Suh’s shoe choice at practice seen as a message to Coyle

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As the Dolphins season continues to unravel and owner Stephen Ross considers making a change in the coaching staff, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald shares a story regarding the manner in which the current dissatisfaction with one of Joe Philbin’s top lieutenants is being manifested.

Per Salguero, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh wore sneakers to a full-padded practice on Thursday. A “prominent handful” of teammates viewed the choice in footwear as an expression of dissatisfaction with defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle.

The gesture came three days after a closed-door meeting in which defensive players aired out grievances regarding Coyle’s system, which for lineman employs a two-gap approach, with one player responsible for the hole on both sides of an offensive lineman. The players, according to Salguero, want Coyle to switch to a one-gap attack.

Salguero asked Suh about the gear he wore to practice after Sunday’s game in London, and Suh responded with, “Next question.”

Salguero also was next-questioned in response to questions for Suh regarding the Monday meeting and why the defense has started slowly, giving up a score on the opening drive of every game this season.

The only real question that remains is whether Ross will decide to send Philbin packing as soon as Monday. And then whether Ross will give the interim job to someone on the staff or hire someone from the outside. While the notion of bringing in an outsider is impractical for various reasons, Peter King and I spitballed last night on the question of whether one specific outsider who used to be an insider is the answer — former Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, who coached quarterback Ryan Tannehill at Texas A&M and has worked with much of the personnel still on the team.

45 responses to “Suh’s shoe choice at practice seen as a message to Coyle

  1. Mike Sherman!? Well then, lets not forget Dan Henning! I wonder if Sherman’s High School will let him go? IT IS SO HARD TO BE A DOLPHIN FAN.

  2. Firing Philbin four games into the season would be asinine. That’s never going to make your team suddenly better a quarter of the way into the season.

    And players demanding a different system from the DC? That’s not their job, and Suh knew what he was getting into when signing with the Dolphins. And THIS is why tying up so much of your cap in one player is so dangerous. Suh has the potential to be a great player, but he’s also a dirty player and a malcontent.

  3. Didn’t Suh two-gap while playing at Nebraska? It shouldn’t be completely foreign to him and he seemed to excel in that kind of system in college.

  4. Sounds to me that Miami has a problem with it’s players and the locker room more than with the defensive scheme. Seriously players are trying to dictate what the coaches do because they don’t like it? Maybe it’s not working because the players aren’t good enough or smart enough to execute it? Maybe it’s that they aren’t buying in and trying to do it. Why don’t they just let Suh call the plays?

  5. Really.? Mike Sherman? Yeah that will sit well with fans here. The man with the most predictable offense pairing with the elementary defensive schemes will put this league on fire.

  6. I like Mike Sherman too much to wish the Dolphins coaching job on him. I can’t imagine he’d ever do it.

    Mr Suh knew who the DC was when he voluntarily signed that big contract, and what kind of scheme that DC ran.

    Time for Mr Suh to pull on his big boy pants and do his job.

  7. The coach may be an issue but it is well know that Suh is a major issue. No respect for other players, coaches or the way the game should be played. 2

  8. jimatmad says:
    Oct 5, 2015 9:13 AM
    I like Mike Sherman too much to wish the Dolphins coaching job on him. I can’t imagine he’d ever do it.

    Mr Suh knew who the DC was when he voluntarily signed that big contract, and what kind of scheme that DC ran.

    Time for Mr Suh to pull on his big boy pants and do his job.


    See Albert “Oxygen and Bacon” Haynesworth

  9. Kevin Coyle has been here for how many years? And he’s been running 2 gap schemes the whole time. So Suh doesn’t like it and rebels since he’s getting paid?

  10. Geno Atkins- better than Suh, none of the trouble, half the media love.

  11. To whoever said Schwartz at DC is hilarious! Suh was not as good as advertised and was highly penalized under Schwartz. A bunch of mediocre seasons and a decent contract year.

  12. I know it is easy to take shots at Suh. His on-field behavior has been poor at times. You have the Stomp, the Stomp II, John Sullivan’s knee, Matt Schaub’s manhood, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s helmet and Suh’s crap excuses. However, in his time here in Detroit, Suh’s practice habits were never questioned. He was drafted #2 overall one year prior to the new rookie wage scale. This means he already “got paid” once yet he only one practice in five seasons as a Lion.

