Rooney: NFL expects Rams, Chargers, and Raiders to apply for L.A. relocation


Twenty years ago, the final weeks of what was the last season for the Browns in Ohio were marred by the news that the team was moving. This year, the rest of the season will now be undermined in three cities that the local NFL teams soon will try to vacate.

Per multiple reports, Steelers owner Art Rooney, a member of the NFL’s L.A. committee, said Wednesday that he expects three teams to apply for relocation to Los Angeles in January. Rooney’s comments mean that fans in Oakland, San Diego, and St. Louis now know that the Raiders, Chargers, and Rams, respectively, will be trying to secure permission to make like a tree and get out of here come January.

Rooney also said that the relocation window won’t change; the period for filing paperwork to move opens in January and Rooney expects a vote to be taken that month.

With a supermajority of 24 “yes” votes needed, no owner likely will have enough votes to secure permission to move, if the three franchises are fighting among themselves. The outcome will hinge on the maneuverings behind the scenes, with the three teams working out a solution that is acceptable to the league and, more importantly, to each of them.

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  1. Move them all to LA and combine them into 1 competitive team.. Or move the Raiders to St Louis the Rams to San Diego and the Chargers to LA! Or move them all to London!

    How about they stay put with the fans that have been supporting them all these years.

  2. “With a supermajority of 24 “yes” votes needed, no owner likely will have enough votes to secure permission to move, if the three franchises are fighting among themselves. The outcome will hinge on the maneuverings behind the scenes, with the three teams working out a solution that is acceptable to the league and, more importantly, to each of them.”


  3. The Chargers should stay in San Diego. The Rams belong in Los Angeles. The Raiders should move to St. Louis, San Antonio, or L.A.

  4. Mike, as a Lawyer you know that the League can not prevent any team from moving anywhere they want, it violates anti-trust laws.

    Why do you keep ignoring the Al Davis move of the Raiders to LA? He won in court that he or any owner can move without league approval. Yet you act like it could never happen again.

  5. I can see why the Rams desperately want to leave St. Louis. They should be fast-tracked to LA. The Chargers should stay in SD (or move to Mexico).

  6. London should be given an expansion team, roster filled with all the players who just barely missed roster spots (Tebow, Sam, etc.). Let them finish 0-16 and eat cake.

  7. A football only stadium with adequate parking in LA could easily cost $2 billion. Give it a 30 year life, which is optimistic, and it still costs over $100,000,000 a year to finance. One team will put 500,000 people a year in the seats. Two teams, maybe a million. So the “stadium authority” is going to need $100-200 per person per game just to pay the nut. Add to that. operating cost and maintenance, nevermind lost opportunity on the 200 acre site and the costs are astronomical

  8. Were I in Vegas and the casinos had odds posted on who will move to LA, my significant wage would be on St. Louis. Neither the Chargers nor the Raiders have the “pockets” to deal with the NFL; the guy in St. Louis does. And, just as a responder has already noted, none need approval from the NFL. One has the ability to do it all by himself and the other two must get help. So, the only question is whether Mr. Rams really wants to move. Note the key words is “wants”.

  9. Kroenke should sell the Rams, leaving them in St. Louis.

    Then he should buy the Raiders and move them to LA.

    Then send a relocation check to Spanos to assist with the building of a new San Diego stadium.

    However, if you factor in ego, Kroenke wants to take on the NFL, so he’ll do just that. Davis wouldn’t sell the Raiders because…because…because of legacy. And Spanos doesn’t want any other team in ‘his’ territory even though LA is not SD and SD is not LA.

    This is a tired subject.

  10. Rams stay where your at you won a SB there…
    Raiders move to LA you won a SB there plus you still have a GIANT fan base there …
    Chargers move to” San Where Ever” no history and no fan base in LA …..true dat !!

    SIMPLE !!!!!!!


  11. California is a blue state, run by democrats so any team that relocates there will be a lightning rod for all things “evil”…i.e. “profits”, “corporate tax loopholes”, and gasp dare I even say it…”environmental damage caused by the NFL teams themselves and all the fans they attract”.

