Decision on Dolphins defensive coordinator coming today


New Dolphins interim head coach Dan Campbell offered no mandate for his staff upon his introduction yesterday, saying he had to process all the new responsibilities on his plate.

But he’s apparently not going to wait long to make whatever decision he makes.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, a decision on the future of defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle is expected today.

Campbell has been given the green light to make whatever changes necessary by Dolphins executive Mike Tannenbaum, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Coyle punted.

The underperforming of a defense which was invested heavily in is one of the reasons Joe Philbin’s out of a job today, and it was widely wondered if Coyle would have been offered up if Philbin had stayed.

27 responses to “Decision on Dolphins defensive coordinator coming today

  1. If Campbell doesn’t fire him then everything he said yesterday at his PC is meaningless.

  2. Please let him be dismissed. I don’t even care about the results. This horrible start will have been worth it for never having to look at him or Philbin again.

    I’m not all that pleased with Lazor either, but one thing at a time…

  3. They are probably contacting external candidates like Schwartz hoping that they are willing to come in and fix this mess. If not, Coyle may be the fall back option.

  4. Mike Nolan is the linebackers coach of the San Diego Chargers he is an excellent defense of mine and have dolphins ranked number 3 when he left please bring him back

  5. Fire Coyle and it sets a bad tone for the future. When the inmates run the asylum that’s not a good thing. If the conversation with Coyle doesn’t convince him to change his scheme to a one gap DLine approach , then move on with someone else. Totally unacceptable… He line doesn’t have a sack this season. But it could be because they’ve already quit on their coach. Very sad

  6. Suh didnt give Oakland a chance for a visit. He picked less money to go to Mia.

    Enjoy Rotting in Mia.

  7. This is ridiculous. Part of Philbin’s demise was that he refused to fire Coyle last year when pressured to do so Now the front office is presenting it to Dan Campbell as an option? Makes zero sense.

  8. Who will call defensive plays… Coyle is no doubt getting fired at some point… but this “team” needs someone to call the plays for remainder of season.

  9. If he doesn’t fire Coyle today then fire Cambell today and make the actual tight end the head coach and see if he fires Coyle. If he doesn’t …fire him. Anybody that had anything to do with the Dolphins organization as of Sunday 5:00 should be fired.

  10. Campbell is an aggressive type coach which is what this team has needed for going on 5 years now!!! Goodbye Philbin & Coyle is next on the docket, then Tannenbuam!!!

  11. I was happy to hear Joe was fired yesterday.The only thing that could have made me happier would have been to hear Koyle was driving Philbin away from the stadium and they had golden in the trunk.

  12. Coming to be the defensive coordinator for an interim head is a tough sell for someone that already has a job. Anyone that doesn’t already have a job might not be a great option for a coordinator.

    Mark Duffner, linebacker coach, is going to be the best option for the time being seeing as how he has both head coaching experience (at the college level) and defensive coordinator experience (in the NFL).

  13. Also Suh needs to give his paychecks to charity until he gets a minimum of 5 sacks and can average more than 2 tackles per game.

  14. @ raider23mike:

    “Suh didnt give Oakland a chance for a visit. He picked less money to go to Mia.”

    Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, so less is actually more in this case.

    It’s the perfect destination for someone with purely mercenary motivations, nobody comes here because they want to win championships.

  15. “It’s the perfect destination for someone with purely mercenary motivations, nobody comes here because they want to win championships.”

    He turned down Oakland, not New England.

  16. I am starting to side with those that state. The team will never improve w/o a new owner. I wish Micky Arison would take over the Fins and Marlins.

  17. Tanenbaum needs to go! Coyle needs to go! Lazor needs to go! If Campbell is half as gruff as Parcells, I expect to see improvement!

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