Kaepernick struggles as 49ers fall to Packers


Colin Kaepernick is just not the star quarterback he once looked like he was becoming. Nothing shows that more clearly than his performances against the Packers.

In his three previous starts against the Packers, Kaepernick torched Green Bay’s defense both on the ground and through the air, and those games were a big part of what made Kaepernick appear to be a budding star. But today against the Packers, Kaepernick struggled all day long as Green Bay won, 17-3. The win improves the Packers’ record to 4-0 and drops the 49ers to 1-3.

The 49ers’ first seven offensive possessions ended with six punts and a field goal. On the eighth possession, Kaepernick finally got the 49ers down the field with a couple of big passes, but that possession ended when Kaepernick got sacked on a fourth down. Overall, Kaepernick was sacked six times on the day. He also threw an interception and fumbled once.

Kaepernick’s sacks are a growing problem. He tries too hard to rely on his legs to bail him out when he’s under pressure, and he needs to get better at getting rid of the ball in a hurry when the pressure is coming. Some of the fault lies with the 49ers’ offensive line, but most of the fault lies with Kaepernick. He’s just not good enough at feeling the rush and reacting to it.

The bad game by the 49ers’ offense wasted a big day by the 49ers’ defense. Aaron Rodgers made some good throws — he is Aaron Rodgers, after all — but for the most part the 49ers did a good job of holding him in check, and the Packers had to punt five times. San Francisco linebacker Aaron Lynch had a particularly big day, with two sacks, two quarterback hits and three tackles for loss.

That defense won’t be enough to win until the offense can start putting more than three points on the board. And that won’t happen until Kaepernick gets better.

100 responses to “Kaepernick struggles as 49ers fall to Packers

  1. The pack had the ball for over 11 minutes of the 4th and didn’t score a point as they just tried to kill the clock… Forget Watt for MVP… I say Aaron for defensive player of the year!

  2. It’s amazing that Harbaugh nearly won a Super Bowl with a scrub like Kaepernick and nearly reached another one with Alex Smith.

    Which begs the question: If Kaepernick defeated Baltimore, would he currently surpass Trent Dilfer as the worst QB to ever win a Super Bowl?

    Too bad for 49ers fans that Jed York pulled a Jerry Jones and let his ego get the best of him. Enjoy your franchise going into irrelevance as you fight amongst each other in the stands for worldstarhiphop and you tube clicks.

  3. Would have been nice to watch this game. I live in Wisconsin but have to deal with Minnesota Television and they discriminate against the Packers. Wisconsin Lives Matter!

  4. Great job GB defense. SF isn’t a juggernaut,but GB did just what up and coming defenses do….keep the opposition out of the end zone. Rodgers is ending a lot of streaks this year that previously have gone against him (them). 2 home games coming up and they won’t be easy,but this year I like Pack’s chances. Let’s get Burnett back and this defense will really start to bow it’s neck. Go Pack.

  5. In fairness the front office rebuilt the defense to be faster specifically to stop kap and Wilson

  6. Greg Roman and Vic Fangio made this guy look like a budding star along with his star teammates. Now that both or most are gone and he has his positional coach, he is what he is.

  7. This niner fan is D O N E after the BS I think we all knew bitty boy Jed threw at us. The Oline sucks, the coaches suck, Kap still has a teeny tiny chance of convincing me he doesn’t suck, but just has a bad line. And even then I’m not sure I’m being very honest. This team is a dumpster fire like none I’ve ever seen before. I really want to swear at York and Baalke but I won’t just know I’m thinking it.

  8. That’s funny because all the Viking trolls said that GB would lose and the Queenies would win. Shocker.

  9. I suppose it is a three way tie for bad quaterback play, bad line play, and clueless play calling. The read option every once in a while might be effective, but running the same exact play multiple times will not work long term against an NFL defense.

  10. Big time queenie fan here. What a moral victory for our team. We only lost by 3 points. Too bad our little ewok had such tiny hands that he couldn’t hang on to the ball that cost us the game. Oh the embarrassment.

  11. Haha remember all that trash talk about the Pack’s defense? The Vikings just let a gimped 40 year old Peyton Manning own them, so pathetic.

  12. Kaepernick has already peaked. He’s regressing at a crazy rate.
    He seems to be following the Tim Tebow track out of the NFL.
    It didn’t take long for teams to figure out how to neutralize a run-around-in-circles quarterback.
    It was only two years ago that they were the future of the NFL. Even John Madden thought so…

    Maybe try the FXFL when the Niners cut you, Bro…

  13. Yeah, I recall the days when fans said “Kaepernick is the future of the NFL “. I said, once their defense loses a guy or two, Kaepernick will be exposed as garbage. I was right.

