Greg Hardy’s ready to come out “guns blazin'” after suspension


Greg Hardy hasn’t played a game in more than a year, and hasn’t played two games in a row since the end of 2013. But he’s not going to get a chance to ease into it, with a game against the Patriots Sunday and the Cowboys needing the free agent defensive end to play well immediately.

“I hope not,” Hardy said of needing time to adapt, via Todd Archer of “I hope I come out guns blazin’. I’m full of excitement and full of juice. I’m ready to go. I have what they call fresh legs. I’m really excited to get out there on that grass or turf and see what they can do.”

Ah, “guns blazin.'” A charming choice of words for a guy who had to surrender nine assault-type rifles and shotguns to police following the domestic violence arrest which included charges of threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend and throwing her into a futon full of said guns. That led him to spend all but one game of last season on the commissioner’s exempt list, followed by a 10-game suspension this year which was reduced to four. The criminal charges were thrown out when the accuser didn’t show for court, following a civil settlement.

But Hardy was nonetheless stained by the ordeal, and said he was glad the Cowboys offered him a chance.

“It’s been the most awesome period of my life, man. I’m a Dallas Cowboy,” Hardy said. “Dream come true. Big star on my helmet. Jerry Jones up there, checking me out every week. I’m ecstatic, happy and elated.”

There was very little sign of contrition from Hardy, who only apologized for not being eligible to play.

“In the last few seasons, man, honestly, it’s been a blur just getting ready to come back,” Hardy said. “And now that I’m back, I don’t reminisce. I don’t look back, other than to know that I need to get forward, I need to get to progress and I need to get to sacks, and I need to get to the place where I need to be to help this team. That’s where we’re at right now.. . .

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be here for my teammates. The worst feeling in the world is not being there for somebody you care about or somebody that needs you. That’s what we need, a full team, and everybody pulling their load. And that’s what I’m going to do when I come back.”

When he’s been eligible, he’s been an incredible pass-rusher, with 15.0 sacks in 2013. But he’s also been a guy beset by bad judgment in the past, from a pre-training camp motorcycle wreck in Carolina, to turning his Bentley into a submarine shortly upon his arrival in Dallas.

And if he has any remorse for his actions, it only pertains to not being able to play as much football or make as much money as he could have.

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  1. When asked what it was like to be a new dad his answer was that it’s almost as good as being a cowboy. The guy is one of the biggest “tools” in proffessional sports, it’s only a matter of time before he snaps again and the Cowboys are going to reap what they have sown by signing him.

  2. If you gave this guy truth serum, I guarantee he would tell you that the only thing he regrets is getting arrested. This is not a good person.

    Doesn’t sound too bright, either. Does he realize the team he is going to just lost to the Saints?

  3. Not sure the expression “guns blazin'” is the most appropriate, especially in your case.

    Just sayin’

  4. He will have very little impact if any this Sunday. Game should be over going into the 2nd QT.

    Patriots 49
    Cowboys 24

  5. I’m sorry I couldn’t be here for my teammates. The worst feeling in the world is not being there for somebody you care about or somebody that needs you. That’s what we need, a full team, and everybody pulling their load. And that’s what I’m going to do when I come back.”

    Yeah ….. he CLEARLY understands what he did wrong.


  6. A Frikkin Idiot……what would he be doing if he did not play football? Just wait until he goes out and gets drunk again…..

  7. “Come out guns blazing” – Greg hardy

    Haha, you can’t even make this stuff up.

  8. The beating the Patriots are going to lay on the Cowboys Sunday will be epoch. Jerry Jones ran his mouth about Brady and Kraft all off season and now it’s time to pay the piper.

  9. maybe this convicted criminal domestic girlfriend abuser who got off on a technicality and then paid off the victim to avoid trial #2 – needs to NOT use the word ‘gun’ in his comments! Just sayin.

  10. Guns blazin is an expression. No need to knock him for using it because of his past. I, for one, am happy to have him and hope he contributes in a big way for our D

  11. Just a general opinion, don’t really care for Hardy either way. The worst thing one can do, according to him, is to not be there for those he cares for and those that need him. So I guess all these infractions he’s committed in his life don’t bear as much weight as joining his teammates on the field.

    Interesting Mr. Hardy, spoken like a true man.

  12. Never in the field of human sports has a more pathetic woman-beater more misinterpreted that a futon is not a gun rack. Still think your God wants to watch “America’s Team” through that hole in the roof Jerrah? No, better cover it over now, dude.

  13. Please don’t come out guns blazing Mr hardy. Last time it was fists blazing and that lead to domestic assault. Guns blazing is probably going to be murder.

