Blandino: Illegal bat is not reviewable


Over the years, the NFL has expanded the list of reviewable calls on a reactive, not proactive, basis. So when there’s a bad call that could have been easily fixed by replay review but the rules don’t allow for replay review of that specific play, the NFL has later changed the rule to encompass that type of play in the future.

And now it’s time to another expansion of the replay rules.

Appearing on NFL Network after the Lions-Seahawks game, NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino said that the question of whether an illegal bat occurred is not subject to replay review. He also said that a discussion about whether illegal batting should be subject to replay review will now surely occur.

Of course, this specific flaw in the rules would have continued to hide in plain sight until a team like the Lions was victimized by the failure to apply the rule in real time, and by the unavailability of replay review. So here’s an idea for the owners to consider at meetings beginning Tuesday in New York: Form a committee to scour every line of the rule book in search of every possible rule: (1) that currently doesn’t allow for replay review; and (2) that could and should easily be changed to include that rule within the scope of reviewable plays.

This won’t help the Lions. But it may help the next team that has to settle for a private apology from 345 Park Avenue instead of a win.

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  1. Bad Miss. I remember this being called against the Dolphins in 2013 in New England. They stripped Brady but kicked the ball so they gave back possession. If those refs knew the rule then all refs should.

  2. Ironic that there have been a record number of flags in the first four weeks, and they missed this one. Deano was busy fluffing Jerah at the time.

  3. My first thought was ‘what a smart unselfish play by K.J.’. Just a heads up play. Game over. Right? Nope. The NFL needs to get is head out of its ass. First off this awarding the Lions the football at the 6 inch line is just stupid. But what even more egregious is that with all the advances in technology the NFL got the call WRONG. It’s not the first time this has happened and I’m sure it won’t be the last. The referees are plugged DIRECTLY into the head office now. What would be wrong with headquarters calling down to the field and clarifying the correct call. It’s just stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The NFL has always been about advancing technology to make the game better. FIX IT NOW NFL. These pathetic calls should be a thing of the past already. Sheesh!

  4. The NFL should adopt something like they do in the CFL and tweak it. In the CFL, the coach can flag for a review if pass interference should have been called.

    In this case if its under 2 minutes, the replay booth should be able to review a play where a penalty should have been called.

  5. It’s ridiculous how they pick and choose what can be reviewed. Hey all turnovers are reviewed, except this one, and this one and this one.

  6. Or just listen to Belichick’s suggestion, and allow a coach to challenge ANY play, including penalties, but still limited to only 2 challenges per game (and 3 if they win the first 2). Scoring plays and turnovers can still be handled by the booth. Even if a call is subjective, the fact that a play is challenged won’t automatically mean it will be overturned on review. Heck, coaches likely won’t want to waste their challenges on too close to call plays, and if they do, it would be one less challenge they have for the rest of the game.

    This is a good example of something that should have been reviewed, and to top it off, it was a play that automatically gets reviewed, as it’s a turnover. So to hand the ball back to the Seahawks was just poor form. It should have been caught, and it wasn’t, so the Lions lost. I don’t care about either team, and only started watching the game in the 4th quarter right when Wilson was strip sacked for a TD, but when this play happened, I immediately thought there would be a flag.

    Oddly, if left alone, the ball likely would have gone out of bounds anyway before a Lion could get to it.

  7. Just heard Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford comments on it and they’re both classy guys

    “You can’t leave it in the refs hands”

  8. Scouring the rule book for anything that doesn’t make sense has been an idea I have been clamoring for the last 10 years. A committee could address both of those issues and several other issues at the same time by finding opportunities for edits that address foreseeable problems. Thank you for continuing the push for it.

    And again (what is this the 10th time I’ve made this suggestion while also generously waiving my unusual consulting fee?), the referees can and should not be expected to be perfect, and the only way to ensure that calls are consistently made correctly is to invent and insert and oversight adjudication system that can in a timely fashion resolve anything of any sort that is not in compliance with the intentions of the rule book.

    A very exciting game and great experience for all of the players, coaches, and fans on a number of different levels.

