Kam Chancellor forces fumble of Calvin Johnson, saves Seahawks in win over Lions

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In just his second game back from a holdout, Kam Chancellor saved the day for the Seattle Seahawks.

Chancellor dislodged the football from the grasp of Lions receiver Calvin Johnson at the 1-yard line and the ball went out of the end zone for a touchback to preserve a 13-10 victory over Detroit on Monday.

After marching for their own 9-yard line into the Seattle red zone, Matthew Stafford connected with Johnson who tried to crash into the end zone. Instead, Chancellor crashed into Johnson just in time to knock the ball from his hands and out of the back of the end zone.

The fumble gave Seattle possession and a chance to run out the clock. After a 50-yard pass from Russell Wilson to Jermaine Kearse on 3rd-and-2, the Seahawks were able to do just that to preserve the victory and send the Lions to an 0-4 start.

Seattle was in control for most of the night until the frantic finish.

Wilson pirouetted away from a potential sack, stepped up in the pocket and found Kearse for a 34-yard gain on 3rd-and-12 to keep a drive alive and move into Detroit territory. Wilson came back on the next play and delivered a 24-yard strike to Doug Baldwin for a touchdown to give Seattle a 7-0 lead.

The Seahawks led 13-3 late in the fourth quarter until the Lions defense gave them a chance to steal the game. Caraun Reid returned a Wilson fumble 27 yards for a touchdown midway through the fourth quarter to pull the Lions to within a field goal, 13-10.

Wilson has been harassed all night by the Lions defense as Seattle’s offensive line has provided no protection all night. James Ihedigbo sacked Wilson in the backfield and stripped him of the ball, which Reid managed to scoop up and return for a touchdown.

The Seahawks went three-and-out on their ensuing possession and the Lions took over at their own 9-yard line with 6:23 left to play.

Detroit had amassed only 166 yards of total offense prior to their final possession of the game. Yet, they managed to march down field against Seattle’s defense.

A big throw from Stafford to Tim Wright for 26 yards moved the Lions to the Seahawks’ 20-yard line. Two plays later, the Lions came within inches of grabbing a victory in Seattle only to be turned away at the door step.


119 responses to “Kam Chancellor forces fumble of Calvin Johnson, saves Seahawks in win over Lions

  1. What a sad performance by Seattle against a winless team at home. They are definitely one of the worst teams in the league.

  2. I guess Kam will bring in his highlight reel again next year and try to redo his contract. Today he looks like a great player, next year he will look like a complete idiot again holding his team hostage.

  3. For a minute there, I thought I was watching my Packers play the Seahawks.

  4. Once again the defense bails the Wilson led offense out of a terrible performance. How many games does the defense have to win before people realize that Wilson is garbage?

  5. How sad that the Lions are a perfect representation for the city of Detroit. Falling apart and crumbling.

  6. I can’t begin to tell you how bad it sucks to have Calvin and Jimmy starting on your fantasy team. Ugh.

  7. Could the ESPN post game crew kiss the Seahawks posterior any harder…they are 2-2 and barely eked out a win against the (now 0-4) Lions. The same Lions that PFT reported last week…teammates saying the opposition knows their plays…and they (Detroit) score 10 and you only put up 13. Defense can win championships, but only if you can outscore your opponent…not to mention the Seattle player illegeally batted the ball out of the end zone…but never mind the rules right?!?

  8. I have never liked that rule, don’t think it would have mattered tonight as a seahawk player could have easily recovered the ball in the end zone, just seems like a dated rule.

  9. Can’t wait for the Seahawks fans to come on here. You almost lost to one of the cellar dwellers in the league. Yes a win is a win but seattle has issues. Better get them fixed cuz good offenses aren’t going to make it that easy for you.

  10. Wow. How do they do it? All losses are painful but our Lions find ways to make their losses into slip on a roller skate, fall down the stairs, land on broken glass and get hit in the head with a bowling ball painful.

  11. When you have incompetent part time officials, batting the ball out of the end zone is allowed. The NFL officiating is a joke.

  12. and they were bailed out by another bad call at home. that was illegal batting of the ball… back judge staring right at it. poor officiating…. AGAIN!!!

  13. Wow even though it’s the lions, that play was devastating for the lions. Unbelievable and they got robbed. KJ Wright illegal bats the ball out of bounds, with the ref looking right at it. The ref should’ve thrown a flag with lions ball at the 1, Fail Fumble part 2 for the sea chickens. Quick let’s all blame Belichick and the pats, hopefully Goodell launches an investigation with Ted wells. Sorry lions fans

  14. russell wilson is the worst qb in the league right behind kaepernick. why is he making aaron rodgers type money? seahawks got lucky at the end. they should be 1-3. it don’t really matter though. if the seahawks sneak in as a wild card, they’ll be 1 and done. they not going anywhere with that poor of an offense.

