Tannehill’s future suddenly becomes cloudy in Miami


The Dolphins signed quarterback Ryan Tannehill to a new contract earlier this year. With a new coach looming, the Dolphins may soon be tearing up that new contract.

The four-year extension, which commits Tannehill to the Dolphins for six years, doesn’t commit the Dolphins to Tannehill for six years. As a practical matter, it’s a two-year deal, with a team option on the rest of the contract. By cutting him before the fifth day of the 2017 league year, the Dolphins would avoid $17.975 million in guaranteed money that season and another $5.525 million in salary for 2018 that is currently guaranteed for injury only.

So Tannehill is guaranteed a job only through 2015 and 2016. The new coach, who may say he wants Tannehill in order to get the job but who may then act otherwise, will be able to get his own guy as early as Year Two.

With $23 million in 2017 and 2018 salary guaranteed for injury, there’s a chance the new coach puts Tannehill in bubble wrap at some point in the 2016 season, if/when the new coach determines that Tannehill won’t be the guy in 2017.

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  1. He had a very good 2014 in my opinion, might want to be careful before they remove him (look at how Cousins replacing RG3 & throwing INT after INT turned out to be for us).

  2. This is simply not true. Tannenbaum signed Tannehill to an extension not Philbin. As long as Tannenbaum is in Miami Tannehill will be there and that has virtually nothing to do with Joe Philbin.

  3. Tannehill is the kind of guy that would piss me off as a team mate, coach, fan, etc. Because he has stretches where he really looks the part. But he completely off sets those stretches by looking like Geno Smith… Frustrating

  4. If the Fins had put a decent Oline in front of him its a lot less likely this would be an issue.

    I often am stunned that so many supposedly professional personnel people ignore the Oline or only address it as an afterthought.

    Usually if you end up with a very high draft pick a big part of the problem is a bad Oline that can’t protect the QB. If you don’t fix that it doesn’t matter who you have at QB including Brady and Rodgers.

  5. Not really. Tannehill should be fine. He’s young and talented and needs help up front badly. You don’t jettison a young and talented QB in a league where a decent QB is nearly impossible to find.

  6. not many QBs would have much success behind this horrid offensive line. you cant throw with success if you cant plant your feet and have 2 seconds to look downfield.

  7. Trade tannehill to kc for Alex smith. Swap bad qb contracts. Dying to find a way to get Alex smith off the field for my chiefs. His bad qb play is killing our season.

  8. I think it is far too early for such speculation. Tannehill is, from what I’ve seen, a good young QB with a bright future.

    Outside of a complete collapse by the Dolphins, it’s hard to see them falling low enough to earn a top draft pick that would result in them finding a better replacement, unless they want to mortgage their future with an expensive trade. There are several teams out there with far worse QB situations than Miami, and no reason at this point to believe that he’s going anywhere.

  9. For a WR he’s a decent QB. Otherwise he’s one of the bottom 10 starters in the NFL. Don’t kid yourself. Give me one example where he has ever put the team on his back and made a play. Give me one example where on third and long he didn’t throw the ball two yards downfield.

  10. Tannehill isn’t ever going to be a Brady, Brees or Manning.

    He can be a Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco type player. Every QB I mentioned are playoff caliber QB’s. Not all of them have had the ultimate success of winning the Super Bowl.

    Getting into and winning in the playoffs is more about a Top 10 running game and a Top 5 Defense. A Top 10 QB would be beneficial of course and Tannehill is on that fringe, even with his horrible OL and lack of rushing attack and commitment to running the ball.

    We don’t even know if Tannehill is our guy or not yet. Let’s wait to judge him solely after he has an OL, running game and out from under Philbin.

    He’s the best available QB with the most upside. Available is the key word here. You can’t speculate about how great some other player will be that we can’t even acquire in reality.

    Not fair to blame Tannehill in my opinion up to this point.