  9. And why is that team who suffers these officiating blunders always the Lions? Calvin Johnson rule, pass interference flag picked up, guy staring at a play at the back of the ends one being clueless about the rules… It’s always the damn Lions…

    Super Bowl? Laugh, I’m going to die without ever seeing back to back winning season out of the Lions… It’s always something, either they do it to themselves, or the NFL does it to them, the result is always the same, loss after loss after loss… After loss…

  10. My question would be more how was it missed? What were the refs looking at when it happened? One of them had to be looking at the ball. That they didn’t call it is pretty bad. It is one of those obvious rules without ambiguity.

  11. Now Blandino is hiding from scrutiny by saying the bat wasn’t “overt” and that it’s a judgment call. The NFL has zero credibility left anymore.

  12. K.J. should’ve known to just fall on that ball. I was a little concerned they would flag him. I guess the referees football IQ isn’t much higher than that of the average fan though.

    They need to stop with all this wishy washy stuff. This isn’t the YMCA league.

  13. In this case, it happened right in front of the ref in plain sight. No replay needed. The ref either didn’t know the rule or ignored the rule.

    ESPN’s Trent Dilfer is saying that the rule shouldn’t be enforced when it can decide a game. That’s just insulting to everyone’s intelligence. Do we not enforce rules when they can decide a game? But, ESPN circling the wagons for the NFL and protecting the shield is nothing new.

    And of course if there’s going to be a replay rule change it will involve a situation that cost the Lions a game. That’s always the scenario. Lions fans are used to it.

    Chancellor made a nice play.

  14. Not sure why Wright didn’t just jump on it in the end zone to begin with. You’re already going for the ball, why bat it (illegal) instead of jumping on it?

  15. How many ways can the refs find ways to give games to the Seahawks in Seattle? And you thought the 12th man referred to the crowd.

  16. You cant replay for intent!!!!!

    That is just stupid. There are dozens of games won and lost on pass interference (or lack there of) calls and we are going to review to see if someone intended to bat a ball?

  17. Why would they need to review it? The ref was literally staring at it from less than 10 feet away. He couldn’t have had a better view. You shouldn’t need replay to protect you from a ref that doesn’t know the rules. Get refs that know the rules.

  18. The rule as a whole needs to be looked at.

    There is a big difference between fumbling sideways and retaining possession vs. fumbling through the back of end zone and being rewarded with the ball back.

    The rule being applied right in this case doesn’t seem any better than how it was applied wrong.

  19. Or let the coaches use their challenges for what they want. Keep all the challenge rules the same but allow the coaches to decide what plays they want to challenge. This is going to happen over and over again. I feel bad for the teams that get screwed. Oh “I’m sorry” from the league offices doesn’t cut it. They can’t give that team a W in the win column.

  20. The Lions, being deemed a second rate, or loser franchise by the NFL powers, will never get the benefit of any close calls vs. a powerhouse team. This despite having a solid, passionate fan base and being a stand up member of the NFL for decades. I’ve seen it so many times, not funny anymore.

  21. So here’s an idea for the owners to consider at meetings beginning Tuesday in New York

    Here’s another one: Get rid of Blindino. He’s obviously in the NFL Referee Customer Service role… and it’s a tired act, already.

    I’m pretty sure he can get a job in Jeffrey Tambor’s soon-to-be-defunct cable company. They needed a “let’s hold a press conference” guy on their team.

  22. Instead of making a rule reviewable, how about just changing the rule that it doesn’t matter if the ball is recovered in the end zone, swatted out, or naturally went out of bounds. Whatever happens, it’s still a touchback unless the offense is able to recover it and therefore making it a TD.

    It seems like a rule can be simplified but instead it’s made more complex and difficult to learn, memorize, and correctly officiate.

    When it gets to the point where not even the players or fans know the technicalities of each rule, it’s become a broken rule system.

  23. It’s a penalty on Wright, plain and simple…he wasn’t trying to “possess” the ball…he was clearly trying to help push the football out of the end zone…Detroit should have had the ball on the 1/2 yard line with 2 nd down, goal to goal…they just screwed the Lions royally…at 1-3 their season has some life…0-4, put a fork in them…the refs just stole Detroit’s 2015 season…and probably saved Seattle’s…

  24. The ball had already crossed the goal line,, so the defensive player was technically not moving the ball forward; besides, if KJ Wright had fallen on the ball, it would have been a touchback anyway.

