Jaguars owner Shad Khan hints at “Plan C” for Los Angeles


Whatever the NFL decides to do about the two-decades-and-counting Los Angeles situation, it’s clear they want to do it soon.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have time for a last-minute wrinkle.

According to Tom Pelissero of USA Today, one owner suggested there’s still time for some outside-the-box thinking, at a time when most are only considering how to chop Los Angeles and three existing markets up among the Chargers and/or Raiders and/or Rams.

“The best solution might be something that’s not even presented,” Jaguars owner Shad Khan said. “There might be Plan C.”

Khan did say he thought the league could still end up with a team in Los Angeles in 2016. But with negotiations ongoing, and talk of international games at an all-time high, it’s clear that if there’s leverage to be played, now’s the time to play it.

17 responses to “Jaguars owner Shad Khan hints at “Plan C” for Los Angeles

  1. Khan can drop one of those worm thingys in Jurrah’s ear and force him to move the cowboys to LA. It worked on Checkov on Seti Alpha Six.

  2. Raiders should move to San Antonio, TX.
    * Texas loves its Football more than any other state.. Combined with passionate, Loyal Raider Fans .. Its a match made in Heaven!!

    Chargers/Rams can stay in LA.
    * SD is used to having half empty stadiums. Both Teams should get used to it because anything below 8-8 we wont support.

    Jaguars – they should move to London. Perhaps change the teams name. Plus, hardly anyone will notice or care if they leave Jacksonville.

    Oakland, St.Louis, San Diego & Jacksonville will all be a memory is broke cities not deserving of a professional Football team

  3. Before the inevitable “Jags are moving!!!” talk pops up, let me educate the people who would suggest that.

    Khan came in and almost immediately spent $10 of his own money on upgrading the locker rooms and facilities at Everbank Field. He then added over $20 to the city’s funds for adding the new video boards, video strips, sound system, cabanas, pools, etc. to the stadium. Mind you, this is a publicly owned stadium, so he’s basically giving that money to the community.

    He’s put millions into various things around the community like OneSpark, a crowdfunding event that happens annually.

    He’s submitted a plan to rejuvenate an area of town near the stadium, which would not be cheap at all, including spending the money to build an indoor practice facility for the Jaguars, so they can practice during the summer when storms are hitting the area.

    There’s been other ideas batted around, but just ideas at the moment (as far as the public knows).

    That’s all to point out that he’s already invested a lot of money in not just the stadium, but also the community. Moving his team would get him a lot of bad publicity and probably cost him a lot of money as well.

    The thing with the Jags in London every year was that the league gave a bribe to get a team to play there each year for four years, something like full ticket revenue and a chunk of the sponsorship money, which is a heck of a lot more than a team normally gets from a game.

    The “Plan C” was likely pointing out there are other locations a team might go to. There *might* be other teams in the mix, but when there’s already three teams having issues with the city they’re in, that’s already a lot of candidates. More than that, and the NFL might be having a bit of a problem.

  4. The league needs to be careful here. If they move a few teams then fans in those cities and elsewhere are going to fell alienated and games will lose eyeballs. If the team(s ) moved to LA are a bust after 5 years as I expect more harm than good will be done.

    Best solution would be to do and expansion into LA and get London over with at the same time as we all know the league will not rest until if happens. Add in one more city like San Antonio, maybe Portland, possibly Toronto? and be done with it for a few decades. Will cause 5 years of grumbling but after that everything will even out.

    Six divisions of six teams. Re-establish some old rivalries that got screwed up during the last few decades.

  5. My plan C:

    NO ONE moves there. Have each team play one game in LA or abroad a year. 8 games in LA for 16 teams. 8 game split up between London, Mexico City, Germany.

    Teams trade off every other year when not hosting a home game, and trade off when playing in LA or abroad.

    As a former resident of LA (when both teams moved), Denver (who has a passionate fan base) and currently Jacksonville (who don’t have blackouts to the surprise of those outside of Jacksonville), I have seen different types of fans in NFL cities. LA fans will not support a team long term.

  6. I would like to hear plan C. STL would love to have Khan as an owner. Jacksonville is lucky to have him. He is sincere about building a winning organization and is involved with the community.

  7. kaptingavrin says:
    Oct 7, 2015 7:22 AM

    “Khan came in and almost immediately spent $10 of his own money”

    $10! Wow! That’s a lot of money!

    “He then added over $20 to the city’s funds”

    $20! OMG! Where is he getting it all?

  8. Note: when I comment about a 17 game season with neutral site games being a solution to the LA and international games problems, it is because I would like to see it in the conversation, not necessarily because I think it is the best solution.

    Internationally, in particular, I hate to see any of the fanbases lose any of their precious 8 home games per season. So, maybe make one of the preseason ones count, and ship it off elsewhere

  9. Khan is the ONLY person who is remotely invested in STL.

    “Silent Stan” cut him off when he tried to purchase an interest in the Rams when Georgia passed away. He (SS) knew then what he planned to do…

    STL deserves a COMMITTED owner and a team. Never had one, hopefully will get one.

  10. “Can we wait until the packers play at least one team with a winning record before we put them in the superbowl and give rodgers the mvp? Not hating just saying”

    Winning records are a bit decieving,do you really believe Seattle isnt a great team,they dont have a winning record but are one of the SB favorites.

  11. Oakland does the same. There is no blackout rule any longer in the NFL. There could be 10 people at the game and it could be on tv in the home market. Building a 80,000 seat stadium is no longer needed. The NFL is becoming more and more a tv sport. Many fans want to watch the game at home. No hassle about driving , tickets , prices for concessions. Watching more than one game at a time at home. That’s why the tv revenue that the NFL receives is so much. That’s what makes the owners rich. I wonder if the tv ratings in will change if there is a team there or will everyone who watches football are already watching .

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