  11. Tannenhill doesn’t seem like the problem to this fan…he seems like he can be a part of the solution…him and Jarvis Landry have a nice connection

  12. Don’t cut him. Realistically speaking, who are you gonna get that’s better? You can go ahead and draft another overhyped and promising kid in the 1st-round, but he’ll likely end up being another Tannehill at best.

    The best plan is to stick it out with him for the next few years and use those 1st round picks to build a team around him. If he hasn’t gotten better by the time he hits 30, then cut bait.

  13. In a league where there are so few quality QB’s, I think the Miami Football teams QB is not the problem here. Cut him today and maybe half the teams in this league have him starting in a few weeks if not immediately.

  14. #1 receiving target = 7th round nobody

    … but… blame it ALLLLLLLLLL on Tim Couch/Matt Schaub/Ryan Tannehill.

  15. He has never been good. I’ve been down voted for saying it here before and I’ve always stuck by it. Usually teams need receivers that can stretch the field, not a QB. Dolphins fans deserve better. Not that any of us “deserve” a damn thing.

  16. Just heard on sports radio that during last weeks practice , the defensive practice squad kept picking Tannehil ‘s throws , who then taunted the players by saying have fun with your practice squad pay checks.
    The coach then spoke to the defensive practice squad players asking them to stop catching his throws !
    Sounds like there are some issues !

  17. Tannehill is not the MAJOR issue. The O-Line is MAJOR the issue.

    The offense was comstructed to create the most protection for Tannehill. 95%of the offense is run out of a shotgun formation.
    The shotgun formation is awful because teams know Miami’s play action will rarely be a run. Teams guard against the pass which is usually 20yds.

    Get Albert back and see if we can find a worthy Guard on the Waiver wire.

    Seems like good OL and Kickers are needed for most teams this year, good luck with that.

  18. On second thought, after reading what I just saw about Tannehill on Deadspin, it’s clear that he’s not a leader and his teammates probably don’t like him. Let him go

  19. as a pats fan i can say that tannehill is not the problem, he is not great, but he is not the problem. there are so feww quality qb’s in the nfl.

    the only issue i do have with him is related to his cap hit. He should volunteer to redo his contract, if he wants the team to be able to bring in other free agents.

    Suh on the other hand…

  20. justphinbaby says:
    Oct 5, 2015 3:23 PM

    Tannehill isn’t ever going to be a Brady, Brees or Manning.

    He can be a Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco type player.


    SPOILER ALERT: He won’t become any of those, either.

  21. Sports radio is reporting Tannehil was upset the practice squad kept intercepting him, he was reportedly taunting them regarding their paychecks.
    The coach reportedly asked the players to stop intercepting him!?
    Wow, some issues!

  22. Tannehill has had some games where he’s looked great, but lets be honest here… the rest of the time he’s looked like a guy who used to play wide receiver. I still don’t understand why they paid him all that money… and there’s a reason they gave him a contract that they could negate after only 2 years. Tannehill is a system quarterback who looks great when running the read option, other than that he’s just not a pure drop back pocket passer… then again who really is in this day and age of young quarterbacks?

  23. I was thinking about this yesterday. Ryan isnt the problem, it’s the running game. This is a guy who had a 400 yd passing day with Hartline as his go to guy. But look at the Philbin era-Moreno was probably the best back they had-but they have run through Miller, Thomas, Bush-Ajayi once he gets off IR, etc. This is the team that needs to spend the first rounder on a RB.

  24. He can’t read a defense, identify a blitz, feel pressure, accurately throw to an out pattern or a check down receiver, almost never plants his feet before throwing, and loves to wildly hurl the ball sideways like a terrified gerbil soiling itself whenever he feels contact. But otherwise he looks pretty good.