    I never would have expected Suh to become Haynesworthian. It seems he has done that. What a shame for Dolphins fans. When he gives his all, his on-field transgressions are easy to forgive. The dude can be a straight up beast.

  13. Here my question, when Such was considering signing with the Dolphins, did he not research what kind of scheme they ran?
    As a long suffering Titans fan my sympathy goes out to the Dolphins fans. Hang in there.

  14. Well when the schemes do not work and there is no respect for the coaching staff. Stephen Ross has only one choice; Replace the HC with an interim one and replace the DC. This is not rocket science, Philbin and Coyle need to be replaced. When the entire team has a similar or same voice the coaching staff has lost and needs to be replaced. There is no other option….

  15. I feel bad for Dolphins fans. Philbin had to go, but the bigger problem is ownership Stephen Ross doesn’t have a clue, and until he hires someone competent to oversee all football operations, they will continue to be mediocre.

  16. Michigan fans should be worried! Stephen Ross overpays for everything (i.e. Suh). He’s going to go after Jim Harbaugh given his heavy ties to UofM.

  17. I think Suh was wearing those sneakers when he got run over by Chris Ivory yesterday! The dude is a stiff and the Dolphins will be paying for this decision for a long time.

  18. The Miami Football team player took the money and now the Miami Football team is stuck with him and his bad attitude. I will miss gambling against Philbin, easy money.

  19. Too bad Suh didn’t go to Minnesota. And how many “Accidental” helmet kicks, stomps, calf step on, have to happen before something is done.

  20. As a Lions fan I am thrilled to finally be able to say “Not my monkeys, not my zoo.” Have fun with that Miami.

  21. With the firing of Joe Philbin, I don’t see Kevin Coley staying with the team much longer! Also, Jim Schwartz Suh’s former coach with the lines would be a most excellent chose to replace Coley as defensive coordinator! He would also be a plus for the teams intern HC due to his being the former HC with the Lions! The team would have another great defensive coach again, & with the talent this team has, this defense can still turn it around & become the defense we hoped they would become! Let it be so #1!!!(Razor58)

  22. back the truck up to Jimmy Johnson’s yacht. You wanna make a splash, Mr. Ross? The TE coach ain’t the answer….

  23. Schwartz was a garbage coach in Detroit. He was only ever good at finding talent. Had no idea what to do with it… And if memory serves, he and Suh weren’t exactly buddy buddy. Plus the guy always came off a bit wormy and grimey in public appearances. No thanks. And we already had a tenure with Mike Sherman. Everyone HATED him. I’ll take my chances with Dan Campbell for the rest of the season.

  24. I can’t believe this dirtbag free agent Suh is there 4 weeks and he already is getting the entire coaching staff fired. Piece of garbage.

  25. All you haters on Suh are just that…haters!!! Poor coaching is when you do not scheme and call plays that work to the strengths and weaknesses of the players on the team. That is what the coaching staff has done so far this season. Suh is a beast at the style of play that he has done so well at. So start using is strengths to your advantage not the other way around. It the same thing asking Marino to be running QB. Not smart.
    For every one of the people posting here that hates on Suh, each and every one of you would love to have him on your DL whether you admit it or not.

  26. I’m sure if they paid him a little more Suh would get on board with the coaching staff.

  27. Omg, imagine a Belichick player telling him he didn’t agree with the two-gap system. There’s a reason for two-gap, it lets the linebackers clean up.

    Miami continues its bad habit of overpaying for FAs – first it was, what was that receiver’s name from Pittsburgh? Then Suh. They gotta be more like the Pats – fish in the bargain bin.

  28. everybody is trying to blame Suh on defense,how about blaming Tannehill on offense he is not the answer@qb he overthrow everybody even the defenders smh….

  29. hanspard says:
    Oct 5, 2015 10:40 AM

    Wearing sneakers….is a statement?

    I think it states he forgot his gear. Media is blowing up anything coming from this team.

  30. Totally not trolling here. I feel bad for Dolphin fans. I’m a Lions fan (it’s okay you can feel bad for me too) and the one thing I said when Suh signed with Miami is that they would get a player that would show up every day and every play. Dang…this guy is Haynesworth 2.0. He doesn’t even hide the fact that he doesn’t care. Miami can’t get rid of this guy soon enough.

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