Benching Kaepernick not on Jim Tomsula’s mind

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After Colin Kaepernick threw four interceptions in a Week Three loss to the Cardinals, 49ers coach Jim Tomsula said he wasn’t thinking about making a quarterback change.

In as clear a sign as you could hope for about the state of things with the 49ers right now, Tomsula faced the same questions after Sunday’s 17-3 loss to the Packers. The answer wasn’t any different.

“Won’t even go into that discussion,” Tomsula said, via “It’s not on my mind.”

Kaepernick was 13-of-25 for 160 yards in a game that saw him get sacked six times while playing behind an offensive line that rarely gave him time to look downfield. Kaepernick completed just three passes that traveled more than five yards in the air and said after the game that he’s “not just going to throw a ball into coverage” after that approach led to his disaster against the Cardinals.

While Kaepernick and the 49ers offense aren’t playing well, it’s hard to imagine that things would make a serious move in the right direction if the team opted to roll with Blaine Gabbert instead. At some point making a change for the sake of making a change might enter the equation, but that moment hasn’t come for the 49ers yet.

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  1. On the broadcast yesterday they mentioned the 49ers staff feels like Gabbert has “developed”. which probably means he only sometimes closes his eyes when he throws. As awful has Kaep has been, Gabbert had one of the worst seasons statistically for a QB in the history of the NFL and then GOT WORSE the next year before being benched.

  2. Most overrated QB in the NFL. Rode his defense and running game to the Super Bowl and NFC Championship Game, and has shown that he can’t carry a team.

    Great runner, very average at best passer.

  3. Put in gabbert, Kaep had several plays with wide open receivers and simply couldn’t do more then go to his first read. At the very least a quick benching will inspire him.

    Get it together…

  4. Well it’s on my mind. How desperate do you have to be before the sentence, “maybe we should kick the tires on Gabbert and see what he can do.” doesn’t sound like the ramblings of a crazy person? Because that’s where I am right now.

  5. Kaepernick’s not the problem. The offensive system that was created is the problem.

    Jim Tomsula – Former Janitor/Newspaper Delivery Man/Sales Rep at Cisco foods….How is he supposed to develop a NFL franchise QB and lead a NFL to anything special? Looking at his professional resume he’s more qualified to be a janitor at Levi’s stadium than a head coach of a NFL team.

    Chris Foerster – The conductor of offensive line disaster. The coordinator of some of the worst pass protecting offensive lines in NFL history.

    Geep Chryst – Has no track record of success in the NFL, and was in charge of Ryan Leaf’s development.

    Steve Logan – was a sports talk show host last year and has no experience in developing athletic QBs like Kap.

    Ron Curry – a receivers coach with minimal experience.Not qualified for the position…


  6. Trade Anquan Boldin to the Panthers.

    Trade Vernon Davis to the Saints.

    Trade Colin Kaepernick to the Texans.

    Fire Jim Tomsula.

    Start the re-build.

    -49ers Fan

  7. well, we all knew he was a lame duck/ interim type ala mike singletary, sparano, or marinelli.

  8. I feel for Niner fans but not for Tomsula – he clearly was the Yorkie mole in the locker room undercutting Harbaugh and is a lackey over his head as a head coach.

    As for Kaep, he is like a one pitch pitcher : a flat fastball that the league caught up with : pretty telling that Jimmy Johnson said on Fox post game he’d be looking for a new QB

  9. Tomsula is one and done. Jed won’t embarrass himself by Ross-ing him midseason but Jim had better enjoy all the perks of being an NFL HC his first season because it will also be his last if things don’t somehow turn around in the Bay in a hurry.

  10. Ya lets give the kid a chance. A couple more games like that last one and Tom will be looking for his own job.
    Two more loses and the 9ers can coast the rest of the year with plans to watch the playoffs on tv like everyone else.

  11. It’s hard to imagine any QB performing well behind the right side of that offensive line. The 49ers will have a top 10 pick, and should seriously look at drafting Tackle in the 1st round, followed by guard in the 2nd or trade up back into the 1st it’s not sexy but it leads to success.

  12. Coach, tell me, what IS exactly on your mind??? I think they should have been able to get in the end zone at least once, you abandoned the run game way too quickly…spark the club coach, that one gadget play worked, Kaep looked bad but it’s not all on him…wasted effort from the D.

  13. i thumbs down your comment says:
    Oct 5, 2015 12:20 PM

    “49ers draft a QB in 1st round 2016 guaranteed”

    I’d actually wager against that, the best QB prospect (Goff) wouldn’t be a top 10 pick in any other years draft, this is an exceptionally weak QB class, but a fantastic class of OT’s, and the potential next Revis in Vernon Hargreaves from Florida. A lot of this will also depend on whether Trent Baalke is still the GM, a lot has to play out before I’d be resigned to the fact that SF will draft a 1st round QB.