  25. I don’t see any positive in Miami moving away from Tannehill, it’s all unfounded speculation for conversation. Ryan I think is a fine quarterback and where in the world is another quarterback going to come from? What, wait until the likes of Hoyer or Sanchez or Alex Smith, etc., become available(barking up the wrong tree with those guys, an aging Cutler also)? Take all the chances in the draft on more likely than not qb busts? Good luck with that. Tannehill is the real deal with the right coaches. Never mind the buying into the system shtick because Ryan knows how to play and adapt, that’s a coach’s preliminary prenuptial agreement/excuse for failure in Miami. Sign the right, motivated positional role players and the rest will follow their current roster of mainstays and stalwarts, that includes Tannehill and whomever inspirational coach and staff they may convince to get onboard. Of course, the money well is drying up, that doesn’t help at all. Good luck Miami Dolphins.

  26. Tannehill isn’t the problem- the o-line and lack of any offensive balance is. Not to mention the most overrated player in the league – suh. The Dolphins got haynseworthed signing that hack. All of you supposed know it alls look at the compousure, character and the types of players on this roster with all their supposed talent and upside – just a bunch of bums – that whole defense isn’t worth a damn.

  27. Need to cut Tanny loose more with smart option runs- Not like Vick where he gets creamed but smart yardage gaining runs that get first downs and manageable 2nd and 3rd downs- just get out of bounds and slide. This will keep Linebackers at bay and open up lanes for the receivers. For crying out loud he has receiver speed, use it. Cant treat him with white gloves like a 100m QB, he is not good enough yet to be a drop back QB. He needs to use all of his abilities like Wilson to become more productive.

  28. You literally need to revamp the O-line, receivers, coaching staff, O-coordinator, and running game before you touch Ryan Tannehill. The running game is the biggest issue but is a symptom of all those things. How many QBs can throw it 50 times a game and look good other than Brady and a younger version of Manning? He has too much upside and is on too bad of a team to give up on without exhausting all other variables (and there are a lot).

  29. This was always true… His contract didn’t just rewrite itself this morning. Everyone already knew he essentially has two years to prove he can take another step.

    He has accomplished quite a bit already, despite playing behind some of the worst offensive lines in football throughout his career.

    Wouldn’t count him out just yet.

  30. Does anybody in their right mind think Tannehill will be around after this season let alone 2017. No way they pay that kind of money for a so so QB at best.
    They are very high right now in the first round draft pick category for a top QB. Time to move on.

  31. Hate to say it but in year 4 if we still talking about development? Upside? Then he isn’t going to be the guy. The Dolphins have had lots of stop gap abs since Marino, it’s time to finally land a FRANCHISE QB . I don’t think Tannehill will be on this team in 2 years especially if you have the chance to get a QB in the draft.

  32. Looks like many Fin apologists are forgetting that if you commit half of your salary cap to Tannenhill and Suh you’re going to have a mediocre to bad OL and other positions

    Stupid moves to put all eggs in one basket seldom work

    Same old Dolphins

  33. Between overpaid crybaby Tannehill and WAY overpaid linehog Suh the Dolphins have guaranteed the next Dolphins head coach nothing but trouble….

  34. I had always backed T-hill but what I saw late in last game falls on him IMO.

    Three goal line drives in a row and I don’t think they ever ran the ball. Which most pundits ran with. The bigger issue with me is how he never connected with any WR. Sometime the WR was open in the end zone and overthrown. This should not be happening in the redzone.

  35. holy cow national media is clueless about tannehill and the phins problems overall. #1 get a real QB coach #2 get a real off. guard, two if you can. #3 give safety aiken’s a rest on the bench. #4 someone at mlb. goes without saying new DC coyle isn’t liked by fans or players of this team.

  36. In the AFC I would definitely have T-hill ahead of the QBs on the Browns and Texans. So far this year, the Bills and Jets QBs have outplayed him but I would have them on the same level as T-hill. I’m not sure what to make of Mariota this year but I would take all the other AFC QBs ahead on T-hill and based on that he is significantly over paid for being the 12 to 14th best QB in the AFC. Even if I am underrating him he is still not a top 10 QB in the AFC.

