remember the Packers in the same place, but it is different when we are talking about them RELAX…
    Vikings WILL beat the Packers, I guarantee it!
    Just like the Pack will win a lot of games in the regular season, and Choke when it counts! AGAIN!

  43. This Packer fan saw enough of the game to see Peyton toss up the wobbliest wounded duck passes this side of Garo Yepremian. He handed Minnesota the game on a silver platter and the Vikings still found a way to blow it.

  44. “I can’t wait for Green Bay to play that defense.”

    Me too, Teddy, me too. I like it much better when the Pack is challenged as opposed to them just beating up on the meatball teams like your beloveds.

    The Pack has already played Seattle and KC, both of whom have excellent defenses, and I guess they did alright. Good luck with those two.

  45. The O-Line almost got Teddy killed today. 7 sacks. Teddy was throwing the ball really well considering Johnson and Wright were out. The kicker missing a chip shot field goal also hurts. Trust in Teddy.

  46. zimmer has them trending the right way. a lot of young talent on both sides of the ball. growing pains this year no doubt but the purple future is bright.

  47. Lots of things to take away from this game. Teddy didn’t play as bad as I criticize him. Especially with that o line. Some overthrows and running for his life but played decent. AP, dude needs to hit the hole like he did on the TD run, all this stopping at the line of scrimmage and dancing isn’t opening up anything. Rhodes had a tough game but that PI call at the end was BS! Walsh, he needs to step it up or step it out, he’s not helping. All in all we played a tough game against the number one D, had a chance at the end, but didn’t come thru. I see us getting better and learning from this. Head into the bye with your head high, you guys played your asses off. 🍻 SKOL!!!

  48. New England and Green Bay will each score more individually when they play Denver then will Denver will combined both of those games.

    New England 45
    Denver 14

    Green Bay 37
    Denver 10

    Can’t believe how Denbar was life-and-death at home today.

  49. This game officially puts an end to any possibility of Patterson having a meaningful career as a Viking. Stefon Diggs could be really good this year, if he learns how to hold onto the ball after he catches it.

  50. It’s obvious to me why Kubiak keeps pushing the running game. He needs a tough running game for January. Manning is a shell of himself (which is still better than half the league) and he is what he is now. Old, aging, weak arm, no mobility, BUT he is also very smart, accurate, experienced, a future hall of famer. A good running game with a Manning who avoids mistakes and makes a play or two along the way can be good enough with this defence…..As for the Vikings, I was impressed. Bridgewater took a beating and he grinded it out to give his team a chance when many others would have thrown the game away already. Vikings have a solid D and Bridgewater can be that franchise QB ala Russell Wilson where a team can win with. Have patience Vikes fans, the corner is very soon.

  51. The Vikings D is good, and Bridgewater is tough, boy did he take a beating, i see an upward trajectory for the Vikings and i always rile up on them.

  52. Zach Kruse summed it up perfectly…

    “In fact, Sunday’s late defeat probably revealed more about Minnesota’s potential as a 2015 playoff team than either of the club’s two home wins from earlier this month.

    The Vikings faced deficits of 13-0 and 20-10 in the thin air of Sports Authority Field, but it still took a scoring drive from Manning and one final sack of Teddy Bridgewater to finally put away Denver’s pesky guests. On the road, against a Hall of Fame quarterback and arguably the league’s best defense, Minnesota nearly upset a team that has now won 42 of its last 52 regular-season games.”

  53. alfredogarciashead says:
    Oct 4, 2015 9:04 PM
    Most of us feel sorry for you that live in Wisconsin, worse Green Bay.
    Big queenie fan here. Yeah, you go girl! That’ll put them in their place. When our football team sucks, we can always remind them of where they live. Burn!

  54. Gee Vikings fans… After beating my Chargers last week, you all were saying how you’re the best defense and team in the league. You were going to run the table and Peyton Manning was going to leave this game on a cart. I believe you said that Aaron Rogers was “scared” of the Vikings.

    Hmm, interesting…

    I’m thinking you guys go 5-11. 6-10 at the very best.

  55. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Oct 4, 2015 8:35 PM

    I can’t wait for Green Bay to play that defense.


    I’m glad you brought this up, Teddy. We now have a barometer to look at the Packers/vikings.

    In their games vs the 49ers in San Francisco:

    Packers 17, Vikings 3.

    Packers Defense Allowed 3 Points,
    Vikings Defense Allowed 20 points.

