Former teammates and coaches think Dan Campbell has a chance


New Dolphins interim coach Dan Campbell has a big job in front of him, trying to salvage something of a season off to a dysfunctional 1-3 start.

But those who have seen his work up close think he has a chance to succeed.

Saints coach Sean Payton coached Campbell in Dallas, and briefly in New Orleans as his playing career was winding down. Payton said he thinks Campbell has a chance to do a good job.

“He’s a fantastic guy, a great worker, a great teammate,” Payton said, via Evan Woodberry of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “He’s someone that is tough, strong. I can’t say enough good things.”

Of course, he’s also faced with a significant challenge, trying to instill some degree of spirit into a team that felt the need to make a change a quarter of the way through the season.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has also been in that situation (and has background with Campbell), having inherited a 1-7 team in midseason of 2010, and helping them bounce back to finish the second half of the season 5-3.

Garrett and Campbell played together with the Giants, before Garrett moved onto Dallas in 2003 as a Bill Parcells signing.

Sometimes these things happen,” Garrett said, via Todd Archer of “It’s a challenge when they happen during the season but Dan Campbell was a teammate of mine and he’s just a hell of a guy and I think he’s a really good football guy. I think somehow someway he’s going to help that football team get righted and he’s going to do that because he’s a really willful guy. He’s got a great personality and he’s a tough guy and I just wish him nothing but the best. . . .

“Always a very smart guy. Knew the game really well, knew things beyond his position and really cared about it, cared about detail, always wanted to know more and loved to play, has a great passion for playing, a great passion for teams and a great passion for the game of football.”

That passion was evident from his introductory press conference. Now he’ll get a chance to prove himself on the fly, and he can only hope to do it as well as Garrett did.

27 responses to “Former teammates and coaches think Dan Campbell has a chance

  1. Anybody had to be better than CLUELESS JOE except for maybe Cam CaMORON and Nick SATAN!

    The rest of this season is about evaluating talent and planning for next year. As far as I’m concerned, this is a long preseason. The season doesn’t start until NEXT September!

  2. If by success you mean win four or five games then yeah, they might have some success. They’re by far the worst team in their division and the problem is as much roster as coaching. I wish the guy luck but he’s going to need more than just that.

  3. No one hopes more than I do that Ross uncovered a hidden gem. Really wishing the best for Campbell over the next 12 games. Dan is the Bizzaro Philbin.

  4. He certainly came over in his introduction, as if he wasn’t going to stand any nonsense. He’s going to try and get the team back in the right direction. Good Luck to him, they need a tough Coach, because the ship is sinking fast.

  5. he’s only going to have a chance if he can get rid of Tannehill and his outrageous superstar paycheck.

  6. Passing over the coordinators for a guy who has been there for 5 years is very telling.The Dolphins are in disarray. Campbell vows to change the culture, the culture he presumably, have helped to shape? That’s kinda crazy.

    Meanwhile, the Dolphins glance at people like Todd Bowles, who just beat the hell outta them, but let him walk away. That fish is rotten from the head>down.

    Expect an out and out mutiny in the next few weeks.

  7. Another BIG issue is getting Kevin Coyle out. He is not working either. Miami’s defense is last in most every category.

  8. Coach Campbell is the anti-philbin, and can certainly make a difference. This team has talent, but needs to get their heads out of their azzez. I remember when Shula came to Miami, and my old man, a Shula fan in B-more, said to me that Shula was going to bust the Fins butt and make a winner out of those slackers. Not saying Dan is Don, but I think he may embody a lot of the same traits.

    All the haters are laughing now, but later, they may wish Philbin had never been fired. We’ll see who gets the last laugh.

  9. Oh man the schizo Fin fan base, never cease to amaze me. When Parcells was in town, his way was antiquated. Soprano was a meatball fist pumping field goal freak. The fanbase wants a wide open attack offense. Zone blocking was considered superior to the smash mouth advocated by the Parcells regime.

    All which led to Philbin. His success came from GB. Working with Rodgers and installing the offensive game plan for the Pack. ZBS was installed. Results?

    Now here we are 4 years later…wanting what was already being built in Miami. Which has been dismantled do to different philosophy. With a guy who has no HC experience at any level. A tough guy. Results?

    This is the same freaking show in Davie from 2008. By 2010, the fanbase was clamoring for more. My guess, 3 years from now….we will repeat 2010/2011 all over again.

  10. Campbell: “The least you can do is level with me. What are my chances?”

    Dolphins: “Not good.”

    Campbell: “You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?”

    Dolphins: “I’d say more like…one out of a million.”

    Campbell: “So you’re telling me there’s a chance…YEAH!”

  11. As a Dolphins fan, all the reports are looking good. This is a good week for me, I can still pretend this is just what the team needs. A fresh voice and work ethic, and by the end of the season, we won’t remember Philbin or the 1-3 start. Shhh shhhh, let me dream.

  12. Tannenbaum should be suited up and facing Suh in the Oklahoma drill. Tannenbaum is the main problem. Why Hickey wasn’t given the opportunity to continue some pretty solid work from last season, is beyond comprehension. Especially when you look at how terrible Tannenbaums Jets teams were.

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