  14. “Benching Kaepernick not on Jim Tomsula’s mind”

    Think maybe sharing Philbin’s fate might be though?

  15. raiderlyfe510 says:
    Oct 5, 2015 12:13 PM

    Kaepernick’s not the problem. The offensive system that was created is the problem

    I could have told you it was the problem as soon he was hired.

    Kaepernick is still an issue regardless, he wasn’t progressing under Harbaugh as a pocket passer his gimmick as an option QB is stoppable now.

    If he couldn’t develop under Harbaugh in four years, he was going to regress with a new playbook regardless of the staff. Based on how he comes off he focuses more on his athleticism than his craft as a QB, and more apparent by how little faith the coaching staff has by simplifying the offense. He simply gets the benefit since the staff is out of their depth.

  16. I’m a big anti-Harbaugh guy, but as soon as he leaves the 9ers, they tank. As soon as he arrives in Michigan, they look like world beaters. Guess he is a much better coach than 9ers gave him credit for.

    Still a whiny baby acting goofball on the sidelines though

  17. Even when he has time, he often sails passes 10 yards high out of bounds and over the middle at his receivers feet in the dirt/grass. There are many teams that have Oline issues. That is not an excuse. Its not rocket science, if you don’t have time for passes downfield, the ball needs to come out more quickly. Short passing game 3 step drop, ball out of the QBs hand. Hit enough of those and the downfield will open up. The problem is that no one respects their passing game and are now stacking the box to shut down the run. Coaching staff and QB are to blame.

  18. As a Hawks fan I thim Jim s correct in not sitting Kap for Gaby. Gaby would get destroyed because the O-Line is poor right now. Kap is trying to do to much but the D is balling out. I think the Niners need to pound the ball and run some I formation. One thing seattle does is start out slow (which I hate) pounding the ball and they stay with it. I really don’t think it’s Kap.

  19. If your Oline needs help there’s a very simple solution called a quick release.

    The Pats Oline which has 3 rookies is playing well but Brady has helped them but getting the ball out in something like 1.9 seconds average release time this season.

    Kap needs to read the D at the line, figure out where he’s going and get the ball right out.

  20. I’m feeling better about my QB in Carolina. While the Kapernicks and Lucks are loosing and looking worn or injured, Cam is doing just enough to win. Cam will never be a MVP, but he hasn’t imploded. And for that we thank you.

  21. The o-line is terrible and as a poster above alluded to can be minimized by a quick release but as Kap has proved his whole pro career he can not read defenses to save his life.

  22. Its not on his mind but maybe its on York or Baalke’s mind. I would favor it. Give Gabbert at least half the snaps and tell him to be ready to take over if the game starts to go down the tubes next week.

  23. The niners have set Kaep up to fail. They will not fix the offensive line on purpose. Kaep is getting crushed weekly. The number of sacks is crazy. Why are they not replacing the right side of the o line? They want Kaep to take the blame and send him out of town just like Big Jim Harbaugh. The niners have the new stadium and they don’t care about winning this season.

  24. Trade Anquan Boldin to the Panthers.

    Trade Vernon Davis to the Saints.

    Trade Colin Kaepernick to the Texans.

    Fire Jim Tomsula.

    Start the re-build.

    -49ers Fan

    Forgot the biggest one, fire Baalke. He cannot rate talent whatsoever…too many misses and risky picks.

  25. notice the 49ers bringing in Pryor and others for workouts, but there are no mention of LINEMEN! If they bench Kaep and then fix the line, you will know what’s up.

  26. “Benching Kaepernick not on Jim Tomsula’s mind”

    It should be.

  27. As l g as the Yorks own the team we will be losers. Remember the Giants, Warriors, Seahawks before they changed ownership? York is doing the post mooch thing, gut the team get rid of good players as they cost too much, dumpster dive for coaches. York is a fat rich dud laughing all the way to the bank, at the 49er fans.

  28. The 49ers need to wake up to the fact that Kaepernick is a terrible QB and is the most overrated QB in the league. Stop the bleeding and take him out.

  29. What the heck happened to that O-Line? They were a top-5 unit in the league not more than 3 years ago.

  30. This team is not that talented. Jim Harbaugh was able to win, but the 49er chose Baalke over winning. It’s the owner’s right to do so. It’s been made clear that Baalke has complete control over the roster. I’m fine with Jed keeping Baalke, but they should bring in a top notch personnel guy. I don’t know that Kaepernick or Gabbert can be successful NFL QBs without Harbaugh’s coaching. Any decent coach is going to complain about Baalke, but Jed seems married to him. So good coaches probably aren’t interested in coming to San Francisco as long as Baalke’s in charge of personnel. Looks like Harbaugh (and winning) were around just long enough to get the new stadium built. Winning with class? Not doing either right now. Tomsula hasn’t been getting out-coached He just doesn’t have the horses.

  31. Truly great news for future Niners opponents. He’s gone from being a true offensive threat to being an offensive liability.

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