    LA was tried and didn’t work multiple times. Why not go to a business friendly state such as Texas or Alabama? The team(s) would get tax incentives and a football crazy populace that is comprised of actual U.S. citizens, not transients who are more interested in soccer.

  12. All of this talk of teams moving to Los Angeles is maddening and sickening. When San Antonio is NFL ready now and would gladly contribute public funds for a new Dome. I’ll be glad when LA finally gets a team so the “fans” there and the league will be placated and much more deserving communities like San Antonio will finally get their chance to embrace their very own NFL team.

  13. The franchise winner of the LA sweepstakes (drum roll please)…

    The team that stays in their current market and eventually gets a new stadium…Oakland Raiders!

  14. Its obvious Oakland is the one in the most need to relocate. They have a baseball field, the tarp and the stadium is broken.

    Why aren’t owners giving the “yes” to the teams that need the move the most??

    Oakland & San Diego

  15. LA has done well without a pro football team. The Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, Angels, Kings, USC and UCLA have compensated for the lack of one. So what happens if said team or teams struggle in the W column again and fans go elsewhere for entertainment? Another move? Is this what LA fans want or is this what the NFL wants?

  16. I think the Rams will wind up moving. The NFL can promise St Louis an expansion franchise if they get their stadium issue resolved. (Like the Browns)

  17. “Why is LA the destination? How many teams have moved there are failed?”

    No team ever moved to LA and failed. Two teams moved to LA, the Cleveland Rams and the Oakland Raiders. The Rams stayed for 48 years, the Raiders for 13. What happened was simple: LA would not put up money for a new stadium, so the teams went to cities that would. The Rams tanked to drive attendance down, so they could make the argument to move from a city they had been in for nearly 50 years. The Raiders moved because Al Davis was … Al Davis, and got Oakland to put up money for a refurbished Coliseum.

    The only other team to ever leave Los Angeles was the LA Chargers, who played the first year of the fledgling American Football League in Los Angeles before going to a permanent home in San Diego.

    The three teams in the title of this post are the only ones tied to LA. They’re playing in stadiums that are considered sub-par, in small markets, with year-to-year leases. The NFL is going to have to manage this carefully because, as Al Davis proved, a team can move to another city without the NFL’s say-so.

  18. LA IS Raider Nation! The Rams should stay in St Louis…and The Chargers should leave the league completely…lol…If the Raiders come to LA the games will be sold out…If the Rams come nobody will care…and if San Diego comes then that would just be a waste of time.. #LAIsRaiderNationSouth

  19. Rams should go first. Kroenke has the stadium plan, the tradition and no more 10AM “western” division games for my Seahawks.

  20. Kronke could buy and sell every owner but Paul Allen. He’ll do whatever he wants. His wife is very rich. She’ll determine what the Rams do.

  21. I doubt a owner will go against the league and move. The nfl is just now laying off the raiders. After they moved there was always the most penalized team despite changes in players coaches and management. Not to mention all the east coast early games

  22. The lack of love for San Antonio is crazy. Put that stadium off I-35 halfway between SA and Austin. Hottest real estate market in the country with 4 million people and growing and lots of tech money

  23. Love all the St Louis fans still banging on the past teams have failed in LA. LOL. More Kroenke already has the moving trucks ready to roll. When it comes to $$$$$ and ” behind the scene deals, Kroenke is king.

    To those that keep saying Al Davis did it stop. There wasn’t huge amounts of tv revenue on the line then. Kroenke will get the ok and be granted permission to move. Besides, St Louis is NOT going to have all the Ts crossed and Is dotted on it’s stadium plan in time. Picking someone for naming rights means nothing. The initial supposed stadium in downtown LAnhad naming rights to Farmers and it me at nothing

    St. Louis fans are about to lose another team

  24. spiffybiff – There is no lack of love for San Antonio. What there is, is a lack of love for Los Angeles. Everyone knows LA is not a pro football town but the conventional wisdom and the national sports media wants everyone to believe that it is. It’s a mirage.

    Ultimately however I have to agree with your assessment. A Dome placed strategically between ATX and SA would be a smash success. What we need in SA is someone with clout from the ATX area to say they’re interested in bringing the NFL to Central Texas as well.