    Eddie Lacy ran for 5 yards per carry, 90 yards
    Adrian Peterson ran for 3.1 ypc, 31 yards

    The Vikings allowed 230 rushing yards
    The Packers allowed 77.

    The Vikings allowed 165 passing yards
    The Packers allowed 119.

    Man…I gotta say, I think the Packers will be just fine..

  56. Denver’s number one Defense ranking is lost after today.

    NY Jets now number #1

    Do the math!

  57. Zimmer and the players know they still have not beaten a team with a winning record. A win today would have been big but Bridgewater simply wasn’t up to it. I’m still hopeful because of his progression. The kid took a beating today and hung in. The classic moral victory but as we all know, they don’t count.

    Packers remain the class of the division. Vikings remain a work in progress but they’ve improved more than Green Bay. Not sure if it’ll be enough.

  58. vikesr4reel says:
    Oct 4, 2015 8:53 PM
    This Denver team was a total joke
    You must be talking about the Nuggets!
    7 Sacks says otherwise. Kept AP in check other than the 48 yrd TD. If it wasn’t for Papa John throwing 2 int’s, the purple people eaters wouldn’t even be in the game! You might want to take a cue from patsfan1820. Very rare for a pats fan to admit what he said. Can’t wait for that matchup in week 12 in Denver!

  59. The Packers officially have a better defense than the Vikings.

    They’ve allowed fewer points and much fewer yards per game.

    Purple tears for purple pansies.

  60. Denver goes .500 the rest of the year – why? Because they’re just not an upper echelon team. Let’s be honest. And Minnesota should have handled this game like they should have beaten SF on the road.

    The bottom line? The Vikings are decent. That’s about it. You fans think thought they were winning the NFCN and kicking the Packers’ a$$. I’m wondering how long it’ll be before your message sounds like “yeah, the refs are out to get us and injuries are killing us, but watch out for next year – we’re going to win the NFNC (again)”.

  61. jimmysee says:
    Oct 4, 2015 10:40 PM
    How did that all-pro Corderelle Patterson do today?

    I missed seeing the game.


    Didn’t Rick Spielman trade UP to get him?

  62. funshipm174 says:
    Oct 4, 2015 9:45 PM
    Denver’s number one Defense ranking is lost after today.
    NY Jets now number #1
    Do the math
    Let’s see, Jets beat Browns, Colts, and the Miami MAHI MAHI’s, and lost to the Eagles. THE EAGLES!

    18 sacks in 4 games. Besides 4-0, that’s the only math I know.

  63. Congrats to the Broncos and Bronco fans — that D is for real — made our rookie RT look like a turnstile. Coulda, shoulda, woulda, the Broncos were better when it counted.

    Would have thought we played the Pack today with all the cheesers lurking on this Viking article. Glad to see they apparently think of our team and its fans as much as their own.

  64. Peyton Manning simply sucks and does not deserve that top caliber defense that’s been saving his ass in every game. At this rate that D will wear down by December and won’t be able to hack it in the playoffs. It’ll be another one and done this year for the Denver Donkeys.

  65. patsfan112 says:
    Oct 4, 2015 10:57 PM
    Peyton Manning simply sucks and does not deserve that top caliber defense that’s been saving his ass in every game. At this rate that D will wear down by December and won’t be able to hack it in the playoffs. It’ll be another one and done this year for the Denver Donkeys.
    Bet the peemen wish they had that kind of defense. Can’t wait to see Mr Deflator have happy feet when he plays them in week 12 in Denver! He’s 4-6 in denver lifetime.

  66. Those bashing the Vikes on here have no clue. They played a great game against a good D. Judging from the game, I’d say the Vikes have a decent shot at the playoffs. So take heart Viking fans, the season is still young.

  67. Viking fans are right Bridgewater is not Ponder… he doesn’t throw near as many TD’s as Ponder did. Through his first 16 starts with the Vikings Bridgewater has 16 TDs and 14 INTs while Ponder had 21 TDs and 15 INTs through his first 16. Maybe someday Teddy will get to Ponders level.

  68. congrats Denver. you won your first game against a winning team…. the Minnesota freaking vikings

  69. Broncos with a lead at home is a tough way to play. Vikings are improving which is good to see.Nobody thought the Vikings would be ready yet this season. But the team plays hard . I also think it is a lot to ask to put a rookie tackle against the Broncos defensive ends.Congrats to the Broncos and good luck to your team for the rest of the year.

  70. It was truly priceless the way Teddy wet the bed on that last drive.
    I seriously hope it was worth selling out your morals and dignity to root and cheer for a child abuser to carry your team to another 7-9 record.

