Unbeaten Bengals announce rare sellout vs. Seahawks

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The 4-0 Bengals host the Seahawks Sunday, and the locals are apparently excited.

The game is sold out, a rarity in Cincinnati. The Bengals had about 58,000 fans for each of their two previous home games this season.

In addition to announcing a sellout this week, the Bengals announced that “limited” tickets are left for a Nov. 5 Thursday night game vs. the Browns. The listed capacity for Paul Brown Stadium is 65,515.

The Bengals didn’t get more than 60,000 for a game last year until their fifth home game. They sold out 57 straight games from Nov. 2003-Nov. 2010, but the team struggled in 2010 and longtime fan favorites Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco were gone the next season. The Bengals didn’t crack 45,000 for either of their first two home games in 2011, but the team has been in the playoffs every year since and averaged over 63,000 fans in 2013 before seeing a slight dip last season.

The Bengals were the only team to vote against the NFL nixing local TV blackouts last spring, but team owner Mike Brown insisted that was related to a revenue-sharing issue, not actually forcing fans to come to the stadium to see the team play. Even when the NFL relaxed its blackout rules, the Bengals initially didn’t want to declare sellouts unless they’d actually sold out.

The Bengals hadn’t had a home game blacked out since 2012, and now they’re seeing reward at the box office for what’s been one of the league’s most impressive teams on the field over the season’s first month.

42 responses to “Unbeaten Bengals announce rare sellout vs. Seahawks

  1. 4-0 and just now selling out while I’m still on a 15 year waiting list with Pittsburgh. Quite the fanbase you guys have in Cincy…lol’z

  2. Bengals stadium is one of the worst in the league. Terrible parking and poor crowd control in stadium. Plus they have one of the worst fan bases in the NFL..

  3. Why would I go to a game? Deal with traffic, pay a fortune for tickets, pay a fortune for beer and food, cannot see like I can on TV and be around idiots who never played football in their lives with their stupid jerseys and face paint.

    I’ll just watch at home on the big screen.

  4. “4-0 and just now selling out while I’m still on a 15 year waiting list with Pittsburgh. Quite the fanbase you guys have in Cincy…lol’z”


    give me a break – attendance figures for last year show Pittsburgh had an average attendance of 62 k , the stadium holds over 65k

  5. NFL made it’s own bed on sellouts. The Bengals don’t have the “dynasty” factor like the Packers have in order to have a waiting list for season tickets. The Bengals also have a very plain, unexciting stadium. Therefore people don’t go there to enjoy a “beautiful stadium”. There’s nothing special at all about the stadium. So considering the situation, many more people would rather stay home and watch the game where they have a comfy couch, big TV to see everything, cheap food and drinks, etc. Why go to a unimaginative concrete bowl and freeze your arse off if you have what you have at home? Also tired of people bashing the Bengals saying they won’t be 4-0 after this week. They act like the Seahawks are lighting people up right now. They are 2-2 and could easily be 0-4. They haven’t played with intensity or anything. Their o-line stinks and has Wilson running for his life. Marshawn Lynch is gimped up. Bengals are the most complete team in the league. Hell, why even play the game if everyone is so sure Seattle is going to win?

  6. This proves the NFL’s blackout policy was hurting the league for decades.

    If a team is on TV every week, people start to care about a team. Simple as that. Going to the game is an event that’s about more than just watching the game, it’s about watching it with thousands of other people who also care.

  7. The Bengals just never seem to reach that highest level! Regardless of their record when they face teams like The Pats, Broncos, The Steelers, The Ravens, etc they lose! Maybe the last two won’t be a factor this year but I hope The Bengals can really be a force. Someone needs to knock off Denver or New England this year, time for a fresh face in The Super Bowl! Cinci has not been there for a long time of course winning it is a whole different story something they failed to do in their previous attempts!

  8. C’mon disgruntled trolls . . . don’t just complain. Exhibit some wit and show word play. Use the brain the good Lord gave ya and not the gut the Cheetos made ya!

  9. paulmor909, you either aren’t serious or you don’t really watch football. The Bengals lose when they face teams like the Ravens? Did you know that Cincy has beaten the Ravens the last FIVE TIMES they’ve played? Did you know that the Bengals beat the Broncos in Week 16 last season? They’re also 1-1 against the Pats the last two times they’ve played. You, sir, are a complete idiot.

  10. Winning solves a lot of problems especially attendance.. ask the raiders who are still at the bottom of the league and have been for the last 10 years.

  11. Since the Seawhawks pay Texas A & M for the 12th man logo, shouldn’t these loser fans have to pay every time they say it?

  12. seehawksgo
    Oct 6, 2015, 12:59 PM CDT

    A big part of that “home sellout” are Seahawks fans. 12s travel.

    Righhhttttt, because there so were SO many Seahawks fans at then named Reliant Stadium against the Texans in 2009 to support a putrid Jim Mora coach teamed.

    And the 12th Man thing is SUCH a storied tradition that it didn’t even register a blip on the national radar and cause Texas A&M to pursue legal action until 2006.