  25. I hope the Rams fans revolt if these idiot allow that team to yet again. They shouldn’t even be considering the Rams. In almost everyone’s opinion the Chargers need a new stadium more, and should be the ones relocating.

  26. The Raiders have won Superbowls in both Oakland and LA. Two in Oak town 1 in LA. It’ll be a shame if they leave Oakland, a lot of history there.

  27. Newsflash — that stadium St. Louis built for the Rams about 20 years ago still hasn’t paid for itself. The City owes a lot of money on it. And now St. Louis is supposed to build the Rams a new stadium?

    To stay in Oakland, St. Louis, and San Diego, those teams want those cities to buy them a stadium. But they’re begging to build their own stadiums in LA so they can play here. What does that tell you?

    So no, the citizens of LA aren’t going to buy a stadium for a billionaire NFL owner. We know that whole “pays for itself” thing is nonsense.

    And you guys who say LA isn’t a “football town” need to pay more attention to the discussions the grown ups are having. Learn to follow the money.

  28. For the love of god, can someone just relocate to LA already so we can stop talking about this crappy football city? Who care, they have like 15 teams in California, why does one HAVE to be located within a certain city? If the cities size was so important why does New York City not have a team within its limits?

  29. Have to love the NFL begging to have a team in LA and we keep giving Baddell the middle finger because he can’t sucker us into paying for the teams office buildings. How are u other cities going to feel
    when the NFL fully finances a stadium or two in LA? Ouch.

  30. Once again the Raiders are homeless bums, shuffling down the streets to clutch anyone and beg “Mister, can you spare some change?” Quietly, they recede into the night with a tarp wrapped around them for warmth and searching for a dumpster meal.

  31. If Kroenke’s stadium wins out set up a team trade between him and either Davis or Spanos and leave the Rams in St Louis.

  32. realmenwearstripes says:
    Oct 7, 2015 8:05 PM
    Oklahoma City needs a team. No reason to make people root for the Cowboys if they don’t have to.
    OKC has a team down I-35 in Norman

  33. L.A. gives about 1/2 turds about football. They attend sporting events to be seen in their designer clothes with their arm candy, nobody in the rest of the world except BSPN gives a crap.

  34. The Chargers stay in San Diego as someone whose been there a few times, it would be utter nonsense to leave, very much like leaving an actress for a pr0nstar.

    The Raiders move to San Antonio because Oakland isn’t really helping them and those in LA would rather not be reminded of certain behavior that surrounds the Raiders, plus moving to SA would give the Raiders a much needed image makeover.

    At this point, the team that belongs in LA is the Rams because their previous owner did them injustice by moving to St. Louis, plus it never made sense having an early game within the west division.

    BTW, the second team in the new Inglewood stadium would be the Mexican Soccer Team. Bank on it.

  35. It isn’t like these guys actually need the hard cash to build a stadium. They need the land for free, road and transport improvements, and zoning. The rest they can get from private capital markets. They can get low interest loans (if they can’t it is because extremely smart people are telling the world these projects are bad investments – in which case cities shouldn’t be paying for them) and through developers buying into the projects in exchange for retail and/or housing development on/near the sites. There is a reason the Giants & Patriots didn’t need public money and it has little to do with the cash outlay of the owners. They use the future earnings as collateral for loans and basically put a down payment down to start the ball rolling. Study after study after study has shown that almost all of these large NFL stadiums are bad deals for taxpayers.

    I don’t want to see the Raiders move to LA and I also don’t want to pay a large PSL fee. I’d hate to give up my season tix after 20 years, but it looks like it is headed that way.

  36. Why do the Chargers have to apply for relocation when the 49’ers didn’t? It’s not much further away. What is the limit or how is it determined? I’m fine with it as long as you take relocation money away from the Santa Clara 49’ers.

  37. Whatever comes to LA< it better have a front office that is ready to win. LA simply has too many sports options already, not to mention the massive entertainment complex, weather that allows sundays to be on the beach, in the mountains, surfing or it the snow.

    They aren't the sort of population that has it's leisure structured around games -unless- they actually entertain. The Lakers have known this and while lately the struggle, they have Los Angeleses heart for being such a class act. The clippers are rehabbing and getting fans now as well. Dcuks, angels, dodgers, usc, ucla… they all have solid programs and your entertainment dollar is well spent with them.

