Myles Jack to leave school, and his coach expresses his concern


Myles Jack might be taking a chance, but he’s not going to let his next chance be for free.

According to Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated, the injured UCLA hybrid linebacker/running back has withdrawn from school, and plans to enter the 2016 NFL Draft.

Jack suffered a season-ending knee injury in September, derailing a season which could have cemented his status as a first-round pick next year anyway.

But UCLA coach Jim Mora expressed concern over Jack’s decision.

“I think it’s very risky to do this. There’s a lot of speculation to . . . where he fits,” Mora said. “I’ve been in 25 draft rooms. I’ve never seen a guy taken off [two games of junior tape]. . . .

“Myles’ talent is without question. I hope he’s put enough out there where they can get a true evaluation.”

Mora’s concern is touching, assuming he’s not just worried about Jack making a financial decision which could only benefit Jack and not Mora.

The college football-industrial complex is full of territorial squatters, as evidenced by LSU’s tsk-tsking at the suggestion that Leonard Fournette should use his earning potential for Leonard Fournette and not LSU. So it’s not a surprise that Mora would join in, warning at the inherent danger of trying to capitalize on your own talents for yourself.

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  1. I’m gonna digress here for a minute,, How about bringing back the replacement refs? At least folks would know they dont know any better than these so-called-REFS

  2. After that scrum touchdown ASU jammed down UCLA’s throats last week, I’d be upset if my stud LB was leaving too. That being said, if Jack heals and works out in front of scouts to his pre-injury potential, he’s not dropping out of the first round. I’m sure some NFL team will be very happy he avoided a full season of Mora playing Jack on both sides of the ball and burning more tread off Jack’s tires.

  3. “So it’s not a surprise that Mora would join in, warning at the inherent danger of trying to capitalize on your own talents for yourself.”

    Or it could be Mora’s concern is well founded. Caroll was right about Sanchez coming out early

  4. my first question if I’m an NFL GM or coach is “why in the heck did you withdraw from school?”

  5. Blame that insurance policy mess, he gets $5M if he doesn’t go first round. I don’t understand these kids. They get a free education but instead run first chance they get. But the life of an NFL player isn’t what it used to be. They don’t want to take advantage of getting free education so they have a backup plan then we end up seeing an E60: Gone Broke episode about them 5 years after they retire. He dropped out mid-semester too. So now he’s coming off a bad knee and a few games of junior year played. But I’m sure some team will take the chance at drafting him and possibly waste a pick. Too risky.

  6. This is the only way it should be acceptable for players to abandon scholarships and be able to leave the game in an effort to prevent further injury and help their draft stock. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of compensation for college athletes, it cannot be reasonably argued that a player can walk away from the team without walking away from the school as well.

    If you want college athletes to get paid, then remove college sports. If you pay them, it just becomes an actual farm system and if that’s the case, make all players have an MLB high school draft. I know it’s shocking to everyone but those of us paying hundreds of dollars in student loans every month but these athletes are indeed getting paid. Is it enough? Probably not but one cannot have an ounce of integrity on the topic without admitting that they are getting something in return (if only half of them were smart enough to get that education at the same time.)

  7. Mora is being selfish. Point blank he wants Jack to return to school so that his team will be better next year.

    Jack is making the right choice. He’ll likely be selected in the first 3 rounds of next year’s draft and most likely in round 1 or 2. He’s making the right choice for his own financial future.

  8. Dumb… why not just take UCLA’s scholarship and get one year closer to graduating. You still go into draft.

    What is your plan if the NFL doesn’t work out?

  9. Why does he need to withdraw from school? You’re getting a free ride dude, make the most of it. On the off chance you don’t become an NFL superstar you just might need a degree sometime in your life.

  10. What a moron. If you want to declare early but don’t drop out of school until you have to do it. I guess we are seeing another guy that if he doesn’t make it known the NFL ESPN will be making some sad documentary about how it all went wrong but not putting any of the blame on him.

  11. I’ll go with Mora having genuine concern here. Too many stories of kids who overestimated what the NFL thought of them, and leaving school turned out to be a bad move.