  37. Simply put Ryan is not natural thrower. He is average to poor with his eyes and release and has horrid accuracy when he has to anticipate out breaking throws

  38. It’s not cloudy. If they finish high enough to take Connor Shaw or Hackeburg, the next coach will cut him in March. They only owe him $21 mil. But he is in a good spot because QB play is awful in this league, so he’ll get another job.

  39. bryantrulen says:
    Oct 5, 2015 5:23 PM
    Simply put Ryan is not natural thrower. He is average to poor with his eyes and release and has horrid accuracy when he has to anticipate out breaking throws
    Tannehill was 5th in the league in accuracy last year.

    Try again. Maybe with facts.

  40. How about just letting Tannehill call an audible. He is stuck running what ever play is sent in, no matter the defense. The play calling is horrid. calling pass plays 4 yards short of first downs, you think that’s Ryan? How about the fact that last year Lamar Miller averaged 5.1 yards per carry on 13.5 carries a game. This year he is only getting it around 6 times a game. Whom ever is calling the plays is giving up on running the ball after 2 – 3 attempts. As far the Defense goes; how do you sign Suh and force him to play a 2 gap reactionary DT and not the Attacking DT that made him a Pro Bowler? The DB’s are playing 10 yards off and allowing completions to be made. How is all this blame falling on the players. You make up for players short comings by attacking the offense, you don’t sit back in defense…….One damn sack, and it’s from a rookie DT Phillips!! This lands squarely on coaching, Philbin coached scared even admitted so during a game last year, calling a time out and calling a draw play when the Phins needed a 1st down. The Phins ended up losing the game because of it. If Lazor doesn’t open up this offense next game, he needs to be gone!!

  41. Tannehill is a very athletic QB. They need to use him more in the run option. Remember, he was an all-American receiver in college that became a good enough QB to be drafted to the NFL. Even with the terrible O-Line that he is stuck with, he could make plays if they would give him the option to audible out of some of the bad plays that are being called. Take the training wheels off and let’s see what we have before we start looking for another QB.

  42. Tannehill has not been allowed to use the tools he has at his disposal to be a better QB. That’s a coaching issue.

    I’m not saying he’s ready to transform into Aaron Rodgers with the right coach, but suggesting that a talented guy who’s put up better numbers each consecutive season “can’t possibly be” the guy is ridiculous.

  43. The OC needs to get up in the booth where he belongs, and let the QB coach deal with the QB on the sidelines. That shows a lack of trust in the guys that work for you. If the O-line can’t block, keep some RB’s or Tight Ends in to help. The bottom line is, get Tannehill some time and he will make plays either from the pocket or on the fly (which he is very good at by the way).

  44. He wasn’t good enough to play QB at A&M, but someone saw an NFL starting QB in him. I’ve been around along time and nothing close to that has ever happened.

    You can look at every NFL roster and easily find 10 former college QBs, playing WR, DB, TE or an occasional LB, but NEVER do you find a converted WR as QB. The joke is that many felt he deserved his contract more than Russell Wilson.

    Last off season, I predicted it was “prove it” time for Tannehill and Jake Locker. Well, Locker went home and Tannehill got paid. That may have been a mistake.

  45. Tannehill, Philbin, Sherman an the others for years basically provided caricature for the Dolphin organization unfortunately…

    There’s a difference between a WR playing QB in the NFL vs. an orthodox QB getting drafted in the 1st round and playing in the NFL…

    Either way they both need an O-Line!

    Downtown has good Dolphin 🙂

    Go Dolphins!!!

  46. That was an insane contract on the Dolphins part even if they can cut him in 2017. He’s making $5 million this year and next he’ll make $11 million. If they don’t cut him in 2017 he’ll make $17 million for that year!

    Ryan Tannehill making $17 million! He’s not worth the $5 million he’s getting this year.