    This is one weird rule and I think it is being misapplied.

  25. It’s mind boggling that one of the richest, most strict leagues in the world allows embarrassing outcomes like this to continue to take place. How is it possible for a team to get shammed out of a game in plain sight? I root for the Vikings and the Lions are in the same division so I wasn’t necessarily rooting for them but no NFL team should be ripped off by poor officiating. Anyone who doesn’t see it that way, just imagine how you’d feel if that happened to your team. I’d be sick right now. In reality, what good is a day after apology after you’ve already been handed a L?

  26. Hey, Lions fans, I’ll bet you agree with Belichick now. As he stated last year, “everything should be reviewable.”

  27. The NFL is just dumb. Full of dummies. I swear. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE REVIEWABLE IN THE END ZONE! It is the most crucial area of the field because that is the how you score touchdowns! Anything that may or may not result in a TD or change of possession in the endzone should be reviewable. I mean, jeeze.

    What happens if this was a Super Bowl (or NFC championship, since it’s two NFC teams)? You telling me a potential game winning play is NOT reviewable, despite the fact that what the Seahawk player did was illegal and right in front of the damn ref?!? What a joke!

  28. Bill Belichick believes everything should be reviewable. Bill is disgusted at the officiating. When TB12 rides off into the sunset with his rings and storied career, I vote BILL BELICHICK FOR COMMISSIONER! Bill wouldn’t stand for any of this bad officiating stuff. DO YOUR JOBS REFS.

  29. What a shame. It is Detroit so it’s still 50/50 whether they score or not, but chances seem pretty good that they would’ve got the TD and almost 100% that they’d get a FG or better there.

    Why does SEA get the benefit of those horrible calls; fail mary and now this, plus getting away with pass int or def holding almost every play?

    It was a turnover, so I guess he’s saying you can review whether it’s a turnover but not whether he batted the ball. I’m glad I grew up when the game was interesting and not all penalties and refs calls. Back in the early 1970s, it seemed like pass interference would be called for or against your team maybe 4 times all season. Now it’s a strategy for the offense to use. Multiple missed calls seem to be a part of every game.

  30. This is easy. On a scoring play, every aspect of the play should be reviewable.

    Just fixed the problem is 10 seconds.

    You’re welcome.

  31. Dean Blandino looks like a used car salesmen trying to sell you a piece of garbage. Which explains the NFL in today’s world, trying to sell us garbage as an honest product.

  32. So…. what you are saying is that the refs singlehandedly cost the Lions the game and gave it to the Seahawks… the very same team that was promoted as a potential three consecutive trip to the Superbowl team…

    Sounds about right and not fishy at all… Afterall, if the Seahawks last that game it wouldn’t have hurt their chances of returning for a third time…

  33. I don’t understand all the hate. Kj was only defender there so he could have chose to grab it or let it go out so shy people acting like it was fail Mary from three years ago!

  34. I can just see it now.The Patriots and Seahawks in the Super Bowl. One team gets all the calls, the other cheats. Tough game to watch.

  35. How many times are the Hawks going to get bailed out by a crappy call 0r in this case a non call to win on Monday nights?

  36. So KJ did’t know a obscure, rarely called rule. The ball bounced right into his hands. Yes, he couldn’t grabbed it and ran out of the endzone, or fallen on it. He was ALL ALONE in the back. It didn’t matter.

    What mattered is BAM BAM to the rescue. Give him the damn $$$!


  37. New rule to me and apparently to everyone else in the building. I’ve often seen the offense bat the ball out to limit the damage to 2 instead of 6, is that legal? I honestly don’t know. Either way, how about that Kam Chanchellor? I have no problem with Sherman, but Kam is the alpha on that defense.

  38. So, player could have made winning play chooses to make illegal play and therefore it’s a non-story? So, by that logic, a DB that could easily bat a Hail Mary away, but instead decides to tackle the WR with no call would be a non story too? Rules.

