Report: Dolphins were also considering Greg Schiano and Mike Smith

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The Dolphins didn’t bring in Jim Schwartz to their reconstituted coaching staff because he said “No, thanks.”

But the former Lions head coach wasn’t the only guy with experience they were considering adding to help interim head coach Dan Campbell.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the Dolphins also considered former Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano and former Falcons coach Mike Smith for positions on their coaching staff to help with the defense.

While each had their own issues in their last jobs, Schiano and Smith could also add some legitimacy to a defensive coaching staff that has under-delivered considering the money spent on that side of the ball.

Of course, Schiano was a guy who monitored the temperatures in meeting rooms, a level of control which probably appeals to Campbell since he’s running Oklahoma drills during his first day of practice.

25 responses to “Report: Dolphins were also considering Greg Schiano and Mike Smith

  1. Great lets go hire these re-threads, no wonder Schwartz was like not going to that hell hole… Side note commenters on the Redskins article are feeling themselves, they do know they are going under 500 this weekend right lol..

  2. NFL G.M.’s are constantly challenging the definition of insanity when it comes to quarterbacks and head coaches. Keep trying the same old guys and hope for different results.

  3. Heard its bad for teams to look outside rather then self promote in this situation. So it is probable a sign of the clown show to keep on going.

  4. How ’bout Jerry Glanville? He’s known to throw a few jokes around and add some levity to the situation.

  5. So what’s the status of those two guys? Did they say no? Are they still a possibility? Need more info (but either guy would seem to be a big help so a head coach with zero coaching experience).

  6. Why, exactly, would anyone want to come work for Dan Campbell? Those guys should have been considered for the HEAD COACH position.

  7. If Ross had a clue, which he doesn’t, he would look towards bringing Brian Billick in for a kick on the old tires.

    Dude is a good evaluation of talent, had put together a coaching staff that made impacts to the league on other teams, and is proven. While yea he’s had the Wizard in ‘Oz’ in Baltimore there’s too much there not to look in his direction.

  8. The Bucs were a better team with Greg Schiano’s toughness compared to the current joke they have with Smith and Winston… Just saying…

  9. Go ahead and comment away… You realize this is all speculation and the next Coach of the Dolphins is currently employed as a successful OC or DC for a winning team. That means nothing but unemployed rejects can be considered mid-season. Personally, I love the Campbell selection. Next to Jack Del Rio, not a tougher (Dude) Coach in the NFL. This guy is a Bro’s Coach and they will love him. Will they win games with this horrible OLine, no LB support, 2 CB rejects and a clueless Aiken at Safety? Probably not.

  10. Buffalo should have given Swartz the reins. He proved what could be done with the talent still in Buffalo. Rex and Thurman have not even begun to stunt with the complexity that Swartz did.

  11. Please no Schiamo.
    For the love that is all football, please no.

    Mike Smith – was always a good defensive guy, serving under Billick at the Ravens in early 2000’s and under Jack Del Rio with the Jags. Can bring a toughness and some organizational skills to the table. Not sold as a head coaching candidate. He seems to be a good fit for a DC on the fly.

  12. People talk about retread coaches and act like they will never win. But Don Shula was a retread coach, Pete Carroll and Bill Bilihick the last 2/Superbowl coaches are retreads. Dick Vermiel, Marv Levy, and Marty Schottenheimer and Dan Reeves are all retreads as well. And they ally had success at their 2nd and 3rd head coaching gigs. Point being its good to have a good heat but TALENT wins Superbowls and the reason the Dolphins are 1-3 is because of talent.

  13. I watched all of Mike Smith in Atlanta than I ever want to see. Famous for sitting on a lead, letting the other team creep up and pass at the buzzer. Ideas are stale and out dated and, he gets an “F” for clock management…cause there is simply not a grade lower.

  14. I truly wished the team could’ve gotten Jim Schwartz to say yes, but maybe these young coach’s will do something that Philbin would’ve never tried in a thousand years & that is take chance’s & roll the dice? With Philbin in charge, The dolphins didn’t take risks! He’s the main reason of a lot of Tannrhill’s problems, because he held him back. Hell, he held the whole team back! Go get’um Dan! It’s time for so young blood to take over this team! Some one who’s not scared to take a few chance’s!!!(Razor58)GO PHINS!!

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