    Don’t get down, 49er fans. You have the same thing happening to Wilson in a year or two to look forward to.

  14. O-line has to shoulder a lot to blame, along with the coach.

    Or maybe it’s really the GM

  15. It’s amazing that Harbaugh nearly won a Super Bowl with a scrub like Kaepernick and nearly reached another one with Alex Smith.

    Which begs the question: If Kaepernick defeated Baltimore, would he currently surpass Trent Dilfer as the worst QB to ever win a Super Bowl?

    Too bad for 49ers fans that Jed York pulled a Jerry Jones and let his ego get the best of him. Enjoy your franchise going into irrelevance as you fight amongst each other in the stands for worldstarhiphop and you tube clicks.

    No, the worst QB to ever win a superbowl is Russell Wilson you hater and troll! Get a life! Kaepernick has achieved more sucesss then half the QB’s in the league and he is still a top 15 QB. He has regressed but that is because the team has regressed. You’re just a hater, troll and loser at life.. Our team is still more important because you continue to talk about us even when were struggling. The 49ers are still one of the greatest sports franchises in the history of the sport and whatever team you like is just an afterthought. So keep hating you troll. You’re just a douche.. simple as that! find a new career and make some money!

  16. kaepernick is horrible. i say cut him at the end of the year and draft a qb with their 1st pick. me and every niner fan i know are done with kaepernick.

  17. I knew it was just a matter of time before defensive coordinators figured how to stop quarterbacks like Kaepernick and it came down to execution.

  18. I’m willing to give anyone a chance at QB for us now. Gabbert looked good in the preseason and although he was terrible in JAX, he had no talent around him. He was a high first rounder for a reason and in what looks like a lost season lets try him out because Kap looks completely lost. I’m watching games and there are guys open but he doesn’t see them and he is not recognizing blitzes or being able to audible to hot routes. Plus for some reason we don’t even attempt deep passes even though we have Torrey Smith. Finally we did at the end of the game but that’s only twice in 4 games!! It’s ridiculous!!! Our O line on the right side is a major problem and Devey and Pears should be benched for anybody else! Changes need to happen and it’s up to you Tomsula if you want to keep your job!

  19. Really and truly, an utterly fantastic day!

    Packers and Bears win!

    Vikings blow it when Teddy Smallhands fumples away their last chance.

    It’s poetic.

    It’s Shakespearean.

    It’s inevitable.

    It’s fate.

    And winter’s coming.

    Go Pack Go!

    Bear Down Bears!


  20. The 49ers are wishing every game could be against the Vikings, or as they call that 1st game, the good ol days.

    They were flat out terrible, its a wonder they even won a NFL game, even if it was only against the Vikings.

  21. Tomasula gets his 1 year reward for ratting out Harbaugh and his tactics and attempts toward getting more power, that York and Baalke didn’t like the last few years.

    One of his coordiantors gets the job next year.

  22. Well, here we go again. A new week. A new game. Another loss. I heard rumors that you were striving to improve in the offseason Klapper. From what I see you’re going backwards. Why don’t you either retire or ask for a trade and stop embarassing the fans? You have already proved that you can not quarterback in the NFL. If you’re not completing passes, you’re getting sacked. Just look how much they spent on the new stadium. And for what? A bunch of whiners and losers. Love it. Ever tried passing with a deflated football? Just an idea. But I think you’re at the point to where nothing is going to help. You’re a joke. You should return some of your money. Sure not earning it.

  23. There werent many 49er fans before Harbaugh but hearing the Packers fans dominate in their new billion dollar stadium has go to be embarrassing.

    Guess they are all bandwagoned to the Raiders.

  24. I have to admit as a lifetime niner fan this season has been so hard to swallow. We were horrible for years and then get a good coach and the owner and gm decides it doesn’t matter who the coach is they will still win! I can’t stand the owner, but I like the gm less! He acts like he is a genius and wastes picks on players with serious knee injuries “Marcus Lattimore” just to name one and we have a line with zero depth and sign a punter that would go undrafted that is as sad to watch as Kap is. One punt today was like 21 yards another like 25. There is so much wrong with this team and I don’t know what they will do to fix it. What coaches or players will want to come to this mess no matter what they get paid. Honestly it’s looking like a total rebuild again. Hope it starts with the gm but hey they got what they wanted they were good long enough for Jed to get his new stadium but what happens if all the seats start getting empty.

