Dolphins announce Dan Campbell is interim head coach

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The Miami Dolphins have announced that Dan Campbell is their new interim head coach, replacing the fired Joe Philbin.

Campbell has been the Dolphins’ tight ends coach for the last five years. He was initially brought to the staff by former head coach Tony Sparano, who first hired him as a coaching intern in 2010, and was retained by Philbin.

The 39-year-old Campbell played in the NFL for 11 seasons with the Giants, Cowboys, Lions and Saints. He was a favorite of Bill Parcells, who coached Campbell with the Cowboys and was the Dolphins’ Executive V.P. of Football Operations when Campbell first joined the team as a coaching intern.

Campbell has a tough job ahead of him, taking over a 1-3 team that has had reports of dissension within the locker room. It is unknown whether Campbell will make any other changes on the coaching staff, but this is clearly a team in need of a shakeup, and that will be Campbell’s job.

30 responses to “Dolphins announce Dan Campbell is interim head coach

  1. Aside from the setting this is among the worst jobs in the NFL. All your opponents play over a thousand miles away in the cold northeast. Belichick is too excellent and Rex is too loud. And the owner has no capacity to accept or tolerate the time necessary to grow a team.

  2. Dan Campbell can only succeed here. Think about the position he’s in the expectations are nothing, and he can shake things up and make a name for himself….. Good on you Dan!

  3. mikeflorioakasuperherolibbyagenda says:
    Oct 5, 2015 1:41 PM
    Tuna signed off on this guy. But Suh is running the team. It’s obvious.

    If Suh is running the team, he’s a pathetic leader.

  4. As a Patriots fan I should be happy about the state of the Dolphin franchise but I am wishing Dan Campbell all the best he has a really tough road ahead of him. Good luck Dan!

  5. neilpountney says:
    Oct 5, 2015 1:48 PM

    As a Patriots fan I should be happy about the state of the Dolphin franchise but I am wishing Dan Campbell all the best he has a really tough road ahead of him. Good luck Dan!


    I want the Pats to beat Miami (and everyone else) but I don’t want Miami to suck
    I think Miami fans have suffered enough and should be enjoying the same optimism that Jets and Bills fans have regarding their shot at second place and a possible wild card.

  6. Per the picture, he needs to get a haircut…
    ok??? clearly that’s an old picture. i’m sure he’s not a player coach (a coach who plays football as well).

    now away from the hair thing, as a player, he was an awesome blocking TE, not much of a pass catcher, but he did help develop Clay, so we should give him credit for that. i think he could be a great leader, but they need to fire Coyle and switch that defensive scheme up and play to the strengths of their players.

  7. I was at the game Sunday and just happened to look at the big screen and saw Coyle give some encouragement to Suh during warm ups but it just looked that Suh kind of ignored him but I might of read to much into it because of what has been said and written. Something is not quite right about this team, I can’t believe professional players don’t try but I do think they don’t give that little extra needed to be winning football games if they not happy with their roles or don’t respect their coaches. Not sure about Lazor either but that could be down to a bad O line.

  8. Did they seriously just make a guy who’s the TE coach — his first coaching position in the NFL or ANYWHERE ELSE — the interim HC?

    How in the world will that solve any issues?

  9. Browns need to fire their coach too, but they should do the Phins on better and fire the GM and the owner also!

  10. contender21open says:
    Oct 5, 2015 1:42 PM
    As a diehard Phins fan, I’m ecstatic!


    Really? You’re ecstatic that the team is lost that they fired the head coach 4 games into the season without an obvious replacement? Those aren’t goods things. I’d saving being ecstatic for when they are winning games. I grew up as a Dolphins fan. This is embarrassing. These aren’t traits of a winning organization.

  11. “This guy looks like he can still play the game.”


    Perhaps he can play Left Tackle.

    He can be kinda sorta like a Peter Rose player/manager combo, sans the gambling addiction.

  12. He’s a good choice. All the tight ends love the guy, and the rest of the team respects him as well. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a former player either. I hope he does well and gets the job.

  13. Jake I think the dude is ecstatic because anyone besides Regis Philbin is coaching the team…I know because I feel the same way
    I grew up in the Shula/Marino Era

  14. I grew up in the same Shula/Marino era.. That doesn’t change the fact that firing a coach 4 games into the season is a loser move. It should’ve either been done in the offseason or you move forward until you have your guy. Stick the wrong guy in there, even as interim HC and things unravel fast.

  15. Campbell is probably a nice guy overall. He is a Parcells guy so he’s got that on his pedigree. He just needs to do everything well and get along well with everyone, particularly with opposing coaches and players since he and all of his fellow Dolphins coaches will be out of work when this season comes to a close.

  16. Best inside option to get the guys in the trenches to up their level of play and enthusiam. It’s clear the players weren’t gonna rally around Lazor or Coyle.

    Its an opportunity for change and I hope we get some results out of it.

  17. Ross should fire himself. This franchise will be doomed to failure with him at the helm.

    Get out of the way and let football people run your football operation… unless you like being Cleveland 2.0

  18. Whilst he was in Dallas, he had a weekly interview on The Ticket, a local sports radio station. You could tell even back then that this guy had future coach written all over him. He has a deep knowledge and love for the game and he is the kind of guy that people naturally want to follow.

    I wish him success and hope he retains the head coaching job after the season. If not at Miami, he will be a head coach somewhere within the next few years somewhere.

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