Jerry Jones reacts to Greg Hardy’s bizarre comments about “guns blazin'” and Tom Brady


Fresh from suspension, Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy raised plenty of eyebrows with his remarks to the media on Tuesday. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones raised those eyebrows even farther with his response to some of Hardy’s comments.

Via Melissa Jacobs of, the first words to come from Jones after hearing that Hardy said he plans to come out “guns blazin'” on Sunday against the Patriots were, “Oh my goodness.” Jones then opted to point out that Hardy didn’t mean it literally.

“Well, you’re not allowed to have guns on the football field,” Jones said. “We all know that’s just a way of expressing yourself. I hope his guns are a-blazin’.”

Jones then was informed about Hardy’s comments regarding the wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“Have you seen his wife? I hope she comes to the game,” Hardy said. “I hope her sister comes to the game, all her friends come to the game.”

“When I saw him marry [Gisele Bundchen], Tom went up in my eyes 100 percent,” Jones said. “She’s very very attractive and it shows what an outstanding individual Tom is.”

The broader point is that Hardy’s comments suggest he’s not a very outstanding individual. But Jones offered no commentary on that; Jones already has made it clear that he didn’t sign Hardy for his humanitarian endeavors but because he’s good at tackling quarterbacks while they still have the ball.

100 responses to “Jerry Jones reacts to Greg Hardy’s bizarre comments about “guns blazin'” and Tom Brady

  1. The owner is as slimy as his players. It’s obvious Hardy was looking forward to “ogling the meat on display”. Just shows what a true low-life Jerruh is willing to employ.

    And then to pretty much dismiss the comments…


  2. Say what you want, I was very disappointed in what he did leading up to his Carolina departure. He was becoming my favorite player because of his grit and attitude.

    He messed it up. Hope he resurrects himself as a player and a person. He’s strange…

  3. If Tom Brady didn’t have the money or fame that comes with being a NFL player, he’d never catch any fish in the ocean as pretty as his wife !
    But like all NFL players that retire, get hurt, leave football, they end up bankrupt, divorced and end up employed as prison guards, or inmates. Enjoy it while you can Tom, when $$$$ disappear, so does the women.

  4. This is what it looks like when a great institution goes into decay because their is no leadership to maintain some semblance of law and order.

    God, please spare us from Goodell before he ruins the great game of football!

  5. jerry wouldn’t care if hardy was Charles Manson and he couldn’t spell morality if you put a gun to his head. Since jones has owned them the Cowboys have never cared how they have won or how criminal the players are, Jerry is just such a crappy GM that he hasn’t been good enough to sign the right players to be successful.

    Jerry is on a mission to prove that Jimmy Johnson isn’t the reason he had the only success he ever had as an owner. He is a piece of crap

  6. The Cowboys don’t ever know how to shut up and play football. The last team that tried to run their nouth was Buffalo. It didn’t work out well for Buffalo and I’m sure it won’t for the Cowboys as well.

  7. “Guns blazing” is not a bizarre comment. If he said he was gonna come out swinging then the media would attack him for that. He’s gonna catch flak no matter what he does or says and he deserves criticism but quit going out of your way to beat him down.

  8. Well, all the hate directed at Brady this offseason truly appears to have broken him down – so I think Hardy’s comments – specifically targeting Brady’s wife and her family – are really going to crush Brady even more

    I mean just look at the recent scores – if Brady was on his game he’d have beaten every opponent thus far by 100 points or more

    Clearly he’s losing it

    You’ve got nothing to worry about Dallas

    In fact – taunt Brady some more. That will help you win

  9. The world hasn’t really learned anything new here: (1) Hardy’s a woman beater; (2) a dope; (3) hasn’t learned anything; and (4) his employer and its owner are enabling him so their team wins some football games.

  10. i find it amusing that the team everyone calls “classless” is one of the very few in this league that constantly exudes class.

  11. Guns blazing is a figure of speech and a pretty common one at that. I don’t understand why that is odd to some people. Seems like people/media making something out of nothing.

  12. You gotta be kidding, giesele whatever her name is she’s a dog, big thick eyebrows like a man, and Huge lips. I Do Not think she is attractive. How wow

  13. What? You were expecting Jones to show the same kind of class BB did when Welker disrespected Rex Ryan?

    For a female batterer to even mention another man’s wife is way over the head of the tasteless millionaire who built his monument to himself by sucking on the teat of the taxpayer.

    It’s why Hardy has a job. This is the same Yahoo who drafted a player he needed to hire a babysitter for. And had to pay off police and I suppose DA’s to keep Irvin out of jail.

  14. “She’s very very attractive and it shows what an outstanding individual Tom is.”


    So a man’s worth is determined by how hot his wife is. Got it.

  15. What he does on the field is all that matters. Didn’t see Bill Parcells question LT’S Off-field antics or even when he was doing blow on the sidelines and in the locker room

  16. Unleash the Kraken!

    Dude is a piece, but you gotta give him props for keeping it real. No PR w this dude, he’s just a nasty, bad mofo.