    And 12 “fans” are loyal that Ken Behring didn’t even CONSIDER moving the team to Los Angeles in 1996.

    News flash: ALL fans travel when their team is winning. Can you guys go one second without smugly patting yourselves on the back?

  13. Bengals haven’t lost at home to a team outside their division in three years. That’s not gonna change this week, not with a Seahawks O-Line that was letting the Lions chase Russell all over the field last night. He’s gonna go home with a big “97” imprint in his jersey.

  14. Based on what I saw last night I’m not sure why so many people think the Bengals will lose to the Seahawks. The Seahawks needed a muffed call at the end of the game to beat the LIONS!!!
    The “hawks” might beat the Browns but they will lose to everyone else in the AFC North this year

  15. Trolls out in force. It’s hilarious to see all of the haters out there that are shaking in their shorts at the the thought of playing these guys! Thanks trolls, jealousy and fear are the two best compliments that you can pay to an opposing team, keep up the good work! And I’m sorry Shehawk fans, but if the performance that your team put on last night is all they got, then the 12th man, and your squad will be going home with your tails tucked firmly between your cheeks! Can’t wait to see that dline murder Russell Wilson. Hell you needed the refs to hand you a game against the Lions, SMH. Bengals will be eating Seahawk for dinner on Sunday, the 12th man goes home with a scorching case of the monkey butt, and the Bengals go 5-0! Who Dey!

  16. schilhater says:
    Oct 6, 2015 3:20 PM
    Since the Seawhawks pay Texas A & M for the 12th man logo, shouldn’t these loser fans have to pay every time they say it?
    Actually, the deal with A&M ended and Seatle can’t use it any longer. That’s why they are saying “the 12’s” now.

  17. Damn, citizenstrange has made an appearance. After watching Vick last week you would think he would change his toon. Ben can do it all, he deserves some of the blame for the lack of playoff wins, but this team would still be a sub .500 team over the past 4 seasons of not for him.

  18. jtm12180 says:
    Oct 6, 2015 2:10 PM
    4-0 and just now selling out while I’m still on a 15 year waiting list with Pittsburgh. Quite the fanbase you guys have in Cincy…lol’z

    15 year waiting list. That’s pathetic. Try getting Packers season tickets in less than 50 years. Probably won’t happen with over 100,000 people on the list.

  19. Everyone hates a winner. Thats some people hate the Seahawks, Pat, Steelers, Bronco’s. People like to whine and not take the responsiblity that their team is just not that good. I am a life long Seahawk fan and i am worried about Cincy because right now Seattle is not as good as they Have been the last two years. At least our Offense is not as good; our Defense is better. Right now our line sucks and Wilson is constantly running for his life. Our Special teams our better also. So until the offense get it together, if we win it will be because of defense and special teams. Seahawk fans also went a lot of years having a losing team so haters come with winning. Although the haters are the real losers. Dont think Seahawk fans dont respect a team that has a 4-0 start. I know this Seahawk team will never give up so it should be a tough game.

  20. Seahawk fans still waiving that Superbowl record flag, 1-2.

    Should be a rule about red-heads playing for the Bengals, UNLESS you die some black streaks so your head looks like the helmet.

  21. Wow. I’m sure there are loyal Bengals fans but THIS IS PATHETIC! Now they’re winning and finally sellout a game? Bengals fans can never call anyone fairweather fans!

  22. I’m not really a Bengals fan, but I currently live in Cincinnati. To find out that this is the first sellout is shocking to me, because the Bengals are easily the most popular thing in Cincinnati. You see the shirts, jerseys, and jackets everywhere, all year long. The Reds have a really fickle fan base, but people talk about the Bengals constantly, good or bad.

  23. C’mon people….they averaged 58,000-63,000 fans from 2013 on…..we aren’t talking 1/2 full stadiums here…..most of the seats were full….because capacity is only 65,000. Stop acting like only a few thousand are showing up. I don’t know about the rest of the football cities….but here in Ohio…the economy has played a part in slow tickets sales. It is not cheap to attend a game between the tickets, parking, food and drink…..you could easily drop 300.00 or more. Economy is starting to turn around…..more fans in the stands.

  24. Waiting list in Green Bay? What else is there to do in GB? Ice fishing? And I believe Big Ben won A Super Bowl his first year. Does that not count as a playoff win? Plz trolls lay off the hippie lettuce. Additionally PB Stadium is just fine. $9 beers suck though.

  25. I’m flying from Seattle to the game and excited to see that it is sold out.

    Not sure how many 12’s will be there…just hoping the Seahawks O-line shows up at some point. A Jimmy sighting would be nice too. Otherwise…a long day watching Russell run for his life in the backfield.

    Go Hawks!

  26. If the Bengals can’t even sellout on a consistent basis when they’ve been good the last few years, why aren’t they discussed as a team to move to LA?

  27. They’re 4-0, so fans start wanting to go to the games now?

    Typical fairweather fans.

    I really do hope the Bengals go 16-0. That way, when they lose that first playoff game, it will be 10 times more hilarious than it usually is.

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