  15. Hold your horses. They are saying now that the refs got the call wrong. It should have been a penalty on Kim. The refs screwed over Detroit. More importantly, they screwed over an opposing team in Seattle..again. Coincidence? Nope.

  16. Another Fail Mary and Seattle benefits by a blown call. The Seattle player cannot bat the ball out of the end zone. Detroit should have gotten the ball on the one yard line. How many asterisks do the Seahawks get???

  17. What does Pete Carroll have to say about the refs failing to call an illegal bat on that touchback? Is he upset that the refs made a mistake? No, it benefited his team, so he will pretend it was called correctly.

  18. WOW. Once again we see how inept and and completely incompetent NFL refs really are. Seattle INTENTIONALLY bats the ball out of the back of the end zone (A CLEAR PENALTY) and the ball goes back to Seattle?! The NFL should be ashamed of a game changing call like this. Post game announcers were left speechless. I know the Lions aren’t good this year but that was absolutely disgusting. I feel like throwing up.

  19. Yes, saved the Seahawkids.Sloppy play, bad blocking and ineptitude will not cut it against a good team. This is going to be a long season, and the Bengals have to be looking forward to blitzing him all game next week.

  20. But, but, but Jim Miller said The Lions are going to win The Superbowl. And Harvard said The Dolphins will. Silly kids.

  21. Seattle needs an Oline but it didn’t help being down both Jackson and Lynch with an Oline that has 3 players learning new positions. Wilson runs for his life out their but generally stays composed in spite of the Oline and he needs to definitely tuck that ball away but goodness get him some protection.

    Seattle wins IN SPITE of their Oline and all we hear about is excuses why other teams qbs will flat out lay and egg for what Seattle deals with every week.

  22. Just like George Clooney — bad bat! Penalty! Should have been Lions ball.

    But … as a Lions fan … I’m used to this kind of pain. If it’s going to happen to any team, it will happen to us.

  23. It should of been the Lions ball back at the spot of the fumble, as the Rule says if the ball is batted out of the end zone as it was by a Seahawk, it’s a penalty so the Lions should of had the ball on the 1/2 yard line!

    The Lions, like the Cleveland Browns, are jinxed!

  24. Refs missed the illegal bat out of endzone…..not new rule.

    Should have been first and goal Lions

    NFL……cmon man.

  25. Kam Chancellor made a hell of a play but Calvin Johnson has to be way more careful with the ball than that. That would have been a huge upset.

  26. Geez, if the Lions should have had the ball 1st and goal at the six inch line — the Hawks must have made some kind of deal with the devil on prime-time game ending calls (or no calls) in the end zone.

  27. I don’t understand why our resident MF thinks this fumble rule is so unfair.

    Chancellor made a great play and Detroit did not earn the right to keep possession.

    Changing that rule would eliminate these awesome hustle plays and others like the famous Bebe-Lett Super Bowl fumble.

  28. Seattle is easily the luckiest team in the league. Great play by Chancellor but that ref not calling the illegal bat out of the endzone was criminal. Lions got screwed…again. Seahawks get another gift…congratulations

  29. Bad call at the end. Should have been a penalty on Chancellor. Another way for the Lions to get ripped off.

  30. The psychological power of visualization by professional athletes is remarkable.

    All great athletes use visualization for motivation.

    I am sure he was visualizing the ball as his agent’s head.

  31. What is it with officials, replacement or not, giving wins to the Seahawks? That should have been first and 1 for the lions. Awful officiating.

  32. That ball was batted out of the end zone! At first I thought it was a Safety against Seattle? But I new it was illegal, put I wasn’t sure what the penalty was?? But WOW they robbed Detroit!! I can’t believe it! Not saying Detroit would have won? But horrible call! They should put the ball on the 1/2 yard line and start playing again!

  33. “Chancellor dislodged the football …”

    Illegal move. The Lions should have had a first down at the one foot mark.

  34. I’m sure Calvin Johnson is sick about it. I don’t know if the ruling was challengeable.

  35. Man i love this sport(playing it and watching it) but watching the calls and no calls that NFL favorites get against midtier teams makes me lose faith in our sport. I dont even bother watching favorites vs underdogs because we already know whos going to make the deciding plays.. The reffs. The NFl talks about defending the integrity of the game but theyre the ones responsible for making it into WWE. #fireblandino #firegoodell #grudenforcomissioner

  36. I think referees should have to answer questions in post game interviews just as coaches and players do. The only jobs I know of that you can screw up royally and keep your job are weather persons and referees. No accountability whatsoever for screwing up.