  17. Jerry’s comments are much more bizarre than Hardy’s–and that’s saying something.

    It might be time to take away his car keys.

  18. I read the first part of Hardy’s comments about him coming onto the field with guns blazing and, even with what happened, thought to myself that it’s just a simple expression and he obviously didn’t realize the irony and pun. Although the second part, about Brady’s wife, that’s a pretty weird statement to say out of the blue.

  19. What is the big deal. Leave the man alone he served his punishment for a crime he was cleared of after it was dropped to a misdemeanor. Oh man he said guns blazing lol who cares

  20. “Jones already has made it clear that he didn’t sign Hardy for his humanitarian endeavors but because he’s good at tackling quarterbacks while they still have the ball.”

    Well Greg Hardy isn’t running for office, he’s playing in the NFL, and there’s only a handful of people on the planet who are good at “tackling a quarterback while they still have the ball”

    So what’s the issue?

  21. How does one even respond to this? In his mind, Tom Brady is an outstanding individual because his wife is attractive? Does he know it’s not the 1950s any more?

    What’s sadder is most of the dudes reading this don’t see the problem with his comments.

  22. He’s not the first player to mention Tom’s wife and he won’t be the last, unfortunately. I think it comes with the territory of marrying a supermodel wife.

  23. The Idiots and Morons on ESPN were all over this story today. One Idiot wanted
    Hardy suspended immediately. Another Moron said he will pull for his beloved Cowboys but not
    for Hardy. Not a single one of these clowns has any idea of the legalities or evidence in this case ,
    just the old “he’s big and black,therefore he must be guilty”. They refuse to discuss the actual
    facts of the case and instead keep bringing up the unverifiable claim that she was “tossed on a futon of assault weapons”.
    There is no evidence that this woman was tossed on anything. If there was, Hardy would have been prosecuted without her being present.

  24. I don’t understand why this is a big deal. Some of you people complaining about what Hardy said will be on here next week talking about how America is getting soft and “things aren’t like they used to be.” The guy said “guns a blazin” its an expression that you all have heard before. Should he have used a different one given his past, sure, but nobody accused him of being a Rhode Scholar. And he said Tom’s wife was hot. Hey, news at 11, she is hot. Why is that a big deal? I hope a bunch of super models show up at my work place tomorrow too. Probably less of a chance of that happening.

    Oh, he’s a Dallas Cowboy? Well, than by all means carry on with your little hissy-fit.

  25. I feel uncomfortable when a player talks about another man’s wife publicly. Didn’t Scott Bart say publicly that “Gisele thinks Tom Brady is a corn-ball” or whatever word he used. I thought that was even worse. You may hate or admire another player but don’t bring his wife into it. She’s not the one on the field taking hits.

  26. “She’s very very attractive and it shows what an outstanding individual Tom is.”


    I can’t fathom this. “Dude outpunted the coverage. Therefore he must have GREAT character!”

    Tom’s still a liar. Maybe he needs to marry ScarJo to upgrade himself, Jerry.

  27. Get it? Because, when Hardy was arrested, he had guns in his house, and then he said the word “gun”.

    Maybe it’s because I grew up in the south, but the phrase “coming out guns blazing” is quite common and the meaning of the phrase is something that you should expect all professional athletes to do.

    HOLY CRAP! Indefinite suspension!!! He should be arrested for saying the word “gun”!

    “You can’t say ‘bomb’ on an airplane” – Meet The Parents

  28. paulsmith107 says:
    Oct 7, 2015 11:11 PM

    What is the big deal. Leave the man alone he served his punishment for a crime he was cleared of after it was dropped to a misdemeanor. Oh man he said guns blazing lol who cares
    He was found guilty in a court of law, he wasn’t “cleared” of anything.

    Charges got dropped when the witness didn’t show up to the appeal. Pretty much means he either paid her off or she was scared for her life.. possibly both.

  29. I have no criticism for Jones. Obviously he was just cleaning up after one of his players. Presumably he will have someone talk to the guy.

  30. The Cowboys are run by scum top to bottom. Ask Jimmy Johnson about Jerry Jones. He and players laughed at Jones after he was taking credit for winning two Superbowls. Jimmy Johnson was responsible for assembling the right people and coaching them to two Superbowl blowouts. Jones ran around saying he was the real reason they won. Johnson left and Barry Switzer won a Superbowl with Johnson’s players. Then the Cowboys went in the toilet and have been there ever since. Jimmy Johnson still laughs about it. Jones came close to making himself coach. That would have been hilarious.

  31. With those kind of 1950’s comments about the outwardly appearances of a woman tying directly to the amount of respect the man she married gets from another man (Jones), one wonders how on earth Michael Sam spent even 1 second on the Cowboys practice roster.

  32. Reminder to the haters: Jerry’s better at life than you peasants. Self-made billionaire, 3 Super Bowl rings, and a National Championship as a player at Arkansas.

