Philbin decision is expected by tomorrow


And just as I hit “publish” on the last item regarding Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, some new information has surfaced regarding the situation.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, owner Stephen Ross is now expected to make a decision on Philbin’s job status by Monday. The prior thinking was that Ross would be doing a lot of thinking over the next couple of days.

Despite the absence of any obvious internal candidates, one of the big factors will be a desire by the owner to demonstrate to key players that he’s committed to improving the situation. Which is an ominous sign for Philbin.

Making a move now also gives the team a head start on finding a new coach for 2016, which will make it easier for executive V.P. of football operations Mike Tannenbaum to make the best possible hire. Speaking of Tannenbaum, he’s surely livid about the outcome of the last two games, losses by a combined score of 68-28 to Rex Ryan, who worked for Tannenbaum in New York, and now the Jets, who fired Tannenbaum after the 2012 season.

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  1. Fire Coyle… Hire Schwartz to fill his shoes. Then fire Philbin… Schwartz inherits team. Problem solved – then you axe the GM Hickey.

  2. Calling Mr. Shanahan, Mr. Mike Shanahan. Please pick up the teal and orange phone.

    Ross is just needs time to negotiate.

  3. phinfan, Hickey didn’t hire Philbin. And we have solid talent (minus O-line). GM is gonna stay, HC and DC are going to leave. Only unsure about Bill Lazor. Inconsistent offense, but has great report with Tannehill.

  4. Doesn’t he have an office at the stadium? If so why wait till tomorrow?

  5. Tannenbaum has to go. The team has gotten worse, if that’s possible, under his leadership. He ignored the Offensive Line and secondary issues. He has been a colossal failure as an NFL executive. He must have something on Ross in order to have that unearned position with the team!
    Ross, please sell the team!

  6. Once this talk begins its inevitable. Had any coach on the cusp of losing his job to the point where his demise is know and done anything to stop it?

    Two of my biggest peeves about the NFL.

    1.) teams that know they want a new coach but keep the old one on a leash for some weird reason

    2.) teams that give up on a coach/staff after a couple seasons. Not sure how you can turn around a bad organization in anything less than three seasons.

  7. All depends on who’s available and what that coach wants for coordinators, who seem to be as big an issue as Philbin himself.

    If Ross has got someone (I can’t believe Glazer tried to get Jimmy Johnson to bite at the end of the Fox broadcast), then it will be done…otherwise, why bother rushing?

  8. Hicks is not in charge anymore. Tannenbaum took what. Hickey was building and trashed it. Fire ex Jet Tannenbaum!

  9. Tannenbaum isn’t Free of guilt here. His say in personnel matters has led to the product on the field.

    Everyone from Aponte on down needs to go. Players who have shown the ability to quit on their coaches and fellow players, to should be gone. And Tannehill, needs a threat behind him.

  10. Wow. The jets completely throttle Miami, and you think there would be one article on this site about something other than toilet paper?

    No, but let’s write the sixth one about Philbin job status… Despite him actually still having the job as I write this comment.

  11. Coyle and Philbin should be fired and hiring Mike Shanahan could work out. Shanahan would want the ultimate power and that could be a conflict. He may want to unload Tannehill who still cant read the blitz, pick up defenses or hit the open receiver down field. What ever happens Philbin is a guy who could be a choir master in church but as an NFL head coach he is failing.

  12. Suh Sux.
    Matt Moore is way better than Tannehill.
    Is Wake awake?
    This team is filled with soft, gutless, quitters.

    Perhaps Chipwood or IamKillerFin would be so kind as to explain to the Brits why Suh will end up making $1,000,000 per tackle this year! hahaha.

    Lookout Patriots, the Dolphins are going to take over the AFC East this year! hahaha

    Good Stuff!

  13. Oline is not the only problem personnel wise. The linebackers are below average and the secondary minus Grimes and Jones is horrible. I love the U but Lamar is a one cut type runner and the dolphins need a bigger compliment to him. Jarvis Landry and Ryan Tannehil have NOT shown any progression THIS year. Tannebaum deserves the axe too, but I’m in no way defending Philbin…..some guys have IT and some don’t.

  14. Oh Yeah… and whoever decided to pay SUH the 100 million… to QUIT on plays and be a ZERO factor… should be fired too!

    At least MM had the good sense to let that human cash register WALK!

  15. Some players, coaches, and managers require massive upfront payments with no guarantee of performance delivery.

    That doesn’t mean it is impossible to find talent that is willing to bet on themselves.

    Maybe it’s time to consult with the talent that can say they are willing to work for one year for free if that’s what it takes to secure a long-term future with the team. If somebody can help this team win and is willing to prove it with a driven passion, then why not at least hear out what people like that have for ideas about how to win football games?

