Josh Norman draws flag for TD celebration he thought was legal


Not much has gone wrong for Panthers cornerback Josh Norman this season.

Norman was named the NFC defensive player of the month for September after intercepting two passes and returning one for a touchdown during Carolina’s 3-0 start to the season and he kept up the good work as they moved to 4-0 on Sunday. Norman intercepted Jameis Winston twice in the 37-23 win over the Buccaneers and returned one for a touchdown that he celebrated by pretending to ride the football like it was one of the horses he raises when away from the field.

Norman drew a flag for that celebration for using the football as a prop, which came as a surprise because he’s done it before without being penalized. He also said Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks, who serves as a fine appeal officer appointed by the NFL and NFLPA, told him it wouldn’t draw a penalty.

“He said I was fine,” Norman said, via “If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have never did it. … Yeah, it’s kind of crazy. Guess we’re just going to have to keep putting more money in our savings account.”

The good news for Norman is that he’s headed toward free agency while playing corner at a very high level. That should leave him with a well-funded savings account whether the Panthers or someone else is depositing the money.

24 responses to “Josh Norman draws flag for TD celebration he thought was legal

  1. They called the same celebration on SNF when the Saints scored a TD. Apparently just holding the ball in your hand is a “prop” at the judgment call of the officials now.

    Meanwhile the Cowboys scored a TD when the running back lost the ball after breaking the plane. Lucky he wasn’t “completing a catch” because I don’t think he took more steps with the ball than Dez Bryant…

  2. Welcome to the No Fun League…..unless you are beating a woman, driving drunk, deflating footballs, or doing something the Goodell thinks will tarnish the shield…..

    Next time ship some good teams to London….what a waste of time!!!!!!

  3. @floratiotime

    Josh Norman is pretty smart (just not well spoken)… He decided to play out the final year of his contract, instead of taking the Panthers’ low ball offer… His play this season (which is proving last season’s career year wasn’t a fluke) is making that decision look like a very shrewd business move.

  4. What a joke! Using the football as a prop? That draws a fine? The biggest joke about the NFL footballs is that they all have Goodell’s name on them. Goodell the Narcissist should be fined for that.

  5. The rules say you can’t use the ball as a prop. In this celebration, the ball plays the role of the saddle on a horse – clearly a prop, so the flag was correct according to the rule.

    That being said, the rule is garbage. This is not a taunt, just a creative dance. Same with Steve Smith years ago when during a scorching day in Miami, he celebrated a TD by laying down and acted out making a snow angel. A couple weeks ago, a Charlotte 49ers player get flagged for taking a bow.

    What’s the source of the problem? Football officials are all under some delusion that the fans are attending and watching games to see them instead of the players.


  6. Stupid to draw a penalty when you know the refs are just looking to throw a flag. That said, he’s right about the officials being inconsistent, especially if he asked one of the people in charge of fines. He should have asked a ref.

    Refs are people and have different views of excessive celebrations just like TSA officials at airports who will irrationally confiscate something yet another TSA guy will let it go. If you have to ask, don’t do it.

  7. Josh is turning into a quite a good DB, who’s bite is now matching his bark. He has followed the Richard Sherman school of marketing and that model is working.

    Day one, Josh came into camp and challenged the meanest pound-for-pound player in the NFL, one Steve Smith. After doing that, what other WR is gonna scare him? He has parlayed his “no fear” approach and raw skills into actual CB skills and his reputation grows.

    His publicized fight against Cam didn’t hurt his reputation either. He yaps all the time, too much for my taste, but apparently he’s in the opponent’s heads too. He doesn’t need the extra antics, but I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    As a CB, if he gets to the endzone enough for it to be a problem, that means my boys are winning and Jerry Richardson, will pick up the tab.

  8. How about act like you’ve been there before. This is the NFL, not interpretive dance academy.

    If you want to be a twerking hip-hop or rodeo star, there’s a place for that. I’ve even had it with the Gronk spikes. It’s a TD. A million have been scored before you. Stop kissing biceps, doing the bad boy arm cross. All this nonsense takes away from the game.

    How long before each play is followed by a Peter Griffin Shipoopi stage number?

    Remember when MEN played this game?

  9. “What a joke! Using the football as a prop? That draws a fine? ”

    Yes for quite awhile now. It was put in place to stop celebrations that are basically nothing but blatant taunting of the other team.

    You want to dance ? Go right ahead. But you don’t need to act like a child because you scored.

  10. The thing that drives me nuts about these things is that look so stupid. Just like the sack dances and acts of fishing and whatnot. If you get a sack, go give congrats to the DBs, because they took away the options. If you are DB, go thank the linemen because they probably were bringing the pressure that forced the bad decision that let to your interception. Football is the ultimate team sport. Act like it.

    Oh, and idiot. As you were riding your little hobby horse I was screaming that will be a flag. I guess I knew the rules better than you did.

  11. There was a time in America when contests of athletic prowess were a metaphor for the nobility of man.
    Historic moments, forged by the love of the game,
    celebrated the human potential to achieve excellence.
    But as time passed and the country neared the millennium, something went awry.

    The ideal of sportsmanship began to take a back seat
    to excessive celebration. The athletes caring less
    about executing the play than planning the vulgar grandstanding that inevitably followed even the most pedestrian of accomplishments. The games themselves
    became subordinate to the quest for money.
    Stadiums and arenas became nothing more than giant billboards to promote commercial products.

  12. lol at all these party poopers acting like players aren’t supposed to be happy when they score touchdowns. Go spend your Sundays watching paint dry, that way you won’t get offended.

  13. Remember those two nitwits last year (Tulloch – Detroit & Houston – Bears) that did that jump pose thingy and both took themselves out of the game with knee injuries?
    Houston did this when his team was down 48-23 and he sacked Garappolo with 3 minutes left.

    Yeah, the NFL needs more of that “fun” stuff.

    TO’s nonsense with sharpies and HOf jackets was TO and only TO. I could go on and on.

    I’m not against reasonable expressions of joy for exceptional plays with a major impact but c’mon man, it’s a freakin broadway show every time a guy makes a tackle lately.

  14. Best TD celebration ever, same team. Steve Smith rowing the Minnesota “love boat”. It was priceless. Also, now a penalty because he went to the ground to do it. Lighten up NFL. It is entertaining to the fans. Even T.O. pulling the sharpie out, or Chad Johnson with the gold jacket, all good stuff. Lighten up Goodell.

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