    The fact that he’s withdrawing from school when he doesn’t even have to yet is a red flag. He must desperately need whatever money some agent must’ve agreed to front him, or else he really couldn’t care less about milking whatever he can from his access to a college education. Either way….it’s too bad.

  12. C’mon Man…there are 2 legitimate sides to that same old record You’ve been playing.

  13. Wasn’t Clowney’s reputation/draft placement based off of one highlight play and then 15 games of “playing not to get hurt”?

  14. Instead of trying to expand into Europe, the NFL should institute a D-league for 18-22 year olds and tap into those billions.

    Fair pay for players
    Better postseason for fans
    Universities can get back to their primary purpose: education

  15. To anybody who thinks it’s wrong for guys to bail out on college for the NFL all I have to say is, you’re an idiot.

    These athletes for the most part are illiterate mercenaries which serve to only be in college to make college money and further diminish their health before they even make it to the pro game.

    If you know you can get drafted, you would be completely stupid to still play college ball with all the problems that can happen along the way to getting paid in the NFL.

  16. Mora is the biggest jerk ever to put a whistle around his neck and pretend he is God. Every time I think he can’t top his last tirade he surprises me

  17. Pretty sure he was getting free schooling, room and board, and other perks. Far from “free”.

  18. peytonwantsaflag says:
    Oct 6, 2015 12:26 PM

    my first question if I’m an NFL GM or coach is “why in the heck did you withdraw from school?”
    Is why you are not an NFL GM 🙂
    Tired of working for free is a good reason.

  19. I haven’t seen him play, but, at the NFL level, isn’t it better to be great at one skill set rather than good at several? I’m sure Kaepernick would make a better two way player than Brady, but, since the NFL doesn’t require guys to go two ways, whoop-de-doo.

  20. Save the holdout for the pros. I’ll get you Kam Chancellor’s agent’s number.

  21. If you’re drafted. . . at all. . . you make a couple million dollars. That’s more than many people earn in a lifetime of working. Why should an athlete take any risks for an education that is unlikely to earn him anywhere close to that in his entire career? A degree in communications or PR isn’t going to get you much in comparison. You want to be a pro athlete and you’re good enough, do it. College sports are a scam.

  22. There’s another reason here too. By leaving school now Myles Jack can start earning now. Tell me there’s not a show company out there who can’t wait to get their hands on him and pay him to rehab. They can do a whole series of ads on a kid who could still go first round.

    I’m a UCLA grad and hate to see him go. He can be amazing and I hope this works out for him. But why should he wait 4 months to sign with an agent? He can get a leg up on everyone now.

  23. The league is so starved for talent right now that for some GMs at least, virtually nothing else matters. Heck, Dorial Green Beckhan went in the first 40 picks and he had a whole lot more red flags than this kid.

  24. For those that don’t know the background on this kid, he came from Bellevue HS in WA State and they are being investigated for basically letting this kid not go to classes and he got a diploma from a booster backed “diploma mill” trade school. He did not have to go to High School and certainly cannot handle the rigors of College courses. Myles has never had to earn a real grade in an academic environment. Better hope those knees hold up. Stupid is as stupid does!!

  25. If he’s only 225-230 lbs, he’s TINY for an NFL Linebacker. An Average size NFL LB is 245-255 lbs. He’d be a big RB, but there are several other stand out RBs that I would think would go a lot higher. If you’re drafting him, where are you playing him? He also doesn’t have much tape, so you’re going entirely off potential here for a guy that’s really undersized. Whoever decides to draft him better have a lot of job security if he goes at all high—and he better to justify this kind of decision.

    I don’t usually agree with a coach on tossing out red flags when someone declares early. But Mora is right here.

  26. Mora may be right as it relates to Myles but guys do get drafted after only playing a few games their junior year – see Todd Gurley as a prime example.

