Next couple of days will determine Philbin’s fate


After Sunday’s 27-14 loss to the Jets in London, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said he’s not worried about his job. He probably should be.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there will be a lot of thinking done over the next couple of days regarding Philbin’s future.

Philbin, who was hired in 2012, currently is signed through 2016. So the buyout wouldn’t be a major obstacle. The question of his replacement could be.

There’s no obvious candidate to take his place currently on the staff. Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle and offensive coordinator Bill Lazor have been criticized relentlessly during the team’s 1-3 start, and the staff otherwise contains no assistant head coach or other name that jumps off the page as an interim head coach who could turn the team around.

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  1. Why isn’t the GM’s job on the line?
    Oline has been awful for awhile now, dude trades away/lets go of any linebacker that can tackle, Brent Grimes has no help in the secondary.

    Same with the Colts, These GMs built these mediocre teams.

  2. tell me if i am wrong but all them players we got rid off over the past few years like welker,gin,marshall,incognito,wallace and a few more along with coaches all do better when they went some where else.makes you think now why we have problems……….

  3. tampabayirish says:
    It’s never a great idea to fire a coach during the season.

    Or in this case to keep one. Talk about damned if you do damned if you don’t. Philbin’s greatest decision in terms of keeping his job may prove to be surrounding himself with enough incompetence to ensure his own survival. The question at this point is why should he be worried? Isn’t having his job held over his head the equivalent of threatening him with a good time at this point?

  4. Philbin not phit for a head coach position anyways. Never should have been hired. Phire the GM too, while you’re at it.

  5. This team lacks allot…. Even sufficient head coach & GM backups. Truthfully… Tannebaum is holding the chips to Hickey, and I’m sure some of these moves are Tannebaum. And Philbin I feel is holding Lazor back with his ‘conservative playcalling’ approach.

  6. A very successful business man once told me “it’s never the person you hire that holds you back. It’s the person you don’t fire.”

    Ross, I hope you see that.

  7. It’s on the coaches for not having the players ready!! And for not coaching up young players. Team is loaded with young talent and no direction. Tannehill is nowhere worth his contract, but can win games if he is played to his strengths. New coaches across the board is needed

  8. Not sure why he started the season as the coach, but with the high expectations set this preseason……….he will be fired by Monday’s close of business. Replacement????? My guess is that someone for the interim will come in to take the helm until the new head coach is found/hired……During the interim period, everyone will be evaluated for next continued employment next year……….

  9. Hire Andy Reid away from us, please.

    He’d love it there with basically the same QB (Alice Smith) and a totally overrated defense.

    You too could be kicking tons of FG’s!

  10. I think it’s stupid to fire a guy so early in the season. It demoralizes the football team. The Dolphins would be better served to let the season play out and make their evaluations at the end of the season.

  11. In the meantime Coach Philbin and the other Miami coaches need to find out what is motivating Jarvis Landry and get the other 52 Dolphin players to buy into it because Landry was all hustle today. He evidently hasn’t decided to give up on the Dolphins. Thank you Jarvis for all your hustle today.

  12. Fire everybody from Tannenbaum and the rest of the front office along with the entire coaching staff! The Dolphins only way to move forward: Organizational Enema!

  13. Landry is a great player….but watching him fall down in the end zone on that 4th down play when he realized Revis had position and then cry to the refs was funny. Phins got enough shady penalty calls in the secondary to beg for that one.

  14. I think the Dolphins fans should be forced to watch this team as they currently are, for the whole season. Kind of a punishment for their overly, obnoxiously optimistic bragging prior to the season…

  15. A head coach finishing their terms or contract is something the franchise might want to consider instead of running through a list of unconventional pegs and sporadic conclusions…

    Advise: Finish the head coaches term, save the money and eliminate as many excuses as possible!

    Go Fins 😐

  16. Immediately:
    Get rid of Coyle.
    You’ll appease the fans and help a defensive squad that’s holding contensious meetings.

    Hire Jim Schwartz as DC.
    Familiar with Suh, Moseley, Delmas and made Detroit’s D strong.

    Strip Philbin’s control of offensive play calling.
    Let Lazor control things.

    You look proactive to fans, determine OC’s true value, and eliminate Philbin’s conservative play calls. Check back after 4 more games.
    Next 5 games include three l win teams.
    If they fail, you have Schwartz as interim, with some HC experience.

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