Brandon Weeden, once a “thing of beauty,” now “limited”


Apparently, the list of passers more gifted than Brandon Weeden includes Drew Brees.

After last night’s overtime loss to the Saints, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he was generally OK with the performance of backup quarterback, though he admitted his Saints counterpart was in a different category.

“I thought he did real good,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “He did good all night long. He took his initial look and threw it. He does some real good things, though it’s not quite apples and oranges when the guy on the other side of the deal is Brees and you’re dealing with a guy who is as limited as Weeden. We got in it even running out of time, or short-handed, in 2-minute or what have you, then these quarterbacks like Brees make a difference.”

Weeden had performed his own late-game magic, driving the Cowboys to a game-tying touchdown, with a 91-yard drive in the fourth quarter which ended with a diving touchdown grab by Terrance Williams with under two minutes left. He was 16-of-26 for 246 yards, but hasn’t won any of his starts in relief of Romo.

So while his ball might be a “thing of beauty,” Brees was a little more beautiful last night after throwing an 80-yard game-winner in overtime.

Losing to the Saints is a bad one for the Cowboys, who need a few wins in Romo’s absence to stay competitive, even in the NFC East.

20 responses to “Brandon Weeden, once a “thing of beauty,” now “limited”

  1. “with a guy who is as limited as Weeden”

    Wow ….. did he really say THAT????

    No Cowboys fan here, but I thought Weeden was better than expected.

  2. Weeden is mediocre but to come away from that game and believe that Weeden is the problem or that room coming back is going to make a very bad team a good team is a delusion that only people living in “Jerry’s World” could have

  3. Less like the Dallas Cowboys…. much more like Texas Toast.

    They needed wins against the Falcons and the Saints plus a miracle win down the line for an above .500 record. I really don’t see a record for them above 3 and 6 by the time Romo, et al get back. I am basically resigned to the most likely record of 2 and 7, with a sub .500 finish to the season and a return to .500 football over the next few years. There are too many one year rentals that will be leaving after this year.

  4. Weeden has proven thus far he isn’t the problem. ..just not enough healthy talent on either side of the ball

  5. For a backup, Weeden did fine, no matter how much drama you want to fabricate. His QBR wasn’t much lower than Brees and that last drive was clutch. For the second week in a row, the loss is the defense’s fault. They choked again. Of course injuries are brutalizing us.

  6. weeden did his job and the defense failed plain and simple a 91 yard drive gave dallas defense time to rest. then they gave up an 80 yard drive lost the coin flip and gave up another 80 yards in one play watch romo on the sideline when weeden was driving his team to the tying TD he was enjoying it then get a look after his defense let the team down

  7. I am a die hard cowboy fan and you will not find anyone who hates Brandon Weeden as much as I do…..he is a habitual loser (13 in a row now) and although he may keep you in the game he will always find away to blow it…we need to start Cassell or Tebow…he also screws the running game bc they crowd the box and he can’t make defenses pay (also the OC doesn’t trust him so we have very predictable play calling)

  8. In my opinion, Weeden did not cause that loss!! It was the play calling and then our D 🙁 That 2 minute drill was perfect! Why did they not call more of that in the first 3 quarters?? Chances are, we would have won without going into OT, if they had done so. Once in OT, the D was horrible! (well they were not so good the whole game, esp. after Lee went out) I blame the coaching, and trust me, I am not a Weeden fan.

  9. I love how we pile on when he played well. Our defense is gassed. We are playing with no energy. I knew we’d lose after seeing our first defensive set in the second half, we had 0 fire, just like the Atlanta game. I hope Lee isn’t out long, and Hardy and McClain bring some hunger to our defense because our offense is getting work done, and the defense pisses it away in the second half.

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