Could Pagano be the next in-season firing?


Now that the Dolphins have fired coach Joe Philbin, the football-following world is trying to figure out who may be next. And much of the chatter has centered on the men who will coach Thursday night’s game between the Colts and Texans.

Appearing earlier this week on PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle said there’s no way Texans coach Bill O’Brien is even close to being on the hot seat, despite a 1-3 start punctuated by an embarrassing loss at Atlanta. Also appearing on PFT Live, Bob Kravitz of WTHR in Indianpolis said that the same can’t be said for Colts coach Chuck Pagano.

Kravitz said he feared Pagano may have been fired by the oft-impulsive Jim Irsay if Indy had lost its Week Three game at Tennessee. Looking at the schedule over the next five weeks, consecutive wins over the Titans and Jaguars give Pagano no reason to exhale.

After traveling to Houston (where the Colts erased a huge deficit last year to win on a Thursday night), the Colts host the Patriots and the Saints before heading to Carolina for a Monday night game. Then, Peyton Manning returns to Indianapolis, perhaps for the final time.

Win one or none of the next five and lose in ugly fashion to Peyton’s Broncos, with the bye week coming immediate afterward, it could be the end of the road for Pagano.

So how much of the noise regarding the coach’s job security is being heard by the players?

“Very little I’d say,” tight end Coby Fleener told PFT Live on Monday. “I think at least from my perspective I do the best I can to not read any of the news. And so regardless of whether we’re playing well or playing poorly it ultimately leads to an emotional roller coaster.”

Over the next month, that roller coaster could be going mainly downhill.

51 responses to “Could Pagano be the next in-season firing?

  1. C’mon. They are 2-2 and have major issues on the offensive line. Sound familiar?

    This sounds just like the 2014 Patriots.

    Let them get back some healthy CBs and who knows maybe the offensive line will get better as the season goes along.

    Firing the coach would be a white flag without his replacement on staff. It’s not Pep Hamilton, though it could be Greg Manusky.

  2. ….and Pep Hamilton and his stupid play calling should go with him. Should have been fired already

  3. Why would Pags refuse a contract extension? That makes no sense whatsoever. From the Kam Chancellor school of business I give you Chuck Pagano.

  4. If Pagano goes and Grigson stays that would be a sure sign that Jimmy’s rehab didn’t go as well as might have been hoped

  5. The only way Pagano can be let go successfully is if they not only unload him but Rob Chudzinski too.

    Pep Hamilton would be named the head coach, however Chud should only be allowed to stay as the OC using Hamilton’s terminology and/or coach the offensive line. He’s an ex-tight ends coach and they can also coach the offensive line.

    Go ask Tony Sparano, Mike Sherman, and Mike Tice.

    There has been issues with Grigson created by Pagano. He wants Chudzinski’s influence in the offense while Grigson wants Hamilton’s. How else is the offense in shambles? Then again, Chud influencing an offense will cause an offense to be in shambles.

  6. I really despise Pagano’s loser mentality of “cherishing this victory forever” over lowly Tennessee, but please fire Ryan Grigson first. He has built the worst roster in the NFL, especially the offensive line, around Andrew Luck.

  7. Grigson has given Pagano Trent Richardson, Andre Johnson, Frank Gore (who has raised the art of fumbling inches short of the goal line to a new level) Philip Dorsett who can’t catch a punt, no offensive line, but Pep Hamelton as offensive coordinator. He even traded Jerry Hughes (named to the USA Today All-Joe Team) for Kelvin Sheppard. So if a Pagano’s team can’t win the Super Bowl, he is gone..

  8. What ha steh GM Grigson done well?

    1 – drafted Andrew Luck – duh – pretty obvious – 99% of the fans would have done this. Maybe Dan Snyder would take RG3 over Luck, but no one else would.

    2 – got lucky with TY Hilton in the 2nd round.

    What else has he done? How have his drafts worked out?
    BTW – Nice trade for Trent Richardson – throw away a 1st round pick.

  9. If they had a decent offensive line, they’d be just fine. Might be 4-0. There’s only so much you can make out of lemons.

  10. things could get real ugly for coach Pagano after TB 12 shreds the Colts like the parmesan cheese on my pasta dinner last night…

    its going to be a delicious game

  11. I don’t know which will be the safer bet. Pagano making it beyond the Patriots game or the Patriots dropping 60+ on them?

  12. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving liar than Mr. “I never reported any deflated balls” pigano.

  13. First it was Harbaugh, and now it might be Pagano?

    When did these bozos go through the looking glass and decided that firing winning coaches was a good idea?

  14. Well, when your quarterback has the lowest passer rating among starters in the NFL and still can’t shake his innate tendency to throw the ball to the other team, naturally the only way to fix it is to dump the head coach…

  15. I’d can that GM before I can the guy that survived Cancer.

    Get a GM that gives the defensive minded headcoach some bullies up front and gives Andrew some guys that can actually protect him up front.