  16. Wow how the mighty have fallen. There was an unbelievable amount of talk coming out of south Florida this winter and spring. The person who mentioned Schwartz was actually on to something. Not known for discipline but his teams play hard and nasty, and he got good production out of Suh. This year is a wash for the phins anyway…hard to say who deserves each other more—Suh or Miami!

  17. A chimp with a whistle would do a better job and command more respect than Philbin.

  18. Maybe do a switch with Buffalo; based on what I’m reading on Bills forums, Rex is wearing out his welcome at an accelerated rate…

  19. The only answer for the Dolphins to move forward is an Organizational Enema! Fire Tannenbaum first! Then fire the rest of the entire front office. The entire coaching staff should all be axed too! It’s time to completely clean house for this once proud Dolphin franchise!

  20. Stephen Ross needs to fire Joe Philbin. The players are not responding to him. Ross should fire Kevin Coyle as well. When you have the best DT in the NFL and he doesn’t have a sack in four games something is wrong. Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon are nowhere to be found, Lamar Miller gets stuffed every time the ball gets handed off to him, and the only WR who has done anything is Jarvis Landry. CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE.

  21. Tannenbaum is an attorney by trade. As a Jets fan I wanted him out for years. Amazing that he got another job leading an organization no less.

  22. Hold on now don’t jump the gun on firing philbin, Ross will probably extend him just like he did the last time we as fans were in the SAME scenario .

  23. Firing him means replacing him for the rest of this year not getting a jump on the search for next year. He has surrounded himself with enough incompetence to make an internal candidate improbable. They can’t speak to any other team’s personnel in season so that indicates a currently out of the league external hire is Ross’ only option making his firing tomorrow unlikely. If it does happen tomorrow then it sure as heck wasn’t just thought up tonight.

  24. I like owners who give coaches time compared to owners who clean house every other year. But at some point the owner has to realize this coach was a mistake.

  25. The Dolphins are hamstrung due to the Suh contract for 6 long years. Unless they can find another club dumb enough to take him in a trade. Only 3 teams come to mind: Raiders, Cleveland, or San Francisco.

  26. Ross is not committed to winning
    I can’t stand the creepy looking old guy, but I do actually think he’s committed to winning. I just don’t think he could hire the right people in any capacity if his life depended on it. He has no clue what he’s doing, his instincts are always wrong and he never hires/trusts the right people.

    Guys like that don’t like to fail, but he simply has no idea what he’s doing.

  27. As a Pats fan, I say keep him for another year, then when Rex gets fired in Buffalo you can hire him. His teams may be the most undisciplined, but at least they have heart. LMAO!

  28. The thing is that whoever they hire is going to be saddled with that big stiff in the middle of the d-line.

    The only thing N. Suh sucks up is a huge piece of cap dollars.

  29. thestrategyexpert says:
    Oct 4, 2015 8:26 PM

    Some players, coaches, and managers require massive upfront payments with no guarantee of performance delivery.

    That doesn’t mean it is impossible to find talent that is willing to bet on themselves.

    Maybe it’s time to consult with the talent that can say they are willing to work for one year for free if that’s what it takes to secure a long-term future with the team.
    What planet do you live on? The top candidates out there are in demand and have options. Those sorts of people don’t come for less than market rates, let alone for free.

  30. Philbin roams the sidelines like a passive Mongoloid. His mouth is always open like he’s trying to lure flies, and his most demonstrative show of emotion is when he performs his pathetic goofy golf clap after both good and bad plays. This team lacks both passion and emotion because their head coach has the personality and “fire” of a wet paper bag. I’m sure Philbin is a nice guy, but nice guys finish last. He needs to be led out to the woods and smothered, like Lenny in Of Mice and Men. By the sound of the whispers floating around from the media this evening, I think Ross concurs with these assessments and will be giving Joe his walking papers tomorrow morning. The sunrise couldn’t come fast enough.

  31. problem is the awful QBs they’ve had since Marino left forced them to reach for quite possibly the worst of the ‘franchise’ QBs in the last 5 drafts in Tannehill. His utter lack of feel in the pocket and inaccuracy allows teams to rattle him easy. I’ve never seen a QB get his passes batted down more than him. It’s because he locks on to his first read and the D is on to him. He’s robotic. He puts up numbers in garbage time losses or against bad teams so his fanboys defends him but he’s bottom 3rd in the league right now with very little upside. So not only are they stuck with Suh (who’s not the problem) but they have to ride this out with Tannehill. There is very little to be excited about until either Tannehill goes away along with the entire F.O. and/or Ross sells the team.

