Browns GM returns to work after four-game suspension


After serving a four-game suspension to start the season, Monday marks the first day Browns general manager Ray Farmer is allowed to return to the team.

There will not be a parade.

The Browns are 1-3 after losing Sunday in San Diego on a field goal with no time left. The offense has shown signs of life over the last six quarters but the defense has allowed 102 points in four games and has surrendered more yards than any other in the league.

In Farmer’s absence the Browns cut Terrelle Pryor, their summer wide receiver project, and added Austin Davis and Robert Turbin to the mix at quarterback and running back, respectively. Davis is the third quarterback but got a contract extension last week; Turbin is still recovering from a high ankle sprain and has not played.

The roster Farmer has been charged with assembling still has holes. The struggling defense is full of high-priced veterans. Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe got a $9 million guarantee in a two-year deal last spring but does not have a catch this season. The Browns were down two cornerbacks Sunday due to injury, and the coaches chose to play backup safety Johnson Bademosi over 2014 first-round pick Justin Gilbert.

Farmer drafted Gilbert and Johnny Manziel in the first round of his first draft. Last spring, he drafted nose tackle Danny Shelton and offensive lineman Cameron Erving in the first round. Shelton is a starter for a defense that’s 31st against the run on this young season after being 32nd last year; Erving is a backup.

There’s a lot of season left, and both Farmer and Browns coach Mike Pettine would like to think they have time to clean things up. But the Browns have won once since late last November, and it’s fair to wonder how patient owner Jimmy Haslam will be if more wins don’t come soon.

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  1. Pettine and Pagano need to start a support group. I think they’re both good coaches, but probably better coordinators. Both are crippled by horrible decisions made in the front office.

  2. Jimmy Haslam, should have been this patient with Chudzinski, and Turner.
    Time to show high priced veterans like Bowe the door, and take the guy who thinks that he can build a winner without Playmakers the door also, do it now

  3. Please, please, please get rid of this guy TODAY! He is not only stealing $ but making a bad roster even worse. I HATE BEING A BROWNS FAN!!!

  4. Browns fan since 72…totally disgusted. A 9 million bench warmer… “playing like a Brown” apparently means sitting out if you have a hang-nail and the cushiest training camp ever.

    The coach “owns it” when the team loses due to stupid mistakes…and SAYS a lot of WORDS that don’t get transferred onto the field on Sundays.

    Chaos and disorder everywhere…Johnny Rehab (great job young man, you’re not the problem) a lifelong back up at QB starting… (great job Mr. McCown, you are also not the problem)

    Oline coach released.

    Project receiver kept through training camp THEN released for a back yet to play.

    Team built on the running game and defense that can’t PLAY ANY DEFENSE!!!

    Fan base want us to FAIL FOR CARDALE…

    I’m 52 and my brother is 63…we want a winner before we DIE. BLOW IT UP ONE MORE TIME….

  5. What was he suspended for? Following the rules too closely? I bet it was that. But at least the Browns have been great without him, indicating whatever it was didn’t matter anyway.


  6. It appears Haslam spends more effort on fighting lawsuits and selecting spray tanner than on finding good football people to run this org. Slimy ‘yes’ men like Scheiner, Lombardi and Farmer don’t build great organizations. Get out the checkbook and hire men that know talent and have the guts to disagree w you when appropriate. If not, you’ll remain a disgrace and the lead Stooge.

  7. For once with the Browns, the HC isn’t the one that needs to be fired. However, he WILL end up being collateral damage at the end of the year. His staff beneath him is grossly under-qualified for their coordinator positions, and there inlies most of the coaching problems.

    Ray Farmer can not (CAN NOT) be allowed to run another draft/off-season. I’m really not sure why they’re even allowing him to return to work. What’s the point? He has been beyond awful at his job. They have no choice but to go find a better GM when the season concludes. And that GM will, of course, want to hire his own HC.

    GM is the real problem with the Browns right now. If the Browns were smart (and we know they’re not), they would lay down these final 12 games.. go 1-15.. secure the #1 pick and best collection of draft assets to give to a (hopefully) experienced & competent GM.

  8. Here’s the problem: Haslam doesn’t have strong or talented enough GM or HC for this team to win. However, any GM and/or HC with talent who could turn this ship around won’t come to Cleveland because no one wants to lose their job in two years or less.

    Hiring Joe Banner/Lombardi/Chudinski two years ago, then firing them 10 minutes later only to hire these rookies sent a very clear message to the NFL: this owner is not committed to his staff or to building a winner.

  9. There is a line from “Forrest Gump” that sums up the entire browns organization, most especially the front office and the Head Coach: “Stupid is as stupid does”.

    Or you can’t expect stupid people not to do stupid things

  10. Cue: the blowup

    Cue: the whiners who say, look at the Steelers, they win because they are consistent in the front office and with the head coach

    Cue: the retort that no GM-coach combo has been worth saving

    Lathe. Rinse. Repeat.

  11. Hassle should be in jail for bilking 10s of millions of dollars from his PilotFlyingJ customers.

    The league and Goodell claim the “integrity of the game” is the most important thing yet they allow someone like this to own a team.


  12. Can Farmer play defense? Suit him up!

    I don’t want to be a fan any more….where do I resign?

  13. Do you need proof that Ray Farmer needs to be fired?

    Just look at the first round picks, from the past two years, and where they were playing (if they were playing at all).

    Judge for yourself…

  14. snakeskinsoul says:
    Oct 5, 2015 10:02 AM
    Fan base want us to FAIL FOR CARDALE…”

    For Goff’s sake, I hope the Browns draft Cardale instead of Geoff Goff.

  15. The judgment of anyone who thought it was a good idea to draft Manziel should be questioned.

  16. Ray Farmer is an arrogant, condescending buffoon who is clearly not nearly as smart as he believes himself to be. What kind of idiot passes on all the talent he has ignored in order to draft the likes of Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel?

    This overmatched, unqualified fool thinks he is the smartest man in the Browns organization when clearly he is falling flat on his face as GM. Hillbilly Haslam needs to broom this chump now. Then he needs to tell Pettine that unless he finds a way to turn this team around he too will be gone before the season ends.

  17. All I want from Farmer is to tell Pettine that practice this week will consist of nothing but tackling drills. And if they have any more games with double digit penalties called against them, then that weeks practice will consist of running laps for the entire week. Penalties has to stop now!

  18. Until they draft better players and sign better players they will continue to lose every year like they have lost every year except 2 since they returned in 1999.

    Mainly it will have to come through the draft which they have proven to be totally inept at the draft.

    I find it curious that the Cleveland media always takes shots at Butch Davis, yet he was the only head coach to take the Browns to the playoffs since they returned.

    When you pass on Julio Jones, Clay Matthews Jr, whose Dad played for your organization, Odell Beckham Jr, Jeremy Hill, Kelvin Benjamin, Sammy Watkins, Tyrann Mathieu for the scrubs they took instad, not very good talent evaluation. Then when you hire coaches with no fire, GMs that cant draft yet have egos the size of Texas, and total inept decisions is why they are 91 games under .500 since 1999.

  19. Scott Pioli is the assistant GM in Atlanta…don’t think he’d take this job though. Don’t want to see them blow it up again but you have to get a competent football person to run the show and let them run it…but…Go Browns! You just have to embrace it and shake your head over 9 million guaranteed to a declining receiver who has yet to make a catch!

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