Joe Philbin “not at all” worried about job security

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When the Dolphins went to London last season, they beat the Raiders in what turned out to be Dennis Allen’s final game as Oakland’s head coach.

The Dolphins’ trip across the pond didn’t work out nearly as well this year. They lost 27-14 to the Jets in a game that never felt as close as that final score indicates. Before the game, there were reports that the futures of both coach Joe Philbin and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle were in jeopardy with another bad performance.

Philbin met with team owner Stephen Ross after the loss and said that he wasn’t concerned that he was about to get the same welcome home present that Allen received last year.

“No, not at all,” Philbin said, via “I’m worried about getting this team straightened out and fixed and getting our team ready to play the Tennessee Titans.”

Philbin said it wasn’t time to panic, a message he also sent after the team was routed by the Bills in Week Three, which fits with his plan to keep Coyle in charge of the defense. Philbin confirmed that there was a defensive meeting this week between players and coaches about changes to Coyle’s scheme, but said that it was not “contentious” in reference to reports about Coyle’s future.

Ross didn’t speak to the media, so we don’t know if his plan for the staff involves more changes than Philbin is expecting.

48 responses to “Joe Philbin “not at all” worried about job security

  1. Because when you make millions and if you get fired you will still get paid next year why would you have any worries.

  2. Owner Ross “not at all worried” about making a decision about ending Philbin’s job security with the Phins

  3. Sad situation when you have his record and he is not worried about job security. What message does that send to the players? Unless of course, he already has another job lined up flipping burgers.

  4. Tannehill scored 1 TD with the help of 2 PI calls for 60 yards and the DB falling down on a 10 yard pass….

    AND he overthrew EVERY pass over 15 yards by at LEAST 5 yards for the ENTIRE game

    the Phins got out gained 4:1

    the Phins under Philbins leadership just lost another monster blowout regardless of how close the score looks

    Philbin and Tanny both need to go… the whole situation is ridiculous… the Phins are a lock to go last place in the division

  5. He shouldn’t be worried as long as Jeff Fisher and Marvin Lewis are still head coaches in 2015.

  6. Not only should Philbin not worry about job security, Ross should give him an extension so he has four more years to get it turned around.

  7. Joe Philbin: “Is palying lousy and losing bad?”

    Hey Joe, just because they let you board the flight back, it doesn’t mean they want to keep you.

  8. Well Philbin said he’s worried about getting the team straightened out and fixed. He is worried about that because he has no clue how to scheme or get wins with his football coaching and management skills.

  9. When a guy like Brian Winters (who Jets fans know is below average) can contain you all afternoon, it’s time to ask the following;

    Is Suh the next Albert Hainsworth?

  10. I guess that’s the plus side to having lousy coordinators, nobody waiting in the wings

  11. There is no need to worry because he already knows its over. Take Coyle out the door with you because neither of you will be missed. This “team” is getting worse and the players who were supposed to develop haven’t including an overpaid / overrated quaterback.

    Also on the list should be Greg Jennings, Kelvin Shepard, Koa Missing the Tackle and possibly Earl Mitchell. They need to loose there damn complacency !! And Lazor needs to play Parker now not later.

  12. Everyone wants Philbin fired and I agree. But to fire him now makes no sense. Who are you going to replace him with? Laser? He sucks. Coyle? He sucks. Truth is that they are all average coaches. They have some great players but also have horrible players and zero depth. The biggest problem I see is tannenbaum and Hickeys failure to address this horrible offensive line and horrible linebacking situation during the off season. The same problems we had last year. Did they think these problems were going to magically disappear? Unfortunately these coaches don’t have the ability to to turn chicken sht into chicken salad. We will end the season 3-13. Have a very high #1 draft pick and if we have a new coach and gm don’t be surprised to see tannehill on the trading block and starting new with a new quarterback. Shame because I felt tannehill could be great if he had an offensive line. So buckle up for a long season.

  13. Seems these players quit on their team/fans. In an effort to have their coaches fired. Which could backfire on all of them. The schemes are in place. There are no coaches to step up to run them.

    So when they clean house from top to bottom at the end of the season. The new staff will want new players to fit their own schemes.

    Their are maybe a handful or so players that seem to play hard. Last week around the same amount of former Fins players came in played hard and kicked butt. Look for a clown show the rest of the season.