  32. Philbin and Tannehill need to both go… whatever for this year… Matt Moore and an assistant coach can’t do any worse than over throwing 7 long passes by at least 5 yards each and losing 2 games in a row by outrageous skill.

    for those who look at the score and come here… the Phins got both of their TDs by complete fluke… the first was a 10 yard loop pass when the defender had fallen down after back to back PI penalties amounting to 58 yards… the second was a punt return that got lucky… no passing skill whatsoever

    Tanny needs to go

    Philbin needs to go

  33. Philbin needs to go. He can’t inspire a team and has no leadership. This team has way, way to much talent to be this bad. We had a top 10 defense until the later part of last season. And the only players we lost were Odrick and Delmas (injured). People keep blaming Suh. Where is Wake? Where is Vernon? Suh was brought in to make those guys better. While Suh is getting double/trippled team those guys are no where to be found. Delmas getting hurt was a huge loss. He was one of, if the not top, leader on defense. I think our secondary can improve now that McCain is back in the nickle where he belongs and Taylor is opposite Grimes.

    And I’ve seen so many people say Tannehill sucks. Tannehill is far from the problem. He has no running game and no offensive line. The guy is constantly under pressure. He will never be a top tier QB but he could very easily be on the next tier. He has done nothing but get better every year, but he can’t do it by himself.

    Ross has proven he is committed to winning by opening up the checkbook. His only problem is he is too loyal, which is why Philbin is still here. Hopefully tomorrow we find out Philbin and Coyle are gone. If we can get the right guy then you will see a different Dolphins team come week 6.

  34. You guys saying “clean house ” sound like idiots!! It’s week 4. Clean house and replace them with whom? Shanahan? And install a completely new offense? C’mon man!!

  35. More frustration in Miami? Big turnaround from preseason, when you were talking division championship. Baby steps. It will be a long road because of bad contracts. The fish rots from the head down.

  36. First I’m against it.

    1. Philbin does not take the field.
    2. His team is in disarry but can be fixed.
    3. He is one good Qb from being competitive
    4. Some of the players may or may not be behind him.

    On second thought, all those ideas really suck, fire the bum.

  37. cdace13 says:
    Oct 4, 2015 10:23 PM
    You guys saying “clean house ” sound like idiots!! It’s week 4. Clean house and replace them with whom? Shanahan? And install a completely new offense? C’mon man!!
    Sounds good to us.

  38. Fire them all, including the front office. Tannenbaum and Hickey are just as liable as Philbin and Coyle. Lazor is the only one worth holding on to (maybe).

    Philbin and Coyle clearly suck, period… but who passed on La’el Collins and Evan Mathis in favor of Dallas Thomas? Who drafted a WR in 1st and a DT in 2nd despite having depth at those positions and garbage on the OL and in the secondary?

  39. Schwartz, and even Fassel, might be interesting. The elder Shanahan, too, if he would agree to less power than he is used to. Even Jim Haslett.

    They need a guy with past experience.

    Maybe Jimmy might like to coach for a spell?

    I would even look at proven college head coaches.

    Anyone but philbin bc he lost control awhile ago.

  40. Time to bring in the big guns. Denny Green! Shoot, he’d probably get Moss and Culpepper to come out of retirement. All upgrades!

  41. Fire Philbin and send Tannehill over to Afghanistan to overthrow Al Quaeda!
    He is as awful as ever! Jeez! Soon painful to watch! Can’t throw a ball into the ocean from over 20 yards, can’t convert 3rd down throws, and even gives his tight end a concussion from diving ffor one of his “quails” in the end zone -and the only one in his zip code at the time, and Tannehill with an unhurried throw. And we all know this– if the ‘Fins would have been down by 30 the throw would have been perfect.

  42. Two observations from this Pats fan in New Jersey: 1) I watched Tannenbaum running the Jets and can’t understand why anybody would have hired him as GM. His track record for the Jets was one bad contract after another.
    2) I almost felt sorry for Tannehill with that offensive line in front of him. It’s like they don’t have any idea how to block.

  43. Tannenbaum has zero business being an NFL gm

    He ran jets into ground and is doing same with Dolphins! The guy does not get it!

  44. Sorry, the only way to fix this mess is for Ross to sell the team. He is incapable of picking the right people to run the Dolphins.

  45. I have been a Dolphin fan since Marino started putting the footballs in the air. No decent coach will take the Dolphin job without a long term agreement. So going for an interim coach in Bill Lazor the OC may work. He has been limited in his play calling by Tannehill’s limitations to throw accurately on the deeper routes. Moreover HC Philbin is always nearby changing calls to a more conservative approach. The Dolphins always begin by throwing short and running. LOL Teams know what the Dolphins are going to do; So the scheme to beat the Dolphins has been an open book to all opposing offensive coordinators.

    Joe Philbin and Kevin Coyle need to be fired ASAP to bring this team together for the remainder of the season. Making Bill Lazor the interim coach and firing Philbin and Coyle will placate the fan base. It will also help to motivate the players again.

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