  37. Correction. It was K.J. Wright who punched the ball out of the end zone. Illegal move,

  38. BORING! I guess the refs hand another one to Seattle. Neither team is even a second tier team at this point. They both look awful. What is up with those offenses? Someone should talk to Wilson about how he holds the ball.

  39. Wow …….. just how bad are things in Seattle, when the Seahawks just barely squeak out a 3 point win, against an 0-4 gawd-awful team, at HOME, by using an illegal play???????

  40. Kam didn’t get beat, he was covering on the outside and came back towards Mega after he caught the ball. Mega had an inside route and went back to the outside to catch it. Kam had the pursuit.

    Actually, it reminds me of the Steve Tasker play when he knocked the ball out of Leon Lett’s hands way back when.

  41. bostontdparty says:
    Oct 5, 2015 11:30 PM

    Nice save
    But if he knocked the ball out from behind, wasn’t he beat on the play?

    Actually no, one of his teammates got beat. Chancellor did what we tell kids to do and play through the whistle.

    I think CJ was just about to pull out the ball to reach it over the goal line. He had it safely tucked away and was just starting to pull it out when Chancellor punched it out. Two competitors fighting for the win, only one can have it.

    All part of the pain of being a Lions fan.

  42. Good game. Detroit defense brought it hard. I don’t think the outcome reflects poorly on either team.

  43. When you’re a few inches away from beating the Seahawks, and you lose, you’re no longer elite, you’re choker.

  44. Give the lions defense mad props tonight. That front 4 got after Russell Wilson. Nobody likes a good defensive game, but these teams played great defense tonight. Cam’s football I.Q. is up there with the best. Wish my raider DB’s had half his I.Q. We have Cam’s brother on our team and he’s never in the game. That’s how smart we are.

  45. Hahaha! Same troll whining just like last year. Suck it boys. This the best defense of all time and the ride is just beginning

  46. scmems07 says:

    Once again the defense bails the Wilson led offense out of a terrible performance. How many games does the defense have to win before people realize that Wilson is garbage?
    Yeah, he was 20-26 for 287 yards, a TD and a 125 QB rating. LOL that’s really “garbage.”

  47. That was a very bad call. Dang these blind referees! How could any person say that in their judgment it was not an overt batting of the ball?

    Why did Wright not just catch the ball and fall on it in the end zone? Isn’t that what they are taught to do?

    It is terrible that the refs missed that call when it is clear that the ball was pushed out or batted out. I feel for the Lions and their fans – this would have been a great win for them and gotten them out of the 0 win column.

    I am a Seattle fan and feel terrible about this call. They need to work hard to make sure that all calls in the last 2 minutes of a game are reviewable. Get rid of this “that call cannot be reviewed”. It just does not make any sense.

  48. Punching the ball should be illegal. In this case, Chancellor punched Calvin Johnson in the forearm, and that jarred the ball loose. Not only should he have been flagged for a personal foul, but he should have been ejected for striking a player with a closed fist, and Seattle Police should have been standing by in the locker room to arrest him for assault.

  49. That ref with the clear view of the batted ball either didnt know the rule, has a blind spot right in front of his face or he is corrupt. Either way he should be fired.

  50. The fumbled ball was going out of the end zone.

    The call would have given Detroit another chance but it didn’t lose the game for them.

  51. What some hysterical fans seem unable to realize is that while yes, the refs blew the call on that fumble, Detroit still played like garbage for 3 quarters of this game. Football games are NOT decided on one play. They never have been. And refs get calls wrong all the time. Sometimes they get it wrong in the 1st quarter on a bogus holding penalty that everyone forgets about. Sometimes it’s a 4th quarter drive killer. If you didn’t want the refs to blow the game, maybe don’t wait until the 4th quarter to play football.

    Take it from me, a Dolphins fan. We know a thing or two about terrible teams as well.

  52. usdcoyotesfan says:
    Oct 5, 2015 11:48 PM
    Terrible game. Both teams will lose at least 10 games this year.


    Not if the refs have anything to say about it, and they do.

  53. How about Calvin Johnson hold on to the ball and not leave it to the refs. It was going g out of the endzone anyway, just stop the whinning either way. BTW, 9ers havent been the same since Hawks had turkey dinner on their 50 yrd line. Remember that.

  54. The Lions don’t bring in the big money so they always are going to be against them. The Lions got cheated big time and everyone saw it. The ref was standing right there and said nothing. The Hawks know they should have not won that game and the Lions should be mad as hell but then again the Lions are use to getting the short end of the stick.

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