Weeden tells Twitter trolls he’s not reading


Cowboys quarterback Brandon Weeden still has a Twitter account, but he wants those with opinions about his play or talent level to know he’s not reading his Twitter mentions.

He knows what they say.

“I remember everybody [on Twitter] that always talked crap, they never had a picture of themselves,” Weeden said, per the Dallas Morning News. “It was some cartoon or something, and it was always probably a 12 year old kid that damn sure never played quarterback, and damn sure never played quarterback in the NFL. I don’t need that kid telling me, ‘What the hell you thinking throwing to this guy?’ I don’t need that.

“I’m 32 years old. I don’t need a 12 year old telling me how to play quarterback.”

That insinuates that Weeden used to read his Twitter mentions. He said he now has someone who runs his account, @BWeeden3, and now that he’s starting again, he has a pretty good feel for what people are tweeting at him.

The Cowboys are 0-2 since Weeden took over for the injured Tony Romo, and he doesn’t need to hop on Twitter to know how Cowboys fans are feeling.

“I just don’t listen to it,” Weeden said. “It’s as simple as that. I made some mistakes the other night. Probably not the same mistakes that people thought I’d made. So my deal is there pressure that comes with this position? Shoot yeah. There’s probably not a more pressure packed position in all of sports [than Cowboys quarterback], maybe other than playing shortstop, backing up Derek Jeter when he was in New York.”

People are rude on Twitter. And mean, especially to public figures. And they’re not all 12, but Weeden speaks with perspective.

He said used to interact with people via Twitter when he was at Oklahoma State. Now, he’s lost 10 straight starts in the NFL and is not about to go there.

“You play quarterback in 32 towns [and] there is pressure that comes with it,” he said. “We knew that when we signed up for it. We are big boys.”

Truth be told, Weeden hit his Twitter peak on July 4, 2013, when he was still with the Browns. And even if he snaps his personal losing streak, he still probably won’t find much productive conversation in his Twitter mentions.

39 responses to “Weeden tells Twitter trolls he’s not reading

  1. So he lets a 12 yr. old get in his head? If it wasn’t so sad it would be comical! He might want to change his jersey # to something more age appropriate, number 10 should work!

  2. I have never said anything mean to Brandon Weeden on Twitter. However, I consider Chris Mortensen blocking me as a Badge of Honor.

  3. Truth is… social media has actually created a non social society. Everyone thinks they’re superman behind their phone or computer, saying things they would never dare to that persons face. Thanks Al Gore… for this thing called the internet…

  4. LMAO WOW ‘probably a 12 year old kid”…. Well Weeden if even a 12 year old knows you suck…. you suck.

    I’ll be happy to post my picture if it makes you happy… you don’t even belong in the NFL. You and garrettkeet both… clueless.

  5. I just want the QB of my favorite team to focus on winning football games, and losing ten starts in a row isn’t getting it done. I hope he’s more worried about winning games than he is Twitter trolls.

  6. Trolls are nothing more than people saying things on social media that they wouldn’t say in person. Sadly, social media has that effect on our society because they know they’re protected by a screen. Everyone knows realistically you couldn’t play QB to the level Weeden can. And if you tried, you’d hear about it from a lot more trolls hating on you

  7. Weeden is a turnover machine, and a terrible QB. They trust him so little they only let him throw deep 4 times. His mistakes are glaring, and his INT are usually right to the opposing players. Jerry Jones is doing the fans a huge disservice by continuing to starting that bum Weeden.

  8. Ah yes the old “someone else runs my Twitter account.” I’m pretty sure if I was someone famous of sorta famous in his case, I wouldn’t want someone else signing into my Twitter account.

  9. Does he stick his fingers in his ears and yell “LA LA LA LA, I can’t hear you” while he’s being heckled on the sideline?

  10. I don’t get it – why does he even need a Twitter feed?

    I don’t have one now and if I were famous there is no way in hell that I would have one.

  11. He’s getting an NFL paycheck so no matter what the twitter idiots say he’s doing a heck of a lot better than they are.

  12. I have no idea why grown men even waste their time on that type of “social” crap other than they like the ego boost at thinking people actually care about what they say. Go do something more productive with your time.

    I understand why grown women use it since women are such attention queens and I understand why celebrities use it because they like the idea of idiots following everything they say.

  13. I doubt your sister throws harder than weeden..grow up..weeden was a professional baseball pitcher and once clocked at 101 mph..thats faster than your 94 cavalier will go greatgabbert

  14. wte1 says:
    Oct 7, 2015 7:30 PM
    I have never said anything mean to Brandon Weeden on Twitter. However, I consider Chris Mortensen blocking me as a Badge of Honor.

    You mean that there was no Mort Retort?

  15. There is a revolution coming… Athletes that don’t violate women, dogs, DUI and gun laws etc. … well they just ain’t gonna put up with the cyber bully culture. Sooner or later our stadiums and prisons will be one and the world will miss @bweeden3 and his 0-20ish record as a NFL starting QB.

  16. I have no idea why Brandon Weeden ever got drafted. He was old on the day of his draft. Reminded me of the Married With Children episode where Al got drafted by the Bears.

  17. The Internet is a lie, didn’t you know?

    I don’t have a twitter account the only reason I would have one as a grown man is if I was some kind of reporter following people that I wrote stories on.

    It’s gold for that. Reporters make careers on their subjects Twitter account these days.

  18. Weeden is completing 76% of his passes, 9.3 yards/pass, only 1 int, and a 109 QB rating. I realize this says a lot about how easy it has become to pass in the NFL (to the detriment of the game), but fact is, he is doing pretty well. Social media is a curse on society, and as always, the fools use it because someone tells them it’s a cool thing to do.

  19. Social media is for children and idiots who have no real lives. Twitters and retwitters and dirtbags who occupy NoFaceIt need to grow up.

    Who cares what is said on those useless wastes of time?

  20. Opie can’t read. Twitter, books or defenses. As they said in Cleveland ‘We done with We Done’!

  21. No one, of any age, should use twitter. Twitter is nothing but an outlet for the most narcissistic among us. It, like various other forms of social media, has slowly eroded away our culture and will continue to let people bash other people behind the safety of a keyboard. Delete it all.

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