    You won't find fans crying in their beer game after game. Their attention will turn to other things.

  38. Kroenke has the money. If he wants to spend it on a stadium that will sit empty 350 days a year, that’s his choice. $2 billion seems too too too high (inflated). Kroenke owns the land already. He’s already demo’d Hollywood Park. He’s ready to go. If he went with the group who reconstructed Stanford Stadium in 2006, he could manage his construction costs to $500 million. The stadium doesn’t have to be the Getty Museum. 65-70k comfortable seats and leg room, plenty of beer sellers and I’ll go to the game.

  39. Still think in the end, given Kronke actually has the money and the land to build his own stadium on the former Hollywood Park site, that seems to be the most likely to actually get done. The solution to me is this:

    Raiders stay where they are or perhaps look to move to San Jose, especially if they can get a stadium built there that they perhaps could share with San Jose State (staying in the Bay Area).

    Kronke and Spanos agree to swap franchises, with the Rams remaining in St. Louis and the Chargers moving to LA, however, the names of the teams would be flip-flopped in this (Chargers become the LA Rams, Rams become the St. Louis Chargers) and the teams would switch conferences.

    That to me seems to be the easiest solution.

  40. The Raiders will NOT relocate to San Antonio. Jerry Jones will be on highway with a shotgun making those moving vans turn around. No way is he allowing the Raiders (who certainly have a following in Texas & Mexico) to be anywhere in that state.

    LA people support winners. The only way NFL football will work is to have a wildly successful team there…the fact that 3 struggling teams are vying for Los Angeles is a vain effort.

    A team there could try to get corporate dollars to buy up season tickets to hand out to their employees, but those employees still won’t go to watch a losing team, not when there’s so much more entertainment options available in Los Angeles. And having all of America watch empty seats on TV when the newly-relocated Los Angeles team is on, that will be the NFL’s worst nightmare.
    Look at the 49ers now. Look at all the tickets available for sale on Stubhub. Look at all the fire-sale prices for PSL’s that 49ers ticket holders are trying to dump. And their new stadium is only one year old.

    If the 49ers are going through this with their “faithful” fans, what makes the NFL think that the LaLa’s will support a bad NFL team?

  41. rooney backs goodell so who cares what he has to say

    he must be a liar, cheat, and clown too

  42. “The lack of love for San Antonio is crazy. Put that stadium off I-35 halfway between SA and Austin. Hottest real estate market in the country with 4 million people and growing and lots of tech money”

    By hottest real estate market, you mean by average summer daytime temperatures.

  43. still do not understand why a business (a non profit at that) that is currently doing 12 billion annually, and projected to be doing 22 billion over the next several years can’t build their own venues. They have plenty of money

  44. Yea, as a Charger fan this season has been plagued by all this re-location drama. As soon as Spanos makes the announcement i will be down at Chargers Park with a “Spanos is a coward” sign and all my Charger gear for a bonfire. Don’t underestimate San Diego’s loyalty to their city, not the team. I’m willing to bet ~80% of the Chargers SD fan base will drop them the instant they move to LA.

  45. I am a diehard Rams fan, live in STL. I have stuck with the team even when my buddies give me crap for how they’ve sucked for the last decade… I still go to every home game (family has been season tix holders since they moved here) despite all of this moving talk. I will be heartbroken if the Rams leave St. Louis… I get Kroenke is in it for the money, but its just so sad and disappointing that the man is from Missouri, went to Mizzou, is named after STL greats Enos Slaughter and Stan Musial, and he is just this unloyal to his state, region, and all of its supporters. I really hope they stay because I will never support them if they leave my town. And that goes for both SD and OAK, I don’t think anyone should lose their team, my team hasn’t even left and it ruins my day to think about it and read all about it all the time. #KeepTheRamsInSTL

  46. The powers that be should be reading some of these posts. There are some very legitimate arguments here. I am a Rams fan that lives in New York. I am able to drive to St. Louis and do when I can afford it. If they move to LA it would be very difficult for me to attend a game. That being said, I only want what is good for my team. I have been a Ram’s fan since 1980. I loved them in LA and I love them in St. Louis. I will love them no matter where they play. Except London, effen ridiculous idea! In my perfect world the bills would move and the Ram’s would move here. #RamsNation

  47. We here in LL will never support the Chargers!!
    The Raiders Possibly
    But Only The RAMS will ensure success in LA!! The Rams already have a 49 year history and a built in fan bas!! They never Failed here. Their Greedy owner ran the team into the ground and stoled them from us!! LA RAMS!!