  47. There is nothing wrong with Tannehill. He has shown he can be effective when he has protection. Unless I missed a game somewhere, Tannehill is running for his life back there. Tannehill is a tough cookie. He may not ever become the best QB in the league but it’s imperative the Dolphins fix that O-Line if they are to get the best out of Tannehill. Happy trails Coach Philbin, you should not be allowed to even watch an NFL game on TV.

  48. I believe Tannehill was a QB that played WR his first 2 1/2 years in college. Not necessarily a WR that played his final 1 1/2 years at QB.

  49. Seeing as how the practice squad players are making RT17 look like a fool in more ways than one, then whomever the coach is next year might want to be looking for a new QB.

  50. kcflake says:
    Oct 5, 2015 3:19 PM
    Trade tannehill to kc for Alex smith. Swap bad qb contracts. Dying to find a way to get Alex smith off the field for my chiefs. His bad qb play is killing our season


    They’re both the same worthless guy. I don’t want either of them.

    I want a REAL QB.

  51. He’s inconsistent but to be fair, his offensive lines have been below average every year.

  52. The fanboys defending him because of his O Line are hilarious. The kid has zero pocket awareness. If his first read isn’t there he panics and gets happy feet which eventually leads to bad passes or turn overs. He only ever goes to his first read because he doesn’t process information quickly enough. This is why he always locks on to his receiver and so many balls get batted down. The NFL has enough tape on him to shut him down and he doesn’t have the ability to adjust. He’s a functionally faster version of Chad Henne. Not a viable QB let alone franchise QB. Until they get rid of him they will continue to be average at best.

  53. “Tannehill was 5th in the league in accuracy last year.”

    not hard to do when all of it comes against prevent defenses in garbage time (losses) or against bad defenses (wins). it’s stats like these that his fanboys salivate over and obviously have zero concept of how they were attained and in what manner. Totally clueless. Listen, it sucks that you ran out and bought his jersey when he was drafted but c’mon. The rest of the league knows he’s inadequate. Join the rational

  54. I see the Tannehill fanboys and apologists are out in force.

    Tip: I heard Wallace wasn’t worth his contact from the Tannehill fanboys. Well guess what, Tannehill is not worth his contact.

    Eventually the Captain and leader of the franchise needs to step up.

  55. nbptma1 says:
    Oct 5, 2015 10:39 PM
    Dolphin fans, Tannehill is making more than Brady.

    Yup, more than Brady.

    How’s that feel?
    It sounds like, that in real money, after all the smoke and mirrors of salary cap, and bonus maneuvering, I highly doubt T-hill takes home more $$ than Brady.

  56. Tannehill will never be Andy Dalton or Matt Ryan. He was anointed a franchise QB by his former college coach Mike Sherman who was the OC until he was fired by the Dolphins. Tannehill is a great athlete who can not make all the NFL throws accurately or with arch or touch. Great stats because the Dolphins have a short passing game that is being schemed against by opposing defensive coordinators. DC’s give him the deeper routes and take away the short passing and running game. That’s the book on beating the Dolphins offense; Which is limited by Tannehill’s huge weaknesses as an NFL QB. He does not pick up the blitz, read defenses or release quickly. He was given franchise money which was a mistake. The Dolphins need to get out of his contract as soon as possible. No offensive line can protect him from not being able to accurately hit his target of more than 10 yards.

  57. Anybody that believes Tannehill is the problem is either dumb, does not know football or trolling or all three. Unless there is a Tom Brady or an Arron Rodgers etc out there available and willing to come down to south beach when that time comes Tannehill is here to stay because thats the only level above him as we sit here today. Tannehill is as tough as old boots he is at it every week despite getting smashed and hassled every play. I would like to see how many games others would make if they had to stand behind that candy floss O line this last 3 yrs.