  39. mrwalterisgod says:
    Oct 6, 2015 12:00 AM
    Calvin fumbled. KJ was in position to fall on it for a recovery and a touchback.

    This is a non story.

    But he didn’t. Instead he punched it out of bounds so that Theo Riddick couldn’t get the ball. That’s an illegal play.

    This is a huge story.

  40. Really it’s kind of crazy that not one single Hall of Famer on the broadcast new this rule either including Ray Lewis.

    Nobody knew this rule except some ancient guy sitting up near Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico.

    I know a lot of you already hate the Seahawks so you’ll blame them but this is on the referees and nobody else.

    Great play by Kam Chancellor, if Calvin holds on to that ball to hole missed call thing never happens. If KJ knew the rule he would have just grabbed the ball he could have done it easy.

    It’s a long season, I wish the Lions the best. Pull out of this.

  41. That was a very bad call. Dang these blind referees! How could any person say that in their judgment it was not an overt batting of the ball?

    Why did Wright not just catch the ball and fall on it in the end zone? Isn’t that what they are taught to do?

    It is terrible that the refs missed that call when it is clear that the ball was pushed out or batted out. I feel for the Lions and their fans – this would have been a great win for them and gotten them out of the 0 win column.

    I am a Seattle fan and feel terrible about this call. They need to work hard to make sure that all calls in the last 2 minutes of a game are reviewable. Get rid of this “that call cannot be reviewed”. It just does not make any sense.

  42. I just realized that everyone has been spelling his name incorrectly.

    The name of the NFL VP of Officiating is Dean Blindino, not Dean Blandino.

  43. Players, coaches, and fans are the ones that are being screwed over by the ineptitude of the Not Fair League. Mark Cuban was right when he predicted the demise of the league. It seems to be happening at a rapid pace.

  44. But did you listen to Steve Young and Ray Rice at the end of the game? They both said that punters and QBs in the end zone have been batting the ball out of the end zone for years. They asked the ref if it was a new rule because they could not believe it. The ref said it had been in the books for his entire 26 years as a ref. They said it had never been called on them.

    I wonder if this is in the same category as a violation of the rules for teammates to push their own runner into the end zone for a TD. They do it all the time but it is never called. Perhaps this in the same category.

  45. Maybe so mrwalterisgod, but that isn’t whathappened. Close doesn’t count. Then again, neither does an almost Super Bowl win when you get stopped at the 1 hard line.

  46. KJ could have fallen on it, but he didn’t. He admitted in the presser that he’s seen other players knock the ball out of the end zone and didn’t know the rules prohibited it.

  47. If they can fine players for making mistakes then why can’t the players fine the NFL when they make one? Sometimes justice is unfair in the NFL on the side of the office.
    If players can be held accountable then so should the officials with more than just a “challenge flag.”

  48. And KJ said, he didn’t want to risk falling on it for fear he couldn’t come natron it so he batted it out. This is a real story.

  49. And KJ said he was afraid to fall on it for fear he would not be able to control it so he intentionally batted the it out.

    That makes it a real story.

  50. mrwalterisgod says:
    Oct 6, 2015 12:00 AM
    Calvin fumbled. KJ was in position to fall on it for a recovery and a touchback.

    This is a non story.

    No it’s not a non story. Whether he was in position to fall on the ball or not is not the point. You really want to watch a league where they throw penalty flags or withhold them based on what they “think” might have happened?

  51. Please explain how this is a non-story? Hawks deserved to lose, if this was the Pats the Internet would be broken from all the cheater hate being spewed. Once again the Hawks get away with a blown call and instead of being 1 and 3 still have life.

  52. Stupid but at the same time just allow everything to be reviewable. Wouldn’t that solve this controversy from happening? Know was in a position, but didn’t recover for a touchback, just as much as Calvin was in a position to score, but failed to retain possession of the football..

  53. The travesty is the rule. Not the implementation or the lack thereof. If Kj had grabbed it and fallen down it would have been a touchback. If he had hit it via incodental contact, that would have been a touchback. If he had said he was tryin to grab it then it would be on the refs to decide “intent”. Its a bad rule to begin with.

