Patriots kicker focusing on the positives in his profession


Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski doesn’t think we’re in the midst of a kicking crisis. If anything, he thinks we may be a little spoiled.

Gostkowski said that despite this weekend’s rash of misses, which led to a number of changes at the position, he doesn’t think the craft of kicking is suffering.

“I honestly don’t think of it that way,” he said, via Mike Reiss of “That’s just me personally. Obviously kicking is very mental and if you do struggle it is a little harder to go out there with confidence, but the good ones, if they miss they can bounce right back and make the next one. There are a lot of reasons why guys can miss — it isn’t always just black and white — but you just have to learn to move on from it. That’s just the approach I take. I’ve missed plenty of kicks before.

“I think the kickers have been so good the past couple years that it just looks different. There are still plenty of guys doing well, it’s just easier to point out the guys that miss.”

He specifically mentioned kickers such as Justin Tucker and Adam Vinatieri making crucial kicks late in games, and as he’s one of the better ones in the game, it’s reasonable to accept that he’s found a valid mental approach to his job.

He’s made 80-of-85 field goals since the start of 2013 season, and set the league record for consecutive points after with 425 earlier this season.

“I don’t over-think it any more,” he said. “I’ve been doing it too long to worry about what other people are doing. . . . I don’t concern myself with other guys, and try to compare or contrast or anything like that. I don’t root for guys to miss or anything like that. If I watch football, I just watch as a fan.”

And from his view, it’s not bad enough to panic about.

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  1. When Patriots lost Vinatieri to the Colts, they drafted Gostkowski and never missed a beat. Stephen Gostkowski… now one of the best in the league his simple plan is to not over think the kicks, which may be the best advice for any kicker out there. The guy keeps the Patriots kicking game humming… game in and game out and that’s all a team can ask for and he kicks for the league’s high or highest total points every year. Steven Gostkowski is a good player and a natural Belichick soldier that does his job very well.

  2. I feel like the assessments of the bad kickers are missing some key info. Do scouts take into account how badly they miss. Scobee missed two kicks agst the Ravens, each one by a foot to two.

    I don’t know about the earlier misses. But if a guy misses four kicks by an avg of one foot, is that simply a mechanical or alignment issue that can be fixed? Is it fixable but you still need to let him go because the fans hate him and his confidence is shatterd?

  3. Gost is a phenomenal athlete , most dont know he actually got a scolarship initially to the University of Menphis for baseball. Rck solid kicker that battle tested in big games. Glad hes in Foxboro…

  4. This guy is underrated as a legitimate kicking star and if he plays into his mid-forties, will likely be the leading scorer of all time. The only thing is he hasn’t had the number of memorable game-winning kicks Adam Vinatieri has had to put him on that pedestal, but this guy is as good as they come.

  5. I can’t spell the name of the Seahawks kicker, but he is in that conversation with Tucker, Janikowski, and Gostkowski as the four “elite” kickers.

  6. Patriots kicker focusing on the positives in his profession.

    What are the positives of playing for cheaters?

  7. itsfootballbaby says:
    Oct 7, 2015 9:07 AM

    Easy to say when you’re kicking an under-inflated ball.
    You may be right. NFL never paid attention to air pressure before and as I’m sure a smart, knowledgeable fan such as yourself, the NFL has complete control of the kicking balls. Now that we can be pretty sure the pressures are legit let’s see how he has done so far. Perfect, no misses. Huh, maybe it isn’t the possibility of under inflated balls. Maybe, (GASP!) he’s really, really good!

  8. I’d take Gost over any kicker in the league.
    I’d take Brady over any QB in the league.
    I’d take Edelman over any receiver in the league.
    It’s not even close on any of them.
    With each of them it is all about mental toughness.

  9. The pats are only focused on the next SB championship they seem almost destined to win this year. The trolls are only focused on the pats because, after watching their teams play, they know they don’t have anything else!

  10. flaccosmoustache says:
    Oct 7, 2015 8:12 AM

    Tucker is by far the best kicker in the NFL. Dude is automatic when they need points at crucial times.


    Kickers will be remembered by the kicks they make or miss more then their life long stats. Tucker has made some clutch kicks he’s definitely great. Gostkowski is also great. He hasn’t had the same opportunity to make the biggest kicks like say Vinatieri, but he’s definitely great and I think the Patriots offense don’t really worry about getting points once they pass the opponent’s 35 which frees them up to make better choices in the red area. Bad kickers affect the overall offense for sure.

  11. Eh, faulkana – I’m a Pats fan, and I love Jules just as much as he LOVES all his team members, man, but even I can think of at least a half dozen NFL receivers I’d definitely take over Edelman. Heck, I’d take Gronk as a receiver over Edelman, any day.

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