  48. As several posters have indicated, if the Los Angeles football team(s) don’t win, they won’t be supported by fans. No team in Los Angeles ever has been. In the last days that the Rams played in LA, they weren’t supported even when they had a good record. The teams that are considering moves to LA don’t have really good records, although the Chargers record isn’t too bad. So it is doubtful that any of these teams will be supported very much by LA fans. None of the teams with really good records either want to move or can move considering their leases.

    Several people posted that the St Louis Rams are the best team to move to LA because Stan Kroenke has the most money, and can pay for everything connected with the move including a new stadium himself. Kroenke’s ability to pay is one consideration, but there are others. And from other common sense considerations, the St Louis Rams are the last team that should move. If you consider the paragraphs above, they don’t have a good performance record.

    Also, the other two teams involved, the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders are California teams, and it is easier for their fans to continue to follow them if they move to another CA city. Also stadium problems in CA would be solved within CA.

    Additionally, the stadium problems of the Chargers and Raiders are much worse than those of the Rams. The Raiders don’t even have a football stadium. They play in a baseball stadium with a dirt infield. The stadium dates back to 1968. The Charger stadium was originally built in 1967, but was expanded several times. The latest expansion was in 1999. The Rams stadium was built as a football only stadium in 1995; so it is only 20 years old. There really isn’t anything wrong with it. It is in good repair. But the lease agreement with the Rams provided that after 20 years, the stadium had to be in the top 25% of all NFL stadiums for the lease to continue another 10 years. If it was not, the lease would be terminated. It would have cost almost as much to bring the stadium up to the Rams satisfaction as complying with the 25% requirement as to build a new stadium. So the City and State are in the process of getting a new stadium built.

    Nevertheless, Kroenke, the Rams owner, refuses to talk to anyone connected to St Louis or the state of Missouri about the new stadium or anything else and proceeds with his plan to move the Rams to LA. The NFL and the owners committee on LA have been in contact with St Louis and Missouri regarding the new stadium.

    I am a St Louis Rams fan, and I want to see the Rams stay in St Louis as my own personal preference. However, when I put the facts down on paper, it just makes more sense from a practical standpoint for everyone concerned to keep the Rams in St Louis where they have a good stadium now to play in, and soon would have a brand new state of the art stadium in St Louis if they stay here. Then let the Raiders and Chargers who are playing in stadiums that date back to the late ’60’s and are playing in cities that either have no plans for a new stadium (Oakland) or have only preliminary ideas that have not been acted upon for a new stadium (San Diego) move to new stadiums in LA.

    Some posters say Kroenke can do whatever he wants, and can move his team wherever he wants like Al Davis did. But other posters point out correctly I think that times have changed since Davis’s move, and the NFL could withhold TV revenue if they wished.

    I didn’t read the court case, and those that say Kroenke can do whatever he wants and the NFL has to support him can correct me on this but I wonder if the NFL can’t just refuse to schedule any league games to his team because he refused to comply with league rules. Also, they have gone easy on him with cross ownership rules. They could clamp down and force him out as an owner due to non compliance of cross ownership rules.

    Many posters have ideas about who should go where based upon who they like or who they don’t like or who has the most money or who they think has the most power. But strictly from a common sense standpoint and the most equitable benefits to the most teams, the Rams should stay in St Louis and the Raiders and Chargers should move to LA.

  49. When i think of Los Angeles, I think of all the terrible bands that dressed up like women in the 90’s… Oh and Hollywood garbage too… Stay away from L.A.!

  50. It’s gotta be the Rams – loved them as a kid. Need to change the colors back to blue and white, as well.

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