  54. The fumbled ball was going out of the end zone.

    The call would have given Detroit another chance but it didn’t lose the game for them.

  55. mrwalterisgod says:
    Oct 6, 2015 12:00 AM
    Calvin fumbled. KJ was in position to fall on it for a recovery and a touchback.

    This is a non story.
    But KJ didn’t recover it. He clearly batted it out of bounds, in clear sight of the back judge. That is a penalty.

    It is anything but a non story.

  56. mrwalterisgod says:
    Oct 6, 2015 12:00 AM

    Calvin fumbled. KJ was in position to fall on it for a recovery and a touchback.

    This is a non story.


    But he didn’t fall on the ball he pushed it out of the back of the end zone which is a penalty. The Lions should have had the ball on the 1 yard line first and goal.

  57. Yeah sure, ref blew the call. Doesn’t change the fact that Detroit sucked for the other 3 quarters of this game. Move on. Games aren’t decided on one play.

  58. It’s very much a story. Even a dope like me at home on the couch knew it was illegal. But not the refs? If the tables were turned you’d be pissed.

  59. How about instead of making it reviewable, we just get rid of the rule? If that ending would’ve been turned around because of such a nonsense penalty, THAT would’ve been the real problem. Seahawks deserved to win, they won, get over it.

    And this is all said as a Ravens fan

  60. Detroit got screwed AGAIN by a lousy refereeing call. Take a bow, NFL VP of Officiating, Dean Blandino. Totally incapable of ever admitting a refereeing error. Roger Goodell must be proud of his protegee.

  61. AGAIN the MAD GENIUS B.B. is correct…he has proposed for the last 4 yrs to the rules committee that each team should get two PENALTY challenges either for calls or non calls of penalties..that would solve the problem right there…but again the NFL envy crowd has said no no no…

  62. mrwalterisgod says:
    Oct 6, 2015 12:00 AM

    Calvin fumbled. KJ was in position to fall on it for a recovery and a touchback.

    This is a non story.


    But he didn’t fall on it for a recovery. He batted it.

  63. mrwalterisgod says:
    Oct 6, 2015 12:00 AM
    Calvin fumbled. KJ was in position to fall on it for a recovery and a touchback.

    This is a non story.


    Seahawks fan? Whether he was in position or not doesn’t matter. He committed a penalty, no matter how obscure. Aren’t we, as fans, hit over the head all the time with complex or obscure rules that decide games?

    The tuck rule was a rule noone heard of until it benefitted Tom Brady. They made the Calvin Johnson rule to justify taking away a TD from Calvin Johnson.

    Non stories don’t decide games. The Lions got robbed in the playoffs last year as well by bad officiating.

    It was a game deciding mistake by the matter how great the play was before the penalty.

    How many TDs did you see called back by questionable calls by the refs last week alone?

    The bottom line is the refs are given a pass by the league and the fans of whoever the call benefits.

  64. Actually it is a story. The referees have no consistently game to game. What’s a penalty in one game doesn’t get called in another. Frustrating!!!

  65. Is not reviewable? The NFL spent 7 million dollars and 7 months on a few puffs of air that had no bearing on the game but can’t fix an obvious mistake that could get a coach fired? Integrity of the game?

  66. Blandino’s next assignment – his old paper route.

    Won’t be long pal, grease up that bike chain.

  67. mrwalterisgod says:
    Oct 6, 2015 12:00 AM
    Calvin fumbled. KJ was in position to fall on it for a recovery and a touchback.


    That is not what happened refs screw up and need to be held accountable.

  68. I thought that all turnovers are reviewed by the booth after the 2- minute warning.. Here we had a fumble and a change of possession. This sounds like a turnover.

  69. They install a state-of-the-art replay system and then decide certain plays are unreviewable. Why? What is the point of having replay if the outcome of games are still botched because a play was unreviewable? Absolutely, off the charts idiotic.

  70. The Seahawks benefit from another call in the grey area. Doesn’t matter to me, as I’m not a fan of anyone in either division. One thing is certainly clear though, the Seahawks are not making back to the Superbowl. If they played any decent team last night, they wouldve been destroyed in their own building.