    45-7, crap run d. and awful pass blocking and the GM drafts a WR in the first round… FAIL.

  16. It’s harsh but the truth is they should have kept Arians and let Pagano go.

    But since we cant change the past, they need to fire Grigson along with Pagano. No matter what happens, Grigson should be the first one to go.

  17. Should have included the Lions coach in the fray as well. They lose this week and you might put a fork in Caldwell.
    Have to believe numerous players are not happy with his lack of urgency in the call the other night.
    He stood there like a deer in the headlights and let it happen. Didn’t stand up for his players but put his faith in the refs who screwed his team out of a win. That don’t fly after a tough battle on the field to not have your coach back you. I see dissention on this team.

  18. Don’t see how in heavens name Irsay would fired Chuck….. Jim’s goal have always been attaining the Avis Trophy of the AFC… Until Irsay raises the goal of winning the big one again, they have no reason to fire him. Since the Irsay’s have taken over the Colts in 1972, they have been …… “One and Done”

  19. This coach has had his authority undermined by a buttinsky GM who ego prevents sound decision making. Why would a man like Pagano want to stay around the mad house Indy has become. Quality coaches, of which there are few, would never work in Indy under the present situation.

  20. I would not bring Grigson back if I was to get rid of Pagano. The only question I have is whether it is Grigson making the “questionable” moves, or if it is Irsay pulling the strings? If it’s Irsay, it’s going to be hard to get him out of the operation moving forward, unless he brings in an experienced GM.

    The line would be long to take over this team, both from a GM and head coach standpoint. Luck is potentially the top QB in the NFL ovee the next 10 years. Gruden would even leave the booth for that. Then I would go into the draft with the intention of getting offensive linemen with at least 3 picks, maybe more. They can build the defense later. Have to protect Luck so they can at least have a chance to compete, and they aren’t doing that right now.

  21. The Patriots already laid out the Colts LAST year, and the Colts suck even worse THIS year.

    I honestly expect a bloodbath that will expose Pagano and the Colts as complete frauds, and lead to Pagano’s firing.

    I respected the Colts under Manning, I despise them since he left. New England can’t beat them bad enough, as far as I’m concerned.

  22. Luck wanted no part of getting killed in Bruce Arians offense, and he had, and still has Irsay’s ear. The team would have been better off letting Pagano off on “extended medical leave” and kept Arians….

  23. What I find funny is the Pats fans are calling Karma on anybody that was a believer in the deflating of footballs (which was done you know it, I know it, the whole world knows it) or was the whistle blower in the incident. Before people start talking science and all of that, the Colts balls were the right PSI in the same weather. It was blown completely out of proportion, and should never have been made into the issue it was. The Pats are an extremely good team and I (not a Pats fan) believe that they would have won and gotten where they art today without any kind of tampering with anything. But, that is just my opinion.

  24. Only Grigson goes into the NFL draft with OL and defensive needs and picks a WR in the first round. This guy is a cancer for our organization and needs to go asap. Not pagano.

    Also, Pep needs to actually adjust to the situation of this year. How many times is he going to throw a brick at a wall and hop it bounces back?

  25. i don’t get why o’brien is safe. 4 games this year. in two of them, we would have been blown out by 50 or 60 if the opposing teams didn’t ease off the gas at halftime. AT HALFTIME. If the colts destroy us again in similar fashion, heads need to roll in Houston. you are not an nfl franchise if you’re getting blown out that bad

  26. As strange as it sounds, Houston finishing bad enough to get O’Brien’s guy Hackenburg might be the plan. Also, we are talking about Bob McNair here. He kept Dom Capers and Gary Kubiak way too long. This guy actually looks like he can coach if he gets the right players. As far as Pagamo goes, does it matter? In season, after it, this is Mora with Manning all over again. They need a better coach to take them to the next level, or that’s hhow they ssee it. Grigson is the real problem there though.

  27. One can only hope that pagano and grigson are gone next year.

    they certainly will never win anything with these two feckless idiots in charge.

    The team is full of great guys who work very hard and eek out wins in spite of these two men.

  28. I think lots of us got caught up in his cancer fight, as we should have. Sometimes it’s hard to separate a feel-good story from a person’s ability. It’s easy to pull for a guy that beat cancer. But… He still has to do his job well. Doesn’t look like his team is ready to play and there are few in-game adjustments. Luck looks confused, the O-line inept. Then there’s Pep. Nuff said!

  29. The false sense of security and optimism in the Colts complex is draining fast! I love it. This game is going to end the Indianapolis football season just as much as that club tried to derail the Patriots dominance in abhorrent fashion. Next time, Indianapolis, when Baltimore calls with a good idea, do yourselves a favor and don’t answer.

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