  27. He was going to turn pro no matter what, but why leave the free rehab?

    There just needs to be a spring NFL minor league. Allow guys to get drafted and paid as long as they have graduated HS. Teams can build into contracts money for college tuition. It’s not a radical idea to be able to work and go to school. Allow young guys an opportunity to learn how to be a professional. Now most of your first and second rounders won’t play in the minors right away, but you can develop guys who might contribute eventually.

    An NFL spring league playing ( move draft back to mid April) the first week of May to a beginning of July add a Final Four in with a Championship game a week before NFL training camps begin , would not only develop players, it gives coaches development, official,etc. You use in most case publicly funded stadiums a few more times a year( New ticket sales, sponsorships,etc), and now you can have a second line of merch sales to a fan base who will just about support anything their NFL team does.

  28. Jack withdrew from school because he didn’t want to have to be burdened with writing papers and going to class. So much for the UCLA “student-athlete”.

  29. Player wants to leave school early? “How could he even consider being that stupid?”

    Coach wants to leave school early? “there goes another one chasing a better job”

  30. 2 games of tape? I saw him play in 26 games prior to that year. Its not just two games of tape Jim…and this is why you are not in Draft Rooms anymore.

  31. UCLA’s facilities are free, the training and rehab are free, 7 more games to support for your teammates is a legacy item, finishing classes out strong will make it easier to graduate whenever you try to finish out…this dude is getting bad advice

  32. So let me get this right. He suffers a season ending injury, and on the heels of that declares himself for the NFL draft “and” quits school???

    Dude? You couldn’t just rehab, attend school and wait til the season was over and then issue the following statement: “After careful consideration and talking to those closest to me, coaches and family, I have decided for forego my remaining college eligibility and declare for the NFL draft”.

    The talent may be their, but the reasoning and decision making is mystifying….

    Good luck young man and I hope your gamble pays off!

  33. A classic Bellevue High School guy, never attended BHS, graduated from a diploma mill nearby that has no football team, so it recruits top athletes to “auto-graduate” so they can play for Bellevue, and now he takes the lessons he learned there on the road to the NFL.

    Supreme athlete, taught all the wrong lessons about life early on. I hope he can learn the right ones at the next level.

  34. I could live the rest of my life off a 2nd round pick’s contract. You’d be nuts not to go now. You can always go back to college. My god. What’s his plan? Make millions of dollars. If not he can make one million and go back to college. Not a bad situation.

  35. Most people don’t even realize that these football players on scholarships barely have time for education, and a lot of the schools that take football seriously let them know that they aren’t there for education, they’re there for football.

    Not all of the schools are like that, Stanford & Notre Dame standout as the schools that treat the education aspect just as important however most of the southern schools are different. Do you really think that Alabama, the football juggernaut, in an area where football is life, do you believe that ‘Bama is going to prioritize their education over football?

    No and neither do schools like them. That’s why many of the students end up picking or are coerced into the ‘easy’ (and usually useless) majors as it’s almost impossible to balance school & 1st tier athletics in a collegiate environment. Then there’s the whole bit about not being compensated, nor being allowed to gain compensation off YOUR OWN NAME! Not all the players get money under the table or come from families that are well off and those scholarships don’t cover living expenses. He did what he felt he had to do however I also feel he should of waited till the end of the season. The timing here is off and will hurt him.

  36. I have this fear of college football turning into college basketball, where it’s potential stars never mature because they leave early and people start losing interest and only the bowl games draw the interest. It takes a full season to develop a star and if they leave, there’s nothing for the next season to drive interest.

  37. The poster above had it right. Myles Jack is not exactly student material which is why he went to that diploma mill “high school” in the first place. UCLA used to have somewhat rigorous academic admission requirements, but it sounds like they threw those out the window when Mora came in, just like Stanford did with Harbaugh.

    UCLA should be under investigation because there’s no way Jack maintained eligibility on his own.

  38. He quit on his teammates! Declaring now means he drops out of school and cannot be around the team! He can’t train for 6-7 months, so why announce now? Big fat payday and offers. He could’ve waited 3 months after the season to do this, be with his team and get his education while he’s injured. Sad

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