Chip Kelly: I have to admit my play calling hasn’t succeeded


Eagles coach Chip Kelly admits that he’s to blame for a lot of the problems his team is having on offense.

“I’ve got to do a better job play calling,” Kelly said today.

Asked if he questions his own plays, Kelly answered, “You have to.”

“They’re not successful,” Kelly said of the plays he’s calling. “You can’t sit there and say it’s working. We’re not successful on first and second down. We haven’t been successful in the first half of games.”

One thing Kelly won’t question, however, is his personnel moves. Although Kelly’s two biggest offseason acquisitions — trading for Sam Bradford and signing DeMarco Murray — haven’t looked great so far, he believes he has the right players to run his offense.

“I think we have the right personnel here, no question about that,” Kelly said.

If they have the right personnel, and the offense still isn’t getting the job done, that suggests that Kelly’s right: His play calling isn’t good enough.

79 responses to “Chip Kelly: I have to admit my play calling hasn’t succeeded

  1. I would much rather here this than hear a coach point fingers at the players and say they have to execute better. Pretty soon it is time to execute someone …

  2. ABOUT TIME CHIP!! I agree you can’t be like Ol’ Andy Reid and “I gotta’ do a better job” every damn question. But you CAN NOT continue to throw your players under the bus and expect them to go to war for you and put their bodies on the line. You end up with 13 soft tissue injuries which your sports science is supposed to limit. All the hydration and bed checks. For what? Own it Chip. And FIX IT!!

    Although you decimated our O-Line I doubt you can this year. When your back ups become starters, what happens when they can’t go? You end up with last years 3rd string starting. What a mess…ugh!!

  3. I’m a big Eagles fan and it’s impossible to argue that this season has been a disaster thus far.

    HOWEVER, I still have faith in Chip Kelly and this team. They will turn it around and people will still be talking about the Eagles at the end of the year.

    The NFC East will be won at 10-6, at best, and I guarantee the Eagles will be in the mix down the stretch.

  4. Well, either way it’s on you coach. Since you have total control over both factors mentioned, it’s a double fail.

    I wanted to like Chip, and admit I liked watching his up tempo offenses. But he lost me at the Bradford/Foles swap. He traded a decent, young, cheap qb with no major injuries AND a second round pick (!) for an older, very expensive qb with serious injury baggage.

    As an aside, Jeff Fisher may be a mediocre coach, but he’s a helluva GM. He seems to fleece other organizations for draft picks all the time.

  5. You might have the right players at the skill positions but you don’t have a good enough line for them to be viable. You blew it by letting two good guards go. No play calling can cover up poorly designed and executed blocking schemes.

  6. I STILL don’t understand. If trading LeSean McCoy was about the salary cap, then why did he trade for Bradford at $13 million to ship away Foles for $1.5 million? Would’ve gotten an equal or better result from Foles

  7. I told a lots of people that the Eagles would finish last in the NFC east and those same people told me I was nuts!

    Those same people assured me that the Redskins would finish last.

    To trade for injury prone Bradford was just plain Stooopid!!!

    A decimated o-Line guarantees last place! The Redskins may have been awful last season but they fixed the problem that made them last place back to back seasons….The o-line!

    bottom line=Fix your horrible o-line or continue to finish last

  8. 09/23/15
    Chip Kelly: “My play calling isn’t too predictable, problem is execution”

    “I’ve got to do a better job play calling,” Kelly said today.

    And here we all were thinking Chip wasn’t making any progress. It is said Admitting there’s a problem is the first step…

  9. Hey Chip why don’t you do like Chuck Pagano and blame the GM for providing you such a poor offensive line this seaso…..ah..oh..oh yea. Never mind.

  10. I still have faith in Chip.

    I think he greatly overestimated his o-line backups and the importance of continuity on the o-line. It won’t be this year, I think they look better by the end of the year and keep improving into next year to make a playoff run.

  11. “my quarterbacks and offensive line are horrendous, but I can’t say so so I’ll take the blame”.

    You have Tebow’s cell; he’s your only salvation.

  12. E-A-G-L-E-S! I would feel bad for you E fans but then I am only reminded of our own futile situation…

    Lovie Smith
    Coach of the 1-3 Bucs aka Den of Depression South

  13. Chip. Don’t worry. It’s been a while since the Eagles won the super bowl, so I’m willing to be patient with you. Check that. The Eagles have never won the super bowl.

  14. So he should have ignored the needs on defense and drafted offensive linemen to replace the geriatrics he let go, even if the board dictated he not do that. Why doesn’t Philly bring Andy back? Maybe they can give Clark a draft pick as compensation. That’ll surely make it all better.

  15. He’s so full of it, I heard an interview wher he blamed not getting the quanty (ie. fast break) of plays run as the reason the Eagles weren’t successful. So, (reality check) you run the fast paced offense to a 3 and out in 90 seconds and surprise, your defense is back on the field without a rest.

  16. As GM, maybe Chip should fire himself as coach and hire a new one? Because the play-calling is the problem and not the personnel moves? Because the Eagles were a disaster until Chip got full-authority over personnel moves?

    Yeah that’s it.

  17. Only a genius would admit to that. Because part of the genius that we don’t see is that Philly’s slow (or nonexistent) start is all part of the master plan. We’re all just to dumb to realize it. Only Chip knows all.

  18. As an Eagles fan I have to say, even though some things he did in the offseason were unpopular I agree with most of his moves. Sure it hasn’t turned out great but its mainly due to offensive line problems.

    I don’t lay all that blame at Chips feet, in the NFL you have player roster limits and cap limitations. However, we should have put more attention on the offensive line.

