Jim Schwartz opted not to join Dolphins

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So why is Kevin Coyle still serving as the defensive coordinator of the Dolphins? Possibly because Jim Schwartz opted not to take the job.

During Tuesday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, Jeff Darlington of NFL Media talked about the possibility of the former Lions coach and, more recently, Bills defensive coordinator joining the Dolphins in that capacity. Schwartz would have been an ideal choice, given that he coached defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh from 2010 through 2013.

After Suh signed with the Dolphins in March, Schwartz said there was no risk of a drop in play. “He certainly had the talent and the commitment to back up that contract,” Schwartz said at the time. “I don’t think there is a lot of risk for him having a decline in play.

But Schwartz declined to coach Suh again. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Dolphins “touched base” with Schwartz, and he “decided to stay where he is.” Schwartz currently is serving as a consultant for the league’s officiating department.

It’s unclear whether the current role diminishes his buyout from the Bills, who let him go after only one season of running the team’s defense. Taking the job in Miami definitely would have chewed directly into the money he’s getting through the end of his Buffalo contract, which means he would have been working for free in South Florida.

Schwartz and Dolphins executive V.P. of football operations Mike Tannenbaum worked together nearly for free in Cleveland in the ’90s, and they actually were roommates for a short time. That connection wasn’t strong enough to lure Schwartz to Miami, where he may have had an opportunity to demonstrate through on-the-job performance that he should be considered for the full-time position come 2016.

Schwartz saying “no thanks,” then, may have been good news for interim coach Dan Campbell, who surely hopes to do enough to shed the “interim” label. It definitely was good news for Coyle, who likely would have been shed from the organization if Schwartz had agreed to join the team.

28 responses to “Jim Schwartz opted not to join Dolphins

  1. You forget to mention that Jim Schwartz is being paid by two franchises (Detroit, Buffalo) as he enjoys the cushy twice-a-week gig as a consultant to officials.

  2. Why would Jim Schwartz take an interim DC job in Miami. I’m sure he will have a few offers for a DC job over the offseason. Maybe a couple HC interviews.

  3. Wait a second -Stephen Ross and his little minion Mike Tannenbaum expected an accomplished coordinator and fairly successful past HC to take a job working under a green tight ends coach all year? This is a joke, right?

  4. Schwartz is a complete buffoon anyways…..no integrity, no discipline. He let the Lions team get away from him…………we don’t need another Philbin!

  5. I kinda figured as much. I waited all day yesterday for the headline Dolphins signs Jim Schwartz as DC fire Coyle. When the news and Coyle wasn’t fired I knew something was up

  6. People think this guy’s a doofus because of the Harbaugh handshake fiasco and his general demeanor, but this decision shows he’s a lot smarter than it may appear. It not only speaks volumes of the state of the Fins organization, but of the guy (Suh) who was the centerpiece of his D in Detroit.

  7. Well for a very rich, intelligent and smart person who really cares about putting an excellent product on the field. Owner Stephen Ross has made some really dumb mistakes. I guess Jim Schwartz recognized this flaw in Ross also.

  8. The magic word that will keep quality coaches from joining the organization is Tannenbaum.

  9. If you have another job, why would you walk away from it for the totally insecure position of defensive coordinator for an interim head coach?

    Add to it that whatever the team would pay out directly offsets money that you are already being paid and it makes it all the less attractive.

    If Coyle is fired the replacement that makes sense is the linebackers coach, Mark Duffner. He knows the players, he has experience as a defensive coordinator at the NFL level, he wouldn’t need to change the system but would be able to make tweaks to it to get more from the players, and he would be looking at a promotion, which makes it far more tempting an offer.

  10. chalkruz1989 says:
    Oct 7, 2015 8:07 AM
    You forget to mention that Jim Schwartz is being paid by two franchises (Detroit, Buffalo) as he enjoys the cushy twice-a-week gig as a consultant to officials.

    That sounds pretty lovely actually.

  11. why would a top DC or possible HC candidate take a job under a TE’s coach? Bad move.

  12. I wish he’d come back to Buffalo. Blow-hard, big mouth Rex has messed up a great defensive line.

  13. Like most HC’s that step back from the game, at some point some semi desperate team will look you up and totaly forget about all the reasons you got let go the last time.
    No reason for Schwartz to take a job midway through a season when he’s getting paid by 2 NFL clubs. The HC position will be there in about 16 weeks if he wants, without having to bother with hassles before that.

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