Lane Johnson says he’ll play: “We ain’t got nobody else”


Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson aggravated the sprained MCL in his right knee during last Sunday’s loss to the Redskins, but he plans to play this weekend vs. the Saints.

“We’re 1-3,” Johnson told reporters Tuesday. “We ain’t got nobody else.”

The Eagles are struggling to get the run game going, and Johnson isn’t the only offensive lineman dealing with injury issues. Matt Tobin replaced the injured Andrew Gardner at right guard but had to move to left tackle when Jason Peters was injured last Sunday. Gardner is out for the season, and the rest will be sorted out as the week progresses.

Johnson initially injured his knee in the preseason and is also playing on a sore ankle but said he can’t afford to rest until the team’s bye week with the Eagles looking to salvage their season.

“They’ve got pain killers for that,” he said of his pain tolerance.

Johnson has been a good player and a good quote — and he’s right when he says the Eagles need him.

12 responses to “Lane Johnson says he’ll play: “We ain’t got nobody else”

  1. NFL = No Fun League, lighten up NFL it lasted about 3 seconds, as long as players don’t taunt opposing players, what’s the harm, stop with all these stupid rules.

  2. Another reason why Kelly’s system cannot work in the NFL – you can’t immediately plug in newcomers to a complicated scheme, and you’re going to get newcomers every week. It’s not just a QB issue.

  3. For all the Eagles fans & media that miss Mathis….I am an Eagles fan in Denver & have watched him get his ass handed to him on a weekly basis…..he would not be any help

  4. Nice quote. Hey look at the bright side Eagles fans. At least your coach isn’t farting during their press conferences, right? Well at least not yet.

    Chip may as well have open tryouts, Eagles fans probably would be more physical in the trenches than some of their present personnel.

  5. Good grief Lane! You guys can’t even beat a team that plays a 3rd string QB?
    We know that the NFC East stinks but sooner or later youse guys gotta beat these other lousy teams. AND YOU BETTER START NOW.
    We can’t believe that those injured Cowboys and that way below average Washington team actually beat you guys.
    Youse guys, EAGLES, better start winning every game now cause the Cowboys will get healthy and then they may blow the rest of this division outta the water.
    We keep thinking that Chip will turn this team around. HE CAN COACH IN THE NFL!
    2013: 10-6
    2014: 9-3 (1st 12 games)
    Since: Chip is 2-6 but this is just a slump!

  6. Hey Chip, how about taking some of DeMarco’s money and using it on the offensive line next year?

    Maybe even draft a few. It is amazing how much of an afterthought the oline has been since chip got here.

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