  71. Couple costly 3 and outs were the deciding factor. Two that in mind make zero sense is lining up AP wide on 3 rd and long. And even worse is the direct snap on 3rd and 5.
    Note to Norv, there’s nothing wrong with a play call that would produce a play that’s pass the 1st down marker.

  72. Who’s Denver’s backup QB? Is it possible that the Broncos will actually be better once Manning inevitably ends up on the injured list?

  73. “Vikings can never just get any credit. Even when credit is surely due.”

    They were credited with a loss, which is exactly what they were due. What else are you looking for? A participation ribbon?

  74. Vikes challenged to the end.

    To those that spoke about Teddy-comparing him to Ponder-is laughable.

    He was off on a few passes the 1st half, didn’t throw an INTs, and threw DOWN THE FIELD with accuracy, going 13 for 15 in the 2nd half while being out 40% of his starting oline.

    Teddy is good and getting better.

    Defense had a couple of bad series, but did well in between.

    Can’t wait till we play the pack…… will be interesting!!!!!!!!

  75. Teddy is misunderstood. You look at his numbers week to week and he looks like a very respectable QB. Numbers like 27-41, 269 yards and 1 TD look good on paper. Then you actually watch him play and you realize that 90% of his passes are under 10 yards and a ton of them are under 5 yards.

    He is nothing more than a game manager. Nothing more, nothing less. We know guys like Brad Johnson won a Super Bowl, so I’m not saying he can’t win a Super Bowl with that style of play. But can you count on it? Doubtful.

  76. tjacks7 says:
    Oct 4, 2015 7:59 PM

    What were Aaron Rodgers stats for his first 16 epic bench warming performances? 0-fers across the board lol.
    I don’t see how that is relevant to anything. I suppose you could compare Teddy to Steve Young in his first 6 years and Teddy would come out quite favorably there ( as would many other NFL QB’s), but it really doesn’t matter.

    Of course, the correct way to compare Rodgers and Bridgewater is in the present. Teddy has 2 TD’s and 2 INT’s, is averaging 193 yards a game, has an 85 rating, and his team is 2-2 and 31st in passing in the league.

    Rodgers has 11 TD’s and 0 INT’s., averages 249 yards per game, leads the league with a rate of 126, and has led his team to a 4-0 record.

    However, the Vikings and Packers records aren’t just about QB play. The Vikings defense is 5th in points given up, and 17th in yards.

    The Packers defense is higher rated than the Vikings, being only 3rd in points given up and 8th in yards.

  77. tjacks7 says:
    Oct 4, 2015 7:59 PM

    What were Aaron Rodgers stats for his first 16 epic bench warming performances? 0-fers across the board lol.


    We heard comments exactly like these the first couple of years that Ponder was your QB. How did that turn out for you?

    The bottom line is comparing two QB’s careers is futile and a complete waste of time. There are SO many other factors involved that it isn’t as black and white as you think.

  78. The graphic FOX put up comparing Bridgewater and Manning through their first 15 games was interesting. Vikes played tough on the road against the league’s #1 defense. They are a good, young team that is well coached. They showed a lot of resolve. Denver’s pash rush is ridiculous. Asking a rookie RT to block Von Miller 1 on 1 on that final drive was a little ridiculous. Leave a TE in to help him out. Good, exciting game. The Vikings are making nice strides since the Frazier era.

  79. Clay had another huge game for him 2 tackles in the win over the 49ers. That to go along with his 1 tackle against the Seahawks. It is no wonder Fabio is out running his mouth during the game. He earns his $12.8 million.

  80. The way the Viking fans are carrying on, you would think the NFL has a column for moral victories.

    Well, you would be wrong, they only tally wins, ties and losses. But you can keep track of them at home along with your off season paper championships.

  81. Packer fans talking about Teddy choking hahaha. The Seattle game wasn’t that long ago. Your win against the Kam less Seattle team didn’t erase that.

  82. fmc651 says:
    Oct 5, 2015 5:07 PM

    Clay had another huge game for him 2 tackles in the win over the 49ers. That to go along with his 1 tackle against the Seahawks. It is no wonder Fabio is out running his mouth during the game. He earns his $12.8 million.
    If you follow football, you’ll know that edge rushers typically don’t have a lot of tackles and their value comes on their ability to disrupt the backfield. Clay Matthews is considered one of the best in the game. Von Miller, another one who is considered the best, has only 8 tackles this year, and Demarcus Ware only has 10 tackles.

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