  58. Look at all these clowns defending Tannehill. Again, what’s the diffrence between his team and Russell Wilson’s, Cam Newton’s, and even Andy Dalton’s. The former 2 have horrible offensive lines too and comparable defenses in a better conference, yet this is the guy who gets the benefit of the doubt. What’s the difference between the Dolphins and the Chiefs with Alex Smith if you want to get technical, yet he’s choked 2 years in a row trying to get into the playoffs, and that was under 2 different OCs, so that lie doesn’t work here either. Also, for the guy talking about he had the 5th best accuracy in the league, another dummy who doesn’t know the difference between accuracy and completion percentage. David Carr was completing 85% of his passes one year there and was horrid because he never threw the ball down the field accurately, something I think you can’t blame on Mike Wallace anymore as he’s gone. The bottom line is that 4 years in, Tannehill is what he is, a mediocre game manager. I was all for them extending him because it’s slim pickings in the league at QB, but at least somebody had sense enough to make it team friendly because I’ve seen enough. He’s not built for this.

  59. Tannehill isn’t going anywhere. The line will be upgraded before they move him. And rightfully so. Dude can ball. Right now he has no protection and there is no run game. The receivers also aren’t helping the issue. All in all, Tannehill isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  60. All the pundits and media where high on the personnel of this team at the beginning or preseason. So based on that the only variable is the coaching. Philbin may be a nice man but he is no Jimmy Johnson or Shula when it comes to inspiring players. I don’t know much about the interim coach. Maybe he’ll be able to achieve a measure of success with an otherwise underachieving squad.
    We shall see . . .

  61. Regardless of how you feel about Tannehill, It is foolish to let go of him since his contract is guaranteed for next year.

    Fix what you can fix first.


    They can then compete.

  62. First off, everybody was raving over all of the new skills players they got for Ryan Tannehill! They only forgot to get him an offensive line first! The sexy pick of DeVante Parker just like the sexy pick of Dion Jordan has come to haunt the Dolphins? Instead of building an offensive line that can both run block & pass protect has been a complete failure! Joe Philbin didn’t get the memo when it comes to winning football games it start’s up front in the trenches!!! When the team drafted Dion Jordan, the team could’ve garbed the tackle Lane from Oklahoma instead. When the team drafted Parker, FSU’s Camren Irving was still on the big board! What good is it to have a bunch of top flight WR’s, when your QB is always sitting on his can!? People talk about how poor of a long ball thrower Tannehill is. But, 99 times out of 100 he doesn’t have enough time to throw a 15 yard out rather long something at the 35 to 40 yards down field! I think Ryan has done a pretty good job with what piss poor line play he’s gotten in his support! Hopefully the front office will see into this during the offseason? Don’t count on though. They’ve been talk OL for years & still don’t go out & spend #1 & #2 draft picks to take care of this problem! And in this coming draft some of the best DB’s & LB’s will becoming out, & instead of being able to grab one of them, will still have to address the OL problem that should’ve been taken care of years ago! Hey Steven Ross, give me the job of drafting, because the clowns you’ve got now sure aren’t doing their JOB!!!!!(Razor58)GO PHINS!!

  63. tannehill sucks u don’t pick on teammates because you are making more money I pray we bench him & start Matt Moore throws a better deep ball anyway.

  64. He’s shown some promise, but very slow in his development. Too much of a knee jerk reaction to get rid of him. I’d say shore up your O line first, then re-assess. Fins really shot themselves in the foot by signing Suh for such a huge contract. AFC East has gone through 21 head coaches since Bill arrived…. Just sayin’

  65. Unfortunately, from the practice incidents, it seems like Tannehill doesn’t have the respect of the locker room like a franchise QB should. However, it says something about the past coaching staff that defensive players were not held accountable during practice.

    All teams run the type of practice that the Dolphins were running when the event transpired. It’s basically supposed to be a scrimmage that favors the offense so the routes and timing can be refined. The defense knows what play is coming from the week of practice.

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