    And if we are not getting plays blocked in order to develop, the one HUGE problem I do have, is that he doesn’t change the formation, and put an extra TE or H back in there to throw a lead block or pickup an extra missed assignment.

    You cant sit there and have man blocking assignments that constantly fail, and not make any adjustments to give your players some help.

    Line it up in the power I for gods sake and run the effing ball! Until you have better Oline to do the other finesse type plays.

  19. Absolute BS! I am not an Eagles fan nor do I think good or bad of Chip Kelly, but if a team can execute a play better than a defense can, they win every time. I have Coached HS Football for over 20 years and we literally run the same play until it is stopped. A few years back we had a QB that was not our most talented and we won 9 games with a playbook of less than 6 pages. Execution is the key. The Eagles and Dolphins have terrible OLines and underperforming skill players. Simplify the calls and Execute!

  20. Funny how his play play calling was better with Mark Sanchez…. This tells me his personnel moves suck.

  21. During the off season when Eagles coach Chip Kelly singlehandedly dismantled the team, his apologies and paid media minders called him “genius”, a man with a ” strategic mind”, an offensive “guru” that will leave opposing coaches stumbling. However, the writings were on the wall. His players leaked stories of enless and repetitive training, non-stop repetitions until players were exhausted before games. Analysts and other coaches were doubting his acquisitions. Beginning of the season, players said offensive teams knew their plays even before they executted. Now, what are these telling us? Coach Chip Kelly is a fraud. He is no genius…he is of simple mind, at best.

  22. So the one thing he was renown for, his offensive playcalling success, has also been a failure. Eagles fans have to be asking: What good is he doing for us?

  23. jag1959 says:
    Oct 7, 2015 5:05 PM
    Chip Kelly: “My play calling isn’t too predictable, problem is execution”

    “I’ve got to do a better job play calling,” Kelly said today.

    And here we all were thinking Chip wasn’t making any progress. It is said Admitting there’s a problem is the first step…


    You Sir, just Won this Thread!!!!

    Couldn’t have said it any better!!!

  24. chillcalibro says:

    HOWEVER, I still have faith in Chip Kelly and this team.

    Out of curiosity….. why?

  25. you can’t let the OL get old and expensive, and it takes time to build a OL with youngsters. Eagles fans have the patience of a 2 year old.
    BTW, it’s great to see McCoy and DJax carrying their teams with all their talent…oh wait, they aren’t. Good move dumping them.

  26. I never expected the GM who decided to overpay for Demarco Murray’s regression to the mean to be hailed as a genius.

    Or the guy who gave up a guy who could throw down field AND draft picks to get an oft-injured game manager.

    Or the guy that decided he didn’t need a good offensive line as long as he overpaid for skill position players.

    Maybe the play-calling has been a problem, but it’s far from the only problem in Philadelphia.

  27. jim699 says: Oct 7, 2015 4:46 PM

    Chip Kelly has it wrong. It’s his personnel moves that are to blame and not his play-calling.


    You’re both wrong.

    It’s his play calling and his terrible personnel moves.

  28. “When your back ups become starters, what happens when they can’t go? You end up with last years 3rd string starting”

    Or even worse, you go looking to recruit people who are out on the street. There’s a REASON that they’re on the street. It means that they’re not good enough to play in the NFL. Is that who you want protecting Bradford and blocking for Murray? All I’m saying is….Don’t be surprised at the results.

  29. Ok first off Chip never called himself a genius….so shutty…next anyone who actually wants Tebow on their team is either a living in the past Gator fan, or some chick that thinks he is dreamy….you are usually both. Being an Eagles fan in Denver I have seen 2 things…Tebow & Mathis both suck…..please stop using that as an excuse…..figure it out!!!!!

  30. The offensive line is the problem.You could stick any great quarterback behind that line and he will stink.The left side of the line is old and they don’t have very good backups.So next year will be a line rebuilding year in free agency and the draft.

  31. I like Bradford but an 82 QB rating puts you at about 24th in the league. And sure there’s play-calling and long 3rd downs, but that still doesn’t explain lots of bad throws.

  32. Arrogance only gets you so far. Chip was played by every GM in the off season, and now by very coach.

  33. Gotta say, we see less & less ICWT on Philly fans posts…it’s been replaced with the sound rats scurrying off a sinking ship…

  34. 1st it was execution
    Then Chip told us it was defenses changed to stop the Eagle big plays
    Now it’s his play calling.
    This has all been within 4 weeks.

    This guy is poking & hoping Eagle faithful. It’s obvious he doesn’t have a clue how to fix this.

    It makes ya wonder if Jeffery Lurie is in the practice of giving new employees with very little experience complete control of his other businesses as well, while they “Mr. Magoo” their way through wasting his money & time.

  35. Chip Kelly the GM let Chip Kelly the Coach down. Until he acknowledges that the his offseason maneuverings left the offensive line in shambles with no depth, there’s no moving forward.

    Missed blocking assignments is the #1 issue plaguing this offense. Dropped passes and the wildly inaccurate QB play is the #2 issue.

    If they weren’t in the NFC East i’d say they are toast but they are only 1 game out of first at 1-3.

    Acknowledge the line issues and they have a chance.

  36. At least this week chippy will get to see what a real NFL QB looks like. Brees is going to carve up that overrated defense for 50 minutes, while chipster’s precious “offense” goes 3 and out for the entire game.

  37. the first step to fixing a problem is to realize you have a problem. outside looking in, this realization may be too late too have an effect this year. having all that power is fine, all credit when it works, but man up and take the blame when it doesn’t. to the eagle fans suggesting his departure to college, what kind of a mess will he be leaving the next guy. a lot of talent went down the road, this will take at least 2 years to fix

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