  25. Packers’ Defense Clamps Down as 49ers fall to Packers.

    They couldn’t run. They couldn’t pass. The Green Bay D is impressive.

  26. Some fan bases get excited in September, or October, November.

    Packer fans know what really matters is in January. Nothing else.

    It’s all about chasing the Lombardi Trophy. The rings.

    Last years’ Packers were better, healthier.
    And the Super Bowl was theirs…. if only that idiot didn’t allow the onside kick. After they allowed a fake field goal to work in desperation.

    So nothing to get excited about here in early October. Get back to me in January.
    Late January.

  27. November 1. Packers go to Denver to play at Mile High. Von Miller and company are going to knock Aaron Rodgers out of the game. Legally. Mark my words.

  28. Enjoy it while you can Packers’ fans.
    Everyone knows that another patented McCarthy choke is coming.

  29. The defense this year has performed better than the 2010 unit in it’s first four games.

    17 sacks this year v. 16 that year.
    4 picks v. 5 that year.
    18 points per game (only 13 ppg if you take away garbage TDs) v. 18.25 PPG that year.

    Unlike 2010, we’ve got more depth at OLB – in the secondary (really lucky Collins and the CB trio stayed healthy that year) and at DT (Cullen, Raji and Pickett were the only decent tackles).

  30. packsupersoldier says: Oct 4, 2015 8:25 PM

    The mighty Packers are right where they belong – all alone on top of the NFC Central.


    In the interest of accuracy, that would be the NFC North. Just tryin’ to help out. 😉

  31. 49ers have lost tons of great players lost and now you can look at Kap as yet another loss – at the most important position on the team. WRs that are open and having simple passes bounce at their feet or not being seen as open, have to be frustrated and wondering when the team will find someone who can make the throws to them.

    I’m certainly no Gabbert fan but there’s nothing to lose having Kap sit and reflect about his performance and let’s see what ANYONE else can do. Gabbert played decently with and against the twos in the pre-season, maybe he can play equally well against and with the ones.

  32. vikesr4reel says:
    Oct 4, 2015 8:28 PM
    Well no kidding the 49ers are awful


    And yet, somehow dominated that juggernaut from Minnesota.

  33. Not a 49er fan but York is the idiot that destroyed that team and I can’t stand owners like him.It is truly embarrassing to see a proud franchise ruined by the likes of him.

  34. With a better offensive line, like we had in previous years, we could nearly afford Kaepernick’s slow progression through reads #1, and maybe #2. Though it did cost us in critical postseason games. But we were above average because it was like we basically had two running backs, and one of them has a big time arm.

    Now that the O-line sucks, which has uncovered the truth that Kaep really hasn’t progressed much beyond college defenses, let’s try out Gabbert.

    I know Gabbert played mostly against 2nd and 3rd team defenses in the preseason. But he looked pretty good, made decisions quickly, doesn’t have to go through a full pitching windup on every throw like Kaep does. Most important thing about Gabbert, is that he looked better this past preseason, than he did in the previous preseason. Is that not progress? Kaep has done nothing but regressed, and he’s been hurting the team with both indecision, and decision.

  35. Kaepernick, like his team, is rapidly going from hot mess to just plain mess. Quit reviewing your old media clips and learn when to just get rid of the ball son

  36. So,the Packers finally solved Kaepernick. GB defense actually looked decent two weeks in a row.

  37. ragnarthemagnificent says:
    Oct 4, 2015 9:49 PM
    Karma is coming for you Wisconsin, you can bet on it

    I’m already betting on it. It’s here now. Right where it should be……..all alone in first place.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  38. Ron Jaworski’s analyst career has been set back 10 years after proclaiming that Kaep can be the best QB ever. Any person with a semblance of football intelligence could see flaws in his game a few years ago.

  39. Clay Matthews actually called out to kap after a failed run and said, “You aren’t Russell Wilson bro” …. Man that has to hurt. Funny stuff.

    To the guy saying Russell would be the next to flame out? Back to back super bowls in the years that normally a guy like Aaron Rodgers was still sitting on the bench. Yeah he is the best now but in years two and three he was Favre’s backup. Russell is just getting g started and already has a ring. Flame out? You can hope I guess.

  40. Refs spotted the ball way short on that James Jones pass that gypped us of the first down, killing that drive … and they also failed to call an obvious pass interference when a defender grabbed Randall Cobb’s shoulder and dragged him to the ground on a pass into the end zone. The contact was way early and should have been called, giving us a first and goal at the one yard line.