  33. “What is the big deal. Leave the man alone he served his punishment for a crime he was cleared of after it was dropped to a misdemeanor. Oh man he said guns blazing lol who cares”


    He wasn’t cleared, he paid off his victim so that she wouldn’t turn up in court. The guy is a grade A PoS

  34. Both of these men don’t respect women so I’m not surprised that they spoke about another mans wife. That is clearly something that is not okay. One more reason Brady and company will thrash the cowgirls.

  35. Just don’t talk about another man’s wife like this. If you want to talk about good things she has done, fine.
    Want to talk about how much money she makes? Fine.

    But talking about how attractive she is and how Tom went up in your eyes because of how pretty she is is just dumb.

  36. These are the people you have to keep in the front of your mind when you think about how hard the NFL has and is going after Tom Brady. Then try to understand why some people fight find it a tad upsetting.

  37. Hardy was convicted then got off because he appealed and paid off the victim, who then failed to show up in court. In 49 states he would be behind bars right now

  38. I understand Hardy’s comment which was “oh brother” to me. Jerry Jones’s comment was confusing to me and made no sense. I think he is getting to old to run a team.

  39. He would receive a longer suspension if he dares to touch the queen Brady in this game

  40. I’m a cowboys fan but I’m a realistic one…
    I understand as long as this idiot is alive we have NO shot at a SB but these comments are just bizarre. The man clearly is an idiot…

    Just when you think he can’t do worse… he does.

    Problem with team/organization is that they could care less about their fans. He loves to surround himself with “yes” men this is why he keeps the red headed love puppet around even though the guy has NO clue how to be a HC.

  41. Hardy is a POS as a person for sure, but what I find funny is that the people that come on here think that if the Cowboys weren’t the team to sign him, nobody else would have. It is easy for every owner to come out after the fact and say that they would not have signed him, but what were they saying before Dallas signed him? Not all would have, but you can’t honestly believe that Jerry was the only owner to take an interest in getting him.

  42. Wow. Jerry Jones has reached a new low in my opinion. I thought some of his post Deflategate comments were off the wall, but sounds to me like he’s not bothered at all by Greg Hardy’s history and views on guns and women.

    It’s interesting how you develop a rather benign view of someone based on very little information and then gradually over time, the information gets filled in and you realize your view was completely wrong.

    I have a feeling that the more we might get to know all of the owners of football teams, we’d be really surprised and we wouldn’t really like them much.

  43. gbartell22 says:
    Oct 7, 2015 10:32 PM

    Guns blazing is a figure of speech and a pretty common one at that. I don’t understand why that is odd to some people. Seems like people/media making something out of nothing.


    Agree. Pretty run-of-the-mill comment from a player who evidently can’t wait to return to the field and play. You can come out “guns blazing” on the basketball court or even come out “guns blazing” on the hockey arena. See the problem here is, it is not just the comment but it’s who made it. Not necessarily Greg Hardy, the NFL player, but Hardy the individual who had to surrender, what was it, about 9 assault type rifles to the police.

    See why people are incensed?

  44. Seriously, you have to explain that guns aren’t allowed on the field as if people are too stupid to understand what he’s trying to say? When is this psychotic trend of political correctness going to end?

  45. Tom Brady, 4x Super Bowl winning QB, has his value go up 100% because he married a woman deemed to be physically attractive (for now?) Please…. She’s a nice addition to his life, but she’s doesn’t make his life. Jerry has a very skewed view of life, and it shows in the results within his organization.

  46. This is still America, and we are free to express our opinions, so here goes…
    What good does it do to continually put others down for things in their past ? At what point do you realize when something should be left alone, and deal with the here and now ? Hardy is no different than countless other people who, over the years, have been in the same situation. At the end of the day if a person is not found guilty, and they are not ” habitual offenders ” leave them alone and let them live their lives in peace. Life is too short to waste it with all this negativity.

  47. The Giselle comments bother me more than the Guns ablazin expression. However, Garrett already got on his head about it so I’m good. Just hope he sacks the QB from here on out until Gregory develops and we cut him

  48. I hate the media….a guy uses a pun saying hes coming out guns blazing and they try and make it literal (also the guy never shot anyone so its not like hes hernandez or plaxico) and he called a supermodel attractive what an outrage…give me a break bleacher report, espn,, and profootball are all becoming worse then TMZ…..

  49. JJ went on to say he has a waterbed and a bazooka.

    Come pregame Hardy will spot TB wife telling her. “Hey woman! Hey woman! Listen here: since your ol’ man ain’t got no heart maybe you’d like to see a real man!”

  50. If Adrian Peterson, the child beater, had said how much he looked forward to Brady bringing his beautiful children to the game, wouldn’t you be creeped too?

    Now do you get it?

  51. The quote “guns blazing” is no big deal. The statement about Brady’s wife, her sister and her friends was a knucklehead comment but Gerry’s comments are about as ignorant as anything a successful billionaire could say.

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