  71. 345 Park Avenue owes all NFL fans an apology, not just the Lions. Poor officiating and the apparent lack of interest in fixing it is absolutely ruining the game.

  72. mrwalterisgod says:

    Calvin fumbled. KJ was in position to fall on it for a recovery and a touchback.

    This is a non story.

    KJ might have been able to fall on it for a recovery and a touchback, but he didn’t.

    Instead, he intentionally and illegally batted the ball out of bounds.

    That is the story.

  73. I’m confused why all the experts are confused. The batting of the ball is a penalty – nothing more. Just like if during a fumble review the replay showed a face mask against Calvin, the replay officials can’t overturn the fumble due to that or any other penalty missed. The officials on the field blew it and unless we are making all penalties spotted during a review fair game, I’m not sure what everyone is talking about.

  74. NFL rule 34267.45 section 143h.5 subset 14a

    All turnovers are reviewable unless super ceded by illegal endzone batting non reviewable clause 1432.32 section 216y subset 52s.

    Should have been obvious. NFL is right, common sense and everyone else is wrong.

    Hail Blandino !


  75. allow review of everything that is questionable …

    Permit teamwork between officials and allow a booth review any time they feel the rules have not been enforced correctly.

  76. Exactly. This is a wasted discussion because Wright could have simply fallen onto the ball for the touchback and the only Lion player who could have recovered the fumble was Johnson himself which he was not going to do.

  77. Since the refereeing has become so spotty and inaccurate, everything should be reviewable from personal foul calls to illegally batted balls. Give teams 3 chances to challenge, eliminate the automatic challenges on turnovers and touchdowns and give a team an extra challenge if they get all three right. The game will be faster because you get rid of all those automatic challenges. With an extra challenge and the possibility to get two, let teams challenge if they think a turnover or touchdown was called incorrectly. Something has to be done if the NFL continues to not have full time referees causing refs to have a “real” job so they can survive. If they were full time when they weren’t refereeing games they would be honing their craft but the NFL wont do that, that makes too much sense.

  78. Calvin fumbled. KJ was in position to fall on it for a recovery and a touchback.

    This is a non story.


    But he didn’t. He did an act that is against the rules. If you hold a guy but the QB throws the other way — it’s still a hold.

    Who knows, when KJ fell on the ball it could have squeaked out and lions recover for a TD.

    The point is, there are no gimme’s in football.

  79. Yes they missed the call. But if KJ knocks it out on “accident” its not a penalty. Just another of the stupid judgement calls.

    Nor should it be allowed to add penalties on replay or have the ability to challenge it. Unless you are going to open up challenges to all calls. If CJ pushes off to catch the pass and its not called, should you be able to have that reversed? If the O-line holds on the final play and they score a touchdown should we be able to review that taking the TD away and moving the ball back 10 yards to enforce an un called penalty?

  80. Isn’t this exactly the sort of expansion of the replay review rules that Bill Belichick has been requesting for several years now?
    This means it will never happen, as Goodell, Blandino, the Colts, the Ravens, and half the trolls on these comment boards will all oppose it.
    If it’s a Belichick idea, it can’t POSSIBLY be a good one.

  81. Everything should be reviewable as the officials have shown their ineptitude and lack of knowledge of the rules, even in what they see.
    It’s bad enough they are setting a record for most penalties in a season, thus making the majority of the games practically un-watchable, but then to not get game changing calls correct is inexcusable.
    Keep thinking you are too big to fail NFL, and then ultimately you will.

  82. I like the NHL’s review system. Even if the refs mess it up, that all seeing eye in Toronto will send a call, even if it stops the game, to get it right. Yet, the NFL, with it’s boundless $$$ resources, hides behind, “We haven’t put that play on our review list, yet. But, we’ll get to that as soon as we can.” BS!!!

  83. A turnover is reviewable. For the ball to turnover to the Seahawks it must be ruled that either the Lions lost the ball prior to the endzone and and the ball was either recovered by the Seahhawks or went out of bounds through the endzone. An illegal bat is essential to that ruling. What is the point of reviewing turnovers if the NFL is going to eliminate essential elements of possession?

  84. devilsmetsgiants says:
    All plays should be reviewable.