    So really, the refs cost us about 10 points, conservatively. Score could have been 27-3.

  41. dinodimes says:
    Oct 4, 2015 9:40 PM

    The fudge packers are horrible….. 😉

    Well, when it comes to fudge packing, I’m pretty sure it would be better to be the packer than the packee. Sorry about your sphincter pain.

  42. pantherpro says:
    Oct 4, 2015 10:25 PM
    Packers we still own you when it counts!

    Niner Fan


    And how many Superbowl wins have resulted from that lately?

  43. savojah says:

    Ron Jaworski’s analyst career has been set back 10 years after proclaiming that Kaep can be the best QB ever. Any person with a semblance of football intelligence could see flaws in his game a few years ago.


    I agree completely. Jaworski has as much credibility as Matt Millen.

  44. Man, this is RG3 all over again
    the difference is i think RG3’s a better passer while Kaepernick’s more trustworthy with not getting hurt when running.

    honestly, i would say bench him, but Blaine Gabbert’s his backup and that’s not an answer.

  45. I thought this guy was going to revolutionize the QB position. Huh. He was just a momentary gimmick instead.

  46. I cannot believe Kaepernick (or Krapernick as I call him) is still a starting QB in the NFL. I will have to admit he played extremely well when he took over for Alex Smith in 2012. And later took Smiths job. And took the 49ers to the Super Bowl.

    Unfortunately Kaepernick has, like Mark Sanchez with the Jets, gotten worse with each passing year. In the game today vs. The Pack he was terrible — sacked six times, threw an interception and fumbled once. Obviously he is not being protected by his offensive line, which is only part of the problem. Kaepernick is not getting rid of the ball quick enough.

    Why is he still playing?

  47. Just got back from the game… 49er fans were, as expected, a class act. What was funny was that two separate 49er fans approached me and said what a JOKE and HOW OBNOXIOUS viking fans were when they were out here a couple of weeks ago. They even said how they couldn’t understand how fans of a team that had never won anything could be so full of themselves. I just laughed.

  48. A trade of Kaepernick and Tomsula to Miami for Tannyhill and Philbin.


    San Fran would be robbing Miami big time no matter what Miami thinks of Philbin or tannehill right now.

    Tannehill can at least throw accurately and play the qb position, kaepernick no offence is just a fail if he doesn’t have an offensive line or good running back to help him out.

    And Jim tomsula, man. He could be all time bad. He doesn’t even have the credentials or anything. At least Philbin was a coordinator for a super bowl winning team. Tomsula was a d line coach.

  49. Kappagimmick was awesome when he was out there running around, slinging it like a kid who messed around without protection.
    Then her dad found out and now he’s the washed up can’t find a job guy holding on to his glory from yesteryear.

  50. I love the blindness. Its such a trait of “football fans”

    Like everything the extremes on here are incredible. Kap cant play QB, no-one can play QB when the O line allows at least one rusher to be free, untouched on every pass. not to mention every run play. Look past the easy blame game and see what really happened. The run game was shut down as well as the pass game. The O line is the problem, not Kap.

  51. A late TD once they got inside the red-zone would have been appreciated, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Thanks for nothing Crappernick.

  52. Happy Packer fan to exercise some NFC West demons. It doesnt make up for the playoff exits but its better than losing.

    I have no love lost for CK because he was a bit of a punk, but lets not forget the man is talented and has accomplished a lot in a short time.

    He shoulders much blame, but the OLine was manhandled all day. Give any QB zero time to throw and see what happens. On the other side of the ball #12 looked almost pedestrian due to 49ers great pressure all game, a very different outcome than his destruction of a great chiefs pass rush.

  53. dallasthepackerfan said:
    Oct 4, 2015 8:50 PM
    My favorite moment of the game was hearing Go Pack Go in their stadium.


    This. The cheer was so loud when Shields intercepted that pass that I thought at first that Boldin must have caught it…

  54. How the heck do viking fans think they are on the same level as the packers? I feel like a broken record years after year when I say “just wait until you get your as5 handed to and then you’ll disappear again until next year.” Your team isnt that good. Great running back, horrible o line, horrible receivers, horrible QB, average secondary and D line, and above average linebackers. That’s not a recipe for victory. I can’t wait until November 22 when the pack whoops you in your college stadium.

  55. How did the 49ers hold Rodgers in check when they scored 3 TDs and the 9ers didn’t score any?
    Correction: The Pack D held the 49ers in check. The 49ers DID NOT hold Rodgers in check at all.

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