  14. This guy is one of the pieces of you know what in the league. The fact that he’s still even in the league blows my mind. This guy was convicted then paid off the woman he nearly killed to get off on appeal. Despicable human being…

  15. He’ll know what contrition and remorse feel like after Brady and the Pats o-line are done with him.

  16. There is no way the Cowboys can stop the Patriots offense. I’m trying to picture how they would do it. Nothing is coming to mind.

  17. He picked the wrong team to come back against to try to get “up to speed”.
    Pats will have his head spinning all game and into next week

  18. “Guns blazin’…full of juice”

    Too easy by far. Must…resist…low…hanging…fruit

  19. Just waiting dor the dez video to surface, and the cowboys to sign ray rice, then the trifecta of men who beat women will be united under the circus that is now the cowboys

  20. 2001asterisk2003asterisk2004asterisk2014asterisk says:
    Oct 7, 2015 7:08 AM
    Although it was a terrible act, it was off the field. What Brady did was 100x worse for the game of football and integrity of the sport. But hey, cheating is legal so everyone get excited to see the cheats back in the big game.

    If that wasn’t the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. The league couldn’t get out of its own way trying to prove a phony cheating allegation. That’s somehow worse than threatening to kill someone. You sound like the kid who loses at checkers & throws the board across the room. Congrats for being the biggest d-bag in cyberspace!

  21. asterisk guy says Brady is worse than Hardy…How sick..Brady did nothing and testified under oath for that ridiculous witch hunt..Hardy threatens woman and shows no remorse.. asterisk guy is typical of the moronic Patriot hater who only cares that Brady has schooling his team for 15 years.

  22. “Guns blazin”… I have to think that choice of wording was planned for marketing impact. Can anyone be that clueless otherwise?

  23. I hope it’s not like the opening scene of The Last Boyscout. Billy Blanks comes out in the second half guns a blazing. Of course it won’t be pouring rain in the Jerry Dome.

  24. exactly what tattooit said!

    PLUS pft failed to mention what he said about Gisele and her sister… This guy is the biggest piece of SCUM. Does not deserve to be in any spotlight he deserves EVERYTHING he has coming to him and it WILL COME

  25. Love all the comments about this being a typical Cowboy move. All the Steeler fans on their high horses, while ignoring that James Harrison is an ADMITTED woman beater. The holier than thou Redskins fans who apparently didn’t notice the Junior Gallette signing after their GM said they would only sign “character” guys. Truth is, teams will sign whoever they feel will help them. There are no exceptions.

  26. The Cheaters/Beaters Bowl coming to us live on Thursday Night Football!

    I Know the Pats should win by a large margin. I just don’t know that they will.

  27. So we are just never going to talk about how the district attorney came out and said they couldn’t morally pursue a case against Hardy because the evidence and her testimony, they felt, wasn’t truthful.

    This is the district attorney. Even after Hardy paid her off, the DA can STILL pursue a case, if they feel they have a reason. They flat out said that they couldn’t morally do it.

    However, he’s a Cowboy and everyone here feels they have to hate a guy so they can be up on some moral pedestal not realizing that they are the one’s who are doing something wrong.

  28. I like the Cowboy’s coach. He’s quiet, calm and does not lose his composure. He should make his players behave the same way. Hardy just keep shooting his mouth off against Brady. That probably makes him feel important. The Patriots on the other hand are praising the strength of his team. We’ll see how the game ends…

  29. It’s Texas. Guns blazin’ is an appropriate term for that part of the country no matter how many convictions you’ve had.

  30. Jason Garrett is probably gonna chat with Mr Hardy about his usage of certain words in public.

    I was indifferent about this signing, I just hope he stays out of trouble and help the team win. Hopefully Gregory’s development is rapid so his stay won’t be long.

  31. battmanri says:
    Oct 7, 2015 8:07 AM
    The Cowboys should try Hardy on offense. But they would need to add the “pistol” formation to the playbook.


    Does that mean he would have to take the snap from the “shotgun” position? (zing!)

    Seriously though, Hardy said “gun”. That’s what everyone is freaking out about. Is everyone that bored? Yeah, we get it, Hardy had guns when he got arrested, and then he said the word “gun”.

    That’ll be an automatic Goodell era suspension, I’m sure.

  32. I could care less about “Guns blazing” comment. Its the talk about Brady’s wife and about how he invites friends to the Pro Bowl only if they have hot wives… I’d bet $$$ that he’ll get arrested again in the next few years… Dude doesn’t have a clue.

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