  14. rickrock6661982 the Bengals are 4-0 with the best team they’ve had in 10 years alongside the continuity of Marvin Lewis coaching – misery loves company, we don’t need yours.

  15. Fat Suh better get some life insurance if he doesn’t already have it – his professional and breathing career are in jeopardy with his continued dirty play – another game where he kicks a player in the head accidentally on purpose.

    If the NFL doesn’t ban him, he’ll be carted off on a stretcher never to play again. No team will tolerate his childish and dirty play against them threatening other players’ safety.

  16. If Philbin isn’t worried about his job, then he’s a clueless idiot. The Dolphins have looked awful and Philbin is getting outcoached every week. I predict a head coaching change in Miami within the next month. We’ll see what happens…

  17. With their paying Suh and Tannehill an enormous amount of their available caps space for near-zero production.

    Suh is walking around lazily during play, gets manhandled even in one-on-one matchups, no intensity unless he’s kicking the helmet of a downed opponent.

    Tannehill has never, ever been able to read a defense, a blitz or hit a receiver accurately either in stride or beyond 15 yards, and he gets elite QB money.

    Philbin is fine with losing, he acts like an interim head coach who has no passion for the job he somehow stumbled into and has since he’s been here.

    Plus, and this is a big one, Tannenbaum runs the show for an owner that knows he can still make money by losing.

    Cancers like this are virulent and without new ownership this poor franchise and it’s fans will be on life support for the forseeable future..

  18. Not sure if even Ross has the money or temperment to cotract Bill Polian with an ownership interest, big dollars and a lifetime supply of new chainsaws to clean out this mess.

  19. Joe Philbin is doing a wonderful job and exhibiting just enough passion. Tanny is clearly on his way to Canton and deserves another $100 million. And Stephen Ross wants you to know that JLO and Jimmy Buffett and even Fergie are proud Miami Dolphin limited partners. Oh and Danny Marino is back too (since CBS had no use for his pithy insight anymore) and Danny will fix everything. And Suh is sinply pacing himself for the long road ahead. Fins up everybody!!

  20. I’ve been a fan of this team since Joe Auer’s kickoff return for a TD, watching Philbin coach this team makes me long for the days of George Wilson,

  21. The only two things different between this performance and last week’s were the change of venue and the color of the uniforms! FIRE JOE PHILBIN!

    The last time this team was this pathetic, Cam CaMORON was coaching them! He was an offensive coordinator before being a head coach also. I think we know where not to look for our next coach!

  22. A 13 points loss may not look like a blowout …. However it was … Miami can’t stop the run , weak secondary & no O-line plus lame play calling not to mention over paying free agents… Joe needs to go regardless if there is a suitable replacement or not … Leaving Philbin hang on just sends the WRONG message to the players…. Make it quick and go forward

  23. what needs to happen is the fans stop going to home games until ross does what he needs to do….fire philbin and coyle

  24. The Miami Dolphins are pathetic; Philbin can’t counter scheme in real time, Coyle’s schemes are so complicated that his own defensive players are confused. Management unloads a huge contract with WR Mike Wallace who at least was productive. Suh gets franchise quarterback money and is not productive at all. What a waste of cap space that was orchestrated by Mike Tannebaum. Now what Mike? Well Ryan Tannehill still can’t read the blitz, defenses or hit an open receiver with accuracy downfield.

    Where is Dan Marino who was supposed to be an expert voice on football for owner Stephen Ross. Ross just keeps on paying up and making mistakes even with so called professionals around him. How about the Dolphins unload Suh, Tannehill, Coyle and Philbin to start over and win next season.

  25. People keep saying that none of the assistants are worthy as interim HC’s but I think Darren Rizzi would make a good HC substitute for the time being. Let’s face it, even the towel boy would do a better job than Philbin has so far.

  26. The fact that he is not worried about his job should send a huge message to Ross that he can’t care less about what happens. Unlike baseball where you need to not get too high emotionally, in football you want your players flying high on emotion. Philbin and Coyle not our guys. Laser questionable. Make change now! Give new coaching staff a chance to a high draft pick. I would draft OL, OL, OL and sign OL,OL, and OL free agents. More than one per OL position. Pleeeeease!

  27. The mind that created the problem is incapable of solving the problem, otherwise it wouldn’t have created the problem to begin with. This applies to the Dolphins coaching staff and front office from top to bottom

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