Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle not fired, yet

During his opening press conference as Dolphins interim head coach, Dan Campbell said he wasn’t ready to talk about possible staff changes. Then came a report that he was expected to make his decision on embattled defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle yesterday.

Well, yesterday passed, and Coyle still has a job, though it might be tenuous.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, Campbell told Coyle “that he isn’t making staff changes right now.”

Breer described the situation as “fluid,” but the reality is, the logistics of the week make it hard to fire him yet. The Dolphins have a bye week following their London trip, but players are back at the facility today for practice.

So Campbell either isn’t going to fire Coyle, or hasn’t lined up a suitable replacement at the moment and is stuck with him, or just wants to keep him. But after his impassioned introductory presser, it’s clear he wants to see changes, so perhaps he’s going to evaluate today’s practice to see what he needs to do next.

9 responses to “Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle not fired, yet

  1. Show some leadership DC and can him. Your only shot is to get complete buy-in from the players and staff. That won’t happen with Coyle around…

  2. Rot in Miami Suh.

    Suh, Murray both refused more money to sign with The Raiders.. Now both wishing they would’ve taken it.

    Enjoy last place in your divisions

  3. If Philbin was running soft practices all the time, how do we know it wasn’t Philbin’s fault the defense looks flat? Maybe it wasn’t Coyle’s fault all along.

  4. Coyle was a very good coach for the Bengals. I hope they bring him back as an assistant.

  5. Isn’t that just like that Lame brain Stephen Ross to get rid of the mice and leave the rats? Fired Sparano and kept Ireland. Fired Joe Failbil (rightfully so) and kept Coyle. No wonder he can’t get a good coach to work him. Ross is to worried about the bottom line.Well someone needs to tell him to step back and let football people run this thing for him and his bottom line will take care of itself.

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