    All plays in the END ZONE should be reviewable.
    Fixed that for you. Please God, do not make EVERY play reviewable, there are enough delays already.

    Strictly speaking since the result of the play effectively turned the ball over to Seattle I think it should have been reviewable on that basis alone. In fact, end zone or not any play that results in a change of possession should be reviewed

  85. The play was a fumble which caused a change of possession and no team recovered it but it was forced out of bounds by Seattle. Fumbles are reviewable and if it was recovered they’d of reviewed that so why not review how it went out of bounds?

    This is how the review should have gone down. The referee turns on his microphone and says, “After reviewing the play, the ball was fumbled outside the endzone and was forced out of bounds in the endzone by the defense.” *Referee throws flag on the ground* “This is an illegal batting of the ball and will be assessed half the distance to the goal from the spot of the foul. First down Detroit.”

    While Detroit did not have much to be proud of this game, the incompetence of the league is amazing.

  86. The larger story is that guys like Blandino, Goodell, Pash, and Vincent can never admit they screwed up and that call was a colossal screw up. Heck, after spending over $20MM investigating deflategate they still haven’t told us who leaked to Kravitz and who leaked to Mortensen. Of course, they know who the perps are, they just don’t want the truth to be known because it will make the NFL and its co-conspirators look bad. Players are called out publicly for any and all mistakes but the NFL suits act as if they are infallible.

    Kudos to Jim Caldwell who was a stand-up guy while not white-washing the NFL’s screw up.

  87. I am no seahawks fan, but where was this outrage 2 weeks ago when they lost in part due to an official missing a call on the offsides that lets rodgers get a free play instead of blowing the play dead, which is what should have happened.

    Did you lobby for that play to be review able now? Should we change everything because they missed that judgement call? Is that ref going to have to explain his missed call to new york?

    Just thinking your making a big deal out f obscure judgement call.

  88. Who is the one prominent NFL guy to push that all plays should be reviewable? Bill Belichick.

    Remember when he pushed for endzone cameras at the goal line in the pylons and the NFL said no? Now we have endzone cameras.

    Who pushed for the change in the conversion to make it more difficult? Belichick. It took some time but now we have that change.

    Time for the NFL to listen to Bill and make all plays reviewable.

  89. det81 says:
    Oct 6, 2015 8:57 AM
    The play was a fumble which caused a change of possession and no team recovered it but it was forced out of bounds by Seattle. Fumbles are reviewable and if it was recovered they’d of reviewed that so why not review how it went out of bounds?

    This is how the review should have gone down. The referee turns on his microphone and says, “After reviewing the play, the ball was fumbled outside the endzone and was forced out of bounds in the endzone by the defense.” *Referee throws flag on the ground* “This is an illegal batting of the ball and will be assessed half the distance to the goal from the spot of the foul. First down Detroit.”

    While Detroit did not have much to be proud of this game, the incompetence of the league is amazing.


    And if calvin pushed off to get open that wasnt called, do we add in that penalty? If they o-line held during the play and it wasnt called, do we add in that penalty. Assessing penalties on replay is a bad idea.

  90. If people didn’t hate Belichick so much everything would be reviewable. The system would already deal with all of the problems people are worried about.

    For example the game wouldn’t be 5 hours because coaches still have a limited number of challenges.

    They wouldn’t often be able to turn over this type of call because it has to be beyond dispute…. like this was clearly an intentional batting of the ball. Overturn the call. Simple. Just allow the system to work.

  91. Obviously the ref did not KNOW the rules on that. ANOTHER reason why officials NEED to be full time…NOT part time as it is been. Integrity of the game???? Start there…full time officials…make things like that reviewable. Lions got hosed….TERIBLE!! NFSmell

  92. mrwalterisgod says:
    Oct 6, 2015 12:00 AM
    Calvin fumbled. KJ was in position to fall on it for a recovery and a touchback.

    This is a non story.

    And yet he didn’t. Won’t matter….Seahawks offense is pitiful. 1-year dynasty is over.

  93. No one can say that this somehow is the fault of the Seahawks.

    The only elements in the NFL that have stunk up the place more than the kickers, are the officials. They are simply awful and are making the most boneheaded and unbelievably bad calls in EVERY game.

