Alex Smith is taking sacks at a near-record pace


Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith has been sacked 18 times this year, meaning he’s on pace to get his name in the record books, and not in a way he’d want.

Smith is currently on pace to get sacked 72 times this season. That’s a pace that only one quarterback in NFL history has topped.

The NFL Record and Fact Book lists this as the record under “Most Times Sacked, Season”:

76: David Carr, Houston, 2002
72: Randall Cunningham, Philadelphia, 1986
68: David Carr, Houston, 2005

Times sacked has been kept as an official statistic since 1963, and Smith is on pace to get sacked at a rate matched only by David Carr when playing behind one of the worst lines in NFL history with the expansion Texans, and Randall Cunningham in his first year as a starter, when the Eagles’ offense featured Cunningham constantly scrambling and often getting caught behind the line. That’s not good company to keep.

Smith was sacked a career-high 45 times last year, but if the Chiefs can’t change things, he’s going to obliterate that mark this year. Or else he’s going to get obliterated.

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  1. The offensive line was supposed to be better this year. And Reid is playing musical chairs constantly swapping them out…

  2. The Chiefs o-line situation is worst than the Bears when they had Mike Martz. In that seven step drop, Jay was sacked around by time he was on the fourth. With the Chiefs line, Alex is running by time he gets the snap. It’s inexcusable for a simple four man rush to essentially be a jail break. Most teams in the NFL have o-line problems but the Chiefs are in the top 5 battling for the first spot along with the Colts.

    Good news though is that I never knew that Alex Smith has 99 Juke & Spin until now. You could make a highlight tape of that as that’s all he’s been doing.

  3. Smith was a sack machine in San Fran too. Whenever a backup took over (Shawn Hill?) the rate was cut by more than 50%.

    Do you know that Alex Smith has never had a 1,000 yard WR in his entire career?


  4. Sacks don’t affect the QB rating as much as ints. Alex is smart enough to know how to lose without getting the blame. Another record he might challenge before he’s finished is number of coaches he’s gotten fired.

  5. Not surprised.

    This is the worst pass protection Ive seen since the Texans first season.

    I almost cant believe how bad they are. I feel kind of bad for Smith.

  6. So what we’re saying is he won’t be buying his o-line Rolex’s for Christmas? Maybe some ugg boots instead?

  7. Poor offensive line is a league wide issue. Teams pay RB big money and the. Grow together a piecemeal offensive line. Ask Demarco Murray again if he does not miss the Dallas Oline. No different the. Hauling a boat. It you don’t have the horses up front little bills turn into Mt Everest

  8. The problem with the sack record is that it only records the QBs that survived the year. What’s the record for most sacks per game average before succumbing to injury and missing games? Anyone have that number? 72 is an average of 4.5 per game. I’m sure some of those QBs with 60+ sacks only played 10 games or so before being knocked out.

  9. Weird stat, but it really doesn’t matter how many times a QB is sacked in a season, just as long as he’s a decent QB. Sacks are just like any other negative play, but its only one play out of many.

    Smith went 13-3 with 44 sacks for the 2011 season (only 10 less than what he’s projected for in 2015)

    I don’t see this as a big deal.

  10. It should be noted that the 2002 Texan’s OLine also had to overcome the worst offensive line coach in NFL history.

  11. It should be noted that the 2002 Texan’s OLine had to overcome the worst offensive line coach in the history of the NFL.

  12. Lots of people tried to explain to delusional Chiefs fans that they had a suspect oline (and a shaky and tragically shallow secondary), but they wouldn’t have it. We’re the greatest and awesomest of all time, they declared. Dorsey is a deity, they screeched. Andy all the sudden can call a smart play and manage the clock better than a brain damaged monkey, they cried.

    Everybody else just felt bad for them. Knew the Chiefs were the Chiefs. Like always.

    It’s hilarious.

  13. raiderman81 says:
    Oct 5, 2015 7:25 PM

    Thanks for Rodney Hudson glad we got him – Raider Fan…
    Morse is actually playing fairly well for the Chiefs, while Hudson has been solid, but not special.

  14. Alex Smith is the Reason for at least Half the sacks. Every week we see other qb’s under pressure completing passes, but Not Alex Smith. He is Matt Cassel Part Deux. And we are stuck with his sorry behind, cause Reid won;t bench him.

  15. First 4: HOU, DEN. GB, CIN
    Next 4: CHI, MIN, PIT, DET

    That OL isn’t good, but they played a rough first quarter. Give it 4 more weeks. The number might still be bad, but not historically bad.

  16. David Carr was one tough guy to make it through full seasons while taking such a pounding.

    At least he was drafted when 1st round QBs got outrageous amounts of guaranteed money.

  17. If Smith would keep his eyes downfield for more than a half second instead of bailing out like a coward and running himself into sacks, he’d be a lot less terrible.

    As a Chiefs fans, I’d rather see Cairo Santos at QB than Alice Smith at this point.

  18. Sacks are one thing. Bengals hit him another 9 times. Unacceptable but he hung in there. Pls give the guy some help in the middle of the O Line. Do you want to be hit that often? He played well considering. Signed Bengals Fan

  19. Now we know why Mr. Smith immediately turns and fires the ball laterally on almost every play off a 3 step drop. How many sacks would he have if he didn’t chuck it short most of the time?

    The 7 field goals are a product of an offense that does not have a big play passing threat. J. Charles can only hit so many home runs out of the backfield and on swing passes. They are awesome between the 20’s though!

    Kelce has disappeared against the good teams…….I’m sure he’ll show back up when playing the Cleveland’s of the world.

    This team is a 9-7 club……

  20. The O-Line is awful. Everyone calls Alex a dink & dunk type passer. Well he is, he never has time for plays to develop. The Fisher pick is a pick u CANT miss on, well the guy is a BUST. Can’t even handle playing RT.

  21. I see why they call Alex Smith Captain Checkdown; but he is not the problem. I tried to tell you morons that the problem was not the wide receivers–specifically Dwayne Bowe. Yeah, Maclin is an upgrade. He is a keeper.

    The obvious problem is the offensive line. The not so obvious problem is that the Chiefs are being out-schemed and out-coached as evidenced by De’Anthony Thomas getting blown up in the backfield on his one offensive play.

  22. Chief Men–

    You have to be relieved that the playoffs appear out of reach, yes? Denver, Green Bay and Cincy are all playoff teams and the Chiefs have been badly outmatched in those games. Maybe next year KC will figure it out.

  23. Fisher is playing RT and he is 1 of 5 RT that haven’t let up a sack yet. So that’s something. Chiefs are playing with a huge hole at RG and it’s a huge problem!

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