Charles Woodson hoping for first pick of Peyton Manning


Raiders safety Charles Woodson turns 39 on Wednesday and he knows exactly what he wants for his birthday.

During a Tuesday appearance on NFL Network, Woodson said that he would like to add Peyton Manning to the list of quarterbacks he’s intercepted during Sunday’s game against the Broncos. None of Woodson’s 62 career interceptions have come against Manning, who Woodson edged in voting for the 1997 Heisman Trophy.

“It would be great, man. He’s eluded me for 18 years,” Woodson said. “It would be great. It would be even better if we could come out with the victory. But it would be great to get my hands on one of Peyton’s balls.”

Given how well the Broncos defense is playing right now, the Raiders are going to need their defense to make plays if they’re going to hand Denver its first loss of the season. Given the way the Broncos offense has played, that seems like a realistic possibility even if it isn’t Woodson who winds up making them.

35 responses to “Charles Woodson hoping for first pick of Peyton Manning

  1. Woodson said. “It would be great to get my hands on one of Peyton’s balls.”

    Good think that didnt come out akward.

  2. Woodson is awesome. I’m so glad he’s back with the Raiders. He’s probably too slow now to take it to the house, but picking off one of Peyton’s slow-motion wobbly ducks is a realistic goal.

  3. No comments have loaded at the time I am posting this, but I assume there will be 100 posts referring to Charles’ “…it would be great to get my hands on one of Peyton’s balls” quote by the time they do.
    I’ll be the 101st.
    That quote is going to be in your head all day, sung to the Nationwide jingle.
    Jingle Balls.
    You’re welcome.

  4. NFL is about Match ups….
    It’s going to be a long day for The Broncos.
    Broncos Defense is NOT that good. Carr will be able to pass all over him. Broncos offense is stoppable even know Raiders defense is terrible. I think Raiders are going to control the clock in this game and win by 10

  5. Did he just say he wants his hands on Peyton’s balls?

    I mean, I know you admire the guy.. but…..

  6. ^^^^ Seriously??? Raiders defense can’t stop the pass, especially to the TE…. Broncos defense is #1 in the league… Victory would be an awesome surprise but unfortunately i don’t see it..

  7. Raider defense has been embarrassing since Woodson came back.
    Last year he looked pathetic.
    Only the Raiders are willing to pay and play this guy anymore.

  8. nflfolly says:
    Oct 7, 2015 11:58 AM

    Raider defense has been embarrassing since Woodson came back.
    Last year he looked pathetic.
    Only the Raiders are willing to pay and play this guy anymore.
    PFF has him ranked 55th so far this year. Not bad for a guy his age playing with a bum shoulder, although I’m sure you could do better.

  9. He might get a pick and everyone will celebrate.

    What they will refuse to see is Manning owning CW over the past few years. Last years game he simply used play action, CW bit hard every time and he threw wounded ducks over his head for large gains and 2 or 3 TD’s.

    In every game Woodson is giving up large plays, 50+ yards a game and at least 3 TD’s that are all on him. I know the guy is a warrior but at some point I’d rather see anyone get burned instead of a 39 year old that probably runs a 5.2, still has the great instincts but not the athletic ability to make plays and can’t tackle for crap.

    The play at the end of the Browns game and the INT against the Bears are great plays but you can’t have 20 bad plays and one good play per game. The Browns game would have been over in the 3rd quarter if Woodson doesn’t give up play after play.

  10. Did someone just make a point for Woodson saying he is ranked 55th? (60 something last season)

    That neans he is in the bottom of the leagues starters yet Oakland fans think that’s great.

  11. I’m a life long Oakland fan and understand what fans of every other team thinks. Woodson is a joke on the field at this point in his career.

    QB’s target this guy in coverage.

    4 games deep and there are 10 plays the Raiders would have been better off playing with 10 guys on defense because Woodson flat out sucks, wiffs on easy tackles, lets TE’s behind him on third and long then misses the tackle, gets beat by 5 yards to inline TE’s for TD’s that are really nobodies in the league, missed the RB on a TD in the Ravens game. I mean one on one RB in the hole and he didn’t lay a finger on him.

    Hopefully when or if Nate Allen gets back one of the younger guys steps up and replaces Woodson.

  12. Quarterbacks I love in Week 5

    Peyton Manning, Broncos: Hey, some things have changed. Denver wins with its defense these days, Peyton can’t feel his fingertips, and Oakland is 2-2. Yet the more things change, the more they stay the same. The Broncos have two great wide receivers and the Raiders are giving up more than 310 passing yards a game, second-most in the NFL. Since he joined the Broncos, Manning has averaged 316 yards per game and has 16 TD passes in six games versus the Raiders. Given the Broncos’ struggling run game, expect his big numbers to continue.

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