    Therefore, since the officiating is at the point of complete failure, everything should be reviewable IMMEDIATELY. And I mean everything!

  94. mrwalterisgod says:
    Oct 6, 2015 12:00 AM

    Calvin fumbled. KJ was in position to fall on it for a recovery and a touchback.
    But he didn’t. He illegally batted the ball out of bounds. Do you even understand what the controversy is here? I think not.

  95. jag1959 says:
    Oct 6, 2015 8:55 AM

    devilsmetsgiants says:
    All plays should be reviewable.

    All plays in the END ZONE should be reviewable.
    Fixed that for you. Please God, do not make EVERY play reviewable, there are enough delays already.
    Nothing here is “broken” thus needs no fixing but thanks for playing. ANY play that warrants a review, should get one. NO play should be non-reviewable. We possess the technology so why would any play not be reviewable.

  96. how about we make a rule, after 20 missed calls a ref gets let go. Sounds right. This way they cant just blindly throw flags or hold them knowing there is zero repercussion.

  97. daronsta says:
    Oct 6, 2015 7:48 AM

    I’m not sure you know what your talking about. We arent saying review the play and call every other penalty we didnt see- if they are reviewing the batted ball then thats the only penalty they are looking at, if the ref see’s holding while reviewing the play then ofcourse he is not going to call that penalty. The fact is a penalty happened, it was extremely obvious and the lions should have had 1st and 10 at the 1 yard line.

  98. KJ Wright admitted intentionally batting the ball and Greg Wilson had the perfect view of the play. This is a professional football game. If Greg Wilson does not know the rules, he shouldn’t be employed next week. If Dean Blandino cannot properly insure his officials know the rules, he should not be employed next week. This huge mistake is a season deciding blunder that affects both teams. All these questionable calls makes one wonder if someone in NFL management is on Seattle’s payroll. Whatever happened to integrity of the game Roger?

  99. If the MNF Crew would have said something on the broadcast I am sure they would have buzzed down, just like the Rams-Seahawks onside kick missed call. That wasn’t reviewable, but somehow they reversed the call right after that replay clearly showed the ball did not hit the ground off the kick and the fair catch was legal. The officials then didn’t call the flag on the guy hitting the guy making the fair catch, which should have been a penalty. But that was neither here nor there I guess.

    Regardless, the point being that if the MNF crew was on the ball I am sure they would have righted the wrong somehow. Not that this is their responsibility, but they didn’t clue in either.

  100. I don’t understand how the league could suggest the “batting of a ball” is not reviewable. Turnovers ARE subject to review and the batting of the ball is an integral part of a turnover play. You can’t review the turnover without looking at the batted ball segment.

    The replay officials who look at all turnovers – led by Blandino – should have over-turned the call immediately and shouldn’t be relying on ‘well batted balls aren’t reviewable’. That’s like saying turnovers aren’t reviewable and they are. Far better they get the call right. Ever since Pereira left, the officiating has gone downhill IMO.

  101. Funny how when Russell threw. that interception in Lambeau Field to let Green Bay go up by 10 the guy actually fumbled the ball on the run back and the Seahawks recovered but it wasn’t reviewed and nobody even said anything.

    All Seahawks fans saw it again and again on local broadcast later but during the game they didn’t even show it again it was clearly a fumble back to Seattle but they just lined up Green Bay and hiked it and that was it.

    Stop crying you all sound pathetic. Bad calls happen every week in every game

  102. There are eight listed items in the 2015 rulebook for what is ‘not reviewable,’ and ball touches, batting, and touchbacks are not in the list. In fact, these are all in the ‘reviewable’ list. Blandino could only claim that penalty administration is involved. But no penalty was called! It should have been called – we all know that – for batting a ball, that was once loose on the ground, in the end zone. He must be claiming that non-calls are not reviewable. This makes some sense, but it is clear in the rules that any aspect of a play is reviewable if review for a play is properly initiated. Here, it was: they checked to see possession when crossing the plane of the goal line. The ball was illegally batted by Wright and should have been called ex post facto